Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is used in all spheres of human activity, has a set of specific properties and is directly involved in the creation of other products, affecting their quality. Each appliance designed to operate at certain parameters of electric power: nominal frequency, voltage, shape Electrosignal, so its normal operation must be ensured the required quality electrical energy. The newspapers mentioned Laura Rogers not as a source, but as a related topic. In Russia gost 13109-97 'quality standards of electricity supply systems in general-purpose', which establishes performance and quality standards of electrical energy in electric networks, systems, general purpose power supply and three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz at the points joined by the electrical network (220V tolerances + / -5%, the critical deviation 220 + / -10%), owned by various electricity consumers or receivers of electric energy (the point of total adhesion). Unfortunately, we must note that the standards gost 13109-97 is not enough controlled and often not respected. Emerging harmful effects of stress on the electrical power supply networks are of different nature: high voltage pulses from tens to tens of microseconds, the failures and overloads, voltage fluctuation, high-frequency interference. To limit the influence of marked effect on the operation of electricity consumers applied voltage. The voltage regulator is set to improve the quality of nutrition as a separate electroconsumers and power supply systems for apartments, houses, offices and industrial plants. Most often, people come to buy voltage just after half an expensive office equipment or home burned down for any reason. We describe the most common case: electrician came and mixed up the wires (instead of phase and zero connected the phase and phase), as a consequence - the socket is not 220, and 380 V.

Seafood Benefits

Crab sticks and crab myasoKrabovoe meat and crab sticks are a useful product made from a variety of fish species. In fact, crab meat and crab sticks are imitation but nonetheless they have the same beneficial properties as well as other seafood. Crab meat and crab sticks delivered to stores in the frozen and refrigerated in packages weighing 100, 200 and 240 gr. Used usually in the preparation of all kinds of salads and appetizers. KalmaryNastoyaschie squid - creatures of the open expanse of sea. They are among the most skilled swimmers, playing in just such a speed racers of the sea, like swordfish, tunas and dolphins.

Sail away from the chase, some squid even able to fly out of the water and, as flying fish, float over the ocean several tens of meters. Sometimes squid "shoot" so high that it falls on the deck of sailing boat. Squid - a storehouse of protein. Squid meat is rich in essential amino acids in the meat of this set of extractable compounds that contribute to the secretion of digestive enzymes. On the content of protein, vitamins B6, pp squid superior meat fish, pets. Fats (lipids) enriched with squid essential polyunsaturated fats, which play an essential role in human food. Moreover squid rich in such essential for a person mineral elements such as phosphorus, iron, copper, iodine.

For these components are superior to cow's milk, beef, fish (carp, bream, crucian carp, pike). On the content of minerals squid nearly inferior mussels. Products Squid is not only tasteful, high nutritional value, but also and useful properties. Therefore a good idea of frozen and canned squid is also preparing diet meals. Species composition squid quite diverse and includes over 200 species. Far Eastern squid - Squid Commander's, Squid Bartram, Pacific. IkrIkra salmon is not only a wonderful taste but also very useful properties. Caviar in Russia has always been one of the most important holiday table decorations. Neither party is complete without food and caviar. Fish roe keta largest, has good color and has a large size eggs. The most useful caviar salmon - coho salmon roe is having a natural bitterness in the aftertaste, and contains a substance which is very favorable impact on our vision. Studies conducted in different countries the world, confirmed that the introduction of the diet dishes made with mussels, trepangs, squid, crabs, shrimp and other seafood, has a therapeutic effect in atherosclerosis, diseases of secretory glands. Regular consumption of seafood and B vitamins are very beneficial to the preservation and maintenance of male power.

Food Survey

In some cases the specialist may be the food survey which aims to: a) evaluate the use of food b) To evaluate energy intake c) To determine the dietary intake of nutrients and pharmacological d) Assess the food sources of energy and nutrients e) Explore knowledge and attitudes regarding food and nutrition f) Relationship between dietary habits and lifestyle risk factors General Tips: See a specialist for advice Perform five meals a day Plan in advance what is going to eat ( especially at parties) Preparing meals when not hungry Shopping for a closed list Establish a schedule for sitting and eating meals without rushing Use small plates Chew slowly Do not eat two things at once Drinking between 1.5-2 L . of water a day Do not snack between meals Weigh yourself every 7-15 days, and not every day looking for help in the family make a varied and balanced diet, avoid fried and battered Use condiments Try to be creative in the kitchen and away from the monotony contributions Avoid calorie no nutritional value (soft drinks, alcohol) Complement the diet with exercise tailored to your state Find a comfortable place to be drilled in an exercise that is enjoyable and variable if you like Get a weight loss between half and one kilo of Once a week is correct achieved the objective is to make a maintenance diet. This step is very important because obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder and patients tend to recover. At this stage it is essential to have close contact with your doctor to be able to go correcting small deviations in weight..