Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strategy Health Care

It is standed out that the care is not restricted to the act to give some action for somebody. It is emphasized that the care happens from the proper existence as human being e, is from this conscience, that if has the chance to know proper possibilities, inside of the life context (11). FINAL CONSIDERAES Are conceived as vital that it has a massive participation of public politics and assistenciais strategies directed toward the collective health, in view of all its capacity in guiding itself of concise and coesa form in order to solve the problems lived deeply for individuals of our society. Soon, in such a way it is needed the participation accomplishes of the nurse has seen that the same it possesss a significant optics very in the conditions of planning of projects and execution of the same ones in the scope of the collective health. When the patients search attendance, them if they present and they express its problems, concerns and necessities using the system (use); the professional has the responsibility to recognize the problems, necessities or concerns of the patient (recognition of problems) and to formulate these necessities in a diagnosis for which an adequate handling can be suggested. The patients participate through its agreement of the suggestions, recommendations and of its acceptance, will be appropriate. Also they participate in the elaboration of the regimen to be suggested for the posterior implementation, for the return at the time recommended, or for the search of alternatives when the recommendations do not seem appropriate or they are inadequate (12). Thus, one emphasized in this study the importance, performance of the nurse, in the basic attention as supplying of collective health, having in analysis its contribution in the Strategy Health of the Family propitiating prevention, treatment of patologias not only by means of the routine clinic, more also, using the Education in Health, such combined mechanisms, integrates the perspective of the care of the nursing in collective health.

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