Friday, October 31, 2014

Airborne Organization

Gratanuvols of the Montseny is an organization without spirit of profit dedicated to the adventure sports, reunites seventy partners distributed in all the specialties of sports related to the nature: mountain hiking, scaling, ski, bicycle, wing delta, etc was founded on 1984 although it was not consolidated like organization until 1986, being constituted like club of Free flight with Wing Delta, with soothes located in Arbucis (Montseny/Catalnia/Spain). Jaume Tarrs Busquets is the president of the organization. At the moment pre- jubiliado and Judge of Peace of this population of the Forest, an expert in flight with ultralight, and many hours to its backs in practically all the modalides. The first slight flight in reali in 1987.Gratanuvols of the Montseny celebrated the past year the 25 anniversary. Mountain climbing. Aneto,1972 and 1997 - Agudes 1978 - Dme of neige 1981 and 2000 - Groslokket, Pelmo, Sweep dels Ecrins in 1981.

PERU: Chopicalqui, Huascarn and Chopi. The Alps 1983, Grands Montets, Aigallut 1986, Besiberris, Salenques 1996, Montblanc 1999 and 2004, Beaver and Iscam in the 2000, Besiberris, Gr de Fajol, Kilimanjaro 2003, Tips of Europe 2004, Aconcagua 2005, Maladetta and Circ de Gabarnie 2007. Btt. Crossing of the Pyrenean one in 1996, Arbucies to Montserrat 2005, Iceland. Scaling. Pedraforca via Hmedes, Montserrat 1996, S. Miguel de Cladells 2004, 2005 Hidrophobia, Bowl of lome Osell-Las Acute. SUD AFRICA: Airborne magnetic detection Dog. 2006 GREECE AND SARDINIA: Calimos, Riglos Nort Dleiger Esk of Aneto mountain, Coll of Coseas 1984, Crossing Gerb (incomplete) 1985, Dorri Comma, Tur Grs 1988, Turo de Lome 1995 and 2007, Aneto 1996 and 1997, Montseny. Flights 1982 San Mart de Llmena 1986 and 1987 Montseny Barbarian Sta 1987 to 1er flight of Hang-glider in the Montseny and to 1er flight in ultralight.

Garcinia Cambogia

There is a great variety of natural products that have been and are used from always improving diverse aesthetic conditions and that, combined with other programs, has demonstrated that they favor and they complement the treatments to fight the cellulitis, the vrices, the inflammation and the overweight. Thanks to its condition of natural and to its effects antioxidants and desintoxicantes, they are highly accessible, beneficial for the health, and help to feel and to see themselves well. Plants to thin, to improve the sanguineous circulation, to eliminate cellulitis and to deflate. * Artichoke: It has a beneficial purifying action. One is made up of cinarina, that is a stimulant of the biliary secretion and is beneficial in cases of constipation. Highly it is recommended in greasy, sluggish livers, jaundice and bad digestion of fats.

*Ginkgo She-wolf: It owns flavonoides, they are effective in neutralizing radical free and increase the circulation sanguineous. Aid to transport blood and oxygen to the brain, expands the blood vessels, makes the arterial walls more elastic and fights the creeps in the legs. * Alfalfa: It improves the intestinal transit, it owns mineral salts, especially calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and great amount of amino acids, betacaroteno and vitamins C, D, and K. * Pineapple (pineapple): It owns bromelana that facilitates the macroprotein elimination. It is indicated to eliminate the associated weight the retention of liquids. It favors the elimination of the fat deposits. * Camilina: It facilitates the elimination of liquids of the organism and limits the fat absorption and sugars. * Citrus aurantium (bitter orange): It increases the cost of calories that our organism consumes daily, improving the results of the hypocaloric diets. * Garcinia Cambogia: It is recommended for the maintenance of the weight. She is inhibiting of the lipognesis, its main component the hidroxictrico acid inhibits an enzyme in charge to transform the excess of glucose into fats and cholesterol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Colors Favorites

According to the annual report of preference of Color on cars developed by DuPont in different countries, this year the most popular in Mexico colors were white and black, both with 20 percent of preference among consumers, followed by the silver (17 per cent), gray (13 per cent), blue (12 per cent), red (11 percent), yellow/gold (3 per cent)Green (2 per cent) and cafe-beige (1 percent). According to the document prepared by Dupont company world leader in the supply of paintings to the industry of automobile-automobile in the world color preferences tend to be homologated increasingly, despite the fact that there are still subtle differences in some countries. For other opinions and approaches, find out what singer has to say.

United States in this regard, Nancy Lockhart, designer of DuPont Color for North America, said that you although neutral colors as the silver and gray have a high volume of participation in almost all countries, these show a downward trend: in the future will need to revitalize them, adding them some effects of pigmentation allowing to restore his popularity. India Meanwhile Karen Surcina, DuPont Color marketing general manager, said that even though gray with white and black are still the most popular in the world colors, consumers seek to add some effects of pigmentation that work as differentiators: these effects provide one greater degree of customization and add a feeling of luxury and elegance requested by traditional consumers who seek some kind of differentiators within the range of classic colors. The China report annual DuPont points out that globally, as the blue and red colors are becoming popular. BEATRICE Heisman, Director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of the book the Color: messages and meanings (Color: Messages and Meanings) said that blue is being played at the same time as a new green, since worldwide is associated with the environment..

Yoga And The Body

Yoga maintains and teaches the primary needs everyday good health. This should be achieved through physical education, which in turn develops the moral, mental discipline and mental stability. Asanas help to reach this goal. It begins with training postures and rhythmic breathing, which is the preventive measures on its own, and at the same time - a means of self-healing from physical ailments or the cleaning process of the nervous system. There are numerous types of asanas or postures, which can be grouped into meditation group. Yoga and Disease. Yoga has tremendous potential to rejuvenate the body and restore a healthy body through the practice.

Scientific research has proved that yoga is useful in many diseases, such as, hypertension, insomnia, giperkislotnosti, diabetes, asthma, etc. Yoga is also extremely effective for the development of flexibility, as it acts on different compounds of the body (the tendon in the first place) including those compounds which can not be seen even through the X-ray. Yoga increases the lubrication of the muscles and tendons. There are various yoga asanas for various systems in the human body as well as to treat diseases. Although modern concepts of human anatomy differ from the views of yoga, but the effect of Yoga therapy in its various systems is undeniable. Beneficial effects of Yoga. Yoga - perhaps the only form of activity which massages all internal organs of the body to the fullest.

Yoga acts healthy, gentle way to different parts of the body. This stimulation and massage of organs, in turn, benefit the body, not allowing the disease. Yoga ensures the optimum blood flow to various parts of the body, gently stretch the muscles and joint, as well as various massages the internal organs. Regular practice of yoga is mental clarity and peace of mind, body awareness, and reduces chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, improves nerve centers and enhance concentration. Yoga strives to increase consciousness and the physical and psychological level. Knowledge, achieved through yoga - not just knowledge of the practical kind relating to the material world, but the spiritual type, help to better understand what is happening in the world and nature. Yoga - a complete system that includes methods for body, mind and spirit, for ethics, meditation and physical exercises. Classical yoga is practical and applied to daily life. This - the development of the whole complex of human abilities, which begins to ponder after a hard practice of yoga consciously. Yoga teaches us to remain in a balanced mood. Science of Yoga - it is better that is for a healthy life. This system of education in-depth development of individuality and, most important aspect of Yoga - faith. Yogi considers what happens in the universe, is repeated in miniature form within every being.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Access Event

The accompanying info fair offers visitors ample opportunity for exchanging individual and personal advice. Interested parties can test your hearing for free. The event will be moderated by the well-known radio journalist Bettina Wanny Chandran (radio Bielefeld). The patronage has taken over diverse dedicated entrepreneur wife Dr. Karin Zinkann. For hearing impaired visitors the Organizer provides free headphones with FM receiver to borrow. During the event, all lectures, discussions, and interviews to the reading on screens are projected and accompanied by sign language interpreters.

