Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dialogue

It is basic to consider and to establish the dialogue with the divergent, heterogeneous cultures, that they have one to know that crosses knowing of the scientific or instituted said ones, and, thus, it joins rationality, intuition, dream, imaginary, sensitivity, art etc (9). The collective presents a infinity of possibilities for the risk of adoecimento of the individuals that of them are part, therefore of same form also has diverse ways so that they make possible the nurse to act so that these adoecimentos diminish significantly in the collective context, in view of that the assistance given to these people must aim at the auto-care and as well as changing the perspectives of the same ones focusing that its cooperation is of basic importance in such a way in its proper health as well as of the other people surround who them. As in the case of the Affection, if it does not have a class action enters the inhabitants of one definitive community for the effective combat to the mosquito vector of the affection, does not have a control in the cases of adoecimentos as well as of the imminences of deaths promoted for this pathology in its more serious form. The interaction of the nurse with the community becomes essential so that the perspective of the promotion of health in collective scope is reached, therefore, they become necessary that the same it has a directed optics some ways to act of efficient and coesa form, paraque thus are carried through communitarian projects that propitiate improvements in quality of life of its clientele. PRACTICAL RELATION OF the NURSING IN the COLLECTIVE HEALTH In the assistencial process of nursing, in particular in the collective health, the diligent spear hand in such a way of a series of technologies that include the necessary equipment and instruments to the development of its work as, for example: the physical structure, the procedures technician, the educative brochures, the knowledge structuralized concerning the epidemiologia, planning in health and others, how much of technologies that involve the relations between the citizens in the assistance process, that they say respect to listening, to the humanizado attendance, to the bond and the respect for the other, while somebody that carries a difficulty, a problem or a necessity any (7).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Interpersonal Capacities

This study it was not submitted to the Committee of Ethics in research, for being a literary revision. QUARREL Even so has many made investigativos studies on thematic stress labor, here they are argued from which was possible the access, what it was given through critical revision of literature. Salient that the sources of stress labor of the nurse due its emotional envolvement with the patient, is a subject abundantly argued, however, the quarrel in this article, will be in certain way, limited. Authors as Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981, in Mcintyre, 1994) have identified related specific agents of stress with adverse reactions to the work in hospital environment, nominated: the work overload (physical and mental); unreliability of the work and inadequao of the capacities of the individual to the work; ambiguity of papers; to work in unknown domnios; to serve a population that lives anxiety and fear; not participation in the decisions or planning; responsibility for other people and sub-exploitation of its capacities; inadequate resources; not satisfied ambitions, Interpersonal conflict and technological changes, among others aspects. It is interesting to point out that, through a revision of literature, Leppanen and Olkinuora (1987, in Mcintyre, 1994), they had mentioned that, most of the nurses considers its compensating work in what it says respect: to provide services with meaning, to be capable to use and to develop its professional capacities and to possess professional challenges. However, according to same authors, the challenge was considered, for about half of the nurses, as source of stress, for the fact to feel preparation lack, particularly as for the abilities psychological. Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981, in Mcintyre, 1994), had carried through a study of stress in nurses, in which they had identified as main inductive situations of stress: the overload of work and the fact of if feeling insufficiently prepared to deal with emotional requirements of the sick people and its families.

Monday, December 3, 2012


One perceives that the majority of the sample is composed for women (3) and of married civil state. In relation children the sample if divided, being that two possess and two not. How much to the year of formation, it varies between 2003 and 2008, only having a nurse who meets formed it has more time, surrounds five year of difference of excessively. only one nurse does not possess no specialization in the area. It is verified that all the nurses more than possess one year of experience in the institution. The time as nurse and in the area of nursing, the majority, this between two and three years. Emphasis to one of the nurses can be given who have much time exerting the function, being that the time as nurse arrives the eight years, and the time in the nursing area arrives the sixteen years, verifying that it possesss a significant difference in relation the experience of this nurse with excessively.

The horria load of two nurses is of nine daily hours, and of one he is 6 hours being that it makes twelve hours of planto to the week ends and another one makes ten hours. 4,2 Categories of Analysis In this subitem are presented the analysis of the contents of the interviews applied in four nurses in accordance with the eight categories of the model of QVT considered for Walton, which was used in this research. 4.2.1 Compensation joust and adjusted the actions of QVT has for objective to protect and to promote better conditions of life for the collaborator inside and outside of the institution where it is inserted, and so that these conditions are reached she is necessary that the remuneration is adjusted (WARLIKE WALTON, 1973 apud and HUNTER, 2008).

Monday, November 26, 2012


This it is a posteo that goes to him to be very interesting to the beginner mothers since we will give some advice them about how nursing its baby correctly. (Not to be confused with Dr. Kevin Cahill!). In this way they will be able to feed it on a simpler way, with less annoyances and pains. First that there is to consider is the position, as much of the mother as the one of the baby. If you nurse sitting you must raise the back the maximum possible and to lift the knees some centimeters. In the case of the baby, its body must be patch to the one of the mother, On guard straight well and with the head put on the forearm. The arms of the mother must surround to the creature so that she is well firm and comfortable. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Josyann Abisaab).

Another point to consider for the correct breast-feeding is the way with which the baby takes hold the chest of the mother. New born it will be able to be fed better if all the zone of the mammary aureole is in its mouth and with the nipple inclined towards the part superior of the same. In order to nurse the baby the best thing it is to offer the chest with which the last time was fed. In this way it will be able to extract all the remaining milk to alleviate it. Once it has finalized with that breast you will be able to offer the other to him if still it is hungry. If during the breast-feeding you observe that the baby sucks too much, which causes that their cheeks go away inwards, is because the position is not the correct one.

If their cheeks are inflated it means that it is taking milk perfectly. The nipple never must be squashed when new born it finishes feeding itself. The next time that him DES the chest must be round to know you have nursed that it of correct form. Original author and source of the article

Friday, November 16, 2012

Parental Alienation

In the case of the families, the search for a sentence can represent the only way found for the confrontation of conflicts (RASP; FIELDS, 2003; FIORELLI; MANGINI, 2009). When the separation occurs, the parental pair if it separates conjugally, but not parentalmente, that is, they leave of being husband and woman, but they continue being father and mother. The parental relation appears and if it becomes indelvel from the birth or adoption of a son. What it is observed to a large extent of the cases of guard dispute, is that the parents costumam if to lose in its frustrations, you distress and ressentimentos in relation to the marriage I insult and if they forget to look at for the children and optimum interest of them. In such a way, the relation between the conjugal and parental aspects if shows as great complicador for the promotion of well-being of the children after the separation. 2.4.2 the Had Cases as Parental Alienation the concept of Parental Alienation appeared in the decade of 80 and was postulate for the American psychiatrist Richard.

the Gardner. Second it, the parental alienation would be the situation where one of the genitors, frequent the guard, would program the child in having felt to disqualify and to stain the image of the genitor not guard, making with that it hates it to the child depreciates and it in unjustified and exaggerated way, beyond if tying and establishing a pact of alliance with alienator genitor (FONSECA, 2006; BARBOSA; OATHS, 2010). The use of the allegation of Parental Alienation, for the litigant parts, as pleiteador argument of keeping of the children has increased excessively in the Poles of Family. With this, the forensic magistrates and professionals also have made use of this practical term to also lead its and for the taking of decision. Fonseca (2006) clarifies that it has a differentiation between the Parental Alienation and the Syndrome of Parental Alienation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


FOR VOCS DEAR PEOPLE! GOOD BLESSED DAY. WHO AM I? YOU WHO ARE? 24/102/11 AUTHORSHIP: NORM AP. SILVEIRA OF MORAES Ando asking WHO to me AM I? The human being is so complex, so mysterious One day you wakes up glad in apogee In the other invades one day sad and painful It has always a melancholy in deep of the soul the human being never is happy total We feel homesickness, of does not know what; it will be some trauma But trauma is pain that if does not forget Homesicknesses easily or is simply solitude Because it has a part in us that nobody understands Has mysteries in the soul that dilacera the heart Things that even though people do not understand Mysteries of the life, of our unconscious ones That he is always awaken catching everything Many things that we are not conscientious Even in a lapse of memory, that backwards tona however I always stop to reflect on the life and, the evil and the good in combat always Leaving doubts, fear and perverted mind Goodness, friend, who goes assisting in the consuming Desiring and being peace, we know that many are in contrast, Like you intrigue, to distill poison and to contaminate But who feel the force of the faith and are humanitarian are not left to involve without seeing the side of the question to judge Are easy to perceive the joy of living and the smile of who has peace, harmonizes and contaminates the positive energy of some people namely Cures until the sadness, of the life, brightens up and livens up For this I asks? Who am I? What I came to make in this blue planet? So beautiful abundant e? What necessary to learn? Know I mine? What it interests is to fight until the proper evil and being of the well helping one. I adore to filosofar to only think about mine cantinho How the life plays the people of a side for the other Will be we who we trace this situation searching a nest Or the mystery of the life still has that to be coming? Unhappyly the materialism took account of everything and almost nobody is giving attention In what it occurs in, life and they do not go to the study Of the COSMIC laws, of the soul and of the transformation But everything it has its hour, the life it puts in charge to teach In the hour of the fear is that if it remembers the Loving FATHER Some nor believe the power, of who Creates and if it makes To take care of But the evolution if makes necessary because it has yes something Powerful Happy of who if This places at the hands of God its feelings follows its calm way and with confident thought It is satisfied and it learns, it earns in the battle, of the events Because nothing the suffering lasts forever also is distant Has happy moments, a paradox of the BEING IN the WORLD the life is lesson, after an other, in pgnas white of the life Each day is only different e, and everything leadsthe deep learning Because everything has bedding and law, stops in the good fighting and being successful Appeared norm Silveira de Moraes/DEEP PEACE!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Intensive Therapy

