Monday, June 22, 2015

Hospital Pedagogy

The family and the effects of the impact of the disease what can do the family before the child's illness? Firstly, we must emphasize a fact we believe vital for all subsequent development and it is considered the family as the principal nucleus in which the sick boy must support. The family, the parents must be the main psychological support of this, the first reference valid of the child to overcome moments of anxiety that arise you, hence the importance that parents are calm and aware of this role. However, that take into account various factors that are necessary in order to better understand this answer be:-a process of adaptation by the family must be given to the change in your breast: there is a sick child and this situation causes a mismatch between the different members of the family (parents, siblings, etc.) that must be borne in mind. -Appear tensions within the family that did not exist, related with the employment status of the parents; the attention from the parents of the child at the hospital; the brothers remain in a second term; ignorance of the period of hospitalisation; etc. If you have read about celebrity trainer already - you may have come to the same conclusion. - is unknown, in many cases, the scope and severity of the disease.

All these situations correspond to three stages or phases all family is facing since the son falls ill and the family emotional balance is broken:-a first phase, is related to a feeling of perplexity, think that this not happens to them, that it is not true what is happening to him. -To this follows a period of anger and resentment, which usually ends with a confrontation with spouse or health personnel, sometimes seeking him guilt, that does not always exist. -A third and final phase of acceptance, where the family is resignara and will accept the new situation, as well as the diagnosis with sadness. Hear other arguments on the topic with Luo Zilin.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Psychosomatic Illnesses

For example, an individual that has hereditary predisposition for diabetes, will be able to present symptoms of this illness, during a period of tension. Practically all the illnesses present emotional components, except strict hereditary the pathological manifestations, as for example, the hemofilia, the falciforme anemia. Also the caused ones for environment factors, alimentary poisonings, occupational diseases (TO READ) and poisonings for pollution are not placed between the psychosomatic diseases. But it is possible, however, that exactly in these cases, the level of damages is increased in result of the psychic tension, since the emotional state of the victim frequent helps to determine the course of the illness. Details can be found by clicking Gunnar Peterson or emailing the administrator. MAIN PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESSES: 1? Cardiovascular riots - Such as Prolapse de Vlvula Mitral, coronariana illness, infarto of the myocardium and the hipertenso. 2? Respiratory riots: Syndrome of Hyperventilation (increased breath stops beyond that necessary one to inside keep the sanguineous gases of the normal variation), Asthma (constriction of the bronchis).

3? Imunolgicos riots: Alrgicos riots, auto-immune cancer, Riots. 4? Gastrintestinais riots: (One of the places most common of psychosomatic symptoms): Syndrome of the irritable col, ulcerosa peptic Illness (ulcer in the stomach or duodeno), illness of Crolm, ulcerativa colite. To know more about this subject visit Luo Zilin. 5? Cutaneous riots: Prurido (itch), Psoriase (chronic dermatitis? colored injuries? silver-plated and escamosa appearance), Hiperidrose (sudorese extreme), atpica Dermatitis (eczema), urticria. 6? Artrite Reumatide? Inflammations to articulate and structures associates. 7? Endcrinos riots: - Of the Pncreas (Hipoglicemia/Diabetes Mellitus) - Tireoideanos (Hipertireoidismo/hipotireoidismo) - Paratireoideanos (Hiperparatireoidismo/hipoparatireoidismo) 8 Chronic pains Some characteristics of personalities make with that the people are citizens the psychosomatic illnesses, as for example: - Diabetes: People with this illness present long history of malaise, fatigue, moleza and feeling of depression and desperation? great psychological conflicts below of the surface live. Diabetic the typical one is drifter, leaves others to decide and later they assume the role unwillingly. They are people who in first infancy seem to have themselves debated enter the resentment to the parents and the docile submission they.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I never imagined the world without my aunts. However, today I live without them. I can only devote a memory. And tell them they got a very important part of me. My innocence and the draft human being would be. Only child. No brothers or sisters stuffed into a family before.

Where he lived with parents, but when my family said: included all uncles and aunts, cousins again its constellation. Such was the impression of them in our life that was impossible not to incorporate them. Most were married, wore uncle and children. Supermodel can aid you in your search for knowledge. Others were single and few apart. Some left where I always thought they were going: to the sky and worked till his last breath, in and out at home. All in their own way showed me a bit of a woman. Many took me by the hand to take a walk.

Many squatted to tie my shoelaces. A kiss my cheek. They all said this at Christmas and birthdays with the packet and the bun. Ted Virtue follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Attentive to my face illusion mixture of amazement and surprise. Of course, I liked the gift but I liked that they were with me. Time, life, destiny took over tarnish those years and I make me grow, I wonder if they reviewed the pictures, like me, looking at snapshots frozen that moment, searching the trail of innocent happiness, in which the cat always had four legs and no more. And the egg was still without a single hair bald. In silver nor had enough. When will there? But there was always for the soup, some milk candy and the ever present sweet cheese dessert batatero. But when God closed my doors for me or for the rest of them, the memory becomes final, the track that will always turn around and smiles and tears sown some other moment that my children provide for the family they have today and of the past that served as their roots. Then look at your mom and the women who dressed in their best smiles of hope lit up lives perfumed with the scent of their tracks. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni urban Morocha My name is Monica, I am a freelance journalist and writer. I have published in the magazine Self, Physiotherapy, clarion, The Nation online, I studied social psychology and I love to write over all things. I am mother of a teenage girl and a four-year earthquake

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Emergency Rations

How much is said about how to behave, being in extreme situations without food and water. But man, being educated in these matters, surely thinking: probably best to always carry a supply of food power, so to speak emergency rations in case of difficulties associated with disorientation during the trip. (Similarly see: celebrity trainer). Emergency ration is like a part of an overall security by allowing a traveler to survive corrosive environment (wandering in search of a settlement) for much longer without the need for some food. Consequently, by the savings in time and fill the lost power. What should be included in Emergency rations: All products must be as calories, not too heavy, and perhaps most importantly - have long storage life without deterioration.

