Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How To Stay Positive Face Of Adversity

Everyone goes through difficult times, that we can not avoid, but we must keep on hand mental tools that allow us to get through those times in the best way possible, because 'otherwise we could end up falling into despair and, in cases ends, our despair might lead to fatal consequences. Just as one needs certain tools to fix a machine breaks down, we also need certain tools to a mismosa componernos us. Then share with you some basic tools so that we can learn to stay positive even in times of adversity. Try to internalize the best way possible, then you will see that it was worth a little effort. (Similarly see: Dr. Gerard Addonizio). Staying positive is truly an art that we must learn to manage. You might at first be somewhat complicated, but with a little discipline, practice and perseverance, we will be really optimistic person and, Thus, we are able to stay positive even in the toughest times of adversity. Who has not passed him that suddenly seems to have been a strange conspiracy so that everything goes wrong? Losing a job, ensuing economic problems, suffer a breakup, betrayal from someone we appreciated very much, we become ill or suffer the irreparable loss of a loved one. We are not free to come after us this kind of things are part of life and at some point, sooner or later we will play live them, but we can not defeat us, as our mission in life is be happy and, of course, we may face a bajonesa at certain times, but we must always stand up and look ahead.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I would call this process an imaginary love. What is an imaginary love? This is in fact, dependent on a certain way crafted by another person who is always a greater or lesser extent, different from the person real. In psychoanalysis, this image is called "adult." So, the adults of another person, the object of my "love" (from now on I'm taking the word love in quotes), created by me for my own enjoyment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr Michael Brown. Imago is identical to my liking, but do not wish my loving partner. Imago serves solely my selfish needs, even if I have pain ... Let not fool you. In all the conscious psychological suffering is the secret, unconscious and distorted pleasure. I showed my partner loving the requirement in accordance with its pleasure, its adults ...

At this point we are in the circles of torment: hell is coming. We demand, but do not get the desired response. We want, but do not want us. We have become closer, but we repel. We love it but hate us. There is only one way to break these circles of hell - abandon their illusions, their unrealistic ideas about the other. True, it is fraught with the loss of "love", but perhaps this "Love" is loose ... On the other side of reality itself Finding another person - a daunting task so difficult that the advice of Socrates: "Know thyself" would be worth adding - "Know the other." People suffer from their invented representations of themselves, other people and about relationships between people.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Harmful Feelings

In the long run, denying these feelings only causes more pain and in fact prolongs the pain. Express your feelings constructively. No matter how badly they were treated or how angry you are, it is never acceptable to harm anyone else. You may have to find a neutral third party to speak until you feel calmer toward the person who hurt you. ter. Depending on the situation, the person who hurt you may still be a danger to you, physically or emotionally. It is important to protect yourself from being damaged again.

At some point you will be adversely affected by clinging to feelings of anger and pain. These feelings can occupy space in your psyche and intrude on your sense of well being. You can become physically sick. This is when you are ready to make the decision to stop suffering. Be willing to see the situation from the other person's point of view. This will help you develop compassion, which will eventually replace the feelings of anger.

A useful technique is to write a letter to himself as if the other person. Use your words explain the hurtful things that were done to you. This will take you out of the victim role and helps to restore your power. It is not necessary to know why the harmful behavior happened. Even if you do not know the reason, probably will not feel better. It is likely that the person who harmed you are not sure why they did it well.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The tarot of love helps prevent greater evils One of the aspects of life that we tend to feel more insecure, but at the same time shakes particular the existence of individuals, is love. If there is one area where we would be safe, and never make mistakes to avoid suffering is the heart. For that, we now have a powerful new weapon: the love of the Tarot tarot Amigo. Through the mysteries of the tarot of love we know how to present the picture. The tracks that can provide us with the tarot of love are many. There are basically positive in this arcane type of consultation, while others are uncertain and others are decidedly negative.

The best secret you can get revealed in a tarot consultation of love is The Lovers. Without a doubt, is a great omen that everything will be so favorable. It is a mystery that speaks of two parts that complement each other perfectly, they are two halves that are in life, to create something greater than the sum of the parts. Dr. Kevin Cahill does not necessarily agree. The Empress is another archetypal tarot also love good carrier news. In the tarot of love, the Empress spoke of marriage and fertility, she's a sweet, polite and smart, he will bless the home with many blessings. In the tarot of love, the world speaks of guaranteed success. Everything will turn out as expected, although in this case it is a union of less spiritual nature lovers. You may want to mean the union of the couple has a material basis, rather than treated in soul mates.

