Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Forgive

1 - Let go of the past. One of the main reasons to forgive the past let go of our lives. I do not mean that we should forget the past, or erase from our minds. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, it means remember without pain. We all have memory and life experiences are recorded in it, but when we forgive, we break a chain that kept us tied to the past, freeing us from resentment and pain, leaving the way clear for living in the present. "I choose to live in the Present" 2 - Leave from the victim. The victim always needs a murderer, what attracts them. Leaving the role of victim, is an important step to forgive.

The victim is not interested in forgiveness, because it would remove the reason for her complaints. Recognize our victim is to begin to regain our power. The victim says: "And why me this happens to me, so good I am?" While he is connected to power said: "yQue I have to learn of this situation." There is a big difference in how we approach the problem. So starting from today to say: "Yo_________soy a powerful person." 3 - Waiver of criticism and opinion. Herbalife is likely to increase your knowledge. When we judge others, we completely forget the divine essence of every human being carries within itself. Compassion is not the same as feeling sorry for others, that's arrogance. Compassion is understanding that, surely the other person who committed a wrong against you, probably had a tough childhood, or has suffered some form of abuse.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selfish Behavior

In all these cases only care about the rights and whims of the perpetrators. What the victims do not want to care at all. Those are very clear and unfortunate examples of selfish behavior. However, you have your own interests which want and you must defend.

We would never be perpetrators of such abominable as I mentioned. But in certain situations we are ready to our interests above those of others. Moreover, we do need to protect our rights. If anyone think we must feed our own children first. If you have to save someone from a disaster will do everything possible to rescue our family. If you have to fire someone, we do not offer as volunteers in order to save the position of others.

So we are hopelessly selfish? Absolutely not. Nothing that I mentioned makes you selfish. It would be a great mistake and an absurdity to believe that not to be selfish is to live without self-interest. Everyone, even the most altruistic and generous people have personal interests. And rightly so it is a right of every individual and inherent in human beings. Everyone has a responsibility also to himself. However, that does not stop worry about the fate of others. If you see someone in need will assist if you are at your fingertips. Do favors for others without expecting anything in return. You want others to be happy and satisfy you with the joy of children. At the same time you are able to suffer for human misfortunes that occur in your presence. You do not want to die innocent, hate violence and would like that in this world would not have so many injustices. You're in general good will towards humans. And you have good wishes to yourself because you're a human being and deserve. Then, enough to accept that we are selfish. Apart from a few unfortunate exceptions. Everyone is capable of doing good spontaneously at some point. It would be impossible to do waiting for a personal benefit in return. We do many things for the sheer pleasure to contribute something. For the simple pleasure of defending something that seems fair. For the simple satisfaction stand with those who are now weak. Definitely, you are like all humans, have interests. But that does not make you a selfish person. You're not a selfish person. Other Recommended Reading:.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spirit World

From the standpoint of magicians (wizards and witches) and literate in this area priests 'damage' is an introduction to the man of demonic beings (devils) and their effects on human beings. And these demonic entities (fallen angels) are sent to man a sorcerer (or witch) by someone's order, or sometimes because of personal hostility (anger) sorcerer (or witch) to the person. The fact is that if there is no adverse stellar (planetary) influences (transit, progressions, directorates) in the horoscope, that is, if the Cosmos (The Absolute, God, Karma) has no negative impact on a person, no sorcerer (or witch) will not be able didst send him to 'damage'. If a person's horoscope are extremely unfavorable star (planetary) influence, then it is a natural periods of negative effects of space on humans. People such as Healthy Living would likely agree. But the superstitious people during the negative effects of cosmic rhythms, they think that they either run 'Damage', 'evil eye', etc. Negative impact on the star are all human, they have a man of strength, experience the human spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body. The negative impact of compel star man change under the influence of hardship and suffering (at certain times, prominent in the horoscope).