We hope that our Bielefeld listening day encounters a large resonance as we already everywhere could enjoy in many places in Germany", so once again Durdane Erseker. All Interested parties are cordially invited. We want to recommend especially those who can not hear or understand despite hearing aid, to attend the event." The Bielefelder listening day I want to hear!"will take place on Saturday 19 October 2013, in the time from 9:00 to 14:00. The venue is the new City Hall low wall 23, Bielefeld, 33602 Bielefeld, great Hall, there in various public car parks around the city hall entrance 3. parking; Access to the parking garage of the new town hall on the grains road. To travel by public transport, please use the tram lines 1 2, 3 or 4 stop, City Hall.

Participation in the event not required is free, registration. "Learn more about the event at Editorial Note: I want to hear!" is the name of an initiative, the both over ways of improving listening with profound hearing loss up to the complete deafness informed, both about hearing implants that help those people hearing aids, provide no sufficient understanding which. In part he initiative ICH want to hear"information events are regularly organised for sufferers, family members and friends in various regions. For more information, see. This initiative was started by cochlear Germany.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

German Hearing

The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss to complete deafness. Singer understands that this is vital information. In addition develops and markets the company more implantable hearing solutions for different types of hearing loss. For more than 30 years continues the cochlear that research work of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, and marketed in more than 100 CI systems Countries. Cochlear hearing solutions to date have over a quarter of a million people reconnecting introduced brought to their families and friends. In cochlear guarantees all users of its products a lifetime partnership with updates and developments of the technologies. Cochlear secures its leading position in the science of listening to the industry's largest investments in research and development and continuous collaboration with leading researchers and experts. The company employs currently over 2,500 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover.

For more information see. The cochlear implant is inserted under the skin of the patients, ranging in the inner ear. It transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. A sound processor with emitter as a hearing aid behind the ear also belongs to each CI, will be worn. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults.

Ingolstadt Wettstetten

Their teeth are cleaned at the points, which can be difficult or even impossible reached with daily oral hygiene. A fluoridation provides you with a longterm protection that surrounds your teeth carefully. In addition the gum for first signs of periodontal disease is examined and treated, if necessary, in a timely manner. More checkups are available for high-risk patients - saliva test for measuring tooth decay-causing bacteria, periodontal disease-gene test, the oral cavity cancer screening. Trained professionals show the patient how he carefully cultivates his teeth in the home environment. The twice-annual screening at the dentist should be taken by patients throughout and offers Opportunity to discover diseases in a timely manner and to handle before they can cause greater damage. What you do even for healthy teeth can you maintain your teeth! Brush your teeth at least twice daily and effective and clean the teeth with dental floss.

Attention dental-healthy eating. For the formation of tooth decay, not the amount of sugar is crucial, but how often your teeth to come in contact with. Therefore prefer once per day snacking and then rinse the oral cavity. So saliva can neutralize tooth harmful acids in the mouth and strengthen tooth enamel due to the installation of minerals, which are located in the saliva, again, breaks between meals are generally recommended. What foods are healthy for teeth? Teeth like the balanced diet that must be chewed and contains many minerals.

Fiber-rich and natural whole foods and raw food should be on the menu every day. Fluoride can Inhibit growth of caries bacteria! Fluorine is in legumes, fish, green and black tea. Resistance of the teeth are good, food with high calcium content such as dairy products or green vegetables. The strong immune system plays a crucial role in dental health! Many bacteria can be countered in the oral cavity, when the immune system works. Conclusion: dental prophylaxis can largely avoid tooth decay and periodontal disease. Consequential damage, which can spread of the diseases in the oral cavity to the entire organism, are also avoided. It is possible to take advantage of the own second in old age with dental prophylaxis. A great destination which wants each of us to achieve this with a little equity commitment.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Sage

The virus pathogens be rinsed so literally and the mucous membranes are kept moist. The inflammation in neck pain is mainly in the deeper layers the lining of the place. Much advertised lozenges or throat solutions work hardly, because the active ingredients not or get bad to the site of inflammation. Natural throat solutions come of course also badly on the inflammation, but they sure hurt. Except for purulent tonsillitis. Sage infusion pour a few leaves over hot but not boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Add a little vinegar and a tablespoon of honey.

On-demand gargle the Sage infusion after cooling. Frozen or dried Sage leaves together with chamomile and thyme with hot, not boiling water pour over Sage tea. Let the Aufguss at least ten minutes. So the ingredients can unfold beautifully. This tea is suitable for gargling and drinking and tonic spasms - and solving the pain. Caution: During pregnancy or lactation Sage may not apply. The contained Thujone could negatively in larger amounts on the nerves.

Sore throat and Tonsillitis the following signs should occur, please especially take children to the doctor. Severe neck pain with fever symptoms that are very violent and sudden reddened, swollen and excessive with linings or white Strippchen almond, very strong, but unilateral sore throat and strong swallowing with a Lockjaw swollen neck lymph node additional abdominal pain and nausea of the Sage plant all seven years replace the Sage plant in the garden. The Sage plant cut back after their flowering, so making new and vigorous shoots in the next year. Sage as a medicinal plant has an expectorant effect and regulated heavy sweating. The essential oil contained in the plant reduces Muskelkramnpfe, indigestion and sore throat. An old folk wisdom says even that Sage is to strengthen the brain. More much-touted natural and home remedies me with honey milk with honey helps while against the unpleasant irritation in the throat, but should only moderately this home remedy because of the verschleimenden effect be consumed. More action can be expected if you are still onion honey milk. For this, a small onion is finely chopped and simmered together with a cup of milk for five minutes. After the drink drinking temperature has cooled, strain and add a teaspoon of honey. Water can be used instead of milk. The drink in small SIPs. Well, cheers! Neck Wrap can be applied for sore throat, cold or warm neck wrap. Best helps a cold wrap around the neck and simultaneously drinking of hot liquid. The patient should feel after applying the wrap in the bed, which should wrap rather than unpleasant. Horseradish, cloves and honey a tablespoon of horseradish, one teaspoon of cloves and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water stir well. Drink in small SIPs.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Canal Physical

I was probably still in the consciousness of that diseases are quite normal and we am I get aches and blockades nothing can make. We are so to speak! Here, we have to change, that we begin to consider it so that all blockages in the body are a message from the psychological or even mental option in our consciousness. We have a blockage or become sick can we use always the possibility behind this watch. What is the message here? Is there something in my life that I don't want to see, and I'm so ceramic care? I live in a part of my life against my own nature, against myself? If in and we feel really honest in our detailed questions on those in this direction, usually also very clear answers in us also take the time for us coming up. Charles Margulis can provide more clarity in the matter. Our body expresses our emotional state. For example, in carpal tunnel syndrome that affects mostly due to tingling, numb hands.

