Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ionic Form of Calcium

And it is so. In 60 years of the last century, World Health Organization Health called for scientists from all countries work to create a stable ionic form of calcium. Why Calcium? Yes, because in nature, it sorely lacking, we are unable to fill the needs him as his organism, and the plague HH1 century is not aids, osteoporosis, found already in newborn infants. For even more analysis, hear from Pamela Peeke. And this unfortunate osteoporosis is already beginning to affect even more wretched humanity, and especially women who gave birth and nourished children, and therefore gave them your calcium. And, fatally hit and stronger oncology. Deaths from Osteoporosis somehow suddenly jumped to third place after cardiovascular disease and diabetes diabetes.

Molecular same calcium, we tried to stop the destruction of the bone, barely digesting a mere 10-30 per cent, the remaining mass was deposited in our joints and organs in the form of salts come, bringing not only good, much harm. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Healthy Living. Six years of the best minds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have wrestled with the creation of such calcium. And we achieved the same of their own. In 1993 development work was exhibited at an international tender. Many countries would like to purchase the right to its production.

Offered more money. America was ready to fork out, for example, $ 8 million. But China has upheld that right for themselves. Production of biