Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Baby

After hardening, bringing joy, can be a powerful factor in shaping the future of a positive outlook. Methods for hardening Walking barefoot. Foot - a special part of the body, everyone on the huge number of nerve endings - receptors. When walking barefoot we get a kind of foot massage and toning the entire body. If from the outset not to wear shoes to a child at home, he will get used to walking barefoot and feel comfortable.

Even outside in the warmer months you can walk barefoot to offer the children love it. Do not be afraid of the "blue leg" - a normal reaction vessels, aimed at preserving the heat and not a sign of freezing. In winter for a few seconds or minutes you can put a baby feet in the snow. And if the parents show him an example, he will not have any psychological barriers opposed to quietly walk barefoot in the snow. atmosphere and the air space of the uterus is 15-18 degrees. Once included the mechanisms of thermoregulation of the body. From day one all the time, waking the baby may be naked at room temperature, it is not freeze.

Especially as, ideally, the first weeks of his life, the child holds her mother's arms, warming her body warm. If your baby cool hands and feet, but the warm nose - it does not freeze: in this way the body clothes at +18-20 0C, showing no signs of freezing. At home, use a minimum of clothing, for example, a T-shirt and shorts (or a body without arms), and no bonnets and socks. If you have a very ordinary child, not of odezhek. To begin with remove him warm jacket or sweater, which he probably goes home. A week later - get rid of woolen socks. A week later - on his shirt, leaving only a T-shirt.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Contents

In experiments on pigs and calves proved stimulatory effect of garlic on their growth. Experimentally and clinically proven multifaceted therapeutic and preventive effect of garlic, as well as a wealth of experience when it is used in traditional medicine - are responsible for production in many countries a large number of medicinal products only from garlic or garlic in combination with other medicinal plants. Garlic bulbs used for the prevention and treatment atherosclerosis, with hypertension (as an adjunct to modern medical therapy or during periods when the temporary treatment medication is not carried out), and infectious intestinal diseases, as and chronic purulent bronchitis, and bronchiectasis (most of the active volatile components of garlic that have antimicrobial activity, is excreted through the lungs). Garlic is used for appetite and regulatsii for intestinal motility. Good results were observed in some patients treated with garlic colitis, enteritis, flatulence, intestinal.

Destroying pathogens, garlic at the same time promotes beneficial intestinal flora. Due to its stimulating gastric acid secretion of bile action, improves digestion. Method of application. The most common way to use garlic is - welcome dinner for half to one head of garlic (peeled cloves) - (preferably with yogurt). Widespread use of a home-cooked garlic infusion of 250 grams (1 / 4 kg) of garlic bulblets clean from the husk, chop and pour a liter of vodka, soak in for 14 days at 30 C.

Bottle good cork, cap, pour the wax or wax (not to penetrate the air) and keep the sun or near the stove. Several times a day stir. After 14 days, the contents of the bottle to filter through gauze. Cooked this way tincture can be kept for one year. During epidemics of influenza, dysentery, intestinal infectious diseases before each meal to drink 10-15 drops of tincture. When the disease mentioned above diseases need to take extra has 20 drops in the hours before and after lunch. The same tincture is recommended to take and bronchitis. For bronchitis and catarrhal diseases tions recommended mix crushed garlic with diluted honey - an hour or two to take a teaspoon of this mixture. Except as tincture, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, garlic can be used as follows: peeled from the husk and chopped cloves of garlic (one head) mixed with a glass of yogurt, stand for one night and the next day, drink two to three admission. As histogenous funds (mainly against oksiur) garlic is used for enemas and 10 g of peeled cloves stoloch gradually with stirring add 100 g of boiling water or milk and then cooling - strain. The resulting liquid is used for two enemas. For prevention against influenza pounded garlic clove on a cotton swab to put in your nose.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Phytotherapy Of Skin Diseases Caused By Low Temperature

Frostbite. Perfrigeration (Congelatio. Perniones). Herbal medicine shows and gives results with this form of skin lesions and a low degree of covering a limited area of skin that are caused by low temperature. Use the following herbs: calendula (marigold) (Calendula officinalis L.). Recommend apply compresses 1-2 times a day (lasting half an hour for 10-12 days) in the affected area of skin (a teaspoon of T-ra Calendulae to 0.5 liters of water). It is believed that calendula is very a good therapeutic tool for frostbite, and that this plant not only treats, but also prevents scarring. Sowing oats (Ahepa saliva L.) is used as a bath with a decoction of oat straw (from 1 / 2 to 1 kg of straw), cook in several liters of water an hour.

Koggigriya sumac (Cotinus coggigria Scop.). It is used externally for poultices or washes several times a day (10-12 days) in a decoction of the 100 i crushed leaves in 1 liter of water. Some authors recommend poultice of warm residue after straining. Oak (Quercus robur L., Querem sessilis Ehrh.) Is used for baths, compresses, poultices, or use broth (500 g crushed bark to boil for 30 minutes at 3-4 liters of water). The broth is added to water for bathing, and for other purposes (Compresses, irrigation, etc.) diluted by half with water. Applied also to decoction of 2 tablespoons of raw, cooked with 0.5 liters of water - for compresses on 1-2-3 times a day for 10-12 weeks.

Walnut (Juglans regia L.) is also used for herbal medicine in otmorozheniyah and perfrigeration. Rp. Fol. Juglandis Fl. Chamomillae aa 50,0 M. f. spec. DS tablespoon of raw materials, pour a glass of boiled water. To compress 1 - 2 times a day for 10-12 days with frostbite. Camomile (Matricaria chamomillae L.) contains chamazulene, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effect and has been used successfully in frostbite. Topical use of camomile tea. Nettle (Urtica dioica L.) is used as an ointment of the dried and powdered nettle and pepper for one year lubricate twice daily hit frostbitten areas. Rp. Fl. Chamomillae Fol. Juglandis aa 50,0 Fol. Cotini Cort. Querci aa 40,0 M. f. spec. Make a poultice DS and put on frostbitten skin, then smear them with olive oil. Herbal medicine for frostbite of the also recommended: Tamus ordinary (Tamm communis) - 200 g of aerial parts (fresh chopped) insist on an olive oil and aged 20 days, applied to the affected areas once daily for 10 days. Of white bryony (Bryonia alba L.) prepared an oil extract of fresh roots (a teaspoon per 100 grams of olive oil). Used for the closely held massage 1 2 times daily for 10-12 days. Mustard (Brassica nigra L. Koch). Useful massage mustard alcohol. Used to restore skin and body as a whole. When perfrigeration use and treatment inside. Use of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) in the form of the drug Aescuvasin sol. - 20 drops 2 times a day for about 20 days, or Aescuvasin comp. - 10-15 drops 3 times a day. Treatment results are based on the favorable effects on blood vessels of chestnut and ash, which is part of the drug.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grass Cottonweed Properties

Dose in these cases - 50 g per liter. In a n t p i,. Grass cottonweed used for abdominal pain from bloating and heartburn. Some interfere with her equally with St. John's wort (N 23), and Centaurus (N 14). Tea cudweed one drink at rapid, sensitive and heartbeat 'zamorochenii head. " In private practice, but Furthermore, I used the cottonweed in the form of tea in the treatment of refractory gastritis and for blunting the nervous agitation in patients suffering from insomnia or who feel uncertain fear.

In its effect on the nerves like cottonweed LeoNURUS sRDIasa L. (N 117). In all described cases I have noticed a big performance cudweed. Cottonweed stored in boxes lined with paper. Everlasting sand (sand cottonweed). Russian names: everlasting, everlasting sand; Ukrainian: everlasting pIskovy, Nechuy-vIter, crackers, bezsmertniki polovi. Family: SomroSItae - Compositae.

Synonym: StoesnDoS sItRIsUm (inflorescences neL. AReNRIUm - are used in scientific medicine.) Perennial herb 10-30 cm tall stalk of the plant woolly-felted, like all plants, single (and if they are several, the secondary did not bear fruit), grows from rhizomes - simple, erect or ascending. Leaves radical - , obtuse, top - linear-lanceolate, acute. Flowers lemon-yellow, sometimes orange, brick-red occur, are collected in globular baskets. Flowering from June to October. The smell of the plants peculiar. It grows mainly on sandy soils in dry forest glades, groves, hills, in wastelands, sandy and stony slopes. Is widespread in Ukraine and in the middle part of the USSR. Gather blossoms-baskets are usually the first two weeks of flowering.

Life Without Cancer

We all know what cancer, and we are all afraid of this death sentence. After all, cancers are the second highest mortality rate. It has long been popularly held belief that cancer is incurable. However, because they think only those who insufficiently familiar with the disease, does not know the present status and achievements of domestic and, especially, the world of medicine. It is worth recalling that, according to the World Health Organization, health is only 10% depends on the possible efforts of health workers, 20% of the ecology and genetics of the same, and 50% of the man himself. Thus, the leading role in the ability to be healthy is in your hands. This is the direction running Appliances Enhanced functional reserves' Tafrov. By the same author: Herbalife. " The technique - learning to control the biological functions of the organism by any regulation.

This technique allows a person to after a course of study to get rid of various pathological conditions, ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer disease that was confirmed by various studies. The technique has been developed by staff of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Bashkir State University (Bashkir State University) under the leadership of Ashot Vanesyana Sarkisovich, head of the department of clinical psychology, Bashkir State University professor, doctor of medical sciences. However, despite the ample opportunities methodology at this stage all efforts are concentrated in the improvement primarily to cancer patients. This prompted us to view health professionals about incurable cancers, as well as the disappointing statistic that indicates a high level of cancer patients in our country. However, this does not prevent staff the center and to assist persons with other pathological conditions, particularly cardiovascular disease, taking into account the frequency of their occurrence and death. We invite you to get rid of the cancer and pathological conditions without harmful chemicals, hazardous radiation and unnecessary operations. You can see for themselves the results of high technique 'Tafrov' with the help of modern medical devices. Classes are lead personally Vanesyan Ashot Sarkisovich.

