Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selecting a Nurse

What mistakes were made by young mothers in selecting nurse the baby? Moms in general are afraid of nannies! Firstly, because I do not know where to find good nannies, and secondly because that the nurse the child could cause harm. All this is really so if you're looking for a nanny in the newspapers and online ads. Now, the work of a nanny is a very popular thing, because According to the townsfolk - 'there is nothing easier. " Each of the potential 'nanny from newspapers' argument is this -' I also have their children, and that's with your cope! " Typical faulty psychology. You can not assume their children's experiences for a babysitter for hire.

Work nanny in someone else's family is a big responsibility. Of course, at first glance, the work of nurse elementary and does not require additional skills, but it is not. If their children do not always have enough time and effort, the work of nurse recruitment suggests that the nurse all the time, energy and strength will be given to the child. In addition, the nurse should have a pedagogical education, extensive experience nanny with children and know methods of early development. Indeed, often the family takes a nanny not to feed the baby she wordlessly and walked with him. Important, very important child development, knowledge of the world.

Through the development of fine motor skills, such as the child begins to faster and more clearly pronounce the sounds and talk. But you know what is needed for the technique of Peterson? Hardly 'the nurse from the newspaper' can know all these nuances. Besides, if you suddenly lost the nurse one day, taking your coat, you will again be without nannies and without a coat. And will again give notice in a newspaper and everything will happen again. Do you do not love your child? Agency Nurse Fairy, for example, specializes in recruiting domestic staff since 2003. For its clients the agency picks up the nurses only with higher education, but with experience and only with good references from previous families. You can choose a nanny from a few strictly selected according to your needs nannies during interviews at the agency office. There is no need to invite all nurses to his home to explore the child. Collect yourself first on your mind. And if you have chosen, the agency gives you the test days. You can try to choose a nanny at home. Do not forget the test covered. Also, the agency nurses there warranty for free replacement. What does this mean? If your nanny is going to suddenly leave you for some unfortunate circumstances, it must notify you in 2 weeks of his resignation. It should be spelled out in labor agreement, which you, on the recommendation of the agency, concludes with his nanny. This is the time during which the agency nurses must make you a free replacement. Replacement is also the right choice, ie You will also come on interview and at the same time with you there will be invited to selected candidates for you. Of course, the service agency nurses are paid and the contract price is not very low. But the tradeoff for peace and for the confidence safety of the child. This was not worth saving.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Nannies

Ideal nanny in your home - is a seasoned professional. Nurse from the agency will help parents. A baby sitter would be a true friend. A related site: Healthy Living mentions similar findings. Bizarre word "tutor" in the mid 18 th century could not utter even the most educated members of the imperial court. Elizabeth Petrovna - fan of the French language and Western culture - ordered to carry out "language" lessons so as not to disgrace ourselves in front of their foreign guests. This passion Empress has led to many "women's" innovations in Tsarist Russia, and marked a new stage in the children's upbringing. The word "tutor" ideal sayd, only a few decades. Since the late 18 th century nannies and governesses have the same traditional occupation, as sellers and tailors.

Looking for a nanny, a governess, or there is a new man in your house, "I am looking for a nanny or housekeeper" - now with these words of the declaration of any couples, which is due to one or other reason can not give your child full attention. Governess in this case would be the ideal solution, but find it - not the easiest task. Parents must understand who will educate child, so candidate is selected individually, as a result of personal meetings. But not all parents have at this time. Moreover, not all of them will be able to determine what the nurse obtained from Bang soiskatelnitsy. Referring to agency, you should simply say: I am looking for a nanny (housekeeper), which Our experts will determine all the necessary requirements, will pick up a nanny or a governess for the child, checked her personal and professional qualities, letters of recommendation.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Childs Personality

Formation of a child's personality and interior nursery. In shaping a child's personality plays an important role interior room for children, she also serves as a bedroom, living room, playroom, an office and storage many treasures. It clearly highlighted areas for recreation, entertainment, activities. Some parents prefer to arrange the room your baby "adult" furniture making bets on what the child grows up, and trouble with the selection and rearrangement will be less. However, the space needed to execute in terms of hobbies, baby reality does not exist under the same laws as adults.

As a rule, correct and complete development child depends on how comfortable atmosphere in which it grows, and make it comfortable and cozy only by your caring and loving parents! By the arrangement and choice of interior design should be approached very seriously because you are creating a unique little world, each piece of furniture, pictures on the wallpaper and carpet are its secret meaning. Favorite toys, funny and cute pictures on the wallpaper and curtains, comfortable folding bed. Small world single country like a fairy tale. On how easy and fun for your child to be in her room often depends on his mood, from here, from the children he takes the first steps to a great life. Convenient layout Children's area helps to create furniture. This may be a set of composite components multifunctional cabinets, children's wall with a bed that allows you to create an individual room.