For clarification of the purely physical symptoms, we recognize the strictured nerve Canal and EV. a lot more. But what is that to us? The solution? Probably not even on the physical level for a long time. Through surgery, it is perhaps even better, but if we do not look at the issue behind it, the problems appear elsewhere. Again and again until we really look! From the moment you begin to question the self healing process starts.

Health Insurance

Benefits for privately insured upon completion of the baccalaureate are insured with both students and trainees about the insurance of their parents. This is true but only up to the age of 25. It is then just in time for the 25th anniversary, to access for students with regard to the insurance even in the Pocket. The online portal provides information about the various options offered in this case. Private health insurance is generally associated with a very good range of services that can be also for students of advantage. Although the contributions are slightly higher than at the legal party, but looking to the future an appropriate decision for the car can be worth. A contribution for insured persons under 30 years of age amounted then to an amount between 87.30 and 104,40 euros while moving the monthly contributions to statutory health insurance in the range of 76,41 77,90 euro. To take advantage of the benefits of private insurance, students must be within three months after her 25 free birthday of statutory compulsory insurance can be.

Because many young people first find a job in an employment relationship after graduating, they shun the excess payments for private health insurance. A change to the statutory insurer must not mean that the void on the private health insurance. So, the possibility an entitlement for private insurance to apply for. Thus privately keep open first the option, under the same conditions to their private insurance to return, as soon as the required income level is reached, or it can become self-employed or verb liaison.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Teke Health

With a private health insurance comparison find the appropriate tariff. Who belongs to the insured person who are not compulsorily insured in the statutory health insurance or who can choose between private and statutory insurance, often faces the problem to choose the right insurer. The market is growing, the offer is varied. Customers are lured here with a variety of offerings, the cheap insurance contributions apply. Often it turns out later that these contributions only to a lesser extent cover emergencies or rise to an unexpected extent.

A private health insurance comparison can be so not only financially worthwhile, but also be necessary in the event of illness. What must be observed if a private health insurance comparison? Who carries out a private health insurance comparison should make sure what excesses as other costs in the case of the illness on him to come. But also the scope for rehabilitation measures, remedies and natural remedies, is an aspect not to be underestimated in the private health insurance comparison. Furthermore, it should be remembered that private health insurers not to the social code are bound and can exclude certain services. Here, you should read the fine print in the contract. Any waiting services can also cause problems. And if you feel uncomfortable without personal consultation on site and the opportunity to speak personally with a consultant, should consider well a contract with a direct insurer.

How can a health fund perform comparison? Assistance with a private health insurance offered by the Internet comparison. Here, there are many independent sites which offer an overview. But also offices of insurance brokers can be helpful and objective and help in the selection. With a PKV comparison in the Internet, you can compare insurance companies free of charge and select the appropriate tariff. On request it is possible also a free car quote, you then get a call from a consultant who is familiar with the topic of private health insurance. private health insurance is nowadays very important and necessary, because nowadays many different car returns fares comparison. With a comparison, you can save several hundred dollars.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Health Center Munich

Also in the summer, regular visits to the sauna are recommended for the health that his immune system can be strengthened only during the cold season with visits to the sauna, is a rumor. Also in the summer worth the sweat bath for health. The VITALIS fitness and health centre in Munich Pasing offers with its appealing sauna paradise"several types of sauna and therefore opportunities to sweat is healthy even in the summer. Finally are the days longer, the Sun is back and the summer is almost here. Most people, not only in Munich, appears superfluous, even in the sauna to sweat in the summer heat. But the heat that we feel in the Sun, is not comparable to the heat in the sauna. First of all, always in danger of sunburn is given in direct sunlight. In the sauna that cannot happen, here you can enjoy the heat without risk of burns.

Sauna sessions worth getting for the strengthening of the immune system. The defense is improved heat days. Through the exchange of heat and cooling, the vessels dilate and you feel invigorated and full of energy. Circulation is stimulated hardly normal activities in the summer. It comprises then once a cooling, for example in air conditioned rooms, undercooled is the light. The summer flu is not long in coming, because the immune system is out there not encouraged by the hypothermia and subsequent heating, but rather wears down. Down the aisle in the sauna with subsequent cooling the blood vessels as mentioned above be extended and claimed. A habituation effect occurs and the summer heat outside can no longer be so easy to knock out one.

Who used his body to the heat now in may, is expected in this summer with colds or summer flu. Also sleep in hot nights is better when the body heat is used. The sauna heat with humidity is gentler than the frying in the Sun. On the Sauna guests of the VITALIS of gym and health center in Munich is waiting for a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna and sanarium with colour light therapy. One of the highlights is the log cabin sauna, in a rustic setting on a terrace above the roofs of Munich Pasing. In the pool with a temperature of 30 degrees, the relaxation tour can be complete. A relaxing journey through the VITALIS sauna paradise is the pure enjoyment and helps to feel like reborn. Here you can not only a fitness day, but a short break in between treat and enjoy the liberating feeling of total relaxation in the sauna, unwind, new energy fuel to regain inner balance and harmony. There under through that VITALIS fitness is all about the offers of the VITALIS of gym and health centre in Munich, as well as the sauna paradise and Munich Health Center has the VITALIS gym and health centre with sauna paradise in Munich Pasing TuV fitness seal for quality-assured training facilities and fitness training for diabetics by the TuV Rheinland. The Spine Center Munich-West, as well as the weight-loss Center Munich-West belong to the VITALIS. The holistic philosophy of the VITALIS of gym and health centre provides a balanced mix of health, fitness and wellness in the foreground.

Monday, October 13, 2014

BlackBerry Information

Down Ramstadter Diakonia invites to the free information event internal processes to control and optimize, facilitating the daily work: portal solutions promise effective processes, which relieve the staff in any social institutions and their budget to spare. Manufacturer of Intrexx show how this works, United planet, clinic portal, and the down Ramstadter Diakonia during an event on May 25, 2011, in the vicinity of Darmstadt. Freiburg, may 4, 2011. By the rising cost pressure and associated energy saving measures, it becomes increasingly important to optimize internal business processes. Especially with social facilities and hospital networks solutions is required, provide an effective organization of the overall institution, allow but also individual adjustments at the individual locations and allow a connection to existing applications and software packages. A free information session on the 25.05.2011 the Freiburg software producer is Diakonia United planet along with the down Ramstadter now a solution, which provides exactly these possibilities: A Web-based portal.

With this comprehensive solution, it is possible to distribute information across multiple locations and purposefully and to automate workflows. In this way, all employees are equally relieved. Such a portal is used already by numerous social institutions like the resin-Weser workshops, but also in hospitals such as the Freiburg University Clinic. CIO from the health and social services with examples from practice, how such a management solution streamlines internal processes and how they can benefit from this information during the event. The event begins at noon and will take place in the rooms of the Diakonie in Mill Valley at Darmstadt. Participation in the event is free of charge and without obligation.