German Medicine

German medicine has reached great heights in the treatment of infertility and in vitro fertilization IVF, and for the wealthy strata of Russian women with no alternative but to give birth in Germany no longer exists. Very popular plastic surgery, targeted at rejuvenating and improving the shape, and the breast reconstruction after mastectomy (breast removal). Some Russians are sent for treatment in Asian countries are being deceived "surgery without a scalpel," but, as practice shows, in fact, all of these abdominal operations without any cuts - no more than quackery. As a result, money spent, but no result, and this is at best! Conduct operations without invading the body, modern medicine has not yet learned, however, German doctors is not the first active use of the so-called invasive methods. Feature of treatment in Germany is the least possible interference with the human body that provides a quick rehabilitation after surgery and postoperative pain relief. Operations are conducted in gently and with minimal trauma tissue.

Even after the heart surgery and spine surgery patients recovered more quickly than in a Russian hospital. Rehabilitation centers in Bavaria are among the best in quality and service of medical services provided both by the patients and accompanying persons. To solve all organizational issues relating to medical treatment abroad, it is problematic enough, but now there is no need. To date, medical tourism offers all possibilities for treatment in Europe without causing organizational problems and unexpected expenses. Munich medical service company BAVARIA MED SERVICE GmbH, which provides services of medical tourism, will take the lead in organizing a trip to Germany for treatment - treatment in Bavaria treatment in Munich. Our company provides all associated services in the form of choice of doctor and hospital for the desired profile, transfer, transport service, visa support and hotel and tickets (including VIP - service).

The main obstacle to the Russians, recovering for treatment in Europe are 'the complexity of translation' and not knowing the language. We provide services of professional interpreters and provide translations of all documents required for travel for treatment in Germany. Qualified legal, organizational and moral support to patients, allowing to feel comfortable in a foreign country - is one of the factors contributing to rapid recovery, and it's you may confirm any doctor. Our active participation in the organization of medical treatment abroad can save you from solving related problems and would focus on the most important - to restore health and speedy recovery. Read more detailed about how to get diagnosed and treated in Germany on the web at:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Medical Business

And each of the participants medical business, both by doctors and by patients, is trying to sweeten this insatiable ego. Money stood at the forefront and has eclipsed the very cause of medicine. Gone are the right relationship between patient and physician. Before the patient came to the doctor for help and advice. The doctor treated the patient as a member of the family. Often, a doctor was present at weddings, birthdays and other family celebrations. It was respect. Where does it go? He was replaced by other values.

Today the doctor is measured not by a human and professional qualities and the desire to fulfill his medical debt, and on the amount of money and valuables that are understood by modern Man, Mercedes, a yacht, big house, exotic exclusive travel, etc. How is it that despite the fact that the technology has improved and many new science invented in the diagnosis and treatment, the average morbidity and mortality have not changed? Science has indeed become better. But the main problem is that its application is based on the principles of profit. Modern approach to understanding the effectiveness of medicine - how much profit can be found at dollar invested. And so in all, which is not kosneshsya - and for medicines and tests, and hospital stay. Disappeared most importantly - the mutual trust between doctor and patient. Now, often a patient comes in with device great suspicion, finding out in advance on the Internet all you can about your condition.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birch Antiseptic Properties

In addition to lubrication, and also spend a bath of birch buds in water. At the same time recommend and take hot oral infusion. The antiseptic properties of birch determine the indications for its use in secondary infected wounds. Established that the birch leaves falling on them, destroying pathogens. Birch tar containing phenol, when applied topically to treat wounds, antiseptic and healing effect. Everlasting sand. When local and oral administration stimulates the recovery of onion (Allium cepa L.). Old phytotherapy treatment for wounds.

Gruel from baked and mashed bulbs to impose on the wound. This type of wound healing and enjoys today a recognized effect. Of traditional medicine has come in our day treatment of wounds of gruel fresh-ground onions. Apply for applying to the wound. Garlic (Allium sativum L.).

Installed stimulating tissue regeneration effect of garlic to treat wounds. Applied topically. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.). It is recommended to use powdered aerial (no woody stems) of the plant. Also advised to use, and flowers. Hot infusion is used for local irrigation of wounds. Healing wounds and confirmed by the action of the Yarrow other authors. Experimental data show that the plant contained in azulene has healing effect on wounds. Elecampane (Inula helenium L.). It is used in the form of an ointment which is prepared as follows: 50 g chopped roots are boiled in 100 ml of water for 20 minutes, strained broth mixed with 50 grams of pure lard, or a portion of the powder from the roots mixed with 2 parts lard, petrolatum, fish oil (taken in equal proportions).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canon of Medicine

In his classic work "The Canon of Medicine" gives a description of academic balm: "Strong salve a headache if they are lubricated with whiskey, drops in the ears removes ringing and buzzing in the ears, soothes toothaches, sharpens vision, resolves the tumor and removes the tonsils pain. " Have survived describe some ways to make balms Avicenna, "we shall cut slices of onion and boil the sea water, giving a good rolling boil, Slay water, pour a new and boil until the onion until soft to the touch may seem, well cooked, then thou shalt diligently all the honey and make this gruel. " "Thou shalt spurge, there beside the water, drain, and kneaded with flour, prepare pie, honey and cooked next to come on a need in the intestinal eruptions and suffering from dropsy." In the form of fumigation for different diseases, in including gynecological, resin used, cumin, pine bark. Fresh pine balsam (oleoresin) is widely used in traditional herbal healing and Slavs as anti-inflammatory agent that improves the healing of tissue in fractures, pain medication, used externally for wounds and chronic venous ulcers, cracked lips, hands, legs, abrasions, weeping eczema, etc. For more information see this site: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Inside are soft resin with gastritis and gastric ulcer, with pulmonary tuberculosis, treatment of hernia and the flu. In folk medicine, believed that the balm helps to malignant tumors, while instillation of one drop daily into the eyes of much burning, but even resolves Entrenched walleye. Steamed corn drove by imposing on it turpentine. The wounds healed in the application of resin is much faster and without pain.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music Is The Best Medicine

If we think about a certain kind of music, a composer or a particular favorite song, we end our reflection on the mood that they produce. For example, when we were young, and we started to cry, our mother reassured us warm and tender song, and we sweetly sleep. This proves that music is capable to influence our moods in different situations, which are often ignored, as they should. In our daily lives we all time to turn the music to change our mood. When we are tired or when melancholy strikes suddenly, we make every effort to change this time. And then there is a need to listen to that special someone. Listening to the quiet songs, makes us feel more relaxed, less tired, or even happy.

We all turned to music therapy, at least once in their lives, knowing or not knowing what fact that it is - one of the oldest methods of improving your mood or other pains. Since ancient times, music was a means of stimulating the soldiers before a battle. We are currently doing the same thing, except for that the wars in which our ancestors used to take part, turned into the competition, we want to win. We get positive emotions, which we have to 'struggle', listening to the songs that bring peace of mind and make us feel more confident. Delving into the history of music therapy, I learned that she had used since the time of Plato and Pitegory - he laid his foundation. He cured the various diseases through the power of sound and music, setting the balance between man and the universe. In the XIX century, the positive effects of sound on the human body and mind began to be studied more.

Romanian scientist George Konstentinesku that studied the sound effect for a long time, was the inventor of a new science: sinology. It is - science, which tells us about the therapeutic effects of sound on people. Music has become increasingly used to to cure certain diseases, as it plays an important role in modern psychiatry. Rhythm, frequency and intensity of sounds regulate heart rate and blood pressure - so, our body relaxes, is a healthy rhythm and the body is filled with positive energy. Harmony of sounds often creates wonders with us, and this is demonstrated by some studies that were done in a long time. Music therapy used since ancient times, and this is evidenced in the books that tell of gods who treated the disease with the help of sounds and sacred songs. One of the most famous - is the god of Asklepayos - the god of medicine. He treating certain diseases with the help of music incredible way. There is a version that Herodotus also used music as a way of treating certain diseases, for balance between the world of the cosmos and the world of man. Even today, while playing the harp, we fully relax. In the literature we know about the case of King Saud, who was treated by David playing the harp. It is also said that Sparta was cured of the plague with the help of a musician named Teletas the island of Crete. Our ancestors also used the song, which strengthened the power of words and reinforce the idea. Today, it is practiced by some tribes in Africa, Asia and Australia, their rituals are based on dance and music, for treatment of various diseases.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Peoples Feeding Method

Usually, the first six months of life, the baby is fed breast milk or infant formula adapted. But with 6 months of breast milk is no longer transmit vitamin 'C' and other useful substances required for normal physical and mental development of children. There is a need to attach a baby to a normal diet. Therefore, we begin to introduce solid foods first. His goal is not to feed the child, and to train enzyme system for further nutrition. Usually begin with a vegetable puree, juice or clover. For the first time give crumbs 1 / 4 teaspoon dessert, with each day increasing the quantity.

Each new product is starting to introduce a difference of 2 weeks. But not always the first lure runs smoothly. it so happens that the digestive system is not ready to accept even a small amount of new product and then there is a backlash-diathesis diathesis (allergic rash) or dysbiosis (violation of the intestinal microflora, which is characterized by loose stools). And we must not only stop innovation, but also to fight the disease emerged. But hardly a loving and caring parent, wants to baby stuff pharmaceuticals, full of chemistry.

It's no wonder they say that they treated one and the other maimed. In this case, to help us come traditional medicine with its centuries-old experience of therapeutic agents. In Currently, a common habit evaluation of traditional medicine, as the ignorance of people, crashed. And more and more people are beginning to address their concerns to the treasure of experience gathered by our ancestors. author: Victoria Tsehmistrenkos

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Medicinal Plants And Human Health

In our age is considered to be that man - the king at birth. A related site: Herbalife mentions similar findings. Unfortunately, having learned this, he sometimes forgets that it is her son and therefore should, like any decent son, take care of his mother. Settling in urban areas, we rarely hear nightingale warbling a song lark. Moving away from wildlife, and close destroys its inhabitants, pollute the rivers. Speaking candidly Herbalife told us the story. Seriously injured and fauna of our country. Of the 20 thousand species of flora of the Russian Federation has 600 endangered species. They listed as endangered. The practical value of does not count, because their loss is irreversible loss of their once and for all.

Even the pests and weeds have the right to life, as each one is unique and has its unique foundation of heredity. March 5, 1980 was proclaimed by the text of an unprecedented document in the history of mankind - the World Charter for Nature Conservation. It talks about preserving the genetic diversity of the planet - all species - as the crucial issue of our time. In nature there is nothing uniquely harmful. Even the worst weeds - the first assistant to rekultivatorov that return to the wasteland of life, ash, slag, pyrite dumps, poisoned, saline land. Many herbs, such as ergot is poisonous and harmful, but how many patients she has saved a life! Some fungi and bacteria have been used in medicine, food industry, for cleaning the environment from pollution, for biological pest control field, which replaces the chemistry. Our age, creating tremendous technique and speed development of natural resources, has given rise to new problems and needs, to meet the man who, as before, refers to the same natural treasury. Now go to the cause of such kinds and types of organisms that are not primarily interested in the man.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Unique Strength Of Configuring !

Often thought, a wish or an idea that 'scroll' again and again put into practice without much effort. The method of academician Sytin, in our view - a unique achievement and for good reason. First, no financial investment is not required. But most importantly, people take over control of the situation, may at any time to help themselves. Repeating the set up again and again, each time painting the words heightens the sense you are doing the creative energy of all the more apparent, all more active.

Words - This is the face, passing through which, the idea (it could be told in the language of physics!) Changes the frequency of vibration, and begins to exist on another level - at the level of matter. Today medicine is not for complete recovery of health for each disease. And the man does not seek such a task. So today we are witnessing today, as every person on the end of untreated impairments accumulate more and more new diseases, they are becoming more and more, they accelerate the aging process. In the struggle with the vital forces are spent, they become less and less. In the end, one prematurely dying. To change this image, and increase the human lifespan, it is necessary to achieve full restoration of health for each disease (for details on "the site is configured Sytin). If man puts such a goal, then, as experience shows, are included in the fight for health completely different neuro-cerebral and spiritual mechanisms that are able to fully restore your health. It is clear that this a person must engage in active work is to fully recover. Medicine must learn how to properly pose the problem of man for a full recovery, teach him tricks and work on a lead person to complete his recovery.

Friday, November 4, 2011


These pressure variations cause corresponding changes in permeability of cell membranes and, in the case of fat cells, lead to the release of complex molecules ie they contain fat, which fall into the circulatory system and are mostly processed lymphatic system and the small circle of blood circulation. Another no thermal effect called cavitation. Using Low frequency ultrasound has generated a complex phenomenon that underlies the new systems used in aesthetic medicine and surgery. The first study of cavitation. In some industrial applications of ultrasound Cavitation is an undesirable phenomenon and represents a source of various problems. This effect was observed due to the use of ultrasound in a liquid containing dissolved gas, because the decrease local pressure below the vapor pressure of the fluid itself provokes a change in the phase of gas and formation of numerous microscopic bubbles that contain vapor or gas. Cavitation of liquids can be a constant when the diameter microbubble exposed to cyclical fluctuations in relation to changes in pressure acoustic waves, but despite this, mikropuzyrek not explode, because the internal steam pressure equalizes pressure surrounding fluid. If we are talking about unstable cavitation bubble is not broken just as long as there is in the area of low hydrostatic pressure: as soon as the bubble back into the zone of fluid quiescent state, the vapor pressure becomes insufficient to counteract the pressures of the external fluid, and subsequent ultrasound waves cause a sudden contraction and rapid destruction of the bubble. A powerful release kinetic energy in the form of strong waves causes a change in mechanical pressure and heat transfer phenomena, which can erode any solid material with which touch each other, until the formation of holes.

Healing Ceramics

Close together to each other turmanievye drives form the basis of the thermal ceramic mat. Made from high-temperature alloy tourmaline, germanium, Elana and volcanic rocks, disks has healing effects on the body. Household appliances preventive medicine today is in almost every house - tonometers, inhalants, massage ... Effective means of home-reflex - heat mats Tourmanium - represents the readers of EK Sologubova, PhD, a physician-physiologist, the highest category. Question: - Elena Krasnomirovna, what are the healing properties of ceramics turmanievoy? Answer: - When heated from 40 to 70 degrees this fusion of natural minerals highlights useful heat - the long-wavelength infrared range of 6-14 microns. Our palms emit 9mkm, so that the infrared rays in contrast to the short and medium wave totally harmless. One of the useful effects device - deep heat the body. Filed under: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Our ancestors have for centuries used the heat to prevent and treat various ailments from colds to serious diseases of the joints: Bath, Russian stove ...

Question: - Speaking of cold. What gives turmanievy ceramic matrix? Answer: - Viral infection (colds at home) begins with a 3-day sickness, and not always in the early days have a fever. Such a state of habit we carry on its feet. At home doctor ourselves "folk remedies": Gray legs, making heat compresses ... Turmanievy mat lying on it a person has a much greater area of contact with body heat surface. Heat penetrates through the skin at 3-5 cm depth. In the heated tissues are killed viruses and microbes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Russian Medicine

Russian doctors are among the "strengths" in the world. Meanwhile, in the world do not know that free medicine in Russia does not exist anymore, that the treatment of patients in our country is markedly different from European. Defenseless old "kick" from office to office, not to help, and such cases a thousand. Noticeable difference between a failure, what can be treated abroad and what it is in Russia. Going to the clinic, in addition we policy of compulsory medical insurance, should take a pass at 6 am and a great place to defend, or give money to "paw" doctor. Working for one of the most popular forums, I made the theme: "Doctors treat or maimed?". What and expected, the topic attracted over 100 responses, people told their real, horrific stories of the experience of communicating with doctors.

Certain MASHA M. wrote: "I came to the city dental clinic free of charge, to prof. examination. The highest category doctor examined (!!!) mouth said that "shesterochke" (native tooth) has a problem (which I do not remember exactly), or to pull to treat the cost of procedures - 2700 rubles. I chose the 'cure' and immediately pay 500 rubles. Later, for the sake of interest signed up for a free prof. inspection of a commercial dental clinic. Imagine my surprise when I was told to do only hygienically clean for 1,100 rubles.

Agree There is a difference in 2700 or 1100 rubles. And then they say that in public health centers more profitable to treat your teeth? ". Treatment abroad is just devoid of such shortcomings, because doctors do not have to chase after and fight for wages client. To understand this sad, but many are already familiar story, you can only do two things: 1 - Or, the doctor absolutely higher qualification does not understand and want to treat healthy tooth or two - I wanted to earn extra money on normal hygienic cleansing. Yet another story, I stumbled across on the Internet: "The whole Mytishchi district, Cardiac surgical ICU with 16 seats is the only regional hospital. And our 85-year-old grandmother, we have buried, because when brought more young patient, it disconnected from the apparatus, and transferred to an ordinary ward. SO FOR THREE TIMES A WEEK (!!!). In the wards, by the way, too, there is no space, my grandmother died in the hallway. Doctors sit separately from patients and relatives are worn by separation in their quest, if someone needs help. A 14 HOURS DOCTORS go home till morning in the office is only one nurse. Patients were no reports that it is bad move, and they will go to the toilet and injections. - Grekova O., Mytishchi, April 2007. "Such cases are VERY much, go to a local hospital and see for yourself! Almost everywhere violated medical ethics, delayed the provision of necessary medical assistance and so on. With respect to premises, anywhere violated sanitary epidemic rules and other rules. Before we go into the municipal clinic remember these two stories, and think, maybe it's worth overpaying in private, but to get help on a decent level?? Or, if there is room for, go, for example, for medical treatment in Germany.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Health of Rain

Morning. From an open window blowing cool. Get out of bed, turned out to be not so easy - more precisely, not at all easy. For the third day, without stopping for a moment, the rain. He fills the sidewalks, forming a deep muddy puddle. He was wet or One passerby accidentally jumped out of the house without an umbrella. He blotted out the classics, painted a few days ago the children from our entrance. Vaska the cat hid in the attic.

Huddled in a corner, he mysteriously mewed as if echoing rain, and thereby irritating the occupants two-story house on the outskirts of Moscow. In weather like this the most difficult to find things to do. But I leave. And why I stayed in Moscow? Now it is not important. I'm just sitting on the windowsill, looking in the box and try to find a cure for boredom.

