Saturday, May 26, 2012

Controlling Diabetes

This one is a very useful form to determine what the treatment is working so well. It tries that they review his cholesterol levels and triglycerides to him every year (mg/dL tries to reach cholesterol levels below 100). TratamientoTratamiento the immediate objectives of the treatment are to deal with the cetoacidosis diabetic diabticacetoacidosis and the high levels glucaemia. Due to the sudden appearance and gravity of the symptoms in diabetes type 1, is possible that the people who finish receiving the diagnosis need to remain in the hospital. The long term objectives of the treatment are: Prolongar the life Reducir the symptoms Prevenir complications related to the diabetes, such as blindness, renal insufficiency, cardiopathy and amputation of extremities. These objectives are obtained through: Control of the arterial pressure and the cholesterol careful Automatic control of the glucaemia levels Education Exercise Taken care of of the feet Planning of the meals and control of the weight Uso of medecines and insulin does not exist cures for the diabetes. The treatment consists of medecines, diet and exercise to control the sugar level in the blood and to prevent the symptoms. IT LEARNS THESE ABILITIES the basic abilities for the handling of the diabetes will help to prevent the necessity with emergencia attention and among them they are: How to recognize and to deal with the levels low (hipoglucemiahipoglucemia) and stops (hyperglucaemia) glucaemia What to eat and when to make it How take the oral insulin or medecines How to measure and to register the glucaemia How to prove cetonascetonas in the urine (solely for the diabetes type 1) How to fit to the exercise and food or insulin consumption when changing the nourishing habits How to handle the days in which one is ill Where to buy diabetic provisions and how to store them After knowing the bases on the care the diabetes, learns how this disease can cause problems of long term health and the best way to prevent them.

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