In the treatment of critical patients, the humanizao is so important how much to the used medication and instrumental procedures in the work of the nurse. However, a great one is observed valuation of the executed techniques surpassing, the attention to the patient as to be humano1. As Delandes 2004 humanizao represents a set of initiatives that the production of cares in health, capable aims at to conciliate the best available technology with shelter promotion, ethical and cultural respect to the patient, spaces of work favorable to the good exercise technician and the satisfaction of the health professionals and usurios2. The nursing team must give an assistance that exceeds the barriers of the physical care and to promote actions that favor the recovery of the patient, understanding it through its gestures, expressions and words, thus creating an approach between professional, patient and famlia3 humanizadas. So that the nursing professionals can give a humanizada assistance, she is necessary that the condition human being is respected, receiving remuneration joust, adequate conditions of work beyond recognition valorizao4. This study it has for objective to inform to the nursing professionals the positive and negative concept of humanizao and aspects of the assistance of nursing in the Units of Intensive Therapy. Humanizao of the familiar patients and the admission of a patient in the UTI comumente requires a fast intervention, since the patient presents high risk of one instability or more physiological systems, with possible risks to the health, whose life meets in the limit with morte3. Patient negative factors? Fear, anxiety and unreliability, depression, these estressantes factors that the manifest patient during its internment in the UTI are factors that harm or even though they annul the beneficial effect of the intensive treatment and that most of the time these factors could be prevented, if the team that acts in UTI if to keep intent to the first signals of these factors.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Patient

Some factors can make to vary the exactness of the counting, can also cite the volume of excrements really eliminated by the patient and the amount of staple fibres and water contained in excrements. Evidently, the method does not apply liquid excrements (REY et al., 2008). It must to stand out that in infections exclusively with female worms, all the expelled eggs will be infertile, whereas in infections with male worms the excrement examination will only be consequently negative (SNOWS et al., 2008). The eggs of Ascaris conserve per weeks or months well. The gotten results can vary of one day for another one in function of the irregularity with that they are after to you them and eliminated eggs. Also consequences of fibrose intestinal, that if it presents in the cases of chronic patients, and makes it difficult the expulsion of eggs through in-testinal mucosa (REY et al., 2008).

2.3.Patogenia the contamination for verminoses can acometer the health of the people bringing to them would be complications the life. In this way, it is observed that the individual that acquired verminoses these subject to symptoms as me - the absorption, anemia, development of a lesser capacity of work, low pertaining to school income (VINE, 1976), diarria, clicas, physical development and mental slow and in some cases it can take the death (LEATHER STRAP et al., 2005). In many cases the parasatism is assintomtica mainly in children, the symptoms generally happen when it has a more numerous infection of worms or larvae, or anomalous migratory localizations (MELO et al., 2004). The pathogenic action generally is developed in two stages: during the migration of the larvae and when the adult worm meets in its definite habitat. In such a way the injury will depend on the number of larvae, the fabric and the sensitivity of the host (REY, 2008). In the phase of larvria invasion, the importance of the injuries depends on the number of larvae of the fabric, where if they find the sensitivity of the host.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


work is basic, having to be faced as source of pleasure and satisfaction, therefore the internal changes are necessary, as well as alterations in the environment of work and the interpersonal relations that would have to be established in the love to the next one, so that the humanizao comes to be a reality in cotidiano9. She is necessary thus, to stimulate the worker to actively participate of the process of construction of a humanizao proposal, that is, to assist it to take it conscience of the reality, its existencial state and its proper capacity of mudana4. Negative factors of the professionals? High rotation, the flow of professionals in the UTI, to the noises of the devices, finishes generating one estresse very mental great in the professionals, thus contributing for humanizao lack; Absenteeism, to many estresse it times physical and mental caused for the daily conviviality with the suffering of the other, number of frequent deaths, limitations personal and material techniques, make with that these professionals leave to go to the work. Insatisfao in the work overload of activities, me the remuneration, high number of plantes, unexpected competitiveness between the proper professionals, intercorrencias is factors that generate estresse and insatisfao in the work, these feelings can take the depression, anger, depression and lacks reliable in proper itself, diminishing the satisfaction in the work. Positive factors of the professionals? Qualification of the emotional ability, the professionals live in day-by-day with emotionally conflicting situations and of she estresse, for this one better physical and mental preparation in way is necessary that alternatives for overcoming of the frustrations create gifts in the UTI. The emotional care is of responsibility of all team of health, therefore these professionals must be to deal emotionally well with the familiar patients and. Continued education must be carried through based in the problems found in the accomplishment of the nursing assistance, these professionals need adequate a physical environment of work, also need a physical structure programmed to take care of the patients, constituting as well as facilitador of the humanizao of the assistance.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Life

How much bigger the number of information, minor the number of illnesses, and deaths of in function of illnesses. Kris Aglae Authorial *Direitos Reserved the physical health is important in the life of all human being. When it is mentioned to the aged one () more still; therefore already all lived a life, honored commitments, worked, it works, and it contributed with the growth of our Country, therefore they are worthy of rest. However, valley to remember whenever each organism reacts of a different form in relation to the aging. If an elderly with another one cannot compare, because each one had a life description, family, friends, work, feeding, cares with the health among others.

' ' Nor therefore the aged ones () must leave to have one ' ' oldness ' ' rejuvenescida' '. To conserve this rejuvescimento, it is important to occupy its time with physical exercises. Being thus to carry through any type of physical activity, the correct one is first to pass for one detailed medical evaluation and with well-taken care of greaters, mainly in function of the lived years and because also some make medicine use, then exists this necessity to be intent to everything what it will be to make. Practising any physical activity, the aged one () will feel more disposal, more useful, with more will of living, thus improving its auto-they esteem, and with courage; this will make with that if it feels more healthful, sociable and happy. The familiar environment, the friends and the healthful feeding also are basic to improve its quality of life. With Law N. 10,741, of First of October of 2003, where the Statute of the Aged one with some information on its rights was created, this Law it strengthened to aged () the discountings in the ingressions for artistic, cultural, esportivos events, leisure; they had been benefited with 3% in the reserve of the residential units in the habitation programs; vacant in the public and private estacionamentos; social benefits.

Friday, September 21, 2012


The baciloscopia of skin (esfregao intradrmico), whenever available, it must be used as complementary examination for the classification of the cases as PB or MB. The positive baciloscopia classifies the case as MB, independently of the number of injuries. It is observed that the negative result of the baciloscopia does not exclude the diagnosis of hansenase. Treatment - the treatment of hansenase is ambulatorial, using the standardized therapeutical projects in accordance with the operational classification. Being: Paucibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona; Multibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona and clofazimina. The treatment is one right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health SUS. Vaccine BCG - Application of vaccine BCG-ID in the intradomiciliares contacts, without presence of signals and symptoms of hansenase at the moment of the evaluation, independently to be PB or MB, depends on vaccine history, with the following recommendations: Without scar to prescribe a dose. With a BCG scar to prescribe a dose.

With two scars of BCG not to prescribe dose. Prevention of incapacities - the prevention of incapacities is an activity that if it initiates with the precocious diagnosis, treatment with PQT, examination of contacts and BCG, identification and adequate treatment of the reactions and neurites the autocuidado orientation of, as well as giving emotional and social support. The neurological evaluation, classification of the incapacity degree, application of prevention techniques and the orientation for the autocuidado one are procedures that they need to be carried through in the units of health. These measures are necessary to prevent sequels, such as: ulcers, loss of the muscular force and deformities (hands in claw, fallen foot, lagoftalmo). The cases send regards to the guiding to the units of reference that could not be decided in the basic units.

Individuals after 15 days of treatment or already cured do not transmit more the illness. Indemnity to the victims in Brazil In accordance with federal decree 6,168, of 24 of July of 2007, the patients interned and compulsively isolated in hospitals colonies of all the country, until the year of 1986, will have right to the monthly lifetime pension in the value of 750 Reals. To receive the benefit, the patients need to present documents that prove the obligatory internment and to fill a petition of special pension. The resource will be paid for the INSS. CONCLUSION hansenase is easy to diagnosis, to treat and has cure, however, when diagnosised and treated delayed it can bring serious consequences for carriers for the injuries incapacitate that them physically. The treatment is long and must be followed in agreement medical orientaes, therefore the abandonment can result in restarts of the treatment or incapacitantes complications. The treatment is a right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health of the SUS. REFERENCES BRAZIL. Hansenase CID 10:30. the Available one in: BRAZIL. DECREE N 6,168, OF 24 OF JULY OF 2007. Brasilia, 2007. Available in: . MINISTRY OF GREETS. IT WOULD CARRY N 3,125, OF 7 OF OCTOBER OF 2010. Brasilia, 2009. Available in: . HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Guide of procedures technician in Hansenase Baciloscopia. Brasilia, 2010. Available In: MINISTRY OF GREETS. Monitoring in Health: situation epidemiologist of hansenase in Brazil. Brasilia, 2008. available one in:

Friday, September 14, 2012


The people attacks for the illness had been confined and treated in leprosrios during many years. She has as objective main the aspects for the diagnosis and precocious treatment considering that all the people are inclined the adquiriz them. Its etiolgico agent is the Mycobacterium leprae, or bacillus Hansen, discovered for Gerhard Armauer Hansen in 1873. The Hansenase if manifest under the form of injuries in the skin and the peripheral nerves, possesss high infectividade and low pathogenicity its transmission is for the respiratory ways.