All chores are already converted. Can watch tv? No, boring. And if you read the book? Opened the closet, looked around the neatly stacked piles of books. No, I do not want to read. Again go to sleep without reading and five pages. What to think? "Meow meow meow." - As a lot of fun mewed Cornflower in the attic. I wonder what he pleased? I will go - check it out. Attic. Always thought this place is incredibly scary. Looking around parties realized that was wrong. On the left side, near the small window was an old sofa, apparently, brought here by some of the tenants. Slightly right to have a small table, on top of which lay the damp newspaper. Under the table were neatly pushed two stools. Comfortably at home. I sat on the couch and looked out the window - is still going to rain. Through the large gap penetrates the cold air. I buttoned my jacket and put his hands in his pockets. Vaska sought not had - he found me. Lying on my lap, he warmed his warmth. We stared out the window, enjoying the sound of falling and hitting the roof of the raindrops. For the first time in the life of the rain did not cause any negative emotions. I was not sad. And did not want to cry. I was dreaming. Stroking Vaska, in dreams was transferred to another world - a world where the warmth and love lives, a world filled with children's laughter and vivid impressions. The door creaked. I shuddered and opened her eyes. Before me was a neighbor. - You know what time it is? - She asked. - No, - rubbing his eyes, "I replied. - For half of the sixth. Rain has long expired. And what are you doing here? - Almost shouted it. - I think I fell asleep. The rain, however, is over? - I asked, and opened the window to make itself. It was not raining. Children with happy faces running through puddles. Vaska watched it, sitting on the bench. I got up from the sofa, stretched, and we a neighbor went to tea at my house. Night was rain again. But I have not been this upset. And in my head spinning lines: "If the rain all day, it does not matter. Well, think of it - pouring water from the sky. Well, think of it, the sky a bit overcast. Well let it be tomorrow puddles on the street. "

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planet Mercury

Mercury - the closest planet to the Sun, is located at a distance of 57,900,000 miles. Watch it can rarely, only in the morning and evening. Orbit around the Sun in just eighty-eight Earth days. Therefore, the rate of Mercury in its motion in orbit more than Earth. Year of Mercury in more than four times shorter than the Earth.

For rapidity, for the agility with which the planet is running across the sky, she was nicknamed the heavenly messenger. Mercury - the planet is small. The diameter of its 4,840 kilometers. By volume of Mercury is twenty times smaller than Earth. By the size of Mercury is a bit more of the moon. Until recently it was thought that Mercury always faces the sun on one side, as the Moon to the Earth. But in Actually this is not quite true. Recent observations showed that Mercury slowly rotates on its axis, making one revolution in fifty-nine Earth days.

Day and night on this planet lasts for a Earth's moon. Fever, which prevails on the day side of Mercury (the side facing the sun) reaches four degrees, and the unlit side of the permanent cold - about -50 . At this temperature, melt lead and tin. If Mercury were lead and tin mountain, over the long day they managed to turn into a sea of molten metal. And on the dark side of Mercury reigns intense cold. It is clear that under these conditions no life on the planet can not be. Mercury has no satellites. Watching him hard. The planet is too close to the Sun, and eclipse the sun's rays.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Health Benefits of Dogs

There are a lot of health benefits to having a pet, especially a dog. Bigley is a unique dog. Bright, emotional, and incredibly beautiful. Very energetic, playful, cocky, playful - they are very similar to children. They can not help liking. Amazing creatures. Bigley difficult to education and learning. They need to continually train and educate. Many give up, only establishments puppy.

After all, this little creature that looks seemingly innocuous, can for a few seconds to spread the entire apartment. They dragged into the mouth not only that is bad, but what is good stashed away! Especially when it's meal. Bigley, by their nature, very fast running. They are excellent hunters. Due to their mobility, shooting this species gives a great interest, but at the same time, and creates some difficulties. To create a successful training is often necessary to use faster shutter speeds. Slower shutter speeds are used when shooting static compositions. With portraiture dogs stronger slightly open aperture to blur the background art.

This allows the viewer to focus attention on the portrait, and distract his mind from unnecessary details. Bigley provide a good opportunity to create dynamic shots. Use this when shooting. Use af Tracking to always keep your model under the gun. Thanks to his playful character beagles often take funny poses, quite unexpectedly, so shooting must constantly observe them, otherwise you may miss something "tasty". To take a better use telezum lens. It is the most versatile and allow you not to waste time changing optics, will allow a best use of the entire range of focal lengths.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Health of Child Play

These games are a great many: and on websites, and just in the stores, and on the pages of various aids. And what happened? We are starting to show a child finger play, and the result - Nil. Why - is unclear, although this is quite a simple explanation - the child of these games just do not like. Maybe - it confused poems, perhaps - the movement itself is not difficult to understand and repeatable, and can - we could not fuel a child's interest in such igramDumaem you noticed such a thing: a child responds well to the fact that he was familiar with and like, and strongly opposes the fact that he was unfamiliar. Indeed, it is impossible to persuade the child in activities that he is not interested at this time.

It can even play with enthusiasm in any game, and then - to give up and switch to something else and not associated with the game, such as running a washing machine. And it turns out that guess with Bay-floundering, what game are finger like a child, it is sometimes difficult. Every mom is very much to do for child care and housework, so often the case that playing in one - two painfully familiar finger play - to for example, "Forty-Raven" or "Okay," Mom just leaves these games on then, until the baby gets older. And while she prefers to focus on the child's activities, which are more to your liking. All right, but let's give fingertip game one more chance to grab the attention, interest, and the time your baby! And you can immediately see the effectiveness of such classes! We want to share with you their experience, thanks to which we managed to find an easy way to entice a child fingertip games.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Healthy Ways to Transport Pets

Nowadays, almost every family has a four-legged friend. Someone one animal, someone has slightly different species. There are cases where we need to take a cat or a dog somewhere with them, for example, to give or veterinaries. But Not all animals are adequately and safely tolerate transportation, and be sure to take into account the weather! Before the trip in the car is better not to feed an animal for a few hours that there was no vomiting, give water possible. Cats and small dogs are best transported in a carry.

Animals need to pre-train to the car, take it seriously. First, you need to get used to the animal in the car with the engine shut off, let your cat or dog how to explore a new place. It is important at this time does not frighten your pet. When the first stage is passed, introduce your pet with a running but not moving vehicle. If the animal is accustomed and no fear, You can also try to brief trip. The travel time is better to increase gradually. If this method does not lead to a positive result, the animal will be prepared in advance for the trip, giving him a veterinary drug ("cat Bayun>> apply for instructions). For large and medium-sized dogs can use a specially designed hammocks (they are sold in major pet stores). Do not let a trip to freely move around inside the vehicle animals, as well as put out head through the open windows.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dealing with Death

Does anyone know for real, what is death? I am sure that, yes, that's just this "someone" never even tell you. As she looks outside, everyone knows - sometimes quietly, sometimes ugly, often horrific. But as she looks from the inside, the first person? I asked the question a long time. Why? Well, as far as I can judge from the outside, the phenomenon is inevitable. And people around me interested in this little suspicious. I would even said - avoid the topic.

In my opinion, in a strange way to avoid this, instead of closer look. When I sought a dense discussion of the topic of death, the caller will often upset. Fear, sadness, apathy or ostentatious "carelessness" - that's the whole spectrum of emotional conversation. The questions I put to a standstill, were as follows: "What would you do when you die? Well, here you are dead, a second ago. Your actions Next? ". The most common answers were: 1. Get to heaven (hell). 2.

I do not know. 3. I will not be so personal. 4. Are you crazy? 5. I will not discuss it! 6. I try not to think about. For me the most honest answer is number 2 (although Number 4 is also nothing). In general, the people or does not know "or running away from it. Naturally, my interest grew even stronger! Years later, I learned that as he remembered how it had happened before. Do not get me wrong: I learned it for themselves. For others will not speak. True, in my opinion, is that the man himself had seen and experienced on the experience rather than what he told others. But I can tell the direction, which personally helped me - I'm a bit to read the book "Once you to this life. " 6 years after that, I found the answer. Hell, even now, I'm sure that was dug with this for too long. More advice - be honest with yourself in this matter. And when you find the answer, do not dwell on that "now I know." Try to reach such a state in which you can control it within ourselves. And if you will say that "it's impossible!", Then rest assured - you are trying to breed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Help

The new litter of kittens or puppies has finally arrived, and not very time when they are hungry and looking around for your first meal. Breastfeeding is the way in which your pet will provide her litter all your nutritional needs during the next few weeks until they can move and eat solid food. The first meal this litter of newborns receive colostrum is that it is a special type of milk the mother produces especially for the early days of breastfeeding. Colostrum contains antibodies that help protect against disease and infection until their own immune systems begin to function. In approximately 48hrs, colostrum is replaced by breast milk that while no immune factors, contains all the nutrients and calories needed for proper growth and optimal development. Puppies and kittens have demanding nutritional needs to support their energy levels and rapid growth rates. He charged that for nursing mothers is that many do not only taking care of a descendant, but a whole litter often between 2 and 10 puppies or kittens. This means that breastfeeding can be quite taxing your pet and is quite common to lose weight during this time.

What problems can occur during breast feeding? There are many problems that can occur in milk production (lactation) and during the breastfeeding process. It is therefore important to closely monitor the litter and the mother so that you can catch any problems and take necessary action. * Breastfeeding problems - these include the lack of breastfeeding, which does not produce any milk, breastfeeding depression where inadequate amounts of milk produced, and milk is poor poor quality and lack of milk food.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cultivated Mushrooms

But in the future, because its use as a nutrient medium decomposed horse manure was a more appropriate substrate for the growth and development of Cultivated Mushrooms, gradually, this form of culture has become dominated and forced chetyrehsporovye formy.Takim, as a result of natural selection and directed, formal of the nutrient substrate in the culture was Cultivated Mushrooms. Currently Cultivated Mushrooms are a lot of strains (types) that differ in coloration of fruiting bodies, their structure, structure mycelium growth rate and other characteristics. For simplicity, we work with the mushrooms among the diverse strains of fungi there are three groups: white, cream and brown. That is, there are large groups of strains which are incorporated in Groups of coloration of fruiting bodies. It is natural at the same time that the fruiting bodies of these strains may have some differences in structure, weight and texture of fruit bodies and other indexes. (As opposed to Herbalife).