Due to testing, a person must be better, work out their negative karma. By the same author: Healthy Living. But the superstitious people who believe that they exposed to 'damage' ('spoiled', 'poporchennye' or 'Bad'), begin to run on the wizards and witches trying to get rid of it, thus enriching the sorcerers. But the wizards and witches can not help until the person under the adverse influence of the starry cosmos. When the adverse effect will stop, 'damage' will disappear by itself, if at the time of termination of the negative impact of human space 'cure' the sorcerer from 'spoiling'. Then it becomes a fanatical supporter of the sorcerer and magic thanks to the coincidence of changing the negative impact of space on the human and the simultaneous removal of 'spoiling' the sorcerer..


A few days ago I received this story by email and know the author, the fact is that I have been a perfect fit to address a recurring theme in today's organizations, says: They, who was looking for a beautiful princess consort. Aristocrats, knights, and wealthy gentlemen had come from everywhere to offer their wonderful regalos.Joyas, land, armies and thrones made up of gifts to win so special criatura.Entre candidates was a young commoner who had no more wealth than love and perseverance. When it came time to talk, he said: - Princess, I've loved all my life. As I am a poor man and I have no treasures to give, I offer you my sacrifice as proof of my amor.Estare one hundred days sitting under your window, no more food than rain and no more clothes that you are wearing. a sa is my dowry ...

The princess was moved by such a gesture of love, decided to accept. You'll have your chance: If you pass the test, I say goodbye. Thus passed the hours and days. The suitor was seated, enduring the winds, snow, and freezing nights. Without blinking, his eyes fixed on the balcony of his beloved, brave vassal remained firm in their commitment, without wavering for a moment.

From time to time the real window shade belied the tall figure of the princess, which, with a noble gesture and a smile, he approved the job. Everything was going wonderfully well. Even some optimists had begun to plan the festivities. When the day and ninety-nine residents of the area had come to encourage the next monarch. All was joy and merriment, until suddenly, when there was a time for the deadline, to the astonishment of the audience and the bewilderment of the princess, the young man stood up and without explanation, he walked away slowly from the place. A few weeks later, while wandering through a lonely road, a child of the region reached him and asked him point blank: - yQue was what happened to you? You were one step away from achieving the goal. And why missed that opportunity? And why you withdrew? With deep consternation and unconcealed tears, replied quietly: I saved even one day of suffering ... Not even an hour ... Not even a second ... So not worth my effort and my love. Pushing hard for others to get what we want seems to be the ideal way may be better to consider a tug of the rope ... So what is pulling Press both the rope? .

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Broad Stone

A little later comes emblem of the city of Luhansk, which shows the blast furnace, which symbolizes not a steel mill, as indicated in description of the emblem, and the place of hell, which according to the Church burned human souls. In the upper left corner of the coat of arms of Luhansk, you can also see the sign "" (a sign of Europe), framed by the stars, reminiscent of that here was once a single European state - Angouleme, happiness is guarded by the stars and 13 virgin angels. So, thanks to the Queen of Heaven (Virgin) and Catherine ii, the village of Broad Stone from 1795 becomes the Luhansk and be such until the end until the Apocalypse ("apo" - the loss, "kalipsis" - hiding, ie, loss of consciousness hidden thoughts of the universe) or Armageddon ("ar" - the land, "the magician - magicians (magic) "Don" - Don River, ie, revival of the land of magicians and sorcerers in the vicinity of the Don River) and Lugansk not be renamed the city Svyatograd, whose name speaks of a "holy" water - a clean source of life on Earth. In addition, each of us knows that hail - it's frozen water falling from the sky during a thunderstorm. This analogy is not accidental, since the word "hail" is present and the word "Hell", which for many years due to the "virus of Darkness" to freeze the action of holy water, which is source of human immortality. But it was a Hell in a literal and figurative sense, after a time become a new source of holy water, and this happens when the human soul, going to Hell after all the suffering defeat "the virus of Darkness" and melts the ice and the source of holiness in human consciousness.