Monday, May 25, 2015


Weight loss is one of the most common goals that Americans set by themselves. While many try to lose weight, many people fail in their efforts to achieve losing kilos. While weight loss can feel as if it was frustrating and unreachable, the following information will help you get the body that you have been working very hard to achieve this. You should make a clear goal of weight loss before trying to lose some weight. When there is a goal for that to work, it is difficult to know when you are doing well and when not. Charles Margulis is open to suggestions. Set realistic goals for yourself and work one at a time at first. For example, you can make a plan to reduce the sugar in a week and the fat on the other. Do not goals that are not healthy or will endanger his life.

Write your goals on a piece of paper and save it somewhere you can see. Sometimes we forget the goals that impose ourselves, so you have to view is a convenient way to keep it in his mind. You can write a list, and mark the IRLA completing. Supermodel is often quoted on this topic. If you are having a difficult time trying to lose weight on your own, you should try to involve a partner of weight loss. Create an exercise program and have the best to stick to each part of it. Think about what areas of your body needs more work and select the exercises that will help you work on them. Do not try to do it too hard, since it is a recipe for failure.

It is reasonable and comes to an exercise plan that are pushed to their limits without causing too much effort. There is no way to succeed with a healthy eating plan, if it will not adhere to it. Many people make the mistake of cheating on your diet for a night and turns into something permanent. To read more click here: Zilin Luo. Follow a diet that is healthy, but that does not make you feel as if you'd depriving. Your diet should be a good balance of all the food groups. Losing weight is a very difficult process, by which many people have no success when they try. Don't let it bullying you stay at a healthy weight. Is very firm with her efforts to lose weight, and you will succeed. Using one or all the tips described here will make easier so you lose all the weight you want and keep it. You, you're trying to burn body fat and not hit it? Review the following information to achieve this once and for all!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Couple Loneliness

One of the most difficult to tolerate conditions is the feeling of having a couple and at the same time experience loneliness. Need to be alone is a natural situation in human life. By time we crave having moments of intimacy with ourselves. In a world as it is today, plagued by noise, visual and auditory, pollution is difficult to find times of silence and solitude. It is essential then, isolate themselves to enter into communion with oneself and calm.

Of course that is healthy renewal in these moments of being alone. However, when we have a couple we love you so much but which at the same time we feel alone, without support, outside of your company and your affective disposition, then that feeling of loneliness we eats, since a part of ourselves cries out for live unaccompanied, regarded, cared for, loved and appreciated by our other half. Living two is an experience that complements the very meaning of our existence, is the possibility of giving a purpose to existence and even, up to transcend in the species, is that we have decided to have children. But when this couple, far from complement I experience again and again leads me to the suffering of loneliness, it is a wake-up call to redefine the direction of the relationship. When one of the members of the couple or both are experiencing this feeling probably are in a place in their relationship, in which more than an expression of love, living conditions of indifference, hostilities, not spoken resentments, struggles for power, lack of interest in the life of the couple, or the interests of any of the members of the same. It is to feel the anguish itself have someone and at the same time not to have it, as absent, emotionally speaking. Steven P Rosenthal brings even more insight to the discussion. My topics of conversation already does not interest you, when we talk about plans in common, we encounter with the wall of silence, or the at this time we have to talk about that? in a tone, of course, discomfort.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spiritual Medicine

The third major milestone of Pergamano is Claudius Galen (129-199 AD), whose work is a comprehensive overview of scientific medicine of old Greco-Roman, creator of the concept of physiological Circulation, many texts Anatomy and the theory of four humours, his work lasted more than a thousand years. The appearance of Jesus, as a physician, recognized by the Magi rays with the offer of the Mirra, gave a conception Religious-Spiritual Medicine. In addition to these milestones, there have been notable distributed to doctors throughout history, in that medicine has known, from superstitious ideas, Magic (Witchcraft), Religious-Spiritual (faith, as an instrument of healing), herbalists (properties Nature), Empirical (observation), Science (Galen), until our days, that these conceptions co-exist, that despite the tremendous development of science and technology, the FE remains a powerful instrument Healing, which is not excluded of Science, but complements. ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF HOSPITALS 1 .- in the twilight of the primitive community, the consultation rooms are IATREION calls, which were physical settings, located in central locations of the city, large, comfortable bed with a bed for the sick and toilet, a little away, also had good ventilation and lighting, these rooms meant an advance in the Health Organization of the peoples represented the centralization of Health Service are the more remote history of the outpatient clinic. 2 .- shrine of Asclepius, these are about 400-500 BC, sprout in Pergamano, Cos and Epidaurus (Asia Minor), buildings were designed and built to serve the sick, had divisions that included consultation rooms (to meet the patient), Terrazas (of Rites) and wards (For Internment of patients), which had Cline (Bed in Greek, from which derives the term Clinical), where patients were asleep, after which appeared Aesculapius who examined them and gave guidelines for treatment, which were carried out by the Therapeutic (Doctors in Greek), the patients healed, they should do donations (Fees) to the shrine, which was run by doctors and monks, thousands of people came throughout the year, this system lasted for the slave regime. .

