Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selecting a Nurse

What mistakes were made by young mothers in selecting nurse the baby? Moms in general are afraid of nannies! Firstly, because I do not know where to find good nannies, and secondly because that the nurse the child could cause harm. All this is really so if you're looking for a nanny in the newspapers and online ads. Now, the work of a nanny is a very popular thing, because According to the townsfolk - 'there is nothing easier. " Each of the potential 'nanny from newspapers' argument is this -' I also have their children, and that's with your cope! " Typical faulty psychology. You can not assume their children's experiences for a babysitter for hire.

Work nanny in someone else's family is a big responsibility. Of course, at first glance, the work of nurse elementary and does not require additional skills, but it is not. If their children do not always have enough time and effort, the work of nurse recruitment suggests that the nurse all the time, energy and strength will be given to the child. In addition, the nurse should have a pedagogical education, extensive experience nanny with children and know methods of early development. Indeed, often the family takes a nanny not to feed the baby she wordlessly and walked with him. Important, very important child development, knowledge of the world.

Through the development of fine motor skills, such as the child begins to faster and more clearly pronounce the sounds and talk. But you know what is needed for the technique of Peterson? Hardly 'the nurse from the newspaper' can know all these nuances. Besides, if you suddenly lost the nurse one day, taking your coat, you will again be without nannies and without a coat. And will again give notice in a newspaper and everything will happen again. Do you do not love your child? Agency Nurse Fairy, for example, specializes in recruiting domestic staff since 2003. For its clients the agency picks up the nurses only with higher education, but with experience and only with good references from previous families. You can choose a nanny from a few strictly selected according to your needs nannies during interviews at the agency office. There is no need to invite all nurses to his home to explore the child. Collect yourself first on your mind. And if you have chosen, the agency gives you the test days. You can try to choose a nanny at home. Do not forget the test covered. Also, the agency nurses there warranty for free replacement. What does this mean? If your nanny is going to suddenly leave you for some unfortunate circumstances, it must notify you in 2 weeks of his resignation. It should be spelled out in labor agreement, which you, on the recommendation of the agency, concludes with his nanny. This is the time during which the agency nurses must make you a free replacement. Replacement is also the right choice, ie You will also come on interview and at the same time with you there will be invited to selected candidates for you. Of course, the service agency nurses are paid and the contract price is not very low. But the tradeoff for peace and for the confidence safety of the child. This was not worth saving.

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