However, the fruiting bodies individual strains differ in nutritional and taste slightly. Depending on the historically established habits and traditions in different countries are spreading these or other strains, as determined consumer demand of the population of a country. What is so good cultivated mushrooms? In the past, before mankind was a problem of increase in natural and artificial sources of protein, deficiency of which becomes more tangible. In this connection there arose the need to introduce a culture of new protein-containing organisms, among which the most valuable are the edible fungi. Mushroom cultivation can prevent food poisoning caused by consumption of wild mushrooms. Cultivate edible mushrooms all year round, regardless of climatic and soil conditions on nutrient substrates, low productivity for other purposes, such as various non-food waste, while the substrate is usually used twice: after harvesting of mushrooms, it becomes a valuable organic fertilizer for horticulture. Increased demand for mushrooms in the world market contributes to the improvement of cultivation techniques on the basis of a profound study of biology, culture. To date, there are various options for fungal production, from small family farms to large industrial complexes. We can help you realize your ideas on the organization of the mushroom production at any scale. More information on the site

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is used in all spheres of human activity, has a set of specific properties and is directly involved in the creation of other products, affecting their quality. Each appliance designed to operate at certain parameters of electric power: nominal frequency, voltage, shape Electrosignal, so its normal operation must be ensured the required quality electrical energy. The newspapers mentioned Laura Rogers not as a source, but as a related topic. In Russia gost 13109-97 'quality standards of electricity supply systems in general-purpose', which establishes performance and quality standards of electrical energy in electric networks, systems, general purpose power supply and three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz at the points joined by the electrical network (220V tolerances + / -5%, the critical deviation 220 + / -10%), owned by various electricity consumers or receivers of electric energy (the point of total adhesion). Unfortunately, we must note that the standards gost 13109-97 is not enough controlled and often not respected. Emerging harmful effects of stress on the electrical power supply networks are of different nature: high voltage pulses from tens to tens of microseconds, the failures and overloads, voltage fluctuation, high-frequency interference. To limit the influence of marked effect on the operation of electricity consumers applied voltage. The voltage regulator is set to improve the quality of nutrition as a separate electroconsumers and power supply systems for apartments, houses, offices and industrial plants. Most often, people come to buy voltage just after half an expensive office equipment or home burned down for any reason. We describe the most common case: electrician came and mixed up the wires (instead of phase and zero connected the phase and phase), as a consequence - the socket is not 220, and 380 V.

Seafood Benefits

Crab sticks and crab myasoKrabovoe meat and crab sticks are a useful product made from a variety of fish species. In fact, crab meat and crab sticks are imitation but nonetheless they have the same beneficial properties as well as other seafood. Crab meat and crab sticks delivered to stores in the frozen and refrigerated in packages weighing 100, 200 and 240 gr. Used usually in the preparation of all kinds of salads and appetizers. KalmaryNastoyaschie squid - creatures of the open expanse of sea. They are among the most skilled swimmers, playing in just such a speed racers of the sea, like swordfish, tunas and dolphins.

Sail away from the chase, some squid even able to fly out of the water and, as flying fish, float over the ocean several tens of meters. Sometimes squid "shoot" so high that it falls on the deck of sailing boat. Squid - a storehouse of protein. Squid meat is rich in essential amino acids in the meat of this set of extractable compounds that contribute to the secretion of digestive enzymes. On the content of protein, vitamins B6, pp squid superior meat fish, pets. Fats (lipids) enriched with squid essential polyunsaturated fats, which play an essential role in human food. Moreover squid rich in such essential for a person mineral elements such as phosphorus, iron, copper, iodine.

For these components are superior to cow's milk, beef, fish (carp, bream, crucian carp, pike). On the content of minerals squid nearly inferior mussels. Products Squid is not only tasteful, high nutritional value, but also and useful properties. Therefore a good idea of frozen and canned squid is also preparing diet meals. Species composition squid quite diverse and includes over 200 species. Far Eastern squid - Squid Commander's, Squid Bartram, Pacific. IkrIkra salmon is not only a wonderful taste but also very useful properties. Caviar in Russia has always been one of the most important holiday table decorations. Neither party is complete without food and caviar. Fish roe keta largest, has good color and has a large size eggs. The most useful caviar salmon - coho salmon roe is having a natural bitterness in the aftertaste, and contains a substance which is very favorable impact on our vision. Studies conducted in different countries the world, confirmed that the introduction of the diet dishes made with mussels, trepangs, squid, crabs, shrimp and other seafood, has a therapeutic effect in atherosclerosis, diseases of secretory glands. Regular consumption of seafood and B vitamins are very beneficial to the preservation and maintenance of male power.

Food Survey

In some cases the specialist may be the food survey which aims to: a) evaluate the use of food b) To evaluate energy intake c) To determine the dietary intake of nutrients and pharmacological d) Assess the food sources of energy and nutrients e) Explore knowledge and attitudes regarding food and nutrition f) Relationship between dietary habits and lifestyle risk factors General Tips: See a specialist for advice Perform five meals a day Plan in advance what is going to eat ( especially at parties) Preparing meals when not hungry Shopping for a closed list Establish a schedule for sitting and eating meals without rushing Use small plates Chew slowly Do not eat two things at once Drinking between 1.5-2 L . of water a day Do not snack between meals Weigh yourself every 7-15 days, and not every day looking for help in the family make a varied and balanced diet, avoid fried and battered Use condiments Try to be creative in the kitchen and away from the monotony contributions Avoid calorie no nutritional value (soft drinks, alcohol) Complement the diet with exercise tailored to your state Find a comfortable place to be drilled in an exercise that is enjoyable and variable if you like Get a weight loss between half and one kilo of Once a week is correct achieved the objective is to make a maintenance diet. This step is very important because obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder and patients tend to recover. At this stage it is essential to have close contact with your doctor to be able to go correcting small deviations in weight..

Monday, June 20, 2011


For example, according to experts nutritional therapy, arterial blood pressure (normal or increased it) depend entirely on a diet. DIETOLOGY: Many people who suffer from hypertension, are starting to feel much better, reducing your consumption of salt. Ideal considered diet, which is dominated by fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and the number of products of animal origin (including milk and cheese) to limit to a minimum. You should avoid sugar and fat. There need more products containing potassium: bananas, tomatoes and prunes.

Will help to limit alcohol and caffeine, sausages and products of industrial manufacturing, as "hidden" salt may contain even sweet desserts. Dangerous mayonnaise. One of the factors that increase the risk of high blood pressure, is overweight. Therefore, one important task - reducing body weight to the optimum level. physician KINESITHERAPY: One of the main factors leading to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases is the lack of movement. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise mode is extremely useful.

They increase the elasticity of walls of blood vessels, promote excretion of excess salts and help get rid of excess weight. Therapist: It is important to learn how to make emotional stress, avoid stress. Stress leads to an exacerbation of the disease. For these people the most effective treatment will be the next exercise. Sit or lie down comfortably. Clothing should be loose, not hampering. Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deep. During exhalation imagine that you are forcing its power, and it leaves your body. During inhalation, imagine how your body is filled with fresh air and energy. Continue to breathe slowly and deep as long as you feel comfortable. When you decide to end the session, slowly return to their normal rhythm of breathing. Phytotherapeutist: Plants play an important role in the treatment and prevention of arterial hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, plants often do not have any side effects or have very little. With the plant can effectively influence blood pressure, the mechanism of their effects is different. Most often used the following plants: garlic, ginkgo biloba, hawthorn. Garlic: 2-3 cloves consumed daily. Tincture of hawthorn, 15 drops 3 times a day for up to six months. Ginkgo biloba - in capsule form (available at pharmacy) 1-2 capsules 3 times a day. Naturopathy: A good effect of bringing short courses of fasting under the supervision of a physician, diet, based on use of juice, and a daily sauna. Consultation of Decision: The success of treatment of hypertension, especially in the early stages - no chemotherapy, and address factors contributing to high blood pressure. Acting on the program 'is pure - weight loss - an adequate exercise - meditation', you will achieve much better results than desultory treatment pills from a hypertensive crisis in another.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Plant Nutrition

It is therefore necessary regularly engage in plant nutrition. In the spring you need to do spring cleaning tank, change the water, transplanting plants. Autumn getting ready for winter: to spend too much thinning of overgrown plants, culled fish, general cleaning, inspection and regulation of heating and lighting. As little as possible disturb the inhabitants of the aquarium is limited only need to intervene in their lives. And yet it must be remembered that if your aquarium industry consists of several aquariums, for each must have its own inventory in order to eliminate the possibility of entry of pathogenic microbes or algae. Change of water.

Can not be replaced all the water in the tank - so you can easily break all the established water features are accustomed to your pets. Complete change of water is produced only in the case of dangerous contagious diseases. Usually sufficient to replace about 1/3-1/5 of water for new and do it 1-3 times per month (frequency depends on the volume of the aquarium, its population, the rate of pollution, etc.). Fill with fresh water slowly in small portions. Laura Rogers MD understood the implications. During the replacement of fresh water watch the reaction of fish: if they show signs of sickness or behave abnormally, as in case of overheating and , stop pouring water. Cleaning the glass.