The degree of immunity of the individuals is changeable and determines the evolution of the illness that is classified on the forms paucibacilares and the multibacillary ones, that if manifest on the forms Indetermined, Tuberculide, Dimorfa, Virchowiano. The diagnosis is defined by the presence of injuries of skin with sensitivity alteration, acometimentos of the nerves and for baciloscopia. The patients are dealt with poliquimioterapia (PQT), and are recommended for all the cases of hansenase in accordance with the classification of the sick person. Brazil is as the country with bigger number of cases of hansenase, the main control of the illness is the diagnosis and the precocious treatment, beyond the made intradomiciliar control with vaccine BCG. The stigma and the preconception are gifts in the life of the carrier of hansenase, making it difficult in facing the illness, bringing serious problems in the personal and professional life.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eliminating Shinbones

Now, no longer you have preocuparte. It will not be necessary to cover your face whenever the person whom you like watches to you, because there is a pile of ways of how eliminating shinbones during the night, naturally, in house. 5 Remedies To eliminate Shinbones to 1.Tomar water. It drinks much water around 8-10 glasses to the day. The water consumption not only is good for your skin, but also for your health. It decontaminates bacteria outside the body that cause to the disease and the acne. 2.

Lvate the face with maximum water 2 times to the day. Nonwashings too much your face, since it releases the natural oil that your face needs. You do not want to have a flaky and dry skin, or if? Also you can lavarte the face with a slight face cleaner, only asegrate of which the cleaner has a saliclico acid combination, that will help your skin to eliminate the excess of fat and the dirt. Like result, you will be able to eliminate shinbones during the night of natural form. 3.

The USA Ice. Also you can use ice to eliminate shinbones, ponlo on the grain that you wish to eliminate by minutes. Not it you put directly, surrounds the ice in a smooth and clean rag. It continues making the process during about 15 minutes so that the shinbone falls. After doing this, it applies a small amount of grazes of teeth and dejala all night. In the morning it rinses with lukewarm water, and you will be lista/o for irte. 4. It uses fruits and vegetables. You can eliminate shinbones from the comfort of your kitchen, yes! with the ingredients that you use to cook. You can use a mixture of lemon juice with water of roses. It applies the mixture in the face. Djalo during 30 minutes and soon rinses there with cold water. This process will eliminate the fast shinbone and will cause that your skin shines clearer therefore the scar will disappear with the shinbone. 5. The USA natural remedies. If the shinbone is inflamed, it takes leaves from strawberry and frotalas smoothly on the shinbone, will help to reduce to the reddening and the inflammation you. Also you can use the orange peel, you do a pulp until the texture this doughy one, mixes with water. It applies on the zone where it is the shinbone. It washes with water later. Garlic has a bad scent, but for to this you will need it moment. It crushes garlic and aplicalo on the skin, after this repeated process you will overnight have a smooth and free skin of acne. You want to eliminate the acne of a fast, simple and Guaranteed form in only 7 DAYS? You do not have to undergo more! It eliminates the acne of a natural way, immediately and for always! It recovers your self-esteem, Visit: ALREADY!

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Infant Health

For this reason, one becomes basic the information and preparation of the infants of whom it will be to happen to them. Of the five to the seven years, the same authors say that they are visible to the afflictions on the death, the sumio or the fear of if losing forever, they select the direction for its destination, of the familiar ones and of other interns. Of the seven to the nine years, the child if worries if she goes or not to lose its place in the infirmary, will be itself invalid forever, if she goes to be moved away from house, the school, the friends, in end, takes advantage the fear of being abandoned. Of the nine to the twelve years, the child demonstrates proper affliction on the pertaining to school questions, of the intellectual, social scope and physical, that is, on the consequences of the assiduity to the institution and the repercussions she does not stop with the colleagues. E, as last phase, of the eleven to the thirteen years, the authors mention that the manifest infant fidgets on the corporal functions, on the organic products, on the exhibition before the hospital team and to the other patients, as well as of the probable demoralization of the friends. Visa this, other decurrent traumas of the hospitalization of a child also can happen. According to Machado and Martins (the 2003), when the child is hospitalized, majority of the times has that to support many limitations in its activities in consequence of its disease and the physical space, being this generally limited. For the same authors, it has two situations that they contribute for the increase of the physical and psychic suffering of the child in this condition: Some children go to the hospital for ambulatoriais consultations and routine examinations, without no symptom or signal of perceivable illness to the mother or the family, I medicate and it prescribes the internment.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chvez Psychologist

Water, expression of the Cardinal red emotions *Rosa Chvez Psychologist, Homepata, Fam Therapist. And Writer the water is a vital force of the nature, it is the means by which circulate the nutrients through body, in addition she transports the energy. The human body is water and energy transport brings back to consciousness is East soul is similar to a load wagon that crosses our organism. If the body is obstructed by: scars of surgeries, by traumatisms, tattoos, you implant, nails, piercings, diseases, or contaminated by the smoke of the cigarette, the chemical, then smog and substances the load of the wagon also is contaminated reason why he is essential that the water remains in its optimal level of cleaning. The water has the capacity to memorise the information. An example of this phenomenon occurs in Homeopathy, the proposal is that while greater is the dilution, major is the effectiveness of the remedy: That is to say, instead of to use the effect of the substance to eliminate the symptoms, the information copied in the water cancels information of the symptoms of the toxic substance from where it comes. The words are an expression of the soul, and have an impact in the water of our body (70%) and produce an effect in our health.

The people with good health generally have a healthy spirit and a healthy spirit lives with greater comfort in a healthful body. Two words exist that would have to guide the world and we put that them in practice there would not be necessity of laws: Love and Gratitude. When the people fall in love they elevate at the highest level of its capacity of vibration. It is not limited the pair love, includes the respect and disinterested attraction towards other people. Between medicines there is no surpasses to the curative powers of the love All the things vibrate and each does to its own frequency, nevertheless the human beings we cannot see the vibrations, the water is in movement and constant vibration.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Human Suffering

Summary: This work brings a story concerning the particular experience of an individual in relation to a serious illness that brings it suffering. Leaving of the basic estimated one of the felt search of and the question of the being in relation to the espiritualidade, objective to bring a bigger clarification concerning the particular experience of suffering. Word-key: suffering, particular experience, search of direction. Story of a particular experience: When an individual is born with some disease, seems that it does not have perspectives for this exactly individual. The people around of the patient do not bet that this obtains to develop itself.

In the truth, as all being in the world this individual that suffers obtains to develop and to search a direction in its life. All and any being that is born, expects that the best physical and psychic conditions are in favor of this new to be that it finishes to be born. But when somebody with some special necessity is born, the best conditions are not waited although the parents to aim at to reach it. These if they become attached to the faith as a shelter of the suffering to have an ill son. The GOD makes responsible for having brought a son with a physical deficiency. The individual with necessities special as well as any another human being, is not born with a preset destination.

In the truth, it must construct throughout its experiences a direction for its existence with a being that is in the world. The hope to continue fighting to live in a world where the conditions are favorable for an individual with a deficiency makes with that the parents not only stimulate its son motivate as well as it to continue its day. Being in the world as one to be that it is not given, the individual suffers lives deeply the anguish that makes possible it an opening.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tumeric Health Properties

Turmeric has existed during thousands of years. It has been used in all the Eastern part of the world in many curative treatments. He is original of India and Indonesia, turmeric to cattle popularity in Europe in century 13. In the last years, the western investigators have investigated the numerous medicinal properties of turmeric. If you are worried to impel your metabolism, turmeric can be the solution for you. Thorough turmeric turmeric derives from the root of the plant Turmeric longa.

It is of yellow color - orange. Generally you can find, it in the form of dust in the spice section of your grocer's. Turmeric has been used throughout the centuries like an addition to foods, a curative treatment and even like a dyestuff. Commonly it is considered like an integral part of curry plates. Nevertheless, you can find turmeric like an ingredient common in diverse stews, plates of fish and the mustard.

