Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exercise and Weight Loss

The tools are something that we used to help us to carry out a work with more facility. A good tool to lose weight is one that animates to a style of healthful life and to the permanent loss of weight. the equipment of exercise in house is a fantastic way to accelerate the results of its loss of weight and of feeling well. the equipment of exercise in house and being used in conjunction with its plan of loss of healthful weight. Bajar of weight is simply a question to burn more calories of those than you consume - the Equipment of exercise in house is a great way to increase the amount of calories that burning fire whereas it improves his health and its general physical state. a piece of quality of exercise in house will give to years of satisfaction and diversion him.

a busy style of life will increase the necessity of equipment of gymnastics for the home reason why it allows him to exercise itself in its schedules. There are some ideas to help to reduce its options him here and to find the correct equipment for its particular needs. Why type of equipment you have space? More it is interested in the cardiovascular exercise or the exercise of resistance? Elija a machine of exercises of quality of a confidence salesman and remembers that to buy in line it is a great way to save money. the salesmen In line of equipment of exercise for the home will help to find the correct equipment him for their specific needs. You will not be satisfied with an equipment of exercises of low quality. Its body is too important to risk to an injury with an equipment badly designed.

It chooses his equipment of exercises with wisdom and will be able to enjoy better health and ideal weight for the coming years. It remembers - It is much more easy to make to the exercise a part of his daily ritual when the equipment of training in their home is had. The exercise can always be fit to its schedule when the correct equipment is had. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is most important that you could to read. Beam Click Here right now. Original author and source of the article.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Functions of the cholesterol The cholesterol is essential for the life by its numerous functions: Cholesterol is a very important component of plasmatic membranes of the animal (it does not exist in vegetables). Although the cholesterol is in small amount in cellular membranes, in membrane we found the cytoplasmic it in a proportion to molar in relation to the phospholipids, regulating its properties physical chemistries, in particular the fluidity. Nevertheless, the cholesterol is in very low proportion or is practically absent in subcellular membranes. Precursor of essential vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium. Dr. Gerard Addonizio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Precursor of sexual hormones: progesterone, estrogens, and testosterone. Precursor of corticoesteroidales hormones: cortisol and aldosterone.

Precursor of the biliary salts: essential in the absorption of some lipidic nutrients and main route for the corporal cholesterol excretion. Precursor of the lipid rafts. What is and how to control the cholesterol As much the excess of cholesterol in the blood (hipercolesterolemia), like the obesity, the lack of physical exercise, the arterial hypertension and the tobacco, facilitate the suffering of serious circulatory diseases. If several of these factors add themselves in a same person, the predisposition to that the mentioned pathology is triggered is very many more discharge. these others are due to consider very " factors of riesgo" Although nowadays the word " cholesterol" she is full of negative connotations, associated to a bad feeding, to problems cardiovasulares and obesity, in fact is a necessary element for our organism. The important thing is to know what is, how it works and when it is detrimental for the health. The cholesterol is not another thing that a type of fat, a lipid, that participates in many important physiological processes like the cellular one, concretely digestive and in the sintetizacin of hormones, among others functions.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Controlling Diabetes