Nursery Furniture Light and soft shades with the addition of bright colors will help create a healthy atmosphere charged with solar heat. Most children are very mobile, they and full of energy, they love to climb ladders, they like to watch on the world 'from a height' (literally and figuratively) a wonderful option decisions in such cases - two children's beds. This releases the extra space to accommodate a desk and playing area. In the baby's room should not be sharp edges and protruding parts, all surfaces should be smooth. Clutter the space of extra furniture not worth it. The most successful version - multifunction furniture, which has a game focus, the game being created by the bright colors and ability to change its shape, it's sort of - furniture designer. Custom furniture has rounded, the overlapping shapes is not only carries out its direct functions, it also finds its use as a developmental toys. When a child grows up in his room, there are a variety of items that help him learn about the world, develop their imagination and knowledge. It's not just toys, various designers, but also books, writing materials. That the room did not seem overburdened, and the child from childhood accustomed to order - for each item should have their place. You can hang a small bookshelf for books, near the sofa will look great writing-table. Favorite toys should be clearly visible and pleasing for its vivid imagery, the most convenient for them place on the open shelves, which can be conveniently placed over a sofa, and next door in the closet. To save space, other things can be easily concealed. To this end, a large come in handy convenient box under the sofa, as well as closed cupboard shelves.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nanny Nurse

The first case: because of the dramatic changes in lifestyle associated with the appearance of a new human family, Mom is in a state of permanent shock. She manages to somehow fulfill their immediate obligations, but on some soulfulness or the pleasure of communicating with your baby it certainly is not. In other words, the child receives from his mother needed a charge of positive emotions, love and sincerity. Here comes to the aid of nurse services that save the little man's psyche and, at the same time, give the mother an opportunity come "in themselves, to relax, really bored of the child. Thus, the nurse is not only not harmful, but instead helps parents remain good moms and dads, and every day to enjoy his beloved tot.

The second case: the newly baked mom in desperate need of object lessons for the care of the baby. Of course, in the process of preparing for the birth future parents can get a lot of theoretical information, but care newborn child to truly be learned only by practice sessions. Before learning function itself took my grandmother, but today the situation is not uncommon, when her grandmother no less busy (and sometimes more) than their own parents. An experienced nurse, and there will be very helpful. It will hold master classes for bathing, umbilical cord, eye, nose, ears, skin care, proper holding, special care for a variety of reactions in a small body calls to the outside world (eg, neonatal mastitis, etc.). Even after the "course of the young fighter" will be successfully handed over to his mother, consulting services, babysitting can at times be very helpful. Case three: good Nanny can bring just invaluable child with one or other developmental delays.

Often, to restore the normal state of affairs is required to give the kid a lot of attention to hold special games and classes. Continual training under the supervision of an experienced nurse - a very powerful aid in such situations. Even this is far from complete list of cases, the usefulness of babysitting services shows that this issue is not so simple and straightforward as it might seem at a superficial glance. In conclusion, I want to say only a banal observation: No matter how well were the relations of the child and the nanny should be aware that the nurse - is a good helper to parents, but in any case, not to replace them.

The Clinic

Special efforts have made this network of dental clinics in economy class. In general, the their development, something the market dental services like business development of grocery stores, stalls and were beginning to come down to modern supermarkets. However, to determine which particular segment is that or other clinic is not so simple. Dentists shift as they can in order to enter the customer's confusion about the real price of services. Either in the advertisement stated 'virtual' price of the service, and call the clinic sounded completely different value (the difference can reach up to 5 times), or by telephone confirmed 'virtual' money, and already when the patient sits in a chair to the doctor, she is again not one that was advertised. Dr. Kevin Cahill announced that the vote was imminent.