In any aquarium wall with time covered with a greenish patina of algae and bacterial slime. Because of bad flying fish is seen as the glass becomes opaque. If plaque is brownish-brown, strengthen coverage. You can restrict clean the front, sight glass, if the raid on the remaining walls does not interfere with the review. In an aquarium with the old water and stable biological balance a special scraper, clean off plaque, and in an aquarium with fresh water, to not form a bacterial slime - with a clean foam sponge. Slowly, sliding it down the glass, get to the ground, then tightly pressed to the glass sponge, just slowly lead a hand to the top of the aquarium. In result, the glass remains transparent path. Spolosnuv sponge in water, the operation is repeated to clean the whole glass. Tank made of plexiglass, rake or brush can not - they will leave unsightly scratches, unsightly appearance. The walls of aquariums need to handle a washcloth or sponge. Do not forget to regularly clean the windows - the thinner the coating, the easier it is to destroy it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Storage Tips

In your refrigerator perishable foods? After storage, they acquire an unpleasant odor? Is it time to change? Do not rush to send the dump his loyal assistant. Maybe the problem is not in it, and that you are wrong store food? First you need to carefully monitor the shelf life of products, carefully study the information printed on the box and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid situations where you have on the shelf stray expired cottage cheese or sausage. Smell, they may issue a truly horrifying, and they soaked all that is ryadom. seem that the refrigerator is one of the most common household appliances, has opened doors, put the food and everything.

However, it is not. In order for products are ideal to store and worked as a refrigerator as long as possible to observe a few basic rules. Never load a refrigerator products too tight, remember that air must circulate freely inside the cold room, but in this case will be to ensure proper cooling of foods. Healthy Living: the source for more info. Never store food in aluminum posude.Produkty from open cans necessarily Put in a glass or porcelain dishes and close kryshkoy.Vse that has a sharp and specific smell, packed in polythene or foil (smoked fish, herring, salads). fresh fish Prior to storage, be sure to gut, and frozen to be stored only in the freezing kamere.

before putting in storage in the freezer for meat or fish, pack them in plastic bags, to the same place a note with the product name and the date of packaging. You will be much easier in future to find the desired piece, because frozen food is very difficult to identify and distinguish the flesh of the flesh with bone is almost impossible, until thawed. Each type of meat is stored frozen at different times, but we can recommend, do not keep it in the freezer for more than three months. Always remember that you can not re-freeze food, of course, they are from this will not poisonous, but their nutritional value and taste much .Petrushku rinse with water and pack in plastic bag or jar with kryshkoy.Frukty and vegetables store in a special box. Bananas in the refrigerator store, they quickly turn black and become myagkimi.Pomnite that not all fruits and vegetables can be stored nearby. Since cucumbers are a number of tomatoes are fast becoming soft and yellow. Be sure to pack them in separate plastic pakety.Yagody placed in the refrigerator unwashed in plastic containers, they are kept around day. We hope these simple recommendations will be useful to you. Do not forget about once a month remove all products from the refrigerator, washing his shelves and walls with warm water, then thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth and allowed to dry for half an hour. With careful maintenance and attentive to your fridge will serve you faithfully for many years, keeping products in good condition.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Nanny housekeeper is the "universal soldier", whose help in the house so it is necessary to any owner. Even if the owner loves to clean herself in the house, cooking, washing, ironing and even more so to educate their children, she sometimes still need time to rest from household chores and to instruct household chores to someone else who will do no worse than her own. Sometimes agencies are interested in future customers, and whether the nurse-maid to keep pace perform the duties and babysitting and monitor the house? Would not that only in one direction will work bude succeed soon, and the second part of the duties will remain virtually ignored? Would not that nanny-housekeeper and the only will that namyvat house, and the child will be granted all the time himself. Or vice versa - it all the time would sit with him and she did not have time to do other chores? Usually the agencies responsible something like this - usually women do with their family responsibilities and at the same time nanny and housekeeper, and cook and housekeeper and laundress, but still manage to walk to work. So it is no feasible and really difficult to that the nurse performed all duties and maids. For more information see Herbalife.

Especially if the house is not very big, and the kids quiet and obedient. Importantly - the right to distribute the time. Many staffing agencies provide training for their employees. Additional information is available at Herbalife. Nyanyam, housemaids, governesses give lectures not only on how to do their jobs, but also how to organize their working day, how to allocate time to the relatively small time to perform as many duties. It depends on how well an employee can successfully combine two or more things simultaneously, the success of works in general. Nanny As a maid in the first place.

There is nothing complicated about that, for example, throw clothes in the washing machine and a walk with your child in the yard. Or put him to bed and pet clothes. Of course, some duties can not be combined. For example, a child put to bed after dinner and start vacuuming him in the same room. If you want to nurse-maid and do any homework, then you may not think about how and When a maid is all will perform. Experienced the same person must own and quickly plan your working day and respond to you when and what it can do, and what responsibilities should still be divided. For example, You do not want to nurse-maid with your child went shopping for shopping for you, or did leave him home alone at that time? Therefore, making a list of cases and requests for maids, think, and generally have you hired the worker will be time and opportunity to do everything? If the child goes to kindergarten, the nurse-maid can perform the duties of housekeeper, while the kid in the garden. It is quite possible to have time to perform one or more cases from the general list of responsibilities, which usually carries a maid: go shopping, clean the apartment, wash and iron linens and clothing, wipe the dust and so on. And already after a nurse-maid takes children from kindergarten - now only performs duties of babysitting.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Qualified Nurses

The governess is engaged in education and upbringing of children, language training, good manners and obedience. By governess high demands in education and the ability to find common language with their wards. Check with Herbalife to learn more. It is clear that not every person who has received suitable education, can work as a governess. An experienced this profession must possess skills of a teacher and psychologist, have a broad outlook. In our agency Company now rigorous selection applicants for the position. So, if you need a specialist, you can safely send us a request "seeking a governess. We will promptly, as soon as possible for you to choose the most suitable governess meets your requirements. Nurse If your loved ones need the services carers - we are always willing to help.

In our database only qualified nurses in Moscow, which will provide a scheduled medical treatment of the day, take care of the necessary care at any time of day. Speech therapy speech therapy services are very popular in our time, because the little man needs from early childhood to learn how to express themselves with the best hand and show others their dignity, and faltering speech, and errors can play a sharply negative role in mental and social development. If your child needs a speech therapist for children - we are ready to help in the selection of the best candidates. Cook if you want to cook a high skill level - at your service the best of our specialists. Dare to assume that you have a catastrophic shortage of time, a very important position and a great desire to come home and see on a dinner table, which (oh, miracle!) do not have to cook.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selecting a Nurse

What mistakes were made by young mothers in selecting nurse the baby? Moms in general are afraid of nannies! Firstly, because I do not know where to find good nannies, and secondly because that the nurse the child could cause harm. All this is really so if you're looking for a nanny in the newspapers and online ads. Now, the work of a nanny is a very popular thing, because According to the townsfolk - 'there is nothing easier. " Each of the potential 'nanny from newspapers' argument is this -' I also have their children, and that's with your cope! " Typical faulty psychology. You can not assume their children's experiences for a babysitter for hire.

Work nanny in someone else's family is a big responsibility. Of course, at first glance, the work of nurse elementary and does not require additional skills, but it is not. If their children do not always have enough time and effort, the work of nurse recruitment suggests that the nurse all the time, energy and strength will be given to the child. In addition, the nurse should have a pedagogical education, extensive experience nanny with children and know methods of early development. Indeed, often the family takes a nanny not to feed the baby she wordlessly and walked with him. Important, very important child development, knowledge of the world.

Through the development of fine motor skills, such as the child begins to faster and more clearly pronounce the sounds and talk. But you know what is needed for the technique of Peterson? Hardly 'the nurse from the newspaper' can know all these nuances. Besides, if you suddenly lost the nurse one day, taking your coat, you will again be without nannies and without a coat. And will again give notice in a newspaper and everything will happen again. Do you do not love your child? Agency Nurse Fairy, for example, specializes in recruiting domestic staff since 2003. For its clients the agency picks up the nurses only with higher education, but with experience and only with good references from previous families. You can choose a nanny from a few strictly selected according to your needs nannies during interviews at the agency office. There is no need to invite all nurses to his home to explore the child. Collect yourself first on your mind. And if you have chosen, the agency gives you the test days. You can try to choose a nanny at home. Do not forget the test covered. Also, the agency nurses there warranty for free replacement. What does this mean? If your nanny is going to suddenly leave you for some unfortunate circumstances, it must notify you in 2 weeks of his resignation. It should be spelled out in labor agreement, which you, on the recommendation of the agency, concludes with his nanny. This is the time during which the agency nurses must make you a free replacement. Replacement is also the right choice, ie You will also come on interview and at the same time with you there will be invited to selected candidates for you. Of course, the service agency nurses are paid and the contract price is not very low. But the tradeoff for peace and for the confidence safety of the child. This was not worth saving.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Nannies

Ideal nanny in your home - is a seasoned professional. Nurse from the agency will help parents. A baby sitter would be a true friend. A related site: Healthy Living mentions similar findings. Bizarre word "tutor" in the mid 18 th century could not utter even the most educated members of the imperial court. Elizabeth Petrovna - fan of the French language and Western culture - ordered to carry out "language" lessons so as not to disgrace ourselves in front of their foreign guests. This passion Empress has led to many "women's" innovations in Tsarist Russia, and marked a new stage in the children's upbringing. The word "tutor" ideal sayd, only a few decades. Since the late 18 th century nannies and governesses have the same traditional occupation, as sellers and tailors.

Looking for a nanny, a governess, or there is a new man in your house, "I am looking for a nanny or housekeeper" - now with these words of the declaration of any couples, which is due to one or other reason can not give your child full attention. Governess in this case would be the ideal solution, but find it - not the easiest task. Parents must understand who will educate child, so candidate is selected individually, as a result of personal meetings. But not all parents have at this time. Moreover, not all of them will be able to determine what the nurse obtained from Bang soiskatelnitsy. Referring to agency, you should simply say: I am looking for a nanny (housekeeper), which Our experts will determine all the necessary requirements, will pick up a nanny or a governess for the child, checked her personal and professional qualities, letters of recommendation.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Childs Personality

Formation of a child's personality and interior nursery. In shaping a child's personality plays an important role interior room for children, she also serves as a bedroom, living room, playroom, an office and storage many treasures. It clearly highlighted areas for recreation, entertainment, activities. Some parents prefer to arrange the room your baby "adult" furniture making bets on what the child grows up, and trouble with the selection and rearrangement will be less. However, the space needed to execute in terms of hobbies, baby reality does not exist under the same laws as adults.

