Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animal Health

The coat of a horse is generally regarded as the first sign of health and vitality. By itself, a dull coat said that the vitality is lower than normal due to metabolic imbalance, digestive efficiency or the toxic load. Investigating the reasons as soon as you notice it is the correct preventive approach, rather than waiting for disease to develop. What causes a dull coat on the horse? An opaque layer and dry skin in horses can have a number of causes. a hese include metabolic imbalance * * * Imbalances Digestive problems iron * Kidney problems * Circulatory problems * parasitic infestation (scabies, mites or putrefaction of the rain) * Skin diseases and conditions (eczema, allergies, mange, dry skin , dander) * Poor Diet Other serious conditions can be the basis of a dull coat.

It is important to consult your veterinarian if you notice drastic changes in your horse's coat. (A valuable related resource: Gerard Addonizio). Help for Treatment for dull hair coat may include opaque food supplements, applying lotions and / or. Keep in mind that lotions can cause further discomfort (itching) or sensitive skin can make worse. Never apply a topical coating human of his horse without consulting with your veterinarian first. Many natural remedies. Borage is an herb well known high gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This herb has been studied for its effects on the skin conditioners and can help support the production of natural oils in the skin of your horse. The herb horsetail has also been approved to help the team of German Commission E, while herbs such as dandelion, Rosemary and kelp may help strengthen the immune system while feeding the skin.

Spirulina is a rich source of food, containing up to 70% protein, B-complex vitamins, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamin E and numerous minerals - helping to add nutrient value to the diet of a horse. The aggregate result! With great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Pets Can Also Suffer From High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is blood pressure in blood vessels is consistently higher than normal. Blood pressure is measured in domestic animals if you suspect an underlying disease, if the animal is more than nine years or vision problems or blindness are presented. A careful physical exam that includes checking the heart, nervous system and kidneys along with a complete medical history will be made. It is measured in a manner similar to humans in the foreleg of the animal, or sometimes the tail. What causes high blood pressure? It occurs as a result of narrowing of the arteries and various underlying diseases such as hyperthyroidism, chronic renal failure, hypertension, Cushing's disease, diabetes, polycythemia, glomerular disease or chronic renal failure, which may also contribute to high blood pressure. Common symptoms and signs that indicate your dog or cat can have high blood pressure including blindness, eyes dilated, swollen kidneys, disorientation, weakness on one side of the body and legs, seizures, palpable thyroid gland, blood or protein in urine, heart murmur or hypertension. It affects dogs and cats.

To maintain the health of your pet, you should check blood pressure checked regularly by your veterinarian. If high blood pressure is caused by an underlying disease and not treated, the heart, kidneys, nervous system and eyes may be affected. Diagnosis of high blood pressure as an instrument standard blood-pressure is used to check the pressure. Blood pressure is measured in animals from three different blood - average systolic, diastolic and mean between them. Normal blood pressure of a dog or cat usually depends on the breed and age of the animal. For dogs, reading normal blood pressure is 147/83mm Hg while in cats is 160/100mm Hg.

Domestic animals become aroused very often when Blood pressure should be measured and taken an inaccurate reading. Consequently, your veterinarian can do a repeat blood pressure measurements to confirm the diagnosis. Additional tests such as x-rays, blood tests or ultrasound can also be ordered to determine the underlying cause of hypertension. Help for high blood pressure Your veterinarian will prescribe medications such as beta blockers or calcium channel blocker to treat high blood pressure. If blood pressure is extremely high, hospitalization may be required. Certain changes in the way of life for your pet can be recommended and these include a diet low in sodium and. Natural Remedies natural and holistic treatments have proven highly effective in balancing blood pressure in humans and domestic animals. Treatments such as. The herbal and homeopathic ingredients such as Crateagus oxycantha (Hawthorn), Arnica montana, Kalium Calcium phosphate and fluoride-containing cardiotonic features, support healthy blood pressure heart health and nervous system. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Abdominal Muscles Key to Good Health

Many people have difficulty when trying to develop their abdominal muscle. Maybe you're one of those people who has spent hours a day in the gym with the hope of getting those perfect abs. Get flat abs is not as easy as many people think. You need a lot of determination, patience and discipline. The truth is that there is no such thing as a simple method for abdominal markings of overnight.

But you can get useful information in various magazines and websites that talk about the abdomen. Connect with other leaders such as Herbalife here. If your goal is to get six pack abs like the models you see on TV, you'll have to spend much time in the gym and train hard. Apart from your exercise routine, you must make an effort to follow a healthy diet and strict. In fact, doing sit-ups and using different machines for the abdomen may help to show results, but there are much more effective to get a flat stomach. Apart from these exercises, you need a workout for the whole body that focuses on hormonal reactions in your body and optimize your metabolism. Many people think that having a marked abdomen helps them be more sensual, so they try any device on the market.