The best option is to ask on the phone what is the maximum final cost of dental treatment, including the work of the doctor and all necessary materials. Further comparing prices with other hospitals already at their upper boundary. The difference in price for caries treatment can vary from 1150 to 6000 rubles, including the work of doctors, supplies and anesthesia (hereafter, the price is valid for the city of St. Petersburg). The cost of prosthetics clinics different segments may also differ by more than 3-5 times. It is worth paying attention to the existence of its own dental laboratory - its availability will be extremely positive impact on cost and quality of prostheses. Thus, For example, metal in the hospital having his lab is 2,990 rubles, and in the clinic without one - from 5500 rubles.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


What is aids - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome first information about the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS, aids in English) appeared in the mid 80-ies of the last century, when doctors found an unknown to the moment condition in which adults suffered from immunodeficiency, until this occurs only as a congenital defect in preterm infants. Doctors have found that these patients decreased immunity - immune deficiency - was not congenital, but was acquired in adulthood. Therefore, the disease in the first years after its discovery became known as aids - acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Since then, the spread aids has reached epidemic levels. According to recent data, there are currently about 40 million patients, and the number of victims of the disease over 20 years of its existence is nearing 20 million. Contagiousness of aids, its rapid distribution and incurable and earned him fame, "the plague of the twentieth century, the most terrible and incomprehensible viral disease of modernity. Fairly quickly was determined and the viral nature of the disease.

The virus that causes immunodeficiency syndrome, named hiv - human immunodeficiency virus. In the early days after infection with the human body opposes hiv, which does not manifest itself, but it gradually destroys the immune system HIV-infected person. Finally comes a stage at which the patient immune to such an extent weakened that any infection from which hiv infection to the patient's body could have done it without the slightest problem can become fatal. When struck by the immune system, the human body becomes completely defenseless against a relatively harmless microorganisms, as well as malignant tumors.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Cedar oil 'KEDRODAR' manufactured by cold pressing of selected nuclei of cedar nuts from environmentally friendly sources of Siberia. We use only a wooden press, squeezing occurs proven technology. Our oil contains all the necessary substances, amino acids, micro and macro, has absolutely no contraindications and has neprevozydennym taste! The totality of these parameters Quality gives us an opportunity to argue that the best butter pine nuts on the market until now did not exist! Cedar oil - is a real balm for the body of youth! Cedar oil is for us special value, this is truly life-giving balm for human beings. It has high nutritional, dietary, cosmetic and medicinal properties. Ingredients: pine nut oil - the perfect combination of clean fat (nutrition, polyunsaturated fatty acids), carbohydrates, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, F), trace elements, which are complementary and reinforce the biological effects on human organs. Cedar oil (ICE) has a wide range of substances needed for the body: essential fatty acids, phosphatides, vitamins E and F, with high antioxidant activity and vital trace elements: phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, silver, etc. Vitamin F - it's essential fatty acids that reduce cholesterol and prevent the emergence of 'plaques' on the walls of blood vessels. Action: ice rejuvenates body cells and enhances immunity, improves mood, restores power quickly, greatly increases the efficiency, life expectancy, improves carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes), the ability to reproduce healthy offspring and improves overall health.

Indications: Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, acute respiratory infections and ods (tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc.), trophic ulcers, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases, allergies, low immunity, violation of the harmonization of the metabolic processes in the body, decreased physical and mental health, treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Application of mce is effective in diseases of hair and nails, to rejuvenate aging skin. Particularly useful to persons working in adverse climatic and environmental conditions. Contraindications: pine nut oil has no contraindications.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Acne warts are the most common skin disease. According to statistics, 75 percent of those warts appeared at least once in their lives, while 10 percent of them are constant. Pale-colored skin, or light-brown with prominent formation of jagged edges do not pose a health risk - they have no roots or shoots, deeply penetrating into the skin. But the joy they still deliver little. Read more from Healthy Living to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Warts appear unexpectedly, single or in groups, on virtually any body part.

Kinds of warts too much. The most frequent common warts. They are located on the back of the hands - hands or fingers. It could be small nodules of the size of a pinhead, and education bigger. There are also flat youthful warts.

They also appear on the hands, and fingers, and even in the face. But perhaps the biggest disadvantage of delivering a yellowish plantar wart-like blisters. These warts are very painful, and although sometimes a bit - two or three, walking over them becomes a real torture. After forty years, often formed senile warts - they have a brown tinge, covered with scales and are usually on the chest, back, and sometimes on other parts of the body. Typically, these warts are very difficult to treat. Warts appear due to penetration into the body hard papilloma virus. You can "catch" it as much as any viral infection. If a person is susceptible to this virus, then any, even the most minor, a cut in the skin or small cracks are easily converted into wart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aesthetic Medicine

Jolly statistics about weight loss agree that statistics - not the most interesting thing in the world. Numbers, percentages, graphs boring things. However, for the faceless figures hide the real facts. Sometimes - scary, sometimes - hopeful. Dr. Kevin Cahill understood the implications. Let's start with the sad. In the world of 1.7 billion people are overweight and 259 million obese patients. In Russia, no less impressive data - 30% of the population suffer from overweight and 25% (one out of four!) - From obesity.