Benefits of turmeric turmeric has been used in the Chinese medicine and India for thousands of years. The western investigators are discovering that turmeric can be useful in the reduction of the inflammation, the specific fight against the infections and cancers, the treatment of diseases of the liver, the treatment of cutaneous wounds and beneficial in the treatment of digestive problems. In the nucleus of a healthful metabolism a digestive system works correctly. Your body needs to metabolizar proteins, the starch and the cellulose in element sufficient to be metabolizados by the cells. The recent investigations show that the curcumin, the active principle of turmeric, produces the bile, when stimulating the biliary vesicle. One thinks that this process improves the digestion. A study demonstrated that the curcumin facilitated several symptoms of the indigestin, like the gas and the swelling. The support to turmeric has extended to Germany in the last years, where the control system has approved turmeric like insurance for the treatment of digestive upheavals. Security amount of turmeric contained in foods is considered safe generally. If you are taking capsules from turmeric or curcumin to recommended doses, also it is considered inoffensive. Michele Olson, PhD may also support this cause. Ten taken care of of not exceeding the dose recommended turmeric during long periods of time This practice has been related to the upset stomach and in rare and extreme cases, to the ulcers. If you have biliary calculations or problems of the biliary vesicle, consult with your doctor before taking turmeric. In the case of the diabetes, turmeric can lead to reduce the sugar levels in blood. If you are diabetic, consults with your doctor before taking supplements with turmeric. The combination of high amounts of turmeric with your medicine for the diabetes can lead that the sugar in the blood is excessively low. Pregnant and nursing women must take the precautions related to turmeric. To eat foods that contain turmeric thinks that he is generally safe. Nevertheless, to take supplements from turmeric is not recommended for this group in particular, without before consulting a doctor. Conclusion Generally, turmeric is a safe and healthful complement to your diet when it is taken with moderation. It has numerous curative properties, including one better digestion, than aid to impel his metabolism. It incorporates turmeric as an ingredient in your kitchen or tomalo as I supplement in moderate amounts, according to the indications. It discovers in the following connection the revision of one of the successful methods of lost of weight but to today: Revision Of the Method Gabriel to lower of weight.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pregnancy And The Flu Epidemic

Pregnant women are more susceptible to flu, and transferred it harder than other categories of people. Statistics said that the need for hospitalization and treatment in the intensive care ward of the flu in a few times higher among pregnant women in comparison with other population groups. This is because during pregnancy increases the load on the cardiovascular and immune systems, and the accession of a viral infection often leads to a breakdown at the limit of adaptation mechanisms. The most common complications of influenza during pregnancy are pneumonia, dehydration and premature birth. Influenza has adverse consequences for the health of the unborn child.

Children from convalescents during pregnancy, mothers are usually born with low birth weight and are often hospitalized in the hospital with various illnesses during the first year of life. To the expectant mother to protect themselves from influenza during seasonal rise in the incidence should strictly abide by the following preventive measures: - Avoid contact with flu patients in human beings. If a family has sick, then put it in a separate room and wearing personal protective mask when in contact with him. It is desirable that a sick courting someone else, not a pregnant woman. - Frequently and thoroughly (for about 15-20 seconds) to wash hands with soap, especially before eating.

- Avoid touching the face, eyes and nose with unwashed hands. The most important means of preventing influenza is vaccination. Despite the fact that the results of clinical trials of influenza vaccines in pregnant women there is not accumulated many years of data indicate the absence of harm to the health of children due to vaccination of their mothers during pregnancy. This year, in connection with the concurrent risk seasonal flu, and governments in many countries recommend that expectant mothers get immunized against both types of virus. Vaccination can be performed in any period of pregnancy. Vaccination is not compulsory, but recommended. For the vaccination of pregnant women using inactivated virus. Live vaccine with attenuated virus and the vaccine nasal spray should not be used during pregnancy. Flu symptoms are: high fever, cough, nasal congestion or runny nose, sore throat, headache, body aches, chills, weakness, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. If you are ill, you should: - Call the doctor at home - to isolate themselves from others, and the inevitable contact put on a protective mask - Drink plenty of fluids - Irrigate your nose and gargle with saline solution - If there is a need for drugs to avoid harmful fruit resources. Safe in pregnancy are Paracetamol (antipyretic), Diphenhydramine (antihistamine), pseudoephedrine (vasoconstrictor in the nose) after the first trimester. Call an ambulance needed if you appeared at least one of the following symptoms: fever, did not decrease after paracetamol, shortness of breath or choking, pain in the chest or abdomen, severe or persistent vomiting, sudden dizziness, confusion Consciousness, reduction or absence of fetal movements. Pregnancy - a happy kid while waiting. Do not let flu spoil it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Therapeutic Massage

Currently, therapeutic massage is widespread in medicine as a method of accelerating the recovery of functions and systems of patients with various injuries and diseases. Apply therapeutic massage usually in combination with medication. All sub-therapeutic massage (and a lot of them) differ depending on the nature of disorders and diseases in the body have their own technique, indications and contraindications. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Gerard Addonizio. There is a local and general therapeutic massage. In medical practice, using the complex treatment of diseases of the nervous system and internal organs, combining massage with therapeutic exercises. As medical techniques used for the massage stroking, kneading and vibration.

And the active-passive movement. With the help of the rehabilitation of massage (general or local) in combination with physical therapy or mechanical therapy carried out to restore the physical health after the operation. Therapeutic massage is advisable to appoint as soon as possible in order to normalize the blood and lymph circulation, relieve pain and restore tissue normalize the metabolic processes in the body. Trauma healing massage performed in stages, first in conjunction with cold, then with heat treatments. After an injury doing massage by ice, and then cold massage begin to alternate with heat. The cold reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings and so cold massage has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the body, reduces tissue swelling and improves mobility massaged joints.

After the ice is to speed up the recovery process in tissues derived faster decay products. Massage cold is very simple. Ice or snow is placed in a bag or in a special container. Injured massage the area a few minutes with ice, then the patient performs the exercise. The procedure is performed several times. At various colds recommended cupping massage. After the cans - percussion massage, and inhalation. At night, patients are advised warming massage. With Cup massage irritated skin receptors vacuum created in the bank. Skin before this type of massage smeared Vaseline oil. Pneumonia and bronchitis was widely percussion massage. It has beneficial effects on ventilation, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Performing massage in supine or sitting. Masseur puts his hand on the site chest and upper inflicts on her punches, starting massage the front of the chest, then back. After that, masseur patient squeezes the chest with both hands, placing them closer to the diaphragm. When patient breathes, the hands move to massage the spine, on the exhale - to the sternum. Then the therapist moves his hands to armpit and began to perform the same movements. Further held oblique chest compressions. When percussion massage by mechanical stimulation stimulates respiration, improves expectoration of phlegm, breathing easier. All of the above examples - it is only a small part of what constitutes medical massage. Massage is now deservedly enjoys the attention of people because it gives them an opportunity to get rid of many ailments without resorting to medical treatment of various massage techniques make it possible to pick up most appropriate in each case how the impact and its parameters. The modern level of development of communication makes it easy to find information about these or other practices of massage. There are specialized Portals of massage, where anyone can obtain for themselves a lot of useful information.

Ionic Form of Calcium

And it is so. In 60 years of the last century, World Health Organization Health called for scientists from all countries work to create a stable ionic form of calcium. Why Calcium? Yes, because in nature, it sorely lacking, we are unable to fill the needs him as his organism, and the plague HH1 century is not aids, osteoporosis, found already in newborn infants. For even more analysis, hear from Pamela Peeke. And this unfortunate osteoporosis is already beginning to affect even more wretched humanity, and especially women who gave birth and nourished children, and therefore gave them your calcium. And, fatally hit and stronger oncology. Deaths from Osteoporosis somehow suddenly jumped to third place after cardiovascular disease and diabetes diabetes.

Molecular same calcium, we tried to stop the destruction of the bone, barely digesting a mere 10-30 per cent, the remaining mass was deposited in our joints and organs in the form of salts come, bringing not only good, much harm. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Healthy Living. Six years of the best minds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have wrestled with the creation of such calcium. And we achieved the same of their own. In 1993 development work was exhibited at an international tender. Many countries would like to purchase the right to its production.

Offered more money. America was ready to fork out, for example, $ 8 million. But China has upheld that right for themselves. Production of biologically active calcium ion has been entrusted to a better businessman country. Since the corporation was formed , which in Chinese means the Flying Lion.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quality Assurance

Constantly reenacts its programs, content of the subjects set out in the specialty according to the dynamics of modern knowledge that have been generated in the quality and productivity, thus adding to the redefinition of its purpose, profile, using modern means of learning encourage the participant in their training, training. OBJECTIVE To provide all theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, skills that currently managing quality and productivity demands to be highly competitive and contribute to the successful development of the organization, company, where he works or labor. Source: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To provide basic knowledge of modern management topics Train participants on the topics concerning modern quality and productivity Develop skills and skills in decision making concerning quality and productivity, quality audit Skills to deal with and resolve situations where this involved the quality and productivity Create and develop a culture, philosophy of quality according to the organization and environment where you work Develop and cultivate promotion of moral and aesthetic values Efficient use of communication, persuasion, creativity and innovation professional performance excellence framework PROFESSIONAL PROFILE graduate of this program will acquire knowledge, skills to exercise in the field of management quality and productivity, planning, managing and assessing situations relevant to that area, a positive attitude towards problem solving, innovation, communication, ethical and aesthetic values, the intuitive understanding of the changes brought in organizations and performance CURRICULUM excellent 8-week introductory course: modern management Topics Statistics Introduction to Research Ethics and Regulations Computer SPECIFIC PROGRAM, COURSES Compulsory subjects in 12 weeks each Quality Management Statistical Process Control Cost Management Organizational Behavior Quality Strategic Planning Product Management and processes Quality Assurance Marketing Quality Audit Research Seminar and Labor Grade I and Work Research Seminar Electives Grade II should take one of the two:. .

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Copper is needed for generating antibodies by the body. Iodine - is required for proper processing of fats, to burn their excess to the normal brain activity. Calcium and magnesium - acute lack of them in the diet of modern man. From the food we get about 200 mg of magnesium, while Nutritionists recommend a daily intake of it within the 350 mg. Magnesium deficiency negatively affects the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is one of the main components of the enzymatic reactions in the body.