The number of participants is limited. More information and registration see lecture nrd. Who would like to advance ever get a glimpse of such a process-one portal, the is clinic portal at clinic portal a free live demo of the field-proven Intrexx. Heard about United planet United planet with over 3,000 installations, more than 450,000 users and more than 100,000 successfully implemented Web applications of its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administrations and organisations. With its award-winning, industry-neutral standard software, Web applications, intranets and enterprise can be much faster create portals with advanced functionalities as with comparable programs. All applications can be made available with a few mouse clicks for Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.). Even the most complex corporate portals can precisely calculate with Intrexx thanks to many prefabricated components and lead to a very quick return on investment. United planet runs from Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf and is one of the technology leaders in the field with Intrexx Enterprise portals. Various business provide the platform-independent software for the integration of various ERP solutions (E.g. SAP) or data from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange adapter. A Microsoft Office adapter also allows to organize documents, without having to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS). Many ready available solutions to the quality, document and process management, as well as hundreds of completed applications are available in the Intrexx application store.

Private Health Insurance Tester

Determination of the PKV test winner 2011 rates of for private health insurance are regularly by various rating agencies as the Stiftung Warentest by independent rating agencies, focus carried out money or the capital. But also leading analysis firms like the Assekurata and the map report conduct regular tests of PKV and choose a private health insurance test winner. Finance is the mouthpiece of the Stiftung Warentest the financial test. Regular tests and test results to financial products and services, but also to the private health insurance are published in the consumer magazine. While she enjoys a great prestige by connecting to the Stiftung Warentest financial test and is therefore also a good point when it comes to detailed and high-quality tests. As the main criterion, the financial test attracts the price / performance ratio of the respective of PKV. In addition also the stability of the post as well as the quality of service integrated into the test result. You will be assessed tested PKV provider with a school staff, where there is no the grade 6.

While the notes range from a 1 (+) up to a 5 (-). Assessing a coma is accordingly rounded up or down. Stiftung Warentest Stiftung Warentest applies throughout Germany as a well-known car testing companies. It tests in addition to products from the field of financial services and products from many other sectors. While she tested more than 87,000 different products in 49 years.

At the end of a test, Stiftung Warentest tested products, at the same time pronounced a buy recommendation for the honours. This should constitute a decision-making aid, for example, when purchasing a product, or when choosing the best private health insurance to consumers. The tests and the test results in the in-house consumer magazine be published". The judgment of the Stiftung Warentest considered important test result at all. Stiftung Warentest is already for years for quality tests, after which many consumers their purchasing decisions cases. Assekurata the Assekurata is a classic once and is committed on the ratings of insurance companies, in particular the health insurance. While the company be tested always from the viewpoint of customers. As for example, Stiftung Warentest, the Assekurata interprets differently focus not on the price - to-performance ratio, but on the financial strength of each provider. The Assekurata chooses a car provider to a winner, so consumers can be assured that it is financially secure company. This statement is as important to realize the contribution developing of a provider ahead. The solid is a company in financial terms, the risk of an increase in contribution is smaller.

Healthy Eating

How can you eat healthy and environmentally conscious? Obesity is one of the biggest problems of our society. It costs the State and hence the taxpayers every year exorbitant sums. Many diseases, such as diabetes can have their origin in the overweight. As a result, people are unable to work and must be treated also. And the environment is suffering from excessive consumption and the convenience of some people. It is not difficult to eat healthy and still at dinner not to lose the benefit. In the meantime, there are many diets and diet plans that allow space for small treats in between. It is important strictly to abide by the rules and not to betray himself.

But even without a set plan to change his eating habits. In the net prospectus there each week on new offers for fresh fruit and vegetables. Mainly products that come from the region are usually cheap and also eco-friendly, since they put back any long transports must. Who wants to do really something good for nature, dispenses with the products that currently have no season and must be imported from distant lands. But not only fruit and vegetables there now from biological agriculture. Meat and dairy products often carry the organic seal. The Aldi Nord offers a wide range of such products.

Also excessive meat consumption is an important factor in the issue of obesity. While it provides us with important nutrients, but too much fat is simply unhealthy and can lead to cardiovascular disease. Who hate meat waives his daily play, can pick up but still lean varieties such as poultry.


This is a foundation of success. Identify what we are failing and prepare to correct the situation or behavior face to see new opportunities in life. a A few days ago while I polish the shoes in a beautiful wooded area in the heart of Santiago de Cali, Plaza de Caicedo, that man told me while I was polishing shoes: a Soy polishes one of the most looking for here. Do you realize? Well, not always so. When you start to cast bitumen in the middle of the knights.

Everything to do my work fast and meet for new customers . a - Are you into trouble? - I asked. "No, actually it was very decent people. I made complaints. But I lost a lot: I went to look for shoe polishing.

Only when I set out to do things right, the demand for my services was the same as at the beginning, is now looking with greater interest me. They know it works well - explained with healthy pride. a met him. It was a very good job as an illustrator. Recognizing the failures was the beginning to improve and to move towards excellence, a key point for success. to recognize the errors is essential to change and grow. And if are oriented to change, if craving is the most expensive home to our hearts, is God who is opening the door to take those concrete steps to correct the bad and resume the path toward good, toward personal and spiritual growth, which is the foundation of success. a The apostle Paul wrote to mourn for the wrong they have done, consciously or unconsciously, is a good sign and gives direction to a new dimension of change: a Ahora I rejoice, not because you were made, but because you were grieved to repentance , because you were made by God, so that any loss suffered by our side.

Disease Statistics

Disappearing contact and understanding between brothers, parents and children. Own child become suddenly like a stranger for his mother. In our country more than a million children cast their mothers to fend for themselves and are boarding schools, prisons and shelters. In addition, each year is falling apart up to a million families, and conflicts are forcing millions of people access to the courts. Check out Lin Dan for additional information. That is, wherever it is impossible to show free and voluntary interchange on natural interest, there is potential for frustration, resentment and pain, which leads to hopeless apathy, or the manifestation of anger, revenge, disturbances.

This implies all sorts of problems that are difficult even list, one need only look at the statistics of various diseases, crime, disasters and military conflicts arise, to see just how tragic our prospects. The process of disintegration of families and its sad consequences are not able to stop any appeals and admonitions in the press, on radio and television, no scientific method in psychology of family life, or social and judicial - legal action, nor hospitals, orphanages and prisons. Long-term program for disease prevention has failed miserably, even though it was attended by dozens of reputable medical institutions and leading experts in the world. Why, for example, in the same marital a pair of one child is born mentally and physically complete, and another - an underdeveloped and dies? And for the professionals of the national economy remains a mystery that under the same conditions from two similar one production flourishes, while the other fails.


The allergens are the substances that bring about allergic reactions. Some of the most common allergens are: pollens; the acaruses and the dust; esporas of fungi and mould; proteins contained in epithelial cells, hairs, pens and saliva of the animal; the cockroaches and their exhausted; the poison of some insects; certain food groups; the latex; the chemical substances; the minerals like nickel, cobalt, chromium, etc. The majority of the people does not undergo any answer in contact with these substances, but the immune system of the allergic people reacts in contact with the allergens producing an immune answer from which the allergic symptoms arise. The environmental control of these substances, that is to say, to avoid that they are in our surroundings and that they make contact with enemy with the allergic person, aid to come up and to reduce the allergic symptoms. Of this form, the medication needs can also be reduced. The first step stops laevitacin or environmental control of the allergens is to know which are the substances that bring about allergic reactions to each person. Center for Environmental Health is full of insight into the issues. We advised to them that they consult its alerglogo doctor, who will elaborate undiagnstico trustworthy.