Talk about harmony within marriage, and material success that will come from that union. Others revealed secrets that can go in the tarot of love can be "neutral" in their bias, they could not be extracted from a reading of some kind of definition in the short term. Remember that nothing is written in stone, and the tarot of love how we anticipate will be the conditions under which we must face, not what we do. The final decision lies solely and exclusively in our hands. For example, Justice is one of those mysteries that is silent on the future a decisive, and it does not in the rolls of the tarot of love. Simply tells us that we get what we really deserve, with all that this statement implies. Jesus Martinez

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Female Alcoholism

One can be much more critical of female alcoholism than the male, because of this as the woman herself and her environment (family, friends) tend to hide for a long time the truth and do not seek professional help. Finally, cause of female alcoholism is often a lonely (unsettled personal life, divorce, lack of normal relations with older children), so the woman is often simply no one to help. External signs female alcoholism woman, who suffers from alcoholism, may long to hide their addiction. But with time to do this it becomes more difficult: the outward signs of alcoholism are becoming more pronounced. Drink woman looks older than his years of age she adds swelling of the face and bags under the eyes. Her voice becomes more coarse, sharp.

Appears external raunch. Gradually appear and the characteristic changes in alcoholic personality: a woman suffering from alcoholism, it is false insincere, selfish, rude, irritable and aggressive. She begins to neglect family responsibilities, it becomes promiscuity. If woman feels guilty for drunkenness, on the contrary, it is emphasized caring for loved ones, too fussy. Alcoholics woman constantly thinks about alcohol and skillfully finds artificial excuses that lekogo agrees to low-quality cheap alcohol.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Qiu Xiaolong

Qiu Xiaolong, a professor of Chinese literature at the University of Washington, was born in Shanghai in 1953 and suffered in flesh the repression of the Cultural Revolution, a euphemism used by the Chinese communist regime to hide one of the great genocides of the twentieth century. The appearance of the body of a young woman floating in a canal on the outskirts of Shanghai, is the trigger for an interesting story, thriller-like, so unbeatable reveals the actual situation of the citizens of communist China, brought up to discovered after the economic liberalization led by Deng Xiaoping. The slum of a room as something normal, the negligence in maintaining the Chinese cultural activities, intellectual, poorly paid and poorly viewed by the state network, the alleged selfless of workers belonging to the Communist Party, the people retained as confidants the policiaa With great power of description, Xiaolong tells the story through well-defined characters, strong profile. Characters who are either prisoners of circumstances set out by the author and therefore easily understood by the reader. In short, the hypocrisy of political ideology in contrast to the honest integrity of those who want to follow the ideological creed assimilated from childhood, mixed all with the arrival of a new generation, well prepared, that violates the rules prevailing for decades and stands the edge of legality. Political overtones aside, the author guides us through the city, knowing firsthand how to enjoy life to its people, walking through the streets and eating real Chinese cuisine. I have pleasant memories of reading this novel.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Health Professor Viktor Zvyagin

Already been nearly six years since September 10, 2002 in the presence of leadership Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia and the medical examiner of bumhana - the burial place of llamas in the area Huhe-Zurhen got the body of the former head Buddhists in Russia (Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia) Hambo Lama Itigelova officially died in 1927. Lama was not lying like a mummy, but sitting in a cedar box in the lotus position. We were all Itigelova signs of a living body. "Spectral analysis taken from the body of the samples showed that organic skin, hair and nails of the "dead" man is no different from the organic life. His joints bend easily, soft tissues are pressed like a living person, and after opening the box, in which 75 years rested Lama has come out sweet, "- said the doctor of historical sciences, professor Galina RSUH Ershov.

Later surveyed the tissue samples, "the incorruptible body" of the nuclear resonance method, but so far scientists are unanimous in only one: the phenomenon Itigelova a sensation not only in the history of Buddhism, but also humanity in general. Head of the Department of identification center forensics Russian Ministry of Health Professor Viktor Zvyagin, said: "Studies have shown that the body of Hambo Lama meets the human body, who died 12 hours ago", at the same time, when one of the scientists touched him, it clearly felt the hot hand. Died Itigelov unusual. Once in 1917 he resigned as head of Russia's Buddhists, he spent ten years perfecting his spirit. And June 15, 1927 gathered his disciples and sat in the lotus position and asked to read a Buddhist prayer "Good wishes to the outgoing," which usually addressed to the deceased. Confused students could not decide on this prayer with a live teacher, then started her own Itigelov. The monks were forced to pick up a prayer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Somehow, talking about traffic rules, accidents. People often forget that pedestrians such as road users. And I have my rights and responsibilities. I would like to talk about the challenges facing themselves pedestrians. If there is no traffic on the road often, drivers of cars trying to pass as quickly as possible pedestrian crossing, in order to avoid wasting time, missing people. And pedestrians, particularly elderly people and parents with children long standing, waiting for a decent driver, who will miss them. And it seems like the penalties have increased and drivers themselves must pass, but no, afraid not to have time just to - it is not clear. Haste the main enemy on the road.

