Saturday, February 25, 2012

Israel Museum

Israel - a magical and extraordinary country in the Middle East. There is probably no more famous places on the planet. Every year here arrive on holiday and not just thousands and thousands of tourists and pilgrims who wish to improve their health. Holidays in Israel is great. Israel as if created exclusively for tourism and recreation.

The harmonious combination of modern cities with hundreds of comfortable hotels, a lot of different attractions really beautiful nature, as well as a lot of legends and beliefs, one way or another connected with Israel, making this holy land is really attractive to tourists. Israel as a diamond multifaceted, there is still no one such country, wherever so closely intertwined, and through one another across cultures and religions. After all, Israel is rightly called the Holy Land and Jerusalem - the holy city of three religions. Jerusalem - is legend, is living history, this spirit of antiquity and at the same time modern neighborhoods, where every street, every lane, especially in older parts of town, keeps thousands of years of history. Jerusalem is equally revered Jews, Christians and Muslims. To go on tour in Jerusalem - the dream and the sacred duty of many believers.

This city is actually a museum with hundreds of treasures and artifacts. Nevertheless, of course, you can find here a museum with a difference words. The most popular are probably the City of David Museum of the countries mentioned in the Bible. You can see the model of ancient Jerusalem at the Israel Museum.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pearl Necklace

Its strength is independent of any or no chance. At the celebration gather all the relatives. Laura Rogers is likely to increase your knowledge. You can share on that date, silver rings, which can be worn with gold wedding. Or a husband gives his wife a ring. Guests are presented with silver or silver items. Pearl wedding - celebrated thirty years after the wedding. The relationship between spouses is not dimmed, as well as natural pearls. The intervening years, as pearls are strung on the thread of time.

Pearl Necklace - a talisman and a symbol of fertility. Husband gives wife a thread with thirty-pearl on the number of years lived, precious as pearls. Give natural pearls pearl, do not faint from time to time, as well as relations between spouses. Linen (flax, Coral) wedding - celebrated thirty-five years of marriage. Draper tablecloth impersonating a peace, welfare and comfort of home.

Red coral - health and long life together. Spouses give red coral jewelry, linen tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads, towels, sheets and other articles of linen and flax. Wife as a wedding day gives her husband a shirt. Aluminum anniversary - celebrating his wife thirty-seven and a half years of marriage. Aluminum represents the lightness and strength of family ties. C Ruby wedding - congratulations to the fortieth anniversary of the marriage. Rubin - a symbol of love and fire. He keeps the happiness and love. Ruby color - the color of blood. Close relations between the spouses, "blood." Rubin - a stone of love and fire. It stores and happiness love.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tips Forehead

The outer side of the palm pat on the bottom of the chin, fast, energetic, but lightly. When applying any cosmetic brush your hands should be very relaxed, so at the moment of contact with soft skin you have created the impression of softness and nezhnosti.Massazhnye line through massage massaging face lines are called the direction at which the smallest extension of the skin during a massage. Direction massage lines need to know when the majority of treatments for the skin, held in the home. Massage lines are: on the chin - from the middle of the chin on the lower jaw towards the ear lobes, and on cheeks - from the corner of the mouth to the ear from the middle of the upper lip and side of the nose to the top of the ear, around the eyes - from the inner corner of eye on the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, and then (in the opposite direction) from the outer corner of the eye and lower eyelid to the inner corner, on the forehead - from the middle of the forehead to the temples, skin lines on the forehead correspond to the direction of hair growth on the eyebrows, the nose - the nose on the back of the nose to the tip, from the back of the nose down its side surfaces. At the end of the massage should be the tips of middle and index fingers of both hands make light pat on the forehead, around eyes, cheeks, gradually descending down to the chin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Thumb

It is very important to click directly on the bone protrusion. If the bone surface is wide, start to perform a circular motion in the middle of the bone, moving outward, grinding can be carried out by any finger. A similar procedure can be performed two or three times a day, but at the beginning of treatment appropriate to be limited to one procedure. Initially, apply a light tap. Perform circular motions for two minutes, making sure the sensations arising from the person you're doing massage. Healthy Living has much to offer in this field. If he asks to stop, just stop the action. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Healthy Living.

Point in the lower jaw below the ear lobe. Rub it for the temporary relief of toothache. Rub a point about the pain in the temporomandibular joint nizhnechelyustom. Ask the patient to repeatedly open and close your mouth, feel for the joint, it is located just anterior to the ear. Rub a point located on the forehead between the eyebrows and scalp over the frontal sinus pain and a simple stress-dependent headache.

Admission runs thumb or finger, depending on what you would prefer. And now a proven way to ease a headache, which specialists in therapeutic massage is used for many let.Ulozhite patient face down on the floor or bed and stand directly over his head. Place the fingertips at the base neck and wrists follow circular shaking hands dvizheniya.Medlenno move upward along the sides of the head, moving toward the crown. At the temples to be pressed very poorly. Reaching the top, the motion can be repeat. Experts say that this method helps get rid of severe throbbing headache in lba.Ladonyami grasp the front of the head, like a basketball ball, having closed ends of the thumb in border pokrova.Primenyaya hair strong (but not too strong), squeezing, stroking his forehead towards the sides. Try gently stretching the skin so that the patient's eyes closed. To stroke in one direction only. Upon reaching the border of hair on the sides of the forehead, the fingers return to their original position and repeat the movement two or three or more times.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spa Swimming

Winter swimming in the Spa - a unique delight, and there's nothing to do with winter bather (possibility of winter swimming is available from many manufacturers). Lack of accommodation Spa room - the fight against excessive moisture and narrow doorways, which limit your choice of model. You must also remember the additional burden on Interfloor overlap. Lack of accommodation Spa outside the home - a great responsibility when choosing insulation. After some manufacturers offer their models to accommodate the street without the possibility of his comfortable operation (only supported mode Frost).

Sometimes during the construction of swimming pool builders lay the hydro units in the structure of the basin, thereby combining not compatible things. The water temperature for comfortable swimming 22 26C, and a comfortable temperature for massage is 34 38C, ie, swimming swimming pool with hydro massage you get maximum enjoyment. 3. The shape and size of the bowl of mini-pool if you do not have tough restrictions on the form and dimensions, we recommend that you pay attention to the following aspects: - Spa is primarily intended for a good time, so you should be comfortable in it. Seats should be as ergonomic and body contours.

If you have a great growth stock - order deep Spa. It is very lose and whirlpool spa concrete place in swimming pools - for your comfort depends on the skills and attitudes of Darby and Spa in factory production form improved over the years. - The number of massage places do not always be dependent on the number of users.