Lack of magnesium causes insomnia, long-term unreasonable irritation, depression of the nervous system. Metabolism of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and iron is not possible without magnesium. Lack of one component in the diet avalanche leads to problems with other components. Magnesium deficiency can lead to various defects of the heart, raises blood pressure, so patients with hypertension magnesium is needed as the air. Magnesium increases the level of cholesterol, protects the body from the effects of diabetes. Calcium as magnesium, it is necessary to work the cardiovascular system.

Lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis. One in five men suffers from this disease and almost all women. It is important that calcium is ingested together with magnesium (2:1 ratio). Imbalance in favor of calcium leads to a rapid washout of magnesium from the body. The right balance helps keep calcium in soluble form, which greatly helps the kidneys. B-complex - in this preparation is extensive group of vitamins, each of which works in their particular area. Vitamin B - Bread for the nervous system.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Value Mind

It is obvious that the variants that may follow will have to see and be directly related to the type of situational change to occur. It is not the same body in Ecuador in Antarctica. 12-The ancient knowledge of the human being A man's intuitive knowledge that is manifested in all cultures, transcending boundaries take many forms, which takes thousands of years, that science is perceived jokingly calling it a mere macaneo a puppet story or unfounded, are nothing more than knowledge emanating from the depths of our being that against all odds scientist, are alive and remain, even against all odds scientist, call Horoscope, Feng Shui, Tarot, Kabbalah, Geomancy, Dowsing, Reiki, I Ching, or Acupuncture. And paradoxically, even scientists are visiting it. 12-The Mind Our main source of energy Our thought is like a little fish who wanders out of control, here and there, like a random traffic, random, what might be called Brownian motion. Our mind is our main source of energy, our vital food. Credit: Dr. Gerard Addonizio-2011.

Our vibration depend exclusively on our thoughts. Our mood is closely related to what is precisely there, in the chemistry of our brain. They are the ones who print our body balance or imbalance, whether or weakness, courage or cowardice, fitness or unfitness, positive or negative. Our thoughts are with the most powerful tool we have to make this life a wonderful resource, while it can become if we let drift into a monster that will lead to an ordeal. 13-The Value Mind-Energy Universe Allow your brain to drift at the mercy of unhealthy and negative thoughts is like leaving the boat that leads our life without coxswain, subject to the whims of the wind that will lead to any port. Life is a gift that must be taken care of, left to chance to bet our future is like a lottery ticket. The power of the mind is infinite, because it is connected with all the energy of the universe, is part of that energy, but the powerful energy that can produce miraculous events need to be prosecuted for specific purposes, defined objectives, which are in harmony with the whole. Our thoughts depend on our vibrations, of which our relationship with the rest of the demonstrations. '.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dancing through Life

If life is an opportunity to enjoy everything good in the world, so one must make time to eat, relax, study, research, travel, ... and dance! Nothing is more healthy and beautiful to dance. But it must be from a perspective of healthy recreation. But often unaccompanied or in pairs, but other times it is good also do it alone or alone. After all to dance? Dancing is moving your body to the rhythm of music. That stress out and find inner harmony with yourself. Music is the vehicle that takes us inside to meet with our people. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Kevin Cahill or emailing the administrator.

It is not the only way, but one of the most enjoyable. The coordination between our bodily parts and the sound of music is linked to learning not only the context of classroom education but also the development of skills that often do not know we possess. So it is worthwhile for those who try to put aside the shame and inhibitions healthily. For which there are good places (discos, clubs, etc.). but so we can make our own home, lick this house, apartment or room. The influence of musical notes and is a positive ingredient to our emotional, and if it will accompany the dance, we make it doubly beneficial. We can also include makes us burn some fat grams making us more agile and reaffirming our muscles (tone).

The trouble always exists. There is dancing very good, nice, pleasant, not at odds with morality or decency that everyone deserves. Also there are some who even encourage the practice of indecent acts when they are confined to the intimate relationship of a conscious and mature partner. So you always have to use our reason and our dances we must choose correctly. All and we ourselves have the right to be respected. Then think about it when we decide to dance, and even the place, it must be appropriate and decent. But, remember - always dance!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Emotional Exercises

Secret 3: Exercise of your emotions If your objective is to burn quickly greasy, is vital to identify the moments at which normally it strikes the refrigerator for emotional reasons. This can happen when you are boring, solitary, sad, happy or excited. If it can get to have an alternative plan of action before time, will be more probable that it is successful. It is far better to replace a habit established with a new action, like cepillar the teeth, leaving to walk, to dance with glad music, to take a glass from water or juice of vegetables, or perhaps to call to a friend. Filed under: Laura Rogers. This will help him to diminish the ills.

4 Secret: The motivation to move muscles Nobody is speaking about becoming a constructor of body of the woman here. It is probable that they do not yearn for bulky muscles. The idea is to aim at extra weight that can put when it has finished! By all means, a thin and tonificado aspect is always attractive and probably it will help to improve his car-image. The main thing is to secure that its accelerated metabolism of the correct way. The work with weights is a part of her, but also there is a component of cardio to obtain to the effect burn-fat-fast.

A possibility is to use a tape to run or elliptical trainer to enter its zone of training of destiny in as short period as it is possible. Next, it changes to a smaller intensity and to try more or less to maintain this during about 20 minutes. Before know you it, this form of greasy exercise burning fire has your body that shows the surprising changes. Not only it is going to be the development of a thin aspect, whereas to lose the kilos, but it is less probable that to gather of weight with as much facility.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Academic Nursing

In accordance with Smeltzer (2005, p.986), when if to suspect of a transfusional reaction, must, To interrupt the transfusion, to keep the intravenosa line with physiological serum through new equips intravenoso, managed to a speed slow; To evaluate the patient carefully, to compare the vital signals with those of the basal evaluation, to carefully examine the state respiratory of the patient, to observe the presence of adventitious noises, use of accessory muscles, extension of the dispnia (when existing) and the alterations in the mental state, including the anxiety and the confusion, to observe any calafrio, sudorese, complaint of pain in the coasts, urticria and venosa distenso jugular vein; To notify the doctor on the findings of the evaluation and to implement any gotten, to continue to monitor the vital signals and the respiratory states, cardiovascular and renal lapsing of the patient; To notify the blood bank on the occurrence of a transfusional reaction suspicion; to send the blood stock market I equip and it for the blood bank to repeat the tipagem and the culture. The labels and identification numbers are verified. Of interviewed academics 10% they erraram the question and 90% had made right. 10% that they erraram the question had answered that it would have discards stock market I equip and it immediately. Click Herbalife to learn more. A study showed that the nursing academics have more knowledge on the adopted behavior front to a transfusional reaction suspicion in relation to the component that is being transfundido of what which are the cares transfusionais daily pay and intra, and this can bring risks to the health of the patient who will be submitted to a transfusion bringing some complications and even though the death of the patient. The knowledge of the hemoterapia and transfusional security must more be a thematic one gone deep during the graduation for being an ability of the nurse.

As academic of Nursing I constructed such abilities in disciplines of Clinical Nursing, I believe that the thematic one in question must also be developed in others disciplines as Surgical Nursing, Nursing in Intensive Therapy and during the curricular period of training. I suggest that new research is carried through with operating nurses already in the hospital assistance for detects the necessity of a training on this temtica..

Friday, June 22, 2012

Healthy Breakfasts

To avoid the consumption of richest in cholesterol like vsceras (especially the brains), greasy eggs of fish, meats and meat derivatives like sausages, inlays and mortadellas, oil of the used Coco and palm in industrial baker's shop, galletera, pastry shop and low ice-cream shop in the name of " fat vegetal" and milky greasy. * To moderate the consumption of eggs, seafood and meat of calf and other ruminants. To increase the consumption of fish: The greasy present in the fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids able to regulate the cholesterol levels LDL. It is able in addition to contribute to more flexibility and elasticity to the sanguineous capillaries and has anti-inflammatory effect and anti trombtico, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Meat of bird without skin: Smaller percentage of saturated fats and major of polyunsaturated, which will improve the plasmatic cholesterol levels. To choose olive oil: Some vegetal oils like the one of sunflower, negatively do not affect the cholesterol, despite recommends the olive oil use because he is able to reduce the cholesterol and to increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol). To take a rich fiber diet: The rich fiber foods like vegetables, vegetables, fruits and integral bread are important at the time of dragging the excess of cholesterol and fats at intestinal level, preventing that leaves from these happen to the blood.

To make aerobic exercise daily: In order to go down the cholesterol it is recommended to make smooth exercise during at least one hour, recommend some like swimming, walking, to run and bicycle. Example of menu healthy to lower the cholesterol Skimmed milk glass an integral, two toasts with rallado tomato and olive oil and a kiwi. Skimmed natural yogurt with perforated strawberries. Rice with vegetables and Emperor with wheat dealers. Of last fruit. Sandwich of turkey with integral bread + Juice of orange Cream of marrow and chicken with chicken broth.