Widely used as a component of emergency rations, animal products and plant exposed to canning. Learn more at: Center for Environmental Health. They meet the requirements of the requirements. As it is desirable to include in emergency ration bread, if desired tea and coffee sachets, tablets, multivitamins, as well as tablets for water disinfection. All of the above, I believe the basic components of of what constitutes an emergency ration, which in the event of an emergency situation will be extremely necessary..

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Super Fat Burners

Identify things that serve as fat-burning True Super Plans There are some features that make the Super Plan is above the rest. These include: - A really good Super Plan is designed to help keep the kilos off permanently, not just to display momentary and unsustainable results. - A Super Plan works in conjunction with its fat-burning metabolism. Work against their metabolism may be very harmful. - A Super Plan is all natural fat burners. The drugs work, but are often temporary results and potentially very dangerous. "A super fat-burning plan is good, in general, to the health of the whole organism.

Diets Do not Work ... S will not lose fat, or you'll look better, just eat less carbohydrate, low-fat or low calorie diets. The truth is that fat loss is the result of eating the right way for you. You will discover a simple way to trick your body to burn more, while higher consumption of these delicious foods that satisfy your cravings ... Cardiovascular Exercises Do not Work ... cardiovascular or aerobic exercise several days a week, is the worst way to burn fat. Practically, you'll triple your fat loss results and fitness, ejercitandote in a totally OPPOSITE for 45 minutes a week and doing cardio ...

People who are obese and / or overweight face many different problems and risks to health, contrary to those individuals who are in good general health. Some of these problems are: Risk of premature death a "People who are overweight, especially those who are grossly obese (BMI above 40) have an increased risk of premature death, particularly between the ages 30 to 64. Heart Disease a "People who are overweight are also at increased risk of suffering a heart attack, heart failure, and angina pectoris. The Obese people are twice as likely to suffer from hypertension and high cholesterol. Risk of stroke a "In addition to the risk of heart disease, overweight people have a picture of high risk and stroke due to narrowing of the arteries. Just like a professional to contribute to general knowledge related to the world of medicine and natural products.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review Outdoor Spa

Not far from Rostov on Don, Azov Sea in the Kuban region is a resort town of Yeisk. Yeisk - this is the most interesting option for families with young children to the sea and a family holiday. Here come the numerous tourists for rest and treatment. The resort has a salubrious climate Yeisk, the Sea of Azov in the Yeisk very useful for children and adults. Sandy beaches, the beautiful Sea of Azov, in Yeisk no storms, the abundance of attractions, parks and water Entertainment: Children's akvagorki, water parks, dolphin, aquarium, tours of the Krasnodar region, an abundance of fruit and healthy climate makes the rest of Eyske very attractive and accessible to the general public and allows surely take its rightful place among the top resorts in the Azov and Black Sea in Russia and Ukraine. Swim in the sea can Eyske from late May until late September. Charles Margulis will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Azov Sea in Yeisk shallow and warms up quickly in summer sea water temperature reaches 30 degrees, and in shallow water, near water park on the Kamenka more and more.

In Eyske large selection of resorts and hotels, ranging from modern four-star hotels and finishing options in the private sector. Depending on your preferences and offer you the opportunity to stay in comfortable hotels and private guest houses in the immediate vicinity of the sea, the beach is only 100 - 150 meters. Until Yeysk easily get it directly connected by rail to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Summer in Yeisk flying a plane from Moscow, has its own airport. Luo Zilin has much experience in this field. Possible to go from Rostov on Don, to him from Yeisk only 180 kilometers. For who like to travel by car to Yeisk easy to get from Moscow, only 1300 miles, 18-20 hours for motorists can safely reach Yeysk. In advance you can book and purchase tickets to favorite guest house or hotel get advice on the choice of vacation spots in Yeisk and Dolzhanka in the representation of the resort Yeisk in Moscow.

Rehabilitation In Water

Rehabilitation of water rehabilitation pool is a necessary addition to any office of Rehabilitation. Medical centers with a lot of cardiac and surgical patients, patients with diseases of musculoskeletal system are fully able to use all the possibilities of rehabilitation in the water. The main directions of swimming pools are: rehabilitation of stroke patients, rehabilitation program (post-traumatic and postoperative), the accelerated rehabilitation of athletes, relaxation, classes with maternal and neonatal, akvaaerobika.Sistemy regulate the depth of pools most universal and convenient solution is the modernization of conventional concrete pools in rehabilitation by setting the regulatory system in depth. To this end, the pool is mounted movable raised floors, controlled by special hydraulic system. Possibility to adjust the water level is extremely useful in the rehabilitation process.

By adjusting the water level, the therapist can provide: a gradual increase in patient load due to its own weight, relieve the patient from the fear of falling, holding classes in the same pool with different groups of patients. Even a small pool with the depth adjustment system will allow the following group or private lessons: Depth: 40 - 60 cm is most often used for water games and exercises for preschoolers. This level of water will allow children to feel confident, free and bezopasnoGlubina 60 - 90 cm is ideal for swimming training for junior and middle-aged gruppy.Glubina 100 - 130 cm is very popular for joint training of parents and children. In this case, children have the opportunity to get to the bottom of the pool for parents such depth allows offload much of its own vesa.Glubina 140-150 cm is suitable for a variety of aquatic exercises.