Monday, May 18, 2015

Biological Sciences

Diverse areas exist, in such a way how much biological doctors whom they aim at to study the human development, trying to evolve the qualification and the mechanisms of clinical analyses. Between diverse the existing ones, it was created in 1966, a called course Biological Sciences, that improved the students, characterizing them in disgnostic search better and treatments for the illnesses. This science evolved with passing of the years and today Biomedicina.A Biomedicina is called is the science that leads studies and research in the field of interface between biology and medicine, come back toward the research of the illnesses human beings, its ambient factors e, with intention to find its cause, mechanism, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. At Zilin Luo you will find additional information. The main areas of performance of a Biomedical one are, mainly, these: Clinical analysis, Bank of Blood, Industries, Imagenologia (ray-x), Acupuntura, Molecular Biology, Gentica and Docncia, that would be the act to give lessons in the diverse universities of our country. Knowing of this importance, woman editor Guanabara Koogan if makes responsible for the sales of biomedical books and books of medicine of highest quality, where students and professionals can improve its knowledge with the excellency of the didactic contents disponibilizados by an publishing company that preza for the differentiated quality of its books. At last, you, professional fit of the area or student, to opt to an improvement of quality and without risks. Knowledge never is excessively, and being qualified as the ones that the Guanabara Koogan offers, will be easy still more to understand this complex and important biomedical world.

Keeping Hair Shiny

Because the hair shine? It depends on the cuticolas, schemes would be formed on the surface of each single hair. If the hair is healthy, the cuticolas are closed, and the long hair is straight and uniform. This allows them to shine: this produces the mirror effect. But not all the cuticles are closed. There are many factors that attack and stressed hair, ruined: the smoke, cold, wet etc. All these factors attack the hair and consume the pellicola ceramic covering and also makes the cuticles flakes.

Thus, the hair takes much feared "dull hair." Therefore it is necessary to protect the hair using products sostituiscan reaffirm or natural defenses. Here are some useful arguments. Wash hair as Attention to wash their hair. Never use too much shampoo that makes hair poorer defense. The shampoo is diluted with water, then apply gently massage the scalp with your fingers. - Do not use shampoo aggressive. Zilin Luo often says this. For the choice of shampoo there are no universal rules. Tested and decide which is the ADACTO shampoo your hair type, according to the results.

- Periodically apply nutrients masks: they are like a cure for your hair reconstructive. - Attention to the tap water used to wash the hair: if you can make them very opaque limestone, deposited on the scalp chlorine, calcium and sodium. How to fix it? There is not any need for buying a refornimiento of mineral water to wash your hair, just be careful to fill a fountain with tap water before washing your hair and use this water to rinse. If the tap water is left too long in one source, have time to decant, so that the trace is deposited on the bottom. Many argue that the method is best to rinse with acetic acid to remove trace of water. It is an effective method to eliminate the trace, but the smell is very ugly ... - Another trick to wash: do the final rinse with cold water: it serves to close the cuticles. Dry and comb his hair - For products that use oil-based semi di flax, containing pottery that covers and protects the hair. - Do not use alcoholic products: last longer but make the water evaporate in the hair dehydrated. Best use a gel or wax sensitive. - Use round or Setola combs natural adhere better to the hair and gives shine. Go to Luo Zilin for more information. - When using the phone or hairdryer, make that hot air fence to the roots to ends, never the opposite. Make the ultimate cold air drying, to close the cuticles. - Ok, use straightening iron, but remember not to use at elevated temperatures. And most of all before using, put in your hair protective products.