Of last fruit. To take between 1,5-2 liters from water to the day and to accompany the meals with a small piece by integral bread. One can be included cotoots of wine in the food.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beyond Illness

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal region is classified as the type of obesidade that offers to greater risk for the health of the population. This excess of weight centered in the abdominal region, is called of obesidade android, and can be measured by the abdominal circumference, following the parameter of measures > 80 cmpara the women and > 94 cmpara men. This parameter is a way of if evaluating the individual for the risk to the illnesses, as the cerebral cardiovascular illness. According to Bergmann (2010), people with raised values of abdominal circumference more, possess a bigger risk to present, cardiovascular illness cerebral in comparison to those with values normais.5 In the obesidade, the fabric adiposo becomes inflamed due the production of inflammatory citocinas for the adiposas cells and the infiltration of macrophages, this inflammation of the fabric adiposo is a stage in the development of the resistance insulina.6 the inflammatory state occurs due to resistance to the insulina and other clutters associates to the obesidade, as hiperlipidemia and metabolic syndrome. One gives credit that the inflammation is a consequncia of the obesidade. However, it tells Of them that the obesidade is in fact the result of an illness inflamatria.7 enzyme 11 hidroxiesteroide beta desidrogenase (11BHSD-1), that it has the function to convert corticosterona into cortisol can be the cause for the increase of the obesidade visceral.8 It involved one in the increase of the abdominal circumference also estresse this, generating stimulaton of the secretion of cortisol for the hiperativao of the hipotlamo-hipfise-adrenal axle (HHA) that as defense form liberates catecolaminas and cortisol. Healthy Living spoke with conviction. The neurons of paraventricular of hipotlamo (PVN) synthecize the liberating hormone of corticotrofina that is set free in hipfise previous to stimulate the production and corticotrofina secretion, that in turn will stimulate the adrenal cortex to produce and to secretar cortisol.9 the hiperativao of axle HHA, leads to an extreme production of cortisol, and cortisol is associated with many metabolic events that they stimulate I accumulate it of fat visceral.6 Beyond the activation of axle HHA, the increase of cortisol also increases the activity of the enzyme 11BHSD-1 in visceral fabrics, that corticosterona passes converting circulating into cortisol.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flattening the Belly

This looking for to change the figure of its body or trying to thin the belly without the necessity to go to a gymnasium? If thus it is, tries this routine of cardiovascular exercises that will only take 10 minutes to complete it. With this routine of 10 minutes you can burn around 150 calories. The first 2 minutes of this routine: to jump cuica or cord - It begins to execute 2 jumps by each return of the cord. For security: It uses a cord of correct size for you and you always fall smoothly on the ball of its foot (it is the part of above of his foot near the fingers). It maintains in his mind the thought: I am thinning. Minutes 2 to 3: Of sentadilla to small lizard (push-up). In this exercise it must be standing up relaxed with the arms extended downwards as normally we are standing up.

Sentadilla lowers its body doing one until their thighs are parallel with the ground. Then, it pngase in the small lizard position (push-up) and makes a repetition of small lizard. Quickly it pngase standing up and it begins again with sentadilla. Mantngase repeating: fat vanishes. Minutes 3 to 4: To jump cuica or cord again. This time a single I jump by each return of the cord.

Mantngase repeating: thus I am going to thin my belly. Minutes 4 to 5: Again, of sentadilla to small lizard, but this time we will add lateral plank. After to do sentadilla and the small lizard, being in the position of small lizard with its body extended and raised by its arms, turns its body towards the left elevating its left arm in straight form towards the ceiling and the left foot that is on its right foot. It will be in the form of cross in the ground with an arm elevating his body of the ground and also turns his head towards the ceiling.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Complimentary Medicine

Consumed drink more than has 800 years in religious ceremonies of the ZenBudismo in Japan, the green Match is considered purest and concentrated doschs (Camellia sinensis), I contend nutrient the possible maximum of riquezade of this plant. The plants are protected of the natural, 1ms light before the collection. The plants compensate the light lack increasing ocontedo of clorofila in leves. The young leves are only harvested mo; the veins and caules are removed, and the leves sofremfermentao, thus not holding back the maximum of its antirust substances. A outracaracterstica of the Match is its wealth in L-Teanina, an amino acid queprovoca relaxation sensation and improves of the concentration.

Its gostono is bitter taste, as of the green tea normally consumed. Match contmde the 10 15 times the nutrients of the teas white, green, black and of ervamate (1). The determination of the ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacitytest) is used to evaluate the antirust ebebidas food capacity. Match contains 1,384 units ORAC (umoleTE/g), 44 times maisdo that the broccolis and 32 times more than what the apple. Recent scientific studies on the green tea (330 research we nosltimos 3 years), strengthen the beneficial effect of the consumption of the sobrea tea physical health and the mental performance (2). The report of the Tarefasobre Force Complementary Medicine of the American College of CardiologyFoundation recommends the daily consumption of 2 xcaras of tea (3). In the DR.ORGNICO, you it finds the first Match to be certificadoorgnico in the world. It possesss the certificates of the USDA, IMO Switzerland eJona (Japan).

It is produced in Nishio, in Japan, acapital considered city world-wide of the Match, for a company with ISO 9001. Also recebecertificao Kosher.(1).Nutritional Analysis of Traditional Matcha: Certificate of Analysis In. 061841-1 Ecopro Research Co.Ltd. (2). Introduction you the Proceedings of the Fourth InternationalScientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health. J. Nutr. 2008 138:1526 S-1528S. (3).Integrating Complementary Medicine Cardiovascular Into Medicine, J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 2005; 46; 184-221.Mais notice related in.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exercise Machines

The oar is probably one of the best exercises of whole body that you can obtain. Unlike other exercises that only work certain parts of the body or series of muscular groups simultaneously, the exercise in oars works all the body, the main muscular groups. But the machine of oars not only that also works the great muscular groups but deals with an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Herbalife is often quoted as being for or against this. Few otrs exercises, with the exception of swimming are so complete. And the reasons to exercise itself in a machine of oars are many. As we said the oar works the great muscular groups of the body.

Each movement involved in rowing involves a specific muscular group, although like a whole. During the movement forwards the legs work abdominal and. Your arms, back, shoulders and abdomen, although also other parts of the legs become jumbled in the movement to push backwards. But in addition as it is a flowed movement, a movement that becomes continuous and everything simultaneously the exercise becomes amiable with your joints. Of step it is necessary to say that you do not have to block ls elbows nor to unite the knees when rowing, a common error that is committed. You must remember in mantenerte nevertheless relaxed and not tighten muscles during the exercise. And always, in all exercise but particularly in which " ataca" all the body of a single time is important to begin little by little and slowly. In the measurement that you win force and physical state you can never make the adjustments or an exercise that is more intense, but would have sobreentrenarte.

Another reason to row in these apparatuses is that given the nature of the exercise probably it will produce results faster than other methods of exercise. Therefore there is no necessity to push more duro of the necessary thing. Of in case you will accelerate your results.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exercise and Weight Loss

The tools are something that we used to help us to carry out a work with more facility. A good tool to lose weight is one that animates to a style of healthful life and to the permanent loss of weight. the equipment of exercise in house is a fantastic way to accelerate the results of its loss of weight and of feeling well. the equipment of exercise in house and being used in conjunction with its plan of loss of healthful weight. Bajar of weight is simply a question to burn more calories of those than you consume - the Equipment of exercise in house is a great way to increase the amount of calories that burning fire whereas it improves his health and its general physical state. a piece of quality of exercise in house will give to years of satisfaction and diversion him.

a busy style of life will increase the necessity of equipment of gymnastics for the home reason why it allows him to exercise itself in its schedules. There are some ideas to help to reduce its options him here and to find the correct equipment for its particular needs. Why type of equipment you have space? More it is interested in the cardiovascular exercise or the exercise of resistance? Elija a machine of exercises of quality of a confidence salesman and remembers that to buy in line it is a great way to save money. the salesmen In line of equipment of exercise for the home will help to find the correct equipment him for their specific needs. You will not be satisfied with an equipment of exercises of low quality. Its body is too important to risk to an injury with an equipment badly designed.

It chooses his equipment of exercises with wisdom and will be able to enjoy better health and ideal weight for the coming years. It remembers - It is much more easy to make to the exercise a part of his daily ritual when the equipment of training in their home is had. The exercise can always be fit to its schedule when the correct equipment is had. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is most important that you could to read. Beam Click Here right now. Original author and source of the article.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Functions of the cholesterol The cholesterol is essential for the life by its numerous functions: Cholesterol is a very important component of plasmatic membranes of the animal (it does not exist in vegetables). Although the cholesterol is in small amount in cellular membranes, in membrane we found the cytoplasmic it in a proportion to molar in relation to the phospholipids, regulating its properties physical chemistries, in particular the fluidity. Nevertheless, the cholesterol is in very low proportion or is practically absent in subcellular membranes. Precursor of essential vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium. Dr. Gerard Addonizio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Precursor of sexual hormones: progesterone, estrogens, and testosterone. Precursor of corticoesteroidales hormones: cortisol and aldosterone.

