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It is not necessary to succeed as a football coach having previously been a prominent player or just fan and fortunately we have many examples of how coaches who failed to class youth players in his time, are now present technical quoted in the first division Spanish league and even in other countries. But what if it's important, I would say essential, is that to be a coach you have to be before the athlete in every sense of the word and when I refer to an athlete, I'm not talking in the professional field, it being a fan normal, who likes sports, play some exercise and ultimately be a person who is kept minimal in form and in a state of healthy living. This article is especially meant for young coaches, technicians beginners who are starting their football activities on the bench of any team-based categories and they want to remind everyone how important it is a to dar ejemploa players, children and adolescents who often seek his coach a mirror to look in particular on specific issues both personal and sporting attitudes and habits to follow. If a coach is young, it is logical that their physical appearance and his form are correct in relation to their age, unless the person concerned has various kinds of constraints that limit their ability to move, illness, injury or Another problem that prevents him from practicing activities such as sports or any type of exercise, that does not mean that this will completely disable to act as trainers or coaches in different sports.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Relieve Back Pain Without Surgery Mecca

What is Chiropractic and how it can help? Chiropractic is a natural medical system that is based on achieving the proper functioning of the nervous system. Its aim is to treat the structure of the spine and from there to preserve and enhance the body. Therefore, it is not necessary the use of medications, drugs or surgery, chiropractic adjustments alone. His nervous system is contained and protected in your spine and if there is a loss of alignment of a vertebra, can irritate or impair the function of nerves and interrupt the transmission of nerve impulses that control the body. Hence the direct relationship between the nervous system, spine and health. Removing spinal deviations, interference, chiropractic allows your body to mend and heal naturally and get back to normal health.

How can the deterioration of her spine affect your health? The nervous system is protected by the vertebrae of the spine and controls 100% of functions of your body. Hence, deviations or mechanical failure of the column could be the cause of some of the problems facing frequently. How do you know if your case can be resolved by chiropractic? Before you decide to follow such therapy, the chiropractor will make a full assessment can determine with certainty whether or not their condition can be corrected by this service. A chiropractic evaluation consists among other parties to: * Check with chiropractic approach * Consideration of position. * Orthopedic and Neurological Evaluation. * Vertebral motion tests. * X-rays of the spine.

How does the chiropractor corrects the problems of the spine? The chiropractic spinal adjustment used to correct the problems identified during the evaluation. This method involves the application of carefully directed forces on the vertebrae which are aimed at restoring mechanical and neurological integrity of the patient's spine. This Thus it is possible to correct the cause of your problem. Is it painful chiropractic adjustment? The adjustment when it is produced by the expert hands of a chiropractor should not be a painful process. Most patients feel less stress after an adjustment. How long does it correct the problem through chiropractic care? The time can make the correction of problems related to the spine depends on the condition that afflicts, age, type of work, lifestyle and physical condition. After consultation, the chiropractor can tell you in relation to the estimated time of full correction. How expensive can be the visit to the chiropractor? The cost depends on how much time is needed to correct the problem. The earlier you can detect the problem the chiropractor will take less time correcting and therefore be more economical treatment. Should keep in mind is that today many health plans cover directly or reimburse for chiropractic services. What solves problems this treatment? The cause of many problems can be corrected through chiropractic care, such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle spasms, back pain, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatic nerve problems, among others. Is it effective is chiropractic care? Studies show that 80% of patients receiving treatment and follow recommendations obtained the expected results. For more information, please contact Dr. Jose Guevara by or to contact you by phone, call (786) 385-1176

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eugenio Wolyniec PsicoAyuda Jalil Coordinator

Also, make a compliment to your partner by the ways in which he or she supports you and provides for the relationship. It's easy to stay so focused on what is wrong with the relationship that we miss what is really working well. 4. Forgive and accept forgiveness if your partner genuinely tries to apologize, do not turn back. Sometimes it is unavoidable conflicts and injuries arise.

When we try to repair these injuries and are rejected repeatedly, the relationship with impact. You might need time to heal from any resentment, bitterness, or disappointment, but not close the door completely, your attempts to improve things. Look within themselves and work together to heal all those wounds. 5. Nurture your friendship ySabes what your spouse likes and dislikes? yConoces what their dreams, concerns, fears and dreams? ySabes what your partner did yesterday? yConoces what types of pressures facing at work? The foundation of a healthy marriage is a strong friendship. If a marriage is not built on a strong friendship with the passage of time may be difficult to stay connected. Take some time, daily, to trust one another. During this time, make it a priority to listen and learn about the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of your partner.