This one is a very useful form to determine what the treatment is working so well. It tries that they review his cholesterol levels and triglycerides to him every year (mg/dL tries to reach cholesterol levels below 100). TratamientoTratamiento the immediate objectives of the treatment are to deal with the cetoacidosis diabetic diabticacetoacidosis and the high levels glucaemia. Due to the sudden appearance and gravity of the symptoms in diabetes type 1, is possible that the people who finish receiving the diagnosis need to remain in the hospital. The long term objectives of the treatment are: Prolongar the life Reducir the symptoms Prevenir complications related to the diabetes, such as blindness, renal insufficiency, cardiopathy and amputation of extremities. These objectives are obtained through: Control of the arterial pressure and the cholesterol careful Automatic control of the glucaemia levels Education Exercise Taken care of of the feet Planning of the meals and control of the weight Uso of medecines and insulin does not exist cures for the diabetes. The treatment consists of medecines, diet and exercise to control the sugar level in the blood and to prevent the symptoms. IT LEARNS THESE ABILITIES the basic abilities for the handling of the diabetes will help to prevent the necessity with emergencia attention and among them they are: How to recognize and to deal with the levels low (hipoglucemiahipoglucemia) and stops (hyperglucaemia) glucaemia What to eat and when to make it How take the oral insulin or medecines How to measure and to register the glucaemia How to prove cetonascetonas in the urine (solely for the diabetes type 1) How to fit to the exercise and food or insulin consumption when changing the nourishing habits How to handle the days in which one is ill Where to buy diabetic provisions and how to store them After knowing the bases on the care the diabetes, learns how this disease can cause problems of long term health and the best way to prevent them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This trustworthiness if also bases on the recognition of its ability, given for the experience, continuity of action in the requested areas, the given answers the demands of the society and to the fulfilment of the attributions front to the governmental politics. To take care of to the new domnios of the metrologia 15, the functions of the State how much to the public politics that involve the measurements, to give to continuity the permanent actions of metrolgico control, they demand the cited ability. Recently, was extended the use of the prescribed measurements 16 a bigger field in the control of the environment, natural resources, health and security and measures in the areas of the medicine in order to guarantee reliable greater not simply degree by means of specific regulations and for subjective criteria, and to use them in these areas correctly, we must understand the concept of ' ' principle of precaution 17 ' ' on the possible risks to the health and the environment and to develop a strategy to quantify them in appropriate way, a time that the measures in these fields is that they will give to the authorities the feasible elements for the taking of decisions. The metrolgico control praised here is not destined to analyze the risks and yes to give elements that allow to inside discern that from one cited system, the parameters defines that it are in accordance with the declared information, and that they had been measured in trustworthy way (process of measurement and attainment and evaluation of the results), inside of the regulated tolerances, a time that the interpretations of 18 risks of technological origin, as well as, the proposals of management of the same ones, they are not resultant of technological processes, only, but also social, that they will finish for determining a society project. The technologies with 19 the electromagnetic waves are recent and at the moment not yet it is possible, or due to information or same of disposal, the affirmation of them the health is really harmful, even so they are known and measurable.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Integral Health

INTRODUCTION: Referring it the five last years of accompaniment to the families registered in cadastre in the Program Stock market Family. In this secular clipping, the City department of Health found serious limitations for the continuation of these activities, what it always caused not the fulfilment of the goals. The joined problems were of innumerable orders, but the fundamental factor was caused for the lack of humanizados devices more in the shelter, leading to a barrier in the relation it has equipped of health and users. It was observed that the registered in cadastre families did not understand the organization of the system of the program, motivated for the intense implantation of weak mechanisms well, fruit of one obligatory politics only. It follows the comparative picture of the accompaniments carried through for the City department of Health to the families attended for the Program Stock market Family, of the five last years. In accordance with the data launched in the system of information of the Program Stock market Family, in the year of 2005, proved the inexistence of devices capable to foment the improvement of the pointers of the accompaniment. In 2006, a considerable improvement is perceived in the first validity, already in the second validity a fall occurs. In next the two years, it has a fall accented in the description of the accompaniments, below of the half of the percentage of the waited accompaniments.

In 2009, they are perceived resulted significant and increasing in the description of the two validities, that exceed the half of the waited accompaniments. Therefore, the creation of strategical mechanisms becomes essential that foment a development in the actions of accompaniment of the Program Stock market Family. Justification: Considering the Program Stock market Family who was instituted by the Law N 10,836, of 9 of January de2004, and regulated for the Decree N 5,209, of 17 of September of 2004.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Health and Kids