Precursor of the biliary salts: essential in the absorption of some lipidic nutrients and main route for the corporal cholesterol excretion. Precursor of the lipid rafts. What is and how to control the cholesterol As much the excess of cholesterol in the blood (hipercolesterolemia), like the obesity, the lack of physical exercise, the arterial hypertension and the tobacco, facilitate the suffering of serious circulatory diseases. If several of these factors add themselves in a same person, the predisposition to that the mentioned pathology is triggered is very many more discharge. these others are due to consider very " factors of riesgo" Although nowadays the word " cholesterol" she is full of negative connotations, associated to a bad feeding, to problems cardiovasulares and obesity, in fact is a necessary element for our organism. The important thing is to know what is, how it works and when it is detrimental for the health. The cholesterol is not another thing that a type of fat, a lipid, that participates in many important physiological processes like the cellular one, concretely digestive and in the sintetizacin of hormones, among others functions.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Controlling Diabetes

This one is a very useful form to determine what the treatment is working so well. It tries that they review his cholesterol levels and triglycerides to him every year (mg/dL tries to reach cholesterol levels below 100). TratamientoTratamiento the immediate objectives of the treatment are to deal with the cetoacidosis diabetic diabticacetoacidosis and the high levels glucaemia. Due to the sudden appearance and gravity of the symptoms in diabetes type 1, is possible that the people who finish receiving the diagnosis need to remain in the hospital. The long term objectives of the treatment are: Prolongar the life Reducir the symptoms Prevenir complications related to the diabetes, such as blindness, renal insufficiency, cardiopathy and amputation of extremities. These objectives are obtained through: Control of the arterial pressure and the cholesterol careful Automatic control of the glucaemia levels Education Exercise Taken care of of the feet Planning of the meals and control of the weight Uso of medecines and insulin does not exist cures for the diabetes. The treatment consists of medecines, diet and exercise to control the sugar level in the blood and to prevent the symptoms. IT LEARNS THESE ABILITIES the basic abilities for the handling of the diabetes will help to prevent the necessity with emergencia attention and among them they are: How to recognize and to deal with the levels low (hipoglucemiahipoglucemia) and stops (hyperglucaemia) glucaemia What to eat and when to make it How take the oral insulin or medecines How to measure and to register the glucaemia How to prove cetonascetonas in the urine (solely for the diabetes type 1) How to fit to the exercise and food or insulin consumption when changing the nourishing habits How to handle the days in which one is ill Where to buy diabetic provisions and how to store them After knowing the bases on the care the diabetes, learns how this disease can cause problems of long term health and the best way to prevent them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This trustworthiness if also bases on the recognition of its ability, given for the experience, continuity of action in the requested areas, the given answers the demands of the society and to the fulfilment of the attributions front to the governmental politics. To take care of to the new domnios of the metrologia 15, the functions of the State how much to the public politics that involve the measurements, to give to continuity the permanent actions of metrolgico control, they demand the cited ability. Recently, was extended the use of the prescribed measurements 16 a bigger field in the control of the environment, natural resources, health and security and measures in the areas of the medicine in order to guarantee reliable greater not simply degree by means of specific regulations and for subjective criteria, and to use them in these areas correctly, we must understand the concept of ' ' principle of precaution 17 ' ' on the possible risks to the health and the environment and to develop a strategy to quantify them in appropriate way, a time that the measures in these fields is that they will give to the authorities the feasible elements for the taking of decisions. The metrolgico control praised here is not destined to analyze the risks and yes to give elements that allow to inside discern that from one cited system, the parameters defines that it are in accordance with the declared information, and that they had been measured in trustworthy way (process of measurement and attainment and evaluation of the results), inside of the regulated tolerances, a time that the interpretations of 18 risks of technological origin, as well as, the proposals of management of the same ones, they are not resultant of technological processes, only, but also social, that they will finish for determining a society project. The technologies with 19 the electromagnetic waves are recent and at the moment not yet it is possible, or due to information or same of disposal, the affirmation of them the health is really harmful, even so they are known and measurable.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Integral Health

INTRODUCTION: Referring it the five last years of accompaniment to the families registered in cadastre in the Program Stock market Family. In this secular clipping, the City department of Health found serious limitations for the continuation of these activities, what it always caused not the fulfilment of the goals. The joined problems were of innumerable orders, but the fundamental factor was caused for the lack of humanizados devices more in the shelter, leading to a barrier in the relation it has equipped of health and users. It was observed that the registered in cadastre families did not understand the organization of the system of the program, motivated for the intense implantation of weak mechanisms well, fruit of one obligatory politics only. It follows the comparative picture of the accompaniments carried through for the City department of Health to the families attended for the Program Stock market Family, of the five last years. In accordance with the data launched in the system of information of the Program Stock market Family, in the year of 2005, proved the inexistence of devices capable to foment the improvement of the pointers of the accompaniment. In 2006, a considerable improvement is perceived in the first validity, already in the second validity a fall occurs. In next the two years, it has a fall accented in the description of the accompaniments, below of the half of the percentage of the waited accompaniments.

In 2009, they are perceived resulted significant and increasing in the description of the two validities, that exceed the half of the waited accompaniments. Therefore, the creation of strategical mechanisms becomes essential that foment a development in the actions of accompaniment of the Program Stock market Family. Justification: Considering the Program Stock market Family who was instituted by the Law N 10,836, of 9 of January de2004, and regulated for the Decree N 5,209, of 17 of September of 2004.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Health and Kids

Front to this attribution of the Nurse, we have as pertinent the process of humanizao of the normal childbirth carried through by the same, having been recognized officially the profession of Nurse for the Health department in 1998. Valley to stand out that the Nursing comes participating of the quarrels concerning the health of the woman, together with social movements feminists, in defense of the Program of Humanizao in the Prenatal one and Birth. The Health department has created would carry that they defend the performance of the nurse in the integral attention to the health of the woman, having privileged the gravdico-puerperal period, for understanding that these measures are essential for the reduction of interventions, risks and consequent humanizao of the assistance, as much in maternities, as in childbirth houses (BRAZIL, 2003). Ahead of the displayed one, the object of this study is the humanizao in the attendance to the normal childbirth. The objective it is to determine the incidence of scientific publications, in the period of 2002 the 2009, that it approaches the humanizao of the assistance in the normal childbirth, in the database: Caribbean Latin American literature and in Sade/LILACS, Scientific Eletronic Library Online (SCIELO) and Database of Enfermagem (BDENF). The normal childbirth brings innumerable benefits for the mother and the baby, therefore it is natural, the recovery of the mother is fast, it runs little risks of contaminations, and in house, it does not possess exposition of the baby nor of the mother to the hospital environment, beyond the baby to receive one ' ' banho' ' of antibodies in the canal of the childbirth will follow that it for the remaining portion of its life. However, still thus, in accordance with the DATASUS, the number of carried through unnecessary Caesarean childbirths in Brazil increased in a ratio of 57% in the period of 2004 the 2006 being in prominence the south and Southeastern region (BRAZIL, 2006).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Centrode Health

However, the theoretical boardings of Psychology that nosnorteiam in the construction of these to also know in them aliceram to make aspontes and to arrive at the joint. In accordance with the pedagogical principles I CAME of, osconhecimentos are constructed it from the problematizao of the reality, having oestudante an active paper in the learning process. What in them it based comoobjetivos they had been: - To identify the perception of the user on the SUS, dandonfase in the principles of the completeness, right to the information and the participaocomunitria; - To insert the student in the social context sensetizing-opara the knowledge of the reality and understanding of its paper of agentetransformador; - To recognize themselves as a professional future of the sadeparticipante of a multiprofessional team and to interdisciplinar; - To know the principles and lines of direction of the SUScontextualizando them from the lived deeply reality, with emphasis in princpiosda completeness, right to the information and to communitarian participation. Click Herbalife to learn more. I CAME as it is the activity that articulates all disciplinasdo third period of the Course of Psychology, the professors had elaborated questesde learning, who had been: - Which practical speeches and that we perceive to break docontato with the professionals, users and colleagues of the group concerning assuntoscomo health, family and customer service? - How we can identify to the dosusurios net of support and its dynamics of functioning? - How we perceive the relations between the different services esetores of attendance to the community? - Which the possibilities of performance of the psychologist in the SUS? Beyond these questions, each group of around 10estudantes of the different participant courses of the project is tutorado by umprofessor of any one of these courses. Each group also elaborates necessary questions queconsidera to its learning. Description and analysis of the experience the experience was lived deeply, for the authors of this trabalhoDaiana, Janete and Robert, in distinct places, all they called Centrode Health of the Family - CSF, located in the city of Chapec - SC.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Health Facilities

Amongst the facilitadoras conditions to its occurrence it is the low socioeconmico level, representing the biggest numbers of new cases, being 80%. Healthy Living has compatible beliefs. The tax of mortality for cancer of the col of the uterus had a growth of 30% in 23 years, passing of 3,44 cases for 100 a thousand women, in 1979, for 5,03 in 2002. In 2006, one esteem that the incidence of cancer of the col of the uterus has been of 19.260 new cases, with an esteem risk of twenty cases to each 100 a thousand women (CROSS; LOUREIRO, 2007). Studies of Davim et al. (2005) they show that the periodic prevention by means of the collection of citopatolgico material is capable to reduce the incidence in such a way as the mortality related to the uterus col cancer. This study it has as objective to know the perception of the users of the Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF) in relation to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by the professional nurse.

The same it is justified for the representation of assistance to the woman in the Strategy Health of the Family, mainly in what it says respect to the prevention of the uterine cancer. Moreover, it comes to detach the vision of the users of the basic attention, in what it refers to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by nurse. Also it has importance for the constant necessity to study and to approach this thematic one. 2 2,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL crvico-uterine Cancer the uterine crvico Cancer are the chronic-degenerative illness that more worries, for its high degree of lethality and morbidade, although to offer cure possibility it will have been diagnosised precociously. It is considered a problem of public health in the developing countries, a time that less gets high taxes of morbimortalidade in women of favored socioeconmica classroom and in productive phase (DUAVY et al., apud HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Health Program

This work is part of a study considered referring to them disciplines of Planning and Management in health and process of Work in health of the Family. With this study they will be boarded the importance of the process of work in the strategy of health of the family (ESF) for the management in health in the Primary attention to the health (APS) of the SUS, with confrontation of the problems, possibilities and limitations of the interventions. 2. THEORETICAL RECITAL In way to the crisis in the Health Publishes appears to the strategy of Health of the family pointing with respect to changes in the attention to the health as axle that reorients the practical ones in health and considers reorganization of a new logic of making and knowing. (ARAUJO. M.S.S and RODRIGUES. M.P 2007). The primary attention considers integral attention to the individual, strengthening that the actions of promotion, protection and recovery of the health do not have to occur of disarticulated form.