The alerglogo can prescribe appropriate medecines or also prescribe one vaccine therapy. Once identified the allergens to which we reacted, we will be able to start up our strategy of environmental control. In, the people with allergy problems and those of their surroundings will find products, trustworthy information and advice exceed how to improve their state of health avoiding the contact with allergens in their surroundings. With the aid of the covers antiacaruses, masks anti-allergy, air cleaners, filters, antiacaruses by ultrasounds and other products that commercializes, the allergic people will be able to avoid to make contact with enemy with the substances that bring about their allergy. More information in - Your allergic product store online for original Author and source of article.

Opal Pool

Each pond has its gryazeem or completely unusual poetic name. How you like these names: House of the Devil, Rainbow Crater Gremiashchii crater, Ink Pot Devil artist's palette, Opal Pool, Pool Champagne. This is only a small part of the names craters. As you can guess the names of the color and beauty of these basins and craters. I must say that the names match what they see. Champagne Pool largest in the area.

It has 60 m in diameter and 60 m depth, absolutely clear water with a temperature of 74 degrees, emit carbon dioxide has the effect of the bubbles in champagne. This basin was formed 900 years ago. Its water contains gold, silver, mercury, sulfur, arsenic, antimony, thallium, and much more. All of this is postponed for beoegu this beautiful lake in the form of extraordinary socheteny colors. Above the lake is steam, but when the wind blows it, then eyes the picture is quite amazing. The long route was length of three kilometers. But in this heat, so even in open areas we really had enough of these three miles.

We went through the bushes and rusty, and past waterfalls and lakes, crossed the stormy broad streams, which do not with fish out of water chemistry. And every minute of our walk, we just admired the beauty and uniqueness of this nature, but some kind of power emanating from everything that surrounds us and yet mysterious. Allen is the second time in these places, and she brought me here to show this place to me and share their feelings, which are caused by this nature, I think she was glad she was able to do it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Reuters Plan

financial system), and the consequences it might entail for the population collapse. You may need to understand the American people at this point of the situation reached by the crisis, they have no other way to pay the costs. And the account of them may appear under different forms: a deepening of the economic slowdown going into recession, a more than hostile for investment, collapse of the financial system to prevent them by good time access to finance consumption, etc, etc. I imagine that while American voters to protest against approval of the bailout, Europe's voters must be willing to concretize the same as quickly as possible. Click Jackie Andrade to learn more. Since the last days have demonstrated that the rescue plan is not only the U.S. More info: Lin Dan. but also for Europe. So much interested to Europe the adoption of this plan that ECB President Jean Claude Trichet, according to Reuters reflected in a note, found the plan: "It has to be approved, for the sake of the U.S. and global finance" .

Meanwhile, the rescue plan has passed the first test and prepare for Friday. Among the legislators there is optimism about the chances that this time the project is approved. The Wall Street Journal reproduced the statements of a spokesman for Republican John Boehner of Ohio, the minority leader said: "We believe we have a better chance to pass this bill than we had last Monday, but we have to wait and see. " When the chances that the bailout would be adopted are that high, the question inevitably arises: What is left to do if it is not? It is unclear how much is the total toxic assets held by U.S. financial institutions. It is also unclear how the health of major financial institutions from other developed countries. While Europe decided to develop a contingency plan, there are no additional steps that may stop the crisis if it exceeds the power of restraint that would have the mega plan. For more questionable it is, the bailout appears to be the last serious attempt to contain the crisis. There will pray for it to work. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo

Blogs On Cosmetics

That woman is not interested for on subjects the beauty and cosmetics? The cosmetic market in Brazil is one of the greaters and is always in expansion. It is not of if finding odd since the Brazilians are between the women prettiest and vain people of the world. Many magazines and televising programs of beauty exist that approach the world of cosmetics, however are in the Internet that everything happens of fast and agile form. Currently focados thousands of blogs in this subject exist. The blogueiras adore to argue new marks, to make tutorial and to give tips for the readers. Of this form a cycle is created where all change valuable information on the subject.

One of blogs that more it enchants is the Day of Beaut. Learn more at: Lin Dan. Full of new features, it is possible there to find information on creams so easy anticelulite how much it is possible to learn to make that perfect maquiagem for a formation party. Another one blog that costuma to speak well on cosmetic products is the Trendy Twins. Writing for two friends who of insane people for maquiagens had so passed if to consider twin, this blog is excellent for who wants to catch best diquinhas. We can find as many products we carssimos how much commentaries on those achadinhos of would perfume. Vende in the Pharmacy? Blog makes the question it answers and you. The version more pop of blogs of cosmetics, adores those baratinhos and essential produtinhos. Fofa, the excellent team of blog costuma to make reviews on the products that had finished to know.

Beyond blogs, social nets exist that can call the attention who if it interests for cosmetics and beauty. One of them is the Social Beauty, where girls talk on the subject of colaborativa form in a social net on cosmetics. Many options exist. To improve, nowadays blog is very easy to have one. Everybody that will have will can create its gratuitously blog. It has access Blog Click and of one Gratis up in its appearance.

Correct Sports Nutrition

At the present time to buy amino acids is not too difficult, it suffices to find a suitable sports nutrition store. Much more difficult - the right to make amino acids, because it affects the end result and effect from receiving amino acids. What are amino acids Amino acids - a building material out of which consist of proteins. Amino acids play a crucial role in our body are formed from almost all cells and tissues human body: tendons, hair, skin, ligaments. However, most amino acids used to build muscle tissue, in that amino acids are the major sports supplement. For normal recovery and growth of muscles in the blood should be required concentration of amino acids that are important to take this amino acid, at a time when the maximum degree of their assimilation.

Types of amino acids and their Amino acids function in the body are divided into three categories: nonessential, essential and uslovnozamenimye. Amino acids can be ingested with food as well as can be synthesized in the body. Essential amino acids are not produced in the body in this must come together with food. Charles Margulis may not feel the same. Uslovnozamenimye amino acids can be produced in the body in need of essential. Let us consider function of each amino acid: Essential * Valine - an essential component of tissue growth.

Improves muscle coordination, improves tolerance of cold and heat. * Leucine - takes part in the immune system. * Isoleucine - essential element of the muscle tissue, can be used as fuel. * Phenylalanine - is involved in the synthesis of collagen. Also involved in the synthesis of norepinephrine - a substance that transmits signals from nerve cells to brain. * Lysine - promotes the production of carnitine, temperature, thus improving oxygen consumption. * Methionine - is involved in the processes of tissue regeneration of the liver and kidneys. * Threonine - component element of collagen, is involved in cleaning process of the liver.

Physical Activity

The man in the quest to develop different skills through physical activity has created an endless number of sports that have the potential to develop many skills that without proper training and without the evidence of the practice of a particular sport can not be purchased. So among the many sports that man has created is the handball sport in which the need for speed, power, agility and precision that Quine makes this sport have to practice your body require a good level of fitness which achieved with training and perseverance in practice in games of handball. As you can understand this, the handball is an excellent sport, as in you can find very good features that require the body to use the skills of the body, so without a good agility, power, precision and speed would be impossible the sport was the large sample of physical ability is. Going further in what is handball, information is passed to the aspects that accompany this sports, so the handball is a sport which is played using a ball, which seeks to annotate the arc of the side. In the place of handball matches, must have two teams in the field of play and each must be composed of six players, where one of them must act as a gatekeeper, the rest of the distribution of the positions will depend on the way to play team.