As a rule, correct and complete development child depends on how comfortable atmosphere in which it grows, and make it comfortable and cozy only by your caring and loving parents! By the arrangement and choice of interior design should be approached very seriously because you are creating a unique little world, each piece of furniture, pictures on the wallpaper and carpet are its secret meaning. Favorite toys, funny and cute pictures on the wallpaper and curtains, comfortable folding bed. Small world single country like a fairy tale. On how easy and fun for your child to be in her room often depends on his mood, from here, from the children he takes the first steps to a great life. Convenient layout Children's area helps to create furniture. This may be a set of composite components multifunctional cabinets, children's wall with a bed that allows you to create an individual room.

Nursery Furniture Light and soft shades with the addition of bright colors will help create a healthy atmosphere charged with solar heat. Most children are very mobile, they and full of energy, they love to climb ladders, they like to watch on the world 'from a height' (literally and figuratively) a wonderful option decisions in such cases - two children's beds. This releases the extra space to accommodate a desk and playing area. In the baby's room should not be sharp edges and protruding parts, all surfaces should be smooth. Clutter the space of extra furniture not worth it. The most successful version - multifunction furniture, which has a game focus, the game being created by the bright colors and ability to change its shape, it's sort of - furniture designer. Custom furniture has rounded, the overlapping shapes is not only carries out its direct functions, it also finds its use as a developmental toys. When a child grows up in his room, there are a variety of items that help him learn about the world, develop their imagination and knowledge. It's not just toys, various designers, but also books, writing materials. That the room did not seem overburdened, and the child from childhood accustomed to order - for each item should have their place. You can hang a small bookshelf for books, near the sofa will look great writing-table. Favorite toys should be clearly visible and pleasing for its vivid imagery, the most convenient for them place on the open shelves, which can be conveniently placed over a sofa, and next door in the closet. To save space, other things can be easily concealed. To this end, a large come in handy convenient box under the sofa, as well as closed cupboard shelves.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nanny Nurse

The first case: because of the dramatic changes in lifestyle associated with the appearance of a new human family, Mom is in a state of permanent shock. She manages to somehow fulfill their immediate obligations, but on some soulfulness or the pleasure of communicating with your baby it certainly is not. In other words, the child receives from his mother needed a charge of positive emotions, love and sincerity. Here comes to the aid of nurse services that save the little man's psyche and, at the same time, give the mother an opportunity come "in themselves, to relax, really bored of the child. Thus, the nurse is not only not harmful, but instead helps parents remain good moms and dads, and every day to enjoy his beloved tot.

The second case: the newly baked mom in desperate need of object lessons for the care of the baby. Of course, in the process of preparing for the birth future parents can get a lot of theoretical information, but care newborn child to truly be learned only by practice sessions. Before learning function itself took my grandmother, but today the situation is not uncommon, when her grandmother no less busy (and sometimes more) than their own parents. An experienced nurse, and there will be very helpful. It will hold master classes for bathing, umbilical cord, eye, nose, ears, skin care, proper holding, special care for a variety of reactions in a small body calls to the outside world (eg, neonatal mastitis, etc.). Even after the "course of the young fighter" will be successfully handed over to his mother, consulting services, babysitting can at times be very helpful. Case three: good Nanny can bring just invaluable child with one or other developmental delays.

Often, to restore the normal state of affairs is required to give the kid a lot of attention to hold special games and classes. Continual training under the supervision of an experienced nurse - a very powerful aid in such situations. Even this is far from complete list of cases, the usefulness of babysitting services shows that this issue is not so simple and straightforward as it might seem at a superficial glance. In conclusion, I want to say only a banal observation: No matter how well were the relations of the child and the nanny should be aware that the nurse - is a good helper to parents, but in any case, not to replace them.

The Clinic

Special efforts have made this network of dental clinics in economy class. In general, the their development, something the market dental services like business development of grocery stores, stalls and were beginning to come down to modern supermarkets. However, to determine which particular segment is that or other clinic is not so simple. Dentists shift as they can in order to enter the customer's confusion about the real price of services. Either in the advertisement stated 'virtual' price of the service, and call the clinic sounded completely different value (the difference can reach up to 5 times), or by telephone confirmed 'virtual' money, and already when the patient sits in a chair to the doctor, she is again not one that was advertised. Dr. Kevin Cahill announced that the vote was imminent.

The best option is to ask on the phone what is the maximum final cost of dental treatment, including the work of the doctor and all necessary materials. Further comparing prices with other hospitals already at their upper boundary. The difference in price for caries treatment can vary from 1150 to 6000 rubles, including the work of doctors, supplies and anesthesia (hereafter, the price is valid for the city of St. Petersburg). The cost of prosthetics clinics different segments may also differ by more than 3-5 times. It is worth paying attention to the existence of its own dental laboratory - its availability will be extremely positive impact on cost and quality of prostheses. Thus, For example, metal in the hospital having his lab is 2,990 rubles, and in the clinic without one - from 5500 rubles.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


What is aids - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome first information about the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS, aids in English) appeared in the mid 80-ies of the last century, when doctors found an unknown to the moment condition in which adults suffered from immunodeficiency, until this occurs only as a congenital defect in preterm infants. Doctors have found that these patients decreased immunity - immune deficiency - was not congenital, but was acquired in adulthood. Therefore, the disease in the first years after its discovery became known as aids - acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Since then, the spread aids has reached epidemic levels. According to recent data, there are currently about 40 million patients, and the number of victims of the disease over 20 years of its existence is nearing 20 million. Contagiousness of aids, its rapid distribution and incurable and earned him fame, "the plague of the twentieth century, the most terrible and incomprehensible viral disease of modernity. Fairly quickly was determined and the viral nature of the disease.

The virus that causes immunodeficiency syndrome, named hiv - human immunodeficiency virus. In the early days after infection with the human body opposes hiv, which does not manifest itself, but it gradually destroys the immune system HIV-infected person. Finally comes a stage at which the patient immune to such an extent weakened that any infection from which hiv infection to the patient's body could have done it without the slightest problem can become fatal. When struck by the immune system, the human body becomes completely defenseless against a relatively harmless microorganisms, as well as malignant tumors.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Cedar oil 'KEDRODAR' manufactured by cold pressing of selected nuclei of cedar nuts from environmentally friendly sources of Siberia. We use only a wooden press, squeezing occurs proven technology. Our oil contains all the necessary substances, amino acids, micro and macro, has absolutely no contraindications and has neprevozydennym taste! The totality of these parameters Quality gives us an opportunity to argue that the best butter pine nuts on the market until now did not exist! Cedar oil - is a real balm for the body of youth! Cedar oil is for us special value, this is truly life-giving balm for human beings. It has high nutritional, dietary, cosmetic and medicinal properties. Ingredients: pine nut oil - the perfect combination of clean fat (nutrition, polyunsaturated fatty acids), carbohydrates, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, F), trace elements, which are complementary and reinforce the biological effects on human organs. Cedar oil (ICE) has a wide range of substances needed for the body: essential fatty acids, phosphatides, vitamins E and F, with high antioxidant activity and vital trace elements: phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, silver, etc. Vitamin F - it's essential fatty acids that reduce cholesterol and prevent the emergence of 'plaques' on the walls of blood vessels. Action: ice rejuvenates body cells and enhances immunity, improves mood, restores power quickly, greatly increases the efficiency, life expectancy, improves carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes), the ability to reproduce healthy offspring and improves overall health.

Indications: Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, acute respiratory infections and ods (tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc.), trophic ulcers, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases, allergies, low immunity, violation of the harmonization of the metabolic processes in the body, decreased physical and mental health, treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Application of mce is effective in diseases of hair and nails, to rejuvenate aging skin. Particularly useful to persons working in adverse climatic and environmental conditions. Contraindications: pine nut oil has no contraindications.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Acne warts are the most common skin disease. According to statistics, 75 percent of those warts appeared at least once in their lives, while 10 percent of them are constant. Pale-colored skin, or light-brown with prominent formation of jagged edges do not pose a health risk - they have no roots or shoots, deeply penetrating into the skin. But the joy they still deliver little. Read more from Healthy Living to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Warts appear unexpectedly, single or in groups, on virtually any body part.

Kinds of warts too much. The most frequent common warts. They are located on the back of the hands - hands or fingers. It could be small nodules of the size of a pinhead, and education bigger. There are also flat youthful warts.

They also appear on the hands, and fingers, and even in the face. But perhaps the biggest disadvantage of delivering a yellowish plantar wart-like blisters. These warts are very painful, and although sometimes a bit - two or three, walking over them becomes a real torture. After forty years, often formed senile warts - they have a brown tinge, covered with scales and are usually on the chest, back, and sometimes on other parts of the body. Typically, these warts are very difficult to treat. Warts appear due to penetration into the body hard papilloma virus. You can "catch" it as much as any viral infection. If a person is susceptible to this virus, then any, even the most minor, a cut in the skin or small cracks are easily converted into wart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aesthetic Medicine

Jolly statistics about weight loss agree that statistics - not the most interesting thing in the world. Numbers, percentages, graphs boring things. However, for the faceless figures hide the real facts. Sometimes - scary, sometimes - hopeful. Dr. Kevin Cahill understood the implications. Let's start with the sad. In the world of 1.7 billion people are overweight and 259 million obese patients. In Russia, no less impressive data - 30% of the population suffer from overweight and 25% (one out of four!) - From obesity.