6. Calm calms strong emotions. When the conflict worsens, the couple may be "flooded" by strong emotions, leading to distress physics, using a tactic of isolating whether and to be defensive. Try deep breathing or take a time-out. Most people need at least 20 minutes to actually calm our bodies. Make a habit of taking time and return to the problems, they may actually be willing to listen to what the other person tries to say without being overwhelmed. 7. Lets be influenced in general, men are less likely to seek a point of agreement with their wives. If the man is unwilling to share power with his spouse, a large percentage of that conviviality is destroyed. Remember that having a good marriage involves give and take. You and your partner are on the same computer and you need to work together for the good of your relationship. 8. Keep your balances balanced, ensuring that there are at least five positive interactions for every negative. 5-1 The proportion of positive and negative interactions is linked to the stability of a marriage, regardless of which is the typical style of conflict resolution. If there is too much negativity, the relationship suffers. 9. Learn how to leave things out Even if your spouse is able to do things that drive you crazy, remember that you can stand it. Not worth fighting for every little thing. Solve problems that are viable and leave the other side. You must learn to decide if it's worth hitting this or that. 10. Work on yourself A relationship is like a dance. They move in unison to create something that is truly unique. yQue type of partner are you? yTrabajas with your partner or strips usually in another direction? ySientes the presence of his fingers? YLE look in the eye or you focus only on your next steps? Remember that you control 50% of what happens in your marriage. Do your part and be sure to be a good partner. Eugenio Wolyniec PsicoAyuda Jalil Coordinator.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anti-Wrinkle Tips

Experts say that when it comes to getting wrinkles, 10% is genetics - but the other 90% is environment and lifestyle. This is great news! Why? Because it means you have greater control over your skin and how badly - and quickly - the wrinkles. In fact, you can start today to make changes in lifestyle that literally save your skin and prevent wrinkles, whenever possible. In particular, lifestyle tips are proven to protect and nourish your skin: 1. Protect your skin from the sun - no doubt the sun is the worst enemy of your skin.

The sun's ultraviolet radiation causes the collagen and elastin in the skin is broken, leading to premature wrinkles. One of the changes in lifestyle best you can do is use a good sunscreen every day. 2. No smoking - harmful toxins in cigarette smoke do all sorts of bad things to your skin, especially facial skin. Not only break down collagen and elastin, as sunlight does, but also destroys the skin from inside. Avoid breathing toxins all day and expect your skin healthy. If you smoke, do you have to do to quit smoking.

If you do not smoke, do not even think about starting! 3. Do not drink - Alcohol is not good for the skin. One or two drinks once in a while, probably will not hurt. But if you're drinking every day, your skin will definitely not be as healthy as could be. Besides containing toxins, alcohol also dehydrates the body, which is never good for the skin. Old drinkers almost always have more wrinkles and "ugly" spots of the skin with more than nondrinkers. 4. Get enough sleep - When you do not get enough sleep, for one night, looking and feeling horrible. But when you are chronically sleep-deprived skin, literally, you can start sharing. Why? Because we are enabling it to be repaired. Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and your body repairs its organs, while his dream. Try going to bed early and at the same time every night. Also, you can try the natural supplement of melatonin. Recent research shows that only needs about 0.3 mg to sleep and wake up without feeling dizzy, and much less than the 1-3 milligrams contained in most supplements of melatonin. 5. Low stress - Doctors have long known that stress has many negative effects on the body. Chronically high levels of stress hurt the skin, no doubt. First, if you're always stressed, you're probably not getting enough sleep quality (see above). Second, stress hormones that are produced in a state of high tension are very harmful to the skin. Third, when stressed, the skin receives less blood flow because your body directs more blood to your internal organs in an effort to prepare for "fight or flight" - the tension there are reasons in the first place. 6. Eat antioxidants - Antioxidants increase the capacity of body to fight free radicals and protect skin from damage. Many of the new anti-wrinkle skin creams contain ingredients tons of antioxidants. Colorful fruits and vegetables are some of the best sources of antioxidants. But one must also consider supplementing with more vitamin C and vitamin E. Also, some people have made great "healthy skin" results with the new OPC dietary supplements. Janie Roberts is a writer for the Anti-Wrinkle Guide. You can learn more about the fight against wrinkles effectively by visiting:

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Home Improvement

By: Joel Gonzalez Visit my blog == This issue, although at first glance does not seem directly related to the field of health, has much to do, because when you are caring for the environment improves the quality of air we breathe and therefore receive benefits on our health. Recycling has been a major issue in recent years, we must all do our part to help the environment by recycling and to help reduce waste sites, we can also help others by recycling many of the items in our homes not only rubbish but all sorts of items, and once you have mastered the subject of recycling, you will realize that it is an effective and above all easy to contribute our grain of sand in the care of the environment. 1. Learn more about what can be recycled. Many people only think of things like cans and bottles when it comes to recycling, but in reality they can recycle almost anything including textiles, rubber, contraction materials, cardboard and much more. Add to your well-rounded understanding with Dr. Gerard Addonizio and this leaders thoughts. Before you throw something away think if you can recycle it in some way. 2. Familiarize yourself with the recycling bins in your area.

There are several recycling bins can fit what you want to recycle, for example in the United States government promised to increase the number of recycling bins in public areas, which I think is a successful move and will benefit many people, and of course, many countries not yet have the culture of recycling should start doing it, but most of the countries, we ourselves for our own good and that of our families. 3. Be sure to use adequate storage for different things. Having public containers for recycling is a good thing to use as influence others to do likewise. However, be sure to use the appropriate deposits, not only all the material deposited in one, and that must be separated depending on the material being recycled. 4. Save fuel and reduce emissions. Whenever possible, you need to drive your car to carry your stuff to the recycling containers, try to take when doing some other task, it will not release as many emissions into the environment and also saves fuel, better yet, if the area where containers are near your home take a walk and take them yourself, already know the benefits of walking if a little old-overweight. To suggest a health or beauty item which are interested or wish to receive my posts in your email write to me: we grow in health. Have a great week.