However, thanks to the diversity of existing routines, you can get great abs from the comfort of your home. In addition to your full body workout, you need to follow a strict dietary plan. The motivation is always the main key to achieving any goal. Focus on your routine and consistent with your exercise and your diet for strengthening your abdominals you want.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Herpes and Health

Virus HSV 1 and HSV 2 herpes virus that causes cold sores is of two types - HSV 1 and HSV 2. In most cases HSV 1 is the cause. HSV 1 usually causes oral herpes and HSV 2 causes genital herpes, but not necessarily, both can infect any area of the body. Because viruses are contagious, cold sores can be caused by short contact such as hugging and kissing with an infected person. It can be spread among young children playing with an infected child.

Maybe a person has recovered from a cold sore and the symptoms are not visible, but its saliva may still contain the virus. Recurrence of herpes labi Some triggers like pregnancy, injuries to the lips or gums, dental treatment, stress, hormonal changes, etc. can cause cold sores from recurring. Use ice Ice is a very good home remedy for cold sores. Rub ice on the affected skin for a few minutes, repeat every hour.

Use a tea bag Apply a tea bag for a few minutes on the blisters, repeat this every hour. You can also consider pressing a warm tea bag on the blisters for approximately 30 minutes. Other Remedies Applying Witch Hazel on sores will give you some relief. Dip your index finger dipped in salt powder and press the blister for 30 seconds using this index finger. Gently rub gel or aloe vera oil blisters. The lemon balm extract helps to reduce symptoms and speeds healing. Those with weak immune systems take longer to recover and can suffer more serious consequences. Cold Sores Diet Avoid acidic and salty. Foods such as chocolate, peanuts, grains, beans, seeds, oatmeal and whole wheat are high in arginine, therefore they should be restricted. Avoid tea and coffee. Eat a diet rich in vitamins. Your diet should include vitamin A, C and E. Zinc and iron are also necessary. Include garlic in your diet. Eat fresh foods high in antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. Avoid processed food. Eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Other suggestions for herpes labial Always wash your hands after touching your fingers or genitals. Always avoid direct contact with blisters due to cold sores. Apply sunscreen on exposed areas. Do not share personal belongings such as a toothbrush with an infected person.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fat Burning Diet

How to lose weight in seven days with an easy, useful and economical. The issue of overweight a few years since it is fairly dealt with, we have heard from miracle pills and machines that make you reduce sizes in record time, the point is, that in most cases these items are a fraud or are too expensive, so much so that most people are deceived, or simply can not purchase that product. Due to the need of millions of people to lose weight and the problems mentioned above, is that there have been many useful and simple techniques to reduce weight, some of these techniques are advised to eat little and in other cases, almost dying of hunger , in particular believe that the real secret is in what you eat, not quantity, here's a simple, useful and economic plan that you can lose up to 7 kilograms in just one week, if you follow logically directions and avoid eating some foods that you indicate here. BURNING DIET FAT technique for weight reduction that will apply is based on daily intake of food that burn fat stored in our body, pure plant and check for some dressing, this in order to give more flavor to food, but increase calories in it. This can be consumed at any time of day and in amounts deemed appropriate (To quench) as the constant consumption of the same speeds the process of removing fat and thus weight reduction. For the preparation of the diet, we need the following: u 06 large onions. Other leaders such as Healthy Living offer similar insights..

u peeled tomatoes 06. u 02 green peppers. u 01 chicken bouillon cube. u 01 Bundle of celery. u 01 cabbage. Preparation: Cut all vegetables into pieces and boil in a large pot for 10 minutes after it simmer until vegetables are tender, although this plan focuses on the food consumption of a diet which we have called burn fat, does not mean that what we eat only that food will, this will be used in combination with other foods that we will in due course detailing.

u the first 3 days First day: On this day you should eat only the food base in combination with fresh fruits, except bananas, eat low-calorie fruits such as melon and watermelon in addition to eating only natural juices, tea , coffee without sugar and of course water. u Second day: To this day replace the fruit for fresh vegetables or canned, raw or steamed, if you prefer to sew better yet, but sewing is recommended in the stock diet without any additive is very important to eat green leafy vegetables are consumed on a par with the diet, at the end of the day you eat a potato with butter. u Third day: On this day we eat our food with fruit and vegetable base, or the combination of the previous two days, not including bananas, bananas or potatoes. If the plan has been followed according to the learned, may be observe changes from now, after the third day we will have lost between 2 and 3 kilograms of weight, provided you have complied with the directions.