Next - worse. According to statistics, the notorious, most dieters do not succeed. And the majority of weight loss did not get to keep the achieved results. "Magic" diets, exhausting physical load, surgical intervention, "magic" pills - none of this improves the overall statistics. We're finally starting to understand that all of the above, at best, provides only short-term results and well, if without serious consequences for health.

But let's not get depressed. Perhaps the first step towards the attainment of normal weight - to understand that the promises like "lose weight fast and forever!", "10 kg for a week!" Should not attract, but rather scare. And now - the real data. Not shocking, not deprived of sleep, just objective figures obtained for the 2006-2009 year in patients with overweight and obesity in the center Aesthetic Medicine 'Assen'. To study the effectiveness of the method 'NEEDLE dr ' was randomly generated sample of 225 people. Of these, 80 overweight (average weight - 76 kg), 83 - 1 degree of obesity (Average weight - 89 kg), 42 - 2 degrees of obesity (average weight - 104 kg) and 20 people - from grade 3 obesity (average weight - 117 kg). Monitoring of patients occurred during the 4 weeks. It was found that 61% of patients lost more than 4 kg. The relation between the four groups, of course, different. It is known that the more overweight, the easier it go the first weight. So, if a group of overweight people for two weeks more than 4 kg lost 45% in the group with Obesity 3 degrees over the same period by more than 4 kg lost weight 90% (ie, 18 people from 20!). Moreover, if the first group of more than 2 kg (taken over a minimum figure) lost 81% in the second and third - 89% and 98%, respectively, in the fourth group more than 2 kg of disposed 100% of losing weight. The study took into account not only dropped pounds, but also changes in fat mass and waist circumference in centimeters. 5 cm decreased at the waist by 14 people from groups with an average weight of 76 and 89 kg, 5 people from the weight category 104 kg and 9 people in the group with a weight of 117 kg. Weight loss occurred mainly at the expense of fat mass, and partly of common water. You can continue to operate on numbers, but the main thing - not the case. And the fact that individual approach to each patient, and 90% (all without numbers still did not work!) showed a stable weight reduction. And it - an encouraging result.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toxins Accumulated Health

Company Coral Club International (Coral Club International) - a voluntary team of people for whom health is a lifestyle. Efforts of competent, motivated, strong in body and spirit of people who joined the Coral Club, bent on acquiring harmony with the world around us, and inner harmony. Coral Club is first and foremost, an information source and pander to people leading a healthy lifestyle, for whom the word health is not sound, and much of lifestyle. People just walk on the 'path of health', or take their first steps, get answers and find support, learn step by step system to strengthen, increase and restore health. Click Healthy Living for additional related pages. The concept of health Coral Club International is based on a natural, simple, natural methods of preservation, enhancement of, restoration of health. Natural wellness program consisting of natural products and biologically active additives (BAA), helping people to feel somebody has forgotten feelings improve vitality, physically strong, healthy body, to feel the desire to live, getting pleasure out of life.

For most people, recovery techniques, based on the dietary supplement Coral Club, become a reliable assistant in preserving and restoring health and promote active longevity, allow great feel periods of cold-related epidemics. Supplements for athletes are a significant part of the training process, and are the best method to achieve good results with minimal loss of health. As a rule, civilized person uses food quite uncivilized. In addition, he regularly abused her. Healthy Living may not feel the same. In the continuation of life in people with food, water, the air gets a significant amount of hazardous substances. Moreover, many people pollute the body alcohol and tobacco. The situation also is complicated by a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, nervous disorders.

However, even living in technogenic society people may well look to be healthy and vigorous. To achieve this requires allowing the body to get rid of the toxins contained in it - will help tailor cleansing the body. When the body is contaminated with slag and toxins poisoning the mind, then performance rights of course be reduced. 'Nezashlakovanny' people to treat every case easily, effortlessly. While a person "intoxicated" with a small energy potential, we must spend much more time and effort to the same job. Proper cleansing of the body will increase human efficiency, comes a sense of lightness in the body. People feel much better, they feel a rejuvenated, they begin to feel more deeply and understand their new ideas at the expense of their work and life. Following the purification (cleansing), all kinds of problems are solved free performance grows by several times, the activity of people is increasing. Biologically active supplements our Club can form in people steady habit - a habit to stay healthy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Medical Seal

086 / y. - Medical professional advice on health. This certificate is required for applicants for admission to universities and colleges, and students - as proof of passing the annual dispensary, and office workers - for employment and as a confirmation of the passage of an annual medical examination. In this copy has its own peculiarity: its design participates at least 7 officers. In fail this help doctors sign the following professions: physician, surgeon, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, a gynecologist (for women). Also required mark (stamp) of the X-ray Cabinet (fluorography).

Only after this certificate shall be certified in the administration (or the deputy chief physician signature. Ch. Doctors and clinics round seal *), a stamp is placed in the table clinic sick. Round seal clinic is located in the administration, so any help on which there is such a seal is fully tested through the administration. Now consider, perhaps, whether to organize a massive statement medspravok 086 / y through the city hospital.

This is exactly the case when not only possible, but has long been organized by the administration's own clinics. How is it organized: There are several possible options: Option Legal '. Moscow is quite large and not very organizations that need an annual medical examination of their employees. And often, in most organizations, the medical examination have long become formality. Therefore, the administration of clinics may contract with several organizations to conduct health examinations, formally conduct it and get the money. We do not want to bore you with details of the operation (Signal-clearing, kickbacks, to whom and how much), then it is important to both: first administration immediately gets a decent amount, and secondly the organization with which the contract of course does not wake to write any queries.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Anguish, depression, anxiety, unhappiness, apathy, hopelessness, if you experience any of these feelings - art for you - will be discussed about depression. Such a mental disorder like depression, has some features, such as: depression often develop in the female population, they become the apex of society. Depressive disorder in our days are so common in France in patients with mild Depression not issue medical certificates. Increasingly described disorder tends to spread, to become the norm of civilized society. It is worth noting that, approximately one third of depressed disorders should be fashionable. Some of the young women suffer from depression just as they have a desire to visit the shops of fashionable clothes. Generally, in medicine to recognize depression made by a of symptoms.

The first thing that stands pay attention, because it is on the decline in the overall mood, which appears pessimistic setting to life. The range of mood disorders ranging from mild sadness to a physical sensation of "stone heart." Second symptom of depression - reduction of motor activity. People in this state is slow. He is a state feels like weakness, lethargy, fatigue. The third symptom, completing the triad - is slowing down thinking. For some, it can become confusing, and you ask: "What does this mean?" My answer to mental health professionals indicator of the pace of your thinking - this, as well as response to questions addressed to you. A person suffering depression, says a slower and quieter than usual, he does not notice, but there is always around to point to it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Especially a lot of selenium in Brazil nuts. oat flakes. Oats are rich in ballast substances that are essential value for our health (they stimulate digestion). Garlic. Reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood thins the blood. Garlic is indispensable in the treatment of colds.

The use of garlic reduces the risk cancer of the stomach and intestines, improves digestion. It is advisable to eat raw, adding to cooked dishes, salads. You can get rid of the smell, if after a meal to chew on coffee beans, twig parsley or mint. Bananas. Rich in potassium, an important mineral for the health of nerves. Natural sugars - a great support in the loss of strength. One banana contains 1 / 6 of daily need for magnesium. Magnesium has calming effect on the heart and nervous system.

Persimmon. Contains 2 times more dietary fiber and mineral trace elements than apples. There are also many anti-oxidants. Contains proteins, carbohydrates, organic acids, tannins. Persimmons are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, and vitamins A, C and P. Calms the nervous system, increases efficiency, a diuretic, bactericidal effect against intestinal and hay bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus. Fish. A healthy balanced diet is impossible to imagine without the fish: in fact, it contains about 20% of biologically high-value and easily digestible protein. Who cares about his heart must have more ryby.U fish found in frigid waters, there are so-called omega-3 fatty acids, which are struggling with the 'bad cholesterol'. Most species of fish, contain the full B vitamins, namely the well-known athletes with stress, vitamins B6 and B12. Useful for fish and for the brain. Apples. Substances contained in apples, especially quercetin, are able to inhibit the development of cancer cells. In addition, quercetin anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the damage so-called free radicals. For normal operation the stomach apples, too, are indispensable: they contain acids prevent the development of putrefactive bacteria, and pectin displays harmful substances from the body. Orange. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, pp and trace elements: magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron. Especially a lot of vitamin C in oranges Warns cardiovascular diseases: atherosclerosis, angina, myocardial infarction. Useful in anemia, or anemia, indigestion, scurvy, constipation, loss of appetite and weakness. Cauliflower. Significantly exceeds the nutritional value of regular cabbage. Helps the liver and is useful for arthritis sufferers. Brussels sprouts. Contains many minerals, especially potassium, magnesium and iron, so that vegetable crops is recommended to use for people suffering cardiovascular disease. Dates. Helpful for the stomach and spleen, anemia cure palpitation and insomnia. Useful to use for stress at high nervous tension, as a tonic remedy for weakness, as well as to improve the complexion and smooth skin. In Phoenicia large amount of carbohydrates (44-88%) - the natural sugar, fat (0.2-0.5%), 15 salts and minerals (copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, sulfur, boron, etc.). In Phoenicia contains 23 kinds of different amino acids that are lacking in fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, vitamins A, A1, C, B1, B2, B6. In Phoenicia, and also contains fluoride, which protects our teeth from decay, and selenium - an element that reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens our immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease. Eternal youth is possible - you'll soon see for yourself.