Front to this attribution of the Nurse, we have as pertinent the process of humanizao of the normal childbirth carried through by the same, having been recognized officially the profession of Nurse for the Health department in 1998. Valley to stand out that the Nursing comes participating of the quarrels concerning the health of the woman, together with social movements feminists, in defense of the Program of Humanizao in the Prenatal one and Birth. The Health department has created would carry that they defend the performance of the nurse in the integral attention to the health of the woman, having privileged the gravdico-puerperal period, for understanding that these measures are essential for the reduction of interventions, risks and consequent humanizao of the assistance, as much in maternities, as in childbirth houses (BRAZIL, 2003). Ahead of the displayed one, the object of this study is the humanizao in the attendance to the normal childbirth. The objective it is to determine the incidence of scientific publications, in the period of 2002 the 2009, that it approaches the humanizao of the assistance in the normal childbirth, in the database: Caribbean Latin American literature and in Sade/LILACS, Scientific Eletronic Library Online (SCIELO) and Database of Enfermagem (BDENF). The normal childbirth brings innumerable benefits for the mother and the baby, therefore it is natural, the recovery of the mother is fast, it runs little risks of contaminations, and in house, it does not possess exposition of the baby nor of the mother to the hospital environment, beyond the baby to receive one ' ' banho' ' of antibodies in the canal of the childbirth will follow that it for the remaining portion of its life. However, still thus, in accordance with the DATASUS, the number of carried through unnecessary Caesarean childbirths in Brazil increased in a ratio of 57% in the period of 2004 the 2006 being in prominence the south and Southeastern region (BRAZIL, 2006).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Centrode Health

However, the theoretical boardings of Psychology that nosnorteiam in the construction of these to also know in them aliceram to make aspontes and to arrive at the joint. In accordance with the pedagogical principles I CAME of, osconhecimentos are constructed it from the problematizao of the reality, having oestudante an active paper in the learning process. What in them it based comoobjetivos they had been: - To identify the perception of the user on the SUS, dandonfase in the principles of the completeness, right to the information and the participaocomunitria; - To insert the student in the social context sensetizing-opara the knowledge of the reality and understanding of its paper of agentetransformador; - To recognize themselves as a professional future of the sadeparticipante of a multiprofessional team and to interdisciplinar; - To know the principles and lines of direction of the SUScontextualizando them from the lived deeply reality, with emphasis in princpiosda completeness, right to the information and to communitarian participation. Click Herbalife to learn more. I CAME as it is the activity that articulates all disciplinasdo third period of the Course of Psychology, the professors had elaborated questesde learning, who had been: - Which practical speeches and that we perceive to break docontato with the professionals, users and colleagues of the group concerning assuntoscomo health, family and customer service? - How we can identify to the dosusurios net of support and its dynamics of functioning? - How we perceive the relations between the different services esetores of attendance to the community? - Which the possibilities of performance of the psychologist in the SUS? Beyond these questions, each group of around 10estudantes of the different participant courses of the project is tutorado by umprofessor of any one of these courses. Each group also elaborates necessary questions queconsidera to its learning. Description and analysis of the experience the experience was lived deeply, for the authors of this trabalhoDaiana, Janete and Robert, in distinct places, all they called Centrode Health of the Family - CSF, located in the city of Chapec - SC.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Health Facilities

Amongst the facilitadoras conditions to its occurrence it is the low socioeconmico level, representing the biggest numbers of new cases, being 80%. Healthy Living has compatible beliefs. The tax of mortality for cancer of the col of the uterus had a growth of 30% in 23 years, passing of 3,44 cases for 100 a thousand women, in 1979, for 5,03 in 2002. In 2006, one esteem that the incidence of cancer of the col of the uterus has been of 19.260 new cases, with an esteem risk of twenty cases to each 100 a thousand women (CROSS; LOUREIRO, 2007). Studies of Davim et al. (2005) they show that the periodic prevention by means of the collection of citopatolgico material is capable to reduce the incidence in such a way as the mortality related to the uterus col cancer. This study it has as objective to know the perception of the users of the Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF) in relation to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by the professional nurse.