Handball is very popular in a number of European countries and with the passage of time has been gaining strength in Latin American countries like Argentina and the Dominican Republic in countries which already have large development, and in many other countries already begins to apply. Speaking of the history of handball, there is evidence of the sport since ancient times, since it is believed that in ancient Greece there was a similar game, where they used a ball the size of an apple, but then the idea was not to but not to drop points. But handball as it is known today for his first appearances would late nineteenth century in Europe. The main objective of handball is marking the most goals in the arch rival, and to achieve a goal the players using all its power and accuracy should throw the ball from outside the area, which is 6 meters, but it is also possible the entry of a goal inside the area, as long as they make the release of the ball from the air, ie throwing the ball before falling. So be goal when the ball crosses the goal line completely. The ball can touch any part of the body from the thighs up, except the goalkeeper, which can also make use of the feet.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Unique Creams Myrrh Bridal Makeup

An interview with Andrey Golubkov, chief technology officer of CJSC 'MIRRA-M, Ph.D., and we are in it will receive about the intricacies of our unique creams. Question: - Andrew S., what processes underlie the receipt of cosmetic creams in general and ours in particular? Answer: - Start, perhaps, be with, what these creams and salves? From the standpoint of physical chemistry, creams and Tonics - is emulsified or dispersed systems, mainly consisting of two liquid phases. The main condition for obtaining any emulsion is a partial or complete insolubility of the substance of the dispersed phase (or non-polar low-polarity liquid, called 'oil') in the medium (water or aqueous solution). Distinguish direct emulsion oil in water, and reverse: water in oil. Frequently Lin Dan has said that publicly. The first type includes the majority of our creams and salves, and the second - a balm 'Shiseykan'.

But now I come to your question. The process of obtaining an emulsion is the result of two competing processes of dispersion (fragmentation) of the liquid into droplets and koalistsentsii (merger) of the drops formed. Therefore, in the process of obtaining creams identified two separate issues: the formation of droplets and their stabilization. Drops of the desired size is obtained by crushing large droplets under the influence of any external force. This process takes place in a special mixer (colloid mills, ultrasonic homogenizers or mechanical). In the production of our creams we distinguish two stages. The first stage - to neutral emulsion bases (emulsion complexes) and the second - to the finished product, by introducing into the emulsion based biologically active substances by cold emulsification.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Coaching and Sports

It keeps you intrigued by the second half of game, including a blowout! Just realize that when it comes to betting-time: You do not get days, weeks, etc, to analyze the bet, as you would with a regular margin in a game. You get about 10 minutes to find out and get out. Choose wisely! Halftime betting can be very beneficial to bettors that know what they are doing and have seen the first half with a purpose. The sports books have only a short period of time to put a line for the second half and due to the short period of time, the so-called smart money has not moved the line yet. This is a golden opportunity for you to make money if you've done the research before the game has started and we saw how close the first half. Examples of pre-game research are to see how the teams play in the first half compared with the second half. Look at their stats and points scored for each half and make charts for when behind and in front at halftime.

Some coaches play close to the vest during the middle of an E and then go out and pitch every game in the opposition in the second half. Other coaches look to jump on a computer in the first half and then try to take the air of the ball in the second half. Chart these teams accordingly. Chart how teams play in the street and at home, within the division and out of the division of each of the above scenarios.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Worker Occupational

It makes sense to opt for additional insurance additional benefits for the employee by the company due to the current legal situation. Especially the occupational supplementary health insurance has many advantages to offer - in times where there is continual benefit cuts in the statutory health insurance. Instead of its employees a raise to give, such additional insurance makes much more sense. Finally, health and well-being demonstrably increase the productivity in a company. For the employer the occupational supplementary health insurance means a comparatively low financial outlay, while the employees can benefit from significantly high performance. In contrast to the effect of an increase in salary, which quickly fizzled, stops such a commitment over the years. After all, health is today more than ever an issue. And above all the fact that the statutory health insurance gaps become larger and larger, ensures that the occupational supplementary health insurance is especially timely, convenient and meaningful.

This additional insurance has numerous benefits both the employee and the employer. So there is a lasting positive impact on employee retention, in addition to strengthened social competence. For many entrepreneurs also interesting: A reduction and reduction of disease-related outages, as well as by healing reducing the cost-effectiveness of the operation increases at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that the non-wage costs are reduced and a cost-effective employee participation in the success of the company has. Thus the occupational health insurance can be considered quite attractive and profitable social service without additional costs.


Cellulite affects all women without exception, but in some process changes in the skin begins earlier, at others - later. Although, according to the American beauty Sharon Stone is suffering from the disease almost his youth, it is important not from complexes, and to believe that nature once so decided to fight cellulite is useless, we still give some advice. What is cellulite? This is no ordinary obesity, and disease of subcutaneous fat. If a healthy tissues the waste products of cells go through the pores of the cell membrane and are carried away by the blood stream, the slightest discord in the body leads to the formation of cellulite. Here's how: membrane pores are blocked, products blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Thus, cellulite - it is a skin condition where the cells disrupted inference toxins. They accumulate inside cells by blocking blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, the skin becomes rough, lumpy and stiff. Jackie Andrade might disagree with that approach. Cellulite - is not the result of excess weight, they get sick and thin women. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite Hormonal disorders in the body. Efforts to develop such disorders can serve as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause, the beginning and end of the course receive contraceptives. Malnutrition Stress Pollution Lack of physical activity.

Smoking and alcohol. Genetic predisposition of the organism. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF? If you are determined to read on their own to get rid of cellulite, think that this problem did not arise overnight and today with It does not deal with. Meet with the recommendations of experts: 1. Treating cellulite requires a systematic, integrated approach. The causes of cellulite and not enough variety to make changes in diet and set of exercises, although this should be the starting point of treatment. But these changes must be combined with other treatments. 2. Patience and persistence - your motto for a long time. To a simple cut has healed, it takes several days, the bruise disappears in a week, and the fracture heals in six weeks. These injuries heal relatively quickly thanks to a good blood supply to surrounding tissues. Affected tissues poorly supplied with cellulite blood. For effective treatment we have to make the body to change its cell structure through its own recovery mechanism, and this takes time. 3. Cellulite is a relatively large part of the body, and treat to literally every inch of the affected tissue. Cosmetologists say that a more or less effective for treatment of cellulitis following methods: Subcutaneous elektrolipoliz skin elektrolipoliz Liposuction Wraps gemolimfodrenazh Vacuum massage is used sometimes ultrasound massage options are not free from side effects, much more unpleasant than the cellulite. 4. Antitsillyulitnaya diet.


Many readers of this article have ever tried, or are still engaged in such an interesting view of the passive and mental rest, like fishing. For those who do not know, briefly, fishing - fishing by all possible legal ways, whether it's fishing rod, donk, zakidushka, etc. But for the true connoisseur of this type of recreation, fishing primarily spiritual peace, a temporary outlet from the daily, routine life. Personally, I have been fishing since 8 years, and you know, still can not break away from this case, it is worth to try once and if it is yours, then you can not refuse it. Gunnar Peterson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To truly enjoy the fullness of feeling close to nature, to leave away from the city, take a fishing rod and start the process of fishing. I would recommend going at least a day, well, or at kraynyak, just an overnight stay.