Next - worse. According to statistics, the notorious, most dieters do not succeed. And the majority of weight loss did not get to keep the achieved results. "Magic" diets, exhausting physical load, surgical intervention, "magic" pills - none of this improves the overall statistics. We're finally starting to understand that all of the above, at best, provides only short-term results and well, if without serious consequences for health.

But let's not get depressed. Perhaps the first step towards the attainment of normal weight - to understand that the promises like "lose weight fast and forever!", "10 kg for a week!" Should not attract, but rather scare. And now - the real data. Not shocking, not deprived of sleep, just objective figures obtained for the 2006-2009 year in patients with overweight and obesity in the center Aesthetic Medicine 'Assen'. To study the effectiveness of the method 'NEEDLE dr ' was randomly generated sample of 225 people. Of these, 80 overweight (average weight - 76 kg), 83 - 1 degree of obesity (Average weight - 89 kg), 42 - 2 degrees of obesity (average weight - 104 kg) and 20 people - from grade 3 obesity (average weight - 117 kg). Monitoring of patients occurred during the 4 weeks. It was found that 61% of patients lost more than 4 kg. The relation between the four groups, of course, different. It is known that the more overweight, the easier it go the first weight. So, if a group of overweight people for two weeks more than 4 kg lost 45% in the group with Obesity 3 degrees over the same period by more than 4 kg lost weight 90% (ie, 18 people from 20!). Moreover, if the first group of more than 2 kg (taken over a minimum figure) lost 81% in the second and third - 89% and 98%, respectively, in the fourth group more than 2 kg of disposed 100% of losing weight. The study took into account not only dropped pounds, but also changes in fat mass and waist circumference in centimeters. 5 cm decreased at the waist by 14 people from groups with an average weight of 76 and 89 kg, 5 people from the weight category 104 kg and 9 people in the group with a weight of 117 kg. Weight loss occurred mainly at the expense of fat mass, and partly of common water. You can continue to operate on numbers, but the main thing - not the case. And the fact that individual approach to each patient, and 90% (all without numbers still did not work!) showed a stable weight reduction. And it - an encouraging result.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toxins Accumulated Health

Company Coral Club International (Coral Club International) - a voluntary team of people for whom health is a lifestyle. Efforts of competent, motivated, strong in body and spirit of people who joined the Coral Club, bent on acquiring harmony with the world around us, and inner harmony. Coral Club is first and foremost, an information source and pander to people leading a healthy lifestyle, for whom the word health is not sound, and much of lifestyle. People just walk on the 'path of health', or take their first steps, get answers and find support, learn step by step system to strengthen, increase and restore health. Click Healthy Living for additional related pages. The concept of health Coral Club International is based on a natural, simple, natural methods of preservation, enhancement of, restoration of health. Natural wellness program consisting of natural products and biologically active additives (BAA), helping people to feel somebody has forgotten feelings improve vitality, physically strong, healthy body, to feel the desire to live, getting pleasure out of life.

For most people, recovery techniques, based on the dietary supplement Coral Club, become a reliable assistant in preserving and restoring health and promote active longevity, allow great feel periods of cold-related epidemics. Supplements for athletes are a significant part of the training process, and are the best method to achieve good results with minimal loss of health. As a rule, civilized person uses food quite uncivilized. In addition, he regularly abused her. Healthy Living may not feel the same. In the continuation of life in people with food, water, the air gets a significant amount of hazardous substances. Moreover, many people pollute the body alcohol and tobacco. The situation also is complicated by a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, nervous disorders.

However, even living in technogenic society people may well look to be healthy and vigorous. To achieve this requires allowing the body to get rid of the toxins contained in it - will help tailor cleansing the body. When the body is contaminated with slag and toxins poisoning the mind, then performance rights of course be reduced. 'Nezashlakovanny' people to treat every case easily, effortlessly. While a person "intoxicated" with a small energy potential, we must spend much more time and effort to the same job. Proper cleansing of the body will increase human efficiency, comes a sense of lightness in the body. People feel much better, they feel a rejuvenated, they begin to feel more deeply and understand their new ideas at the expense of their work and life. Following the purification (cleansing), all kinds of problems are solved free performance grows by several times, the activity of people is increasing. Biologically active supplements our Club can form in people steady habit - a habit to stay healthy!