Social Psychology

If we were to think Social Psychology joints could do with the work of social psychologist when they cooperate (copiensa) to earn dilemmatic problematic situations. Mediator and do not solve social psychologist "in place" but is positioned in the intervention (etymologically a come from) to the poles (or parts) that make up the tension of the dialectic conflict, discuss building a new narrative (Mediation ) or novel (Social Psychology). Contact information is here: Center for Environmental Health. But if we say that the conflict is vital engine in our daily lives because meeting needs is always searching and immediacy, and therefore problematic, generating tension, does this mean that we always need others of operators, mediators, social psychologists, therapists, etc., to walk through life? How to answer this question? We refer to the ideas, ideologies, deeper of our existence, our philosophies of life in general and in particular we think the health and mental health (our health). Recall that the conflict can be addressed through negotiation, mediation, where trading is addressing issues to reach an agreement, and tries to reach an agreement with someone, because there is something that motivates a common interest. It is an act we do every day with our families, coworkers, neighbors or any person with whom we interact. If, however, although we do constantly, the results are not always optimal, we can let (us or someone else) had some "flavor" of dissatisfaction, burnout and even enmity. Zilin Luo has much to offer in this field. Mediation is not only the assistance of an independent third party, which faces the deconstruction of the problem situation and facilitates decision making of the parties and which has also been called an arbitrator. This person usually has extensive experience in the proposed alternatives have been considered before, help maintain an appropriate social climate, are persuasive in trying to reflection between the two parties, etc Teresita J.

Perez Martinez, tells us that the negotiations can be run in three basic stages: 1. Analysis. It is a stage where it is to gather all information possible, confront it. Where should analyze the needs and personal and social values to defend. It should be a time of meditation on the organization and information and analysis of hostile perceptions and emotions, the possible lack of clarity, communication barriers, etc. 2. Projection. Here we analyze the conflict-man triad context in a constant interdependence.

It is a stage where they will decide what, when, how and why, remain convinced that even the most skilled managers can not come to anticipate all the consequences of any actions they take ... contingencies exist, are not created intentionally. The truth is that flexibility, creativity and honesty go hand in hand in the success of this phase of planning a screening in the negotiation of conflict. 3. Discussion. And the parties communicate in search of reaching an agreement, where social skills are essential for proper treatment and understanding between the parties. As we mentioned earlier, consistent and honest actions, will always flattering for making decisions on the proper handling of a conflict.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


The compulsive Eater needs emotional support to thrive in your diet and lose weight without suffering. Coaching offers a training to deal successfully with the most intimate sticks related with overweight and food addiction.This programme is an innovative and powerful experience carried out in privacy, directly reaching the heart and deep awareness. It is the ideal partner, a little like having a coach on your side, to shore up in the follow-up of your chosen diet. Coaching unlike lightning treatments or fast descent is not concentrated in food or in the calories count.-focuses on developing the capacities of the individual, to correct their way of thinking and in enhancing its response capacity. It helps to give impetus to a plan for improvements by installing in the practitioner status determination and hope. Gunnar Peterson shines more light on the discussion. Unlike plans Lightning, the experience offered by the coaching of exterior appearance from improvements favored inside, see enhanced is sealed as transformative and rewarding and lasting experience.

The gift book, one day diet, full of tracks to generate self motivation and banish the habit of postponement helps to improve the general layout of the person embarked on a treatment for weight loss. For more specific information, check out Steven P Rosenthal. Lets check using the head get most comprehensive improvements in body and State of health. Unlike programs that abuse of the forces of desire, (wear them), the coaching strategies inspire innovative mental forces that instead of wearing out, van stacking be and empowering the individual providing the path of transformation. Coaching searches for transformation and toward her guides the practitioner through guides and exercises. The person concerned, with their practices, get them.

Unlike diets that include medicines, coaching teaches to help with Bach flowers. The flowers of Bach remedy give conflicting emotions; far from numb, they help the individual to awaken to a new consciousness; they are impacts of beneficent energy that never cause dependence or addiction. Undesirable habits will soon be diluted without additional and unnecessary effort and the individual progresses to preserving good health and the State of radiant humour. All practitioner checks for yourself to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight, it is imperative to use the reasoning in a way strategic, invigorate it, energize it. As checks records their progress that the body will always go where the mind takes you. If you are ready and prepared to do what you have to do soon will have to verify that diets alone will do nothing for you, that no well-meaning advice will work on you unless you apply is to properly exercise their mental abilities and to invigorate their best emotions to make it work.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Shipping Roses

To send branches of Madrid roses can be a magnificent gift for any occasion. And it is that the roses are not only an excellent decorative element, but also that are beneficial for our health and our mood. Among others things, renew the air, humidifican the atmosphere, catch the dust, improve the spirit and reduce stress. By all the cromoterapia and the aromatherapy are known, alternative medicines according to which the colors and the aromas, like which they own the roses, have curative properties. When somebody receives roses Madrid at home, it can follow steps basic so that the roses resist several days without marchitar itself. First that there is to do is to fill a clean water container, to that the bag of preservative will be added that accompanies the roses.