After all night on the river, a campfire, under the ear, what could be better for body and soul. A morning? In the morning, of warm water, not had time to cool down, unlike the air, rising fog, the height of several meters above the river itself. Lepota. A dawn? Indescribable beauty, meet the sunrise on the nature of the lake. The sky lit up pink flames rising sun, it is not warm, but that's about to start, close to that moment ... Especially well when fishing at night are interesting stories or history, who caught what fish when and how, will be especially nteresno if you go with some hardened fisherman with a great experience. If you've never tried myself as a fisherman, you should definitely do it at least once in their lives. Good luck to you fishing.

Monday, October 6, 2014


If you want to get your boyfriend always remember that the relationship does not work only on one side. Couples must be in proper relationship of reciprocity and should be aware of each, as a way contrary conflicts begin to see everyday. Thus, you should try to spend as much time with him. You have to think seriously enough and in order to retrieve your boyfriend. You must switch back to being the same person from whom he fell in love. Back to being the same as before will cause him to feel attracted to you, so you can satisfy your great desire to have him back.

Also keep in mind that you must change your bad habits if they exist, and be positive when talking with him. A smile on the face appeals to any man. So what do you expect him to smile when you see it? That smile will draw a lot. He never told your boyfriend about how bad you feel about being in that situation, since doing so can be losing your last chance life to get back with him. Beg and plead with them to get back together makes him feel proud, and that's never going to work. As if they were the first conversations I have with him, listen to what she says and tell him you feel or think the same. Program it a picnic, an outing, or go to a place he likes.

This will make him enjoy a good time, and also gives a beautiful time to be together. You should also pay little or no attention to their appearance and clothing. This is important because men (and even boyfriends) are very concerned with their appearance, and since this is a clever game, he will think about how surprised the next time you are together. Thus, in any situation you find yourself not being afraid. Remember way around a lot of confidence in all situations, and desperate to show for any reason. Discover today how to recover your man. This guide will help you understand why the relationship ended badly, and what you can do to retrieve it. If you want to learn techniques to attract, seduce and win back your boyfriend visit. Good luck with everything. Hope this helps! .

Super Medicines

* The mechanism. The dazzling produced appliances leads to a super-medicine with despari-tion or reduction of concern for the sick man. This loss is felt to lack the patient seeking restitution in exotic religions or alterna-tive therapies. They have a boomerang effect on us doctors. Is it easy for us to process mentally, health professionals, the competition "successful" procedures without much scientific basis against a rigorous training demanded we prolonged efforts? * The objectification. The current tendency to phenomenological analysis of laboratory studies instrumental, and radiological.

We live in most cases in a society where medical practice is favored by the depersonalized care, dominated the performance of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, with loss of GP, with mass distribution of medical issues faced with neglect, with reckless use of new techniques without casuistry with sufficient scientific backing. With "industries of the trial" to induce in the avoidance of defensive medical procedures while useful may involve risk. Either positive coping mechanisms such as excessive procedures and services to defend against malpractice. * The Market. The concentration of economic power in few hands and the need for science to be assisted by current it generates new ethical problems. * Last but not least the patient. The health team offers something that marketers call "negative demand product," nobody likes to see a doctor. These are some of the reasons why a cure is impossible. Symptomatic Reperecusiones more frequent in the health care team. In clinical practice with medical groups with which we perform tasks of reflection on the pathology triggered by the occupation, we find a set of events that, although dependent on individual psychological constellations, have a common factor.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How To Manage Emotions ?

How to manage emotions to be more happy and fulfilled ... Emotions can be viewed as temporary and recurrent movements of mental energy, which appear when there is a contradiction between the existing mental programming and the external or internal. We are not talking here of serious trauma such as bereavement, rape, war, disease or psychological disorders. We try to provide some understanding for everyone manages to keep his balance in life emotions and integrate them in the context of its evolution. Gain insight and clarity with Obamacare Agency. How emotions do they act? Our brain is composed of three layers of development, the primary brain or instinctive, emotional or limbic brain and brain cortex.

The emotional sphere lies rather in the middle of the skull, with the hippocampus and amygdala that influence the hypothalamus, the computer responsible for the regulation of body internal organs. A stronger emotion creates a disconnection between the brain and the limbic cortex, which is responsible for controlling personality and forecasting capabilities. This explains why it feels to lose all its means and be overwhelmed by emotion. This process is then followed by a call to the brain's instinctive. These are the instincts that will condition our responses when we are overwhelmed by emotion. Our attitude to emotions, emotions are positive or negative, they always go in pairs, love and hate, joy and sadness, fear and safety, anger and tolerance. How can you think that in life, you will experience only the positive and avoid all negative expressions, jealousy, aggression, frustration, guilt, shame ...

Japan Diseases

The fungus Ganoderma lucidum (known as Reishi in Japan and Ling-Zhi in China) can be a natural solution to modern health problems, such as chronic degenerative diseases (e.g. cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, among others), the majority being the result of modern lifestyle and the environment. Our society today is facing a serious threat of pollution and its contaminants, which have entered our body through food and the environment to which we are exposed every day. Within the scientific literature published around the world, mainly in China, Korea, Japan and the United States, where it has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and symptoms. Ganoderma lucidum is credited with having antitumor activity and immunomodulatory inmunoterapeuticas according to some studies in compound polysaccharides, terpenes and other isolated body of Ganoderma. The anti-tumor mechanisms is probably due to a combination of different factors: inhibition of angiogenesis (formation of arteries that nourish the tumor); induce and increase the natural destruction and spontaneous (apoptosis) of tumor cells. It has also been suggested that blocks and stops the migration of cancer cells, delaying the presence of metastasis. It is also considered a sillicone and anti hypertensive due to the presence of triterpenes.

Apart from these properties has found that it is anti inflammatory, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antihipotensivo and hepatoprotective. It has also been found to inhibit platelet aggregation, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar in the blood. It is considered as a stabilizer of the blood pressure, antioxidant, analgesic, tonic for nerves, liver and kidneys. Is used for the prevention of bronchitis and cardiovascular treatment, high triglycerides, hypertension, hepatitis, allergies, as support in chemotherapy and therapies for immune deficiency syndrome, including for fatigue and altitude sickness. It is regarded as an adaptogenico, with the ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins in our body. Reduce free radicals, decreasing the aging.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Each emotion has its own message and intensity. What are the emotions? emotions are system of signals that they give information us that we needed in a while certain to organize our conduct and to orient our actions. Learn more at: Jackie Andrade. Each one of the emotions are signs that help us to prepare to respond to us to different situations. The emotions not simply happen to us, emerge from our interior with an aim, always to communicate something. It is the voice of the emotions the one that it urges to us to listen or to neglect, to stop to us or to advance, to remember or to forget, to change or to remain, to get along or to antagonizar, to motivate or to decay. For that reason when the emotions speak, all my being - body and mind - it responds to the language of the emotions lives, them, from which the emotions come accompanied from changes and reactions in the corporal scope (expression of the face, tone of voice, position of the body, brightness of the eyes, gestures) and in the psychological scope (emotional experience: lack of concentration, irritability, excitability, etc.).