According to ... paragraph 14.1. SDA: The driver of the vehicle shall give way to pedestrians crossing the roadway, according to an unregulated pedestrian crossing. According to the statistics for the three months of drivers of vehicles not give priority to pedestrians in the area - 10 644, this is a huge figure, but how many of these cases have claimed lives and caused damage to human health? Even at the traffic lights, passing cars, despite not a red light, not to people who began to cross the road. The main thing that? For them at that moment, seeing a yellow light, apparently, the opposite reaction - to rush, to have time to drive, they feel the time is short, well, life is now extremely low valued. But that talk about car drivers, pedestrians themselves if maliciously violate the rules? Every day, we see people moving in the wrong way for this place.

The Beauty

Can be carried out after throwing a mandatory evening bath before sleep, and you can share them on time. Herbalife has many thoughts on the issue. First, in a basin of cold water or directly under the faucet for a few seconds lowered legs baby. Then, confident movement, a wide stream poured down the whole body of the bucket, trying to maximum body surface area in a short time try to contact with water. Traditionally accompanied by drenching the cry "To your health!". After - the baby wrapped in a diaper and put to the breast.

Normal reaction - anciently known for its healing and tonic properties. As the heat is used bath, sauna, hot water, as cold - the ice-hole swimming pool, cold water. One of the earliest methods of contrast Tempering is a "cold spot". Child is bathed in a bath of warm water from the tap and let the general stream of cold water. Bring the kid to the point of mixing cold and warm water, hold on "cold spot" is left out there for a few seconds, returned to the warm water. Older children will approach this game: while bathing in a bath with your child put a bowl or bucket with cold water. While playing, he will certainly dabble in the pelvis. The beauty of this procedure, the cold is that it is not imposed from the outside, it's just a game and causes only positive emotions.

A baby gets used to the cold water so that one day will want to pour cold water on this myself, and this is his only cheer, but not scared. Two basin - with hot and cold water - another interesting game. If they are put into the bath, you can cross from one to another, as if walking through puddles. A benefit of this contrasting foot with the child in a cool pool. Regular (1 per week) visit to Bath with small children is very beneficial effect: the child improves sleep, a common condition, it is better to tolerate temperature fluctuations. Good help heat when starting a cold or flu. After the pool with a sauna and a well-baby normally sleeps for a long time. We wish you and your baby's health and love!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Different Classification

Holidays - these are wonderful days in which, according to some traditions, such as national or religious, decided to spend time fun by having a party with feasting, ceremonies. One word - highlight the day in a series of routine, any action that contribute to idle pastime, recreation, or saluting accolades and increased attention to an event. Holiday calendar may include the itself as a weekend holiday match if the order of the day off in a month, which is scheduled for a holiday (usually a professional holidays) and working days, if the holiday corresponds to a specific date. Also in the holiday calendar includes religious holidays, international holidays, professional holidays, public holidays official, unofficial holidays and personal holidays, only on individual, his family, or a certain circle of people, friends and acquaintances. By the same author: Healthy Living. The largest number of holiday falls on international holidays, and not very popular, each, in different countries have different priority and prominence, respectively. In our country, the most famous and strictly celebrate International festivals are: International Women's Day (8 March), International Children's Day (June 1), Teacher's Day (5 October). In recent years, Russia has started to mark World Health Day (April 7), the International Day for the rights of disabled persons (May 5), the International Day of Older Persons (October 1) and many others. Second in number, have We are professional holidays, some of which are widely known and celebrated everywhere, such as the aforementioned Teachers' Day, the day of Astronautics (April 12), the day Radio (May 7), the day the police (November 10).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Major exploration and hydrogeological work has been done on the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the period 1949-1959 period. The works were authorized by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and received solid financial support. General technical design of works taken up with the participation of the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Geology and the Ministry of Health. The scale of a decade of research provides some insight into the amount of drilling operations. In 1949-55 years only in Kislovodsk was drilled 65 wells with depths ranging from 50 to 600 meters. Total footage amounted to 15,000 linear feet. In and around Essentuki drilled 21 deep wells, one of them to a depth of 1,000 meters.

Results a decade of work to be quite justified. Gave a clear picture about the hydrogeology of the area revealed the relationship between different fields, will predict the size of the shared resources of medical treatment. Have been solved and many theoretical issues related to the formation of water. No less important were the practical results. Greatly expanded boundaries of Kislovodsk deposits, increased total production rate of mineral water sources up to 1500 m3 per day. Exploration in the area of the village opened Novoblagodarnogo abundant carbonate horizon salt-alkaline waters like Essentuki number 17 and 4.

This solved the prospect of further development of this resort. As a result of work by 1959 Pyatigorsk received valuable new mineral water, including hot-water carbonate besserovodorodnuyu (hot seltzer), saline-alkaline type Essentuki and others. These findings have allowed to develop drinking water treatment and mineral waters to expand the resort's profile.