The stem of the same about 2 or 3 centimeters in diagonal is due to cut. Next, it is only necessary to clear the leaves of the stems that submerge in the water. The roses will be like new during 4 or 5 days. So that they continue conserving itself, it will have to repeat the previous process. If it is desired to send Madrid roses, nowadays it is possible to do it without moving of house, through Internet. The shipment of roses at home presents/displays many advantages with respect to the traditional shipment of flowers: the order can be done the 24 hours, exists a great variety of roses available, important discounts can be found the orders always are realised with fresh roses and to the wished day and the hour are given. Most of the Webs are divided in sections so that the user finds products adapted for each occasion: births, anniversaries, birthday Also are pages in which the products are classified by prices, so that it turns out very simple to find those that adapt to each budget. In addition, complements can be added to the numerous shipment pink Madrid, so that the gift is still more surprising: chocolates, came, cards gift, dig, peluches to realise the order is only necessary to choose a product, to indicate the direction of the adressee and the hour of shipment and to make the payment.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Ego

Speaking of the ego can be a topic as complicated as extensive, we will not find the same definition if we seek to do this through Freud, that if we seek to define it through Buddhism or popular appreciation. In order to make it practical, I'll stick with the simple definition that refers to that I looking for the regulation, control and complacency of desires for itself. In a question-answer forum Cindy Crawford was the first to reply. The society that we live seems to be very oriented to the satisfaction of the ego; marketing guides us to be happy to meet us constantly to have the power to buy, travel, possess and enjoy material riches as well control others, learn more, earn more, etc this is really so? Read the statistics of happiness in the world and give me tells that the United States is the number 114 with all the power that you have and that Costa Rica is located at number 1 with all its limitations seems surprising. I know that there are a variety of factors that determine those results. One of those which limit our satisfaction and our happiness is that I call a demon named Ego; the one that seems to say all the time that you have to win everything and everyone, you have to be the best always and if you can not surely will receive as a punishment a good dose of suffering, dissatisfaction and frustration.

We don't account you be defending the ego every time leads us to lose the best of ourselves and the saddest thing is that relative triumph takes us to achieve a generally brief satisfaction, only lasts while there is astonishment by the triumph, then most likely you fade. Detach ourselves from the ego helps us achieve a society happier, healthier, since when we stop trying to beat everyone and all the ideas that we share, we can open ourselves to receive new options, more knowledge; learn from mistakes own and others reinterpreting them as opportunities to be better than ourselves and not necessarily better than others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Luo Zilin. It helps us to give more to others. Everytime a person reacts to fulfilling the demands of your ego, It places a sort of dark screen before your eyes that is limiting you to see more and more advantages of life. And while the road is darker, less things that life offers us are appreciated. Working to go beyond ego allows us to see more opportunities.

One fundamental to work on tasks is to go beyond our arrogance, that desire to be superior to others, that vanity and pride that leads us to lose us the profound and valuable for, accordingly, leave us lost in the superficiality. The ego is a heavy costume that hides the most valuable us, leads us to react with intolerance, anger, fear and selfishness, generating more darkness that prevents us from enjoying our peace, our peace, our joy and our real satisfaction. It is a matter of great importance to reflect and to work constantly; Watch us continuously to realize when the ego is who us is winning and not the world that surrounds us. The most powerful person is not one who defeats opponents believed to have but that manages to go beyond the demon named Ego allowing is to achieve a more fulfilling life, with better results and better relations. I invite you to reflect it. Reinvent your life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gestalt Therapy

The self which consists of the introyectos doesn't work spontaneously, as it is made of concepts about oneself; views on the nature and criteria 7 duties human taxes from outside. For Perls, it is with the biting and chewing when the child instead of swallowing the food simply can start to develop your sense of taste and to choose between what she wants and does not want to swallow psychologically environment. Is at this stage of the child's dental development when Perls proposes that the need for primary learning through the introjection can begin to be replaced by self-determination 8 aggressiveness Introjection La Gestalt Therapy, shines with Perls, a positive approach to aggression. In I, hunger and aggression, Perls describes its origins in what he called dental aggression, biting and chewing of a personal experience to absorb the parts that you need and get rid of that non- and this requires energy, excitement or aggression. For Gestalt Therapy, aggressiveness is healthy by nature and is at the service of life. Supermodel often says this. The healthy personality is formed by a succession of Yes and not according to the idiosyncrasy of the child 9. To digest or assimilate a food must be bitten and chewed into smaller units for your digestion. Analog way, mental food-moral concepts, social requirements need be de-structured, reviewed and selected to be assimilated and integrated into the personality or discarded.