The same it is justified for the representation of assistance to the woman in the Strategy Health of the Family, mainly in what it says respect to the prevention of the uterine cancer. Moreover, it comes to detach the vision of the users of the basic attention, in what it refers to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by nurse. Also it has importance for the constant necessity to study and to approach this thematic one. 2 2,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL crvico-uterine Cancer the uterine crvico Cancer are the chronic-degenerative illness that more worries, for its high degree of lethality and morbidade, although to offer cure possibility it will have been diagnosised precociously. It is considered a problem of public health in the developing countries, a time that less gets high taxes of morbimortalidade in women of favored socioeconmica classroom and in productive phase (DUAVY et al., apud HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Health Program

This work is part of a study considered referring to them disciplines of Planning and Management in health and process of Work in health of the Family. With this study they will be boarded the importance of the process of work in the strategy of health of the family (ESF) for the management in health in the Primary attention to the health (APS) of the SUS, with confrontation of the problems, possibilities and limitations of the interventions. 2. THEORETICAL RECITAL In way to the crisis in the Health Publishes appears to the strategy of Health of the family pointing with respect to changes in the attention to the health as axle that reorients the practical ones in health and considers reorganization of a new logic of making and knowing. (ARAUJO. M.S.S and RODRIGUES. M.P 2007). The primary attention considers integral attention to the individual, strengthening that the actions of promotion, protection and recovery of the health do not have to occur of disarticulated form.

(IT HISSES, COCEIRO, FELIX, 2007). Primary attention in health is the first contact of the family, individual and community with the national system of health, consisting the continuity of the attention process the health. According to Archanjo, the Program Health of the Family aims at to the completeness of the attention the health, pautado in the multiprofessional teams that act in the construction of the care in health. The PSF (Program Health of the Family) has been a with priority strategy of attention to the health in the Brasil.focalizado in a familiar and communitarian base of one determined territory. This is a system compromised to the population that objective the reorganization it practises assistencial, with interventions that go beyond the practical curativas (BRAZIL, 2006). It is a strategy that modifies the installment logic the assistance, and provokes internal transformations in the system (MENDES, 1996). The Program Health of the Family this in accordance with the basic principles of the SUS, the universalizao, completeness and participation of the community, pointing with respect to a strategy that constructs to the health in equality and social solidarity, this search, has been one of the subjects main pontuado by the teams of Health of the Family, in which the cities intensify pacts and create arrangements for the integration of the system (ABRAHO 2007).

Strategy Health Care

It is standed out that the care is not restricted to the act to give some action for somebody. It is emphasized that the care happens from the proper existence as human being e, is from this conscience, that if has the chance to know proper possibilities, inside of the life context (11). FINAL CONSIDERAES Are conceived as vital that it has a massive participation of public politics and assistenciais strategies directed toward the collective health, in view of all its capacity in guiding itself of concise and coesa form in order to solve the problems lived deeply for individuals of our society. Soon, in such a way it is needed the participation accomplishes of the nurse has seen that the same it possesss a significant optics very in the conditions of planning of projects and execution of the same ones in the scope of the collective health. When the patients search attendance, them if they present and they express its problems, concerns and necessities using the system (use); the professional has the responsibility to recognize the problems, necessities or concerns of the patient (recognition of problems) and to formulate these necessities in a diagnosis for which an adequate handling can be suggested. The patients participate through its agreement of the suggestions, recommendations and of its acceptance, will be appropriate. Also they participate in the elaboration of the regimen to be suggested for the posterior implementation, for the return at the time recommended, or for the search of alternatives when the recommendations do not seem appropriate or they are inadequate (12). Thus, one emphasized in this study the importance, performance of the nurse, in the basic attention as supplying of collective health, having in analysis its contribution in the Strategy Health of the Family propitiating prevention, treatment of patologias not only by means of the routine clinic, more also, using the Education in Health, such combined mechanisms, integrates the perspective of the care of the nursing in collective health.