Listening to my emotions Now, kit of the emotional handling is in knowing, like organsmica experience in holistic sense -, how to rightly decode the language of the emotions that emerge from our inner reality, which demand to be conscious of the own inner world, the emotions which we experimented, and to learn to recognize them and to accept them. Perhaps sometimes the voice of our emotions stuns to us, crushes to us, it seems to us disagreeable or it is to us threatening, and perhaps the first reaction is to flee from them or hide-and-seek them. Nevertheless, we needed to listen to its messages and to take care of them, to be used to us vivenciar them without judging looking for them the message that try to communicate to us, to learn than they say to us, then, behind its voice is a message that hides an internal reality, an energy flow that it looks for to express a necessity, a life potential. While greater masters in listening to our emotions we develop, major will be our capacity to express them without they oppress nor they make damage to us.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lebedev Physical Institute

The largest solar flare in the past year was reported by Russian satellite "Coronas-Photon". 'The tools employed in research mode, the transition layer of the Sun, within ten hours watched on the edge of the sun in the absence of visible activity was unexpectedly formed and ejected into interplanetary space gigantic solar flare length of more than 600 000 km ', - said the report of scientists of Lebedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN), who are the creators of X-ray Observatory TESIS, placed on board the satellite ... ---- Galapagos volcano eruption threatens to unique birds and animals on an island in the Galapagos Islands began erupting volcano of La Cumbre. Volcano woke up back in Saturday, the eve of her throwing up into the sky some huge clouds of smoke and ash. On the slopes of the volcano lava flow down ... ---- Environmentalists have prevented Japan's plans to carry out whaling activists of environmental organizations, speakers against whaling in the Antarctic have prevented Japan plans to do the hunting of these mammals, Reuters reported. Despite the ban on commercial whale catches, set the agreement in 1986, Japan continued commercial whaling, referring to the position of an agreement allowing the 'conduct research on whales with possible fatal outcome' than to criticism from countries such as Australia, Britain and New Zealand and attracts constant attention of environmentalists from around the world ...

---- Earthquakes in Italy are due to the Etna volcano in the continuing tremors in the heart of the Apennine mountain range, the experts note the overall high geological activity in Italy. So, for the past 11 months - since last May - does not stop the eruption of Sicily 'fire-breathing mountains' Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. On Observations of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, hot lava flows continuously through the Valley Bulls on a deserted western slope of the mountain, however, without bringing harm, causing only a curiosity, and attracting tourists ... ---- Issue list: 343 mailing a weekly environmental Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement of Release 343

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Microwave Meals

Microwave firmly established in our lives and has become an integral part of it. In the modern way of life is less time left for cooking, people have become increasingly fed semi and go to restaurants fast supply. Preparation of a full homemade food is becoming a luxury available only on weekends. Microwave declared itself in the mid-seventies and early eighties have a firmly entrenched in the kitchens of the population in developed capitalist countries. In the Soviet Union in the eighties of the microwave oven was a real luxury, but it's not for long. Already in the nineties, microwave oven and filled the rosiiysky market and as comfortable located in the kitchens of Russians. Nor any prejudices and scary tales about the dangers of microwave ovens for the person and changing the molecular structure of the products not be prevented from microwave ovens to our loyal assistant in nutrition.

Today it is hard to imagine a kitchen or a fast food restaurant without a microwave. Of course not replace our microwave oven or cooking in the pan, but if used it will save us a lot of time and at the same time, cooked in a microwave dishes are not much succumb to their taste dishes prepared the classic way. The action of microwave electromagnetic energy is based on a high frequency, so there are certain rules for its use and safety measures that are described in detail by appropriate sections of this site. Just in the 'Rules of cooking' you will find all the nuances cooking in a microwave oven: Which is better to use the dishes and the like. Since the advent of microwave ovens, a new trend in cooking recipes, features related to cooking in microwave. Recipes for microwave accumulated three decades and currently there are many delicious and full meals: both core and all kinds of desserts and snacks that can be prepared in microwave. Many still believe that the microwave is only needed to defrost and reheat food, And by the way beyond this there is a lot of recipes for microwave ovens, you can use to make a lot of delicious dishes. At this site contains recipes for microwave ovens, their sdes over a thousand, they will help you diversify our routine life, and thus save a lot of time you can spend on discretion.

The Look

Once you make sure that nothing is forgotten and the whole area of the lawn will not give in after modifications of, you can begin to level the place for the lawn. At preparing the grounds for the lawn, in the first place must remove all tree stumps and rocks. In a question-answer forum Center for Environmental Health was the first to reply. Indeed, under the dense cover of grass they will no longer be seen as cleaning up after their podrastaniya grass can spoil the look of lawn. In parallel with these the initial work of landscape design bulldoze and makes the necessary fertilizers. All fertilizers should be safe, and do not add them to excess.

They will not help the grass grow, but only make it look more healthy and bright. To fertilize more often use lime and produce a mold with the cultivator. If your site seems too low, then perhaps it makes sense to add a layer of soil, but do not forget to consider the height of the future lawn. University of Plymouth can provide more clarity in the matter. This is also a common practice in landscape design. Otherwise - you can remove a small layer of soil. After ustilki new ground and it is important to align the press that he was not too doughy and not strongly pressed.

After that, once again compare the results obtained, with a sketch. The next important step - determination of the kind of lawn grass and seed. Buying grass lawn just seems a simple task, but our neglect related to the "grass that grows everywhere," may also affect the quality of the lawn.

Changes Stress

The evolution, the stress and the overweight. We all have had very over viable ancestors. Because they have to pass on your genes and the necessary care for their offspring to survive come. We should be dissatisfied so not too much with the inherited genes. Our body has from birth on all equipment and provisions for our subsequent form and stature in all forms. Click Noah Carl to learn more.

This is the optimum, the we to the we have available. We can make the most of it if we live our nature. We must act only on the basis of our ancestors in exercise and nutrition. Because we are still hunters and gatherers in the biological development. On the day found behavior the hunters and gatherers is admittedly not easy in modern times. Very, we have changed our environment in just a few generations. For the most part, this change also to the positive and happened.

But even in this case, the medal has two sides. And so the positive change has even less good Changes brought. The man has managed to eliminate many risks his life permanently. In our temperate climate, life-threatening weather events have become the exception. The threat has also greatly reduced through famines, plagues and epidemics. The hazard of wild animal is low in this country. The vast majority of humanity times there was only a challenge (stress) for daily survival, namely to secure the necessary food. Food is today almost always without effort at the disposal. Food is for us from the very beginning the most positive process in our lives. In modern life, the archaic stress is replaced by today's civilisation stress. This calls for more the mind as the body. Body and psyche are diverse interactions. An impact of these relationships is the long-lasting not resolvable apparent stress situations. As a result, positively perceived food as stress damping is abused. This replacement action then leads to obesity and it creates new social stress. Unfortunately our inherited reflexes and skills still not aligned really well to these new challenges. We have fortunately no adversity, it is missing again to melt off the natural corrective to the overweight us that man has, but on his way to get an advantage by nature. He can almost at any age actively learn and practice new behaviors. Fast take off does not help on time, the body calls this loss on the next occasion immediately"to compensate. The effects of starvation metabolism insert it. There is only a reasonable solution if long term healthy the target take off is, namely slow healthy slimming. You can train it very simply aware. Starve because no one can sustainably healthy lose weight and stay slim.