Thursday, January 31, 2013

Social Relation

A time I listened that the only question that God goes making in them when to die is: who is you. E, we do not go deluding in them. Our social papers say in them of what we are in society, in a social relation. Leaving to exist this, you are naked and alone as she came to the world.

I believe with faith, naked and nor not entirely total alone. Our workmanships of architecture compose the landscape, each detail, curve, mountains and mounts are filled with much perseverance, idiosyncrasy and detail. The workmanship occupies all the form human being thus we do not know where it finishes the workmanship and where moment starts the person. I do not believe prescriptions to emagrecer, as I do not believe life models to be followed. You must find a place (a subjective, internal space) where you can diminish its anxiety, to take care of of its health (she makes walked, looks at for the sky, she observes the work of formiguinhas), to give space for its thoughts, good thoughts (you cultivate the cio it you are a saint remedy! The cio is creative, needs it to organize our internal life) finding this it goes to start if to feel happy with you and if to find beautiful again. It does not speak that it is with mourning of same you! You do not say this! You are losing the focus and if leaving to lead for the moment. You are not thus, you you are at a moment not very pleasant of its life. But you only can change the situation. You are much more that this, much more that the moment, you is pretty! E, does not forget to take the souvenir as weapon at these moments. The memory and basic part of our internal organization, we need remembering in them who we are for following in front, following our dreams and to find the wire of the hank again.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthful Feeling

The love is the real and extremely healthful feeling is nosentido psychic physicist and. The anger, the envy and the hatred are attitudes against osentimento of the love and they are not feelings in the true one felt of the word. If the human being wants to develop itself and to evolve in the thermal life and conscience of its problems and its solution, the love is only capable of tolerates conscience of the proper evil and of third, the love is also paradoxical, therefore oindivduo very affective admits that of the little love, and arrogantejulga the more full individual of affection. The love always leads for the progress, the evolution, aalegria thus providing a mental and organic health. Comumente, affective people are relaxed, however, those that reject affection are tense, rigid and resistant, to vezescausando the problems in the position, the musculatura etc. The love is innate in nossontimo, however it depends on our acceptance to disclose itself.

Currently, it is necessary trainings constant for umaatitude of internalization. The affective life constantly exists in ours ntimoe its rejection is source of great anguish and badly to be. Saint Augustin in them left a reflection: ' ' Quetm much love only obtains to recognize the proper miseries and the miseries dahumanidade, and alone the interiorizado man is a man bom.' ' How the love is part of our life and ours day-by-day! That always let us obtain loving in them and thus loving everything and all in ours entorno. It allows to be loved! It always loves! It loves very! Peace and love!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nietzsche Human

Nietzsche repudiates Christian the point of, in the third chapter of its workmanship analyzed here, to affirm that the Christian is the wrong type of man to be servant, arriving to call it ' ' unhealthy crossbow humana' '. Already for Saramago, the power of the Christianity reigns with so great force in the society occidental person who the people are dominated by he himself not following a Christian religion. Demystifying official history, in the Evangelho (), the author searchs to show to the human side of a considered man direct son of God and, therefore, also the holy ghost, raising the dispute of that does not have as to feel mazelas human beings being the holy ghost. Such attitude alone would be possible if Jesus came as a common human being, with all the yearnings and privations of a common man. In case that contrary, it he would not have as to know our human beings necessities. The suffering of Jesus if of exactly for this not being able to behave itself as a god. In this way, it makes look like to be a weak one its followers who, with its humilhante death, feel themselves in worse situation.

From there the necessity of santificar it by means of resurrection, which inexists in the Evangelho (). In the end of the book, Jesus simply dies. As if Saramago wanted of this form to hinder the sprouting it Christianity and of the so disastrous religion for the humanity. Chapter III Consideraes Final the fact to have existed at different times was not reason so that Nietzsche and Saramago thought the same different on subject. Both the authors hardly criticize the Christianity in its workmanships, being its similar opinions very. The interrogation to the past also is made by the two authors and, when making it, both have the concern in leaving the estereotipadas cercaduras of the Christianity, covering the way of the historical process.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Interpersonal Relationship

Currently had the great existing competitiveness between the companies, the great differential starts to be man, that is, the collaborator, who must be motivated, engaged and satisfied with the position that occupies. For that is necessary an environment that propitiates the satisfaction and the welfare of the same. The nursing professionals, as well as excessively of the area of the health constantly are displayed the generating situations of sufferings emotional when witnessing pain moments and death of the patients, for in such a way needs an effective work to improve the QVT, in view of that it stops taking care of of the health of other people is necessary before to take care of of its proper health. In the society where we live the people pass each time more time in organizacionais environments, and the professionals of the health, as of the nursing area, are inserted in environments of tension, which had the diverse factors, such as the work overload, the physical conditions of the institution and the wage inadequao. In such a way, its work can many times be generating of emotional sufferings, physical and psychological consumings, becoming the excellent subject to be searched for psychologists.

Some research carried through with professionals of the nursing area points different factors of insatisfao as the internal and external iniquidade as for the remuneration, the hours of working, the physical environment, the great productivity demanded without adequate physical resources, low the remuneration, the insufficient number of professionals, the work overload, among others (SAINTS and GUIRARDELLO, 2007, PIZZOLI, 2005, REZENDE and HISS, 2008, NEUMANN, 2007). Considering these aspects, this research was based on the theoretical model of Walton, having objectified to analyze the perception of the nurses, who act in a located hospital institution in the region of the Valley of the Itaja, on its QVT. In such a way, the perception of these professionals on the following aspects was investigated: work conditions; the remuneration system; the chances of personal and professional development; the chances of growth and security in the work; the level of satisfaction as for the Social integration/Interpersonal Relationship in the work environment; the fulfilment of the working laws for the institution; the balance between professional and personal life and the social relevance of the institution for the community.