Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Different Classification

Holidays - these are wonderful days in which, according to some traditions, such as national or religious, decided to spend time fun by having a party with feasting, ceremonies. One word - highlight the day in a series of routine, any action that contribute to idle pastime, recreation, or saluting accolades and increased attention to an event. Holiday calendar may include the itself as a weekend holiday match if the order of the day off in a month, which is scheduled for a holiday (usually a professional holidays) and working days, if the holiday corresponds to a specific date. Also in the holiday calendar includes religious holidays, international holidays, professional holidays, public holidays official, unofficial holidays and personal holidays, only on individual, his family, or a certain circle of people, friends and acquaintances. By the same author: Healthy Living. The largest number of holiday falls on international holidays, and not very popular, each, in different countries have different priority and prominence, respectively. In our country, the most famous and strictly celebrate International festivals are: International Women's Day (8 March), International Children's Day (June 1), Teacher's Day (5 October). In recent years, Russia has started to mark World Health Day (April 7), the International Day for the rights of disabled persons (May 5), the International Day of Older Persons (October 1) and many others. Second in number, have We are professional holidays, some of which are widely known and celebrated everywhere, such as the aforementioned Teachers' Day, the day of Astronautics (April 12), the day Radio (May 7), the day the police (November 10).

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