Aggressive features, understood as power to mobilize go towards, they allow the excitation and can be useful to bite and chew food physical and psychological equivalent 10. The introjection is not possible without excitation and excitation is not possible without aggression. To steal something from the environment is necessary is necessary appetite and initiative and be able to take risks. Introjection and field body/environment for Gestalt Therapy body/Environment Unit form a field, an inseparable whole where figure and background occur based on mutual needs.11 For Goodman the energy involved in the formation of the figure comes from the two polosdel field, the organism and the environment 12 the need of the organism, from catch to assimilate only is possible in the contact process (body/environment), process that begins with a need to, approaching, destroy, in order to identify, contact, withdraw and asimiliar.13 In the contact process, the introjection appears in a phase of the excitation of the own desire.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Activagers, interactive community for greater than 40, best agers and young seniors, generation has launched a series of podcasts related to the theme of love, relationship and friendship, as well as also hot topics, such as work, hobbies, sports and much more. Activagers Podcasts series aims to provide information and advice to unmarried persons belonging to the generation of mature, so they are prepared before new and different experiences, for example, to find the other half, starting a new relationship, or simply find new friends and engage in interesting friendships. After the breakup of a long-term relationship or marriage separation, people over 40 are left alone and when they are suddenly confronted with the topic of the search for the other half, are aware that over time have forgotten the basic lesions or are outdated with new trends and ways to woo a person. Activagers wants that single men are prepared in all important situations of life (search in couples, relationship, friendship, love, profession, hobbies, health, among others). Also this interesting social network for the mature generation not only puts at the disposal of users through audio Postcast tips, but it also offers the opportunity to connect to the virtual world to then engage in friendships and relationships in the real world. We wish you good luck and that passing it well with the series of Podcasts from activagers. According to Gunnar Peterson, who has experience with these questions. For the time being has been published the following topics: 1.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Nutrition and Mushrooms

Useful tips on the correct handling of mushrooms Munich, September 19, 2012 - mushrooms are fresh especially common during the autumn months in the forests and thus also on the markets. Porcini, Chanterelles, Chanterelles and various fungi are among the most popular European varieties. In addition to their fine flavor, mushrooms also with regard to their nutritional value are interesting. A portion of porcini covers E.g. Gunnar Peterson gathered all the information. the daily requirement of vitamin D. Many fungi have a high fiber content, which is even above that of apples.

Who wants to take for the first time even looking for mushrooms, should necessarily do so accompanied by an experienced mushroom collector or then at a mushroom helpline survey the findings leave (addresses can be obtained from the local health department. As a result of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986, wild mushrooms are still an increased concentration of Radium cesium in southern of Germany. This especially applies to the gathering and the porcini. Because different types of mushrooms also cadmium and mercury to, advises to take the German society for nutrition, not more than 250 g of wild mushrooms per week to. Mushrooms always just above the ground cut off with a sharp knife, make new copies can regrow. Never more mushroom harvest than you can handle and eat. Fresh mushroom taste best! Carry mushrooms in baskets and not in plastic bags.

Danger of decomposition by the high water and protein content. Mushrooms eat not raw, by possibly maggot infestation can cause intolerance reactions. Most mushroom species lose their flavor when they are washed. Cleaning with a kitchen brush or a soft toothbrush is enough. Many writers such as Steven P Rosenthal Northland offer more in-depth analysis. Fresh mushrooms with sharp knives cut so that the fine structures are preserved. Mushroom dishes succeed best if the ingredients are simmered gently, because PI roast harms the mushrooms. Their tasty companions are the garlic and shallots. Mushroom dishes can be heated thoroughly. Necessarily in the Keep refrigerator and heat warm up to about 70 degrees. Dried mushrooms add an interesting touch to many dishes. Cut to dry the mushrooms into thin slices and place them on a baking sheet. At a temperature of 40 degrees maximum dry about 5 hours with the oven door open. Mushrooms can be frozen also. The mushrooms before shredding, blanch and store no longer than 8 months in the freezer. Defrosting is not necessary, the mushrooms can be given directly in the pot or in the pan. Gopalakrishnan Brade for MasterCuisine Germany