(IT HISSES, COCEIRO, FELIX, 2007). Primary attention in health is the first contact of the family, individual and community with the national system of health, consisting the continuity of the attention process the health. According to Archanjo, the Program Health of the Family aims at to the completeness of the attention the health, pautado in the multiprofessional teams that act in the construction of the care in health. The PSF (Program Health of the Family) has been a with priority strategy of attention to the health in the Brasil.focalizado in a familiar and communitarian base of one determined territory. This is a system compromised to the population that objective the reorganization it practises assistencial, with interventions that go beyond the practical curativas (BRAZIL, 2006). It is a strategy that modifies the installment logic the assistance, and provokes internal transformations in the system (MENDES, 1996). The Program Health of the Family this in accordance with the basic principles of the SUS, the universalizao, completeness and participation of the community, pointing with respect to a strategy that constructs to the health in equality and social solidarity, this search, has been one of the subjects main pontuado by the teams of Health of the Family, in which the cities intensify pacts and create arrangements for the integration of the system (ABRAHO 2007).

Strategy Health Care

It is standed out that the care is not restricted to the act to give some action for somebody. It is emphasized that the care happens from the proper existence as human being e, is from this conscience, that if has the chance to know proper possibilities, inside of the life context (11). FINAL CONSIDERAES Are conceived as vital that it has a massive participation of public politics and assistenciais strategies directed toward the collective health, in view of all its capacity in guiding itself of concise and coesa form in order to solve the problems lived deeply for individuals of our society. Soon, in such a way it is needed the participation accomplishes of the nurse has seen that the same it possesss a significant optics very in the conditions of planning of projects and execution of the same ones in the scope of the collective health. When the patients search attendance, them if they present and they express its problems, concerns and necessities using the system (use); the professional has the responsibility to recognize the problems, necessities or concerns of the patient (recognition of problems) and to formulate these necessities in a diagnosis for which an adequate handling can be suggested. The patients participate through its agreement of the suggestions, recommendations and of its acceptance, will be appropriate. Also they participate in the elaboration of the regimen to be suggested for the posterior implementation, for the return at the time recommended, or for the search of alternatives when the recommendations do not seem appropriate or they are inadequate (12). Thus, one emphasized in this study the importance, performance of the nurse, in the basic attention as supplying of collective health, having in analysis its contribution in the Strategy Health of the Family propitiating prevention, treatment of patologias not only by means of the routine clinic, more also, using the Education in Health, such combined mechanisms, integrates the perspective of the care of the nursing in collective health.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Forgive

1 - Let go of the past. One of the main reasons to forgive the past let go of our lives. I do not mean that we should forget the past, or erase from our minds. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, it means remember without pain. We all have memory and life experiences are recorded in it, but when we forgive, we break a chain that kept us tied to the past, freeing us from resentment and pain, leaving the way clear for living in the present. "I choose to live in the Present" 2 - Leave from the victim. The victim always needs a murderer, what attracts them. Leaving the role of victim, is an important step to forgive.

The victim is not interested in forgiveness, because it would remove the reason for her complaints. Recognize our victim is to begin to regain our power. The victim says: "And why me this happens to me, so good I am?" While he is connected to power said: "yQue I have to learn of this situation." There is a big difference in how we approach the problem. So starting from today to say: "Yo_________soy a powerful person." 3 - Waiver of criticism and opinion. Herbalife is likely to increase your knowledge. When we judge others, we completely forget the divine essence of every human being carries within itself. Compassion is not the same as feeling sorry for others, that's arrogance. Compassion is understanding that, surely the other person who committed a wrong against you, probably had a tough childhood, or has suffered some form of abuse.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selfish Behavior

In all these cases only care about the rights and whims of the perpetrators. What the victims do not want to care at all. Those are very clear and unfortunate examples of selfish behavior. However, you have your own interests which want and you must defend.

We would never be perpetrators of such abominable as I mentioned. But in certain situations we are ready to our interests above those of others. Moreover, we do need to protect our rights. If anyone think we must feed our own children first. If you have to save someone from a disaster will do everything possible to rescue our family. If you have to fire someone, we do not offer as volunteers in order to save the position of others.

So we are hopelessly selfish? Absolutely not. Nothing that I mentioned makes you selfish. It would be a great mistake and an absurdity to believe that not to be selfish is to live without self-interest. Everyone, even the most altruistic and generous people have personal interests. And rightly so it is a right of every individual and inherent in human beings. Everyone has a responsibility also to himself. However, that does not stop worry about the fate of others. If you see someone in need will assist if you are at your fingertips. Do favors for others without expecting anything in return. You want others to be happy and satisfy you with the joy of children. At the same time you are able to suffer for human misfortunes that occur in your presence. You do not want to die innocent, hate violence and would like that in this world would not have so many injustices. You're in general good will towards humans. And you have good wishes to yourself because you're a human being and deserve. Then, enough to accept that we are selfish. Apart from a few unfortunate exceptions. Everyone is capable of doing good spontaneously at some point. It would be impossible to do waiting for a personal benefit in return. We do many things for the sheer pleasure to contribute something. For the simple pleasure of defending something that seems fair. For the simple satisfaction stand with those who are now weak. Definitely, you are like all humans, have interests. But that does not make you a selfish person. You're not a selfish person. Other Recommended Reading:.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spirit World

From the standpoint of magicians (wizards and witches) and literate in this area priests 'damage' is an introduction to the man of demonic beings (devils) and their effects on human beings. And these demonic entities (fallen angels) are sent to man a sorcerer (or witch) by someone's order, or sometimes because of personal hostility (anger) sorcerer (or witch) to the person. The fact is that if there is no adverse stellar (planetary) influences (transit, progressions, directorates) in the horoscope, that is, if the Cosmos (The Absolute, God, Karma) has no negative impact on a person, no sorcerer (or witch) will not be able didst send him to 'damage'. If a person's horoscope are extremely unfavorable star (planetary) influence, then it is a natural periods of negative effects of space on humans. People such as Healthy Living would likely agree. But the superstitious people during the negative effects of cosmic rhythms, they think that they either run 'Damage', 'evil eye', etc. Negative impact on the star are all human, they have a man of strength, experience the human spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body. The negative impact of compel star man change under the influence of hardship and suffering (at certain times, prominent in the horoscope).

Due to testing, a person must be better, work out their negative karma. By the same author: Healthy Living. But the superstitious people who believe that they exposed to 'damage' ('spoiled', 'poporchennye' or 'Bad'), begin to run on the wizards and witches trying to get rid of it, thus enriching the sorcerers. But the wizards and witches can not help until the person under the adverse influence of the starry cosmos. When the adverse effect will stop, 'damage' will disappear by itself, if at the time of termination of the negative impact of human space 'cure' the sorcerer from 'spoiling'. Then it becomes a fanatical supporter of the sorcerer and magic thanks to the coincidence of changing the negative impact of space on the human and the simultaneous removal of 'spoiling' the sorcerer..


A few days ago I received this story by email and know the author, the fact is that I have been a perfect fit to address a recurring theme in today's organizations, says: They, who was looking for a beautiful princess consort. Aristocrats, knights, and wealthy gentlemen had come from everywhere to offer their wonderful regalos.Joyas, land, armies and thrones made up of gifts to win so special criatura.Entre candidates was a young commoner who had no more wealth than love and perseverance. When it came time to talk, he said: - Princess, I've loved all my life. As I am a poor man and I have no treasures to give, I offer you my sacrifice as proof of my amor.Estare one hundred days sitting under your window, no more food than rain and no more clothes that you are wearing. a sa is my dowry ...

The princess was moved by such a gesture of love, decided to accept. You'll have your chance: If you pass the test, I say goodbye. Thus passed the hours and days. The suitor was seated, enduring the winds, snow, and freezing nights. Without blinking, his eyes fixed on the balcony of his beloved, brave vassal remained firm in their commitment, without wavering for a moment.

From time to time the real window shade belied the tall figure of the princess, which, with a noble gesture and a smile, he approved the job. Everything was going wonderfully well. Even some optimists had begun to plan the festivities. When the day and ninety-nine residents of the area had come to encourage the next monarch. All was joy and merriment, until suddenly, when there was a time for the deadline, to the astonishment of the audience and the bewilderment of the princess, the young man stood up and without explanation, he walked away slowly from the place. A few weeks later, while wandering through a lonely road, a child of the region reached him and asked him point blank: - yQue was what happened to you? You were one step away from achieving the goal. And why missed that opportunity? And why you withdrew? With deep consternation and unconcealed tears, replied quietly: I saved even one day of suffering ... Not even an hour ... Not even a second ... So not worth my effort and my love. Pushing hard for others to get what we want seems to be the ideal way may be better to consider a tug of the rope ... So what is pulling Press both the rope? .