Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Thumb

It is very important to click directly on the bone protrusion. If the bone surface is wide, start to perform a circular motion in the middle of the bone, moving outward, grinding can be carried out by any finger. A similar procedure can be performed two or three times a day, but at the beginning of treatment appropriate to be limited to one procedure. Initially, apply a light tap. Perform circular motions for two minutes, making sure the sensations arising from the person you're doing massage. Healthy Living has much to offer in this field. If he asks to stop, just stop the action. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Healthy Living.

Point in the lower jaw below the ear lobe. Rub it for the temporary relief of toothache. Rub a point about the pain in the temporomandibular joint nizhnechelyustom. Ask the patient to repeatedly open and close your mouth, feel for the joint, it is located just anterior to the ear. Rub a point located on the forehead between the eyebrows and scalp over the frontal sinus pain and a simple stress-dependent headache.

Admission runs thumb or finger, depending on what you would prefer. And now a proven way to ease a headache, which specialists in therapeutic massage is used for many let.Ulozhite patient face down on the floor or bed and stand directly over his head. Place the fingertips at the base neck and wrists follow circular shaking hands dvizheniya.Medlenno move upward along the sides of the head, moving toward the crown. At the temples to be pressed very poorly. Reaching the top, the motion can be repeat. Experts say that this method helps get rid of severe throbbing headache in lba.Ladonyami grasp the front of the head, like a basketball ball, having closed ends of the thumb in border pokrova.Primenyaya hair strong (but not too strong), squeezing, stroking his forehead towards the sides. Try gently stretching the skin so that the patient's eyes closed. To stroke in one direction only. Upon reaching the border of hair on the sides of the forehead, the fingers return to their original position and repeat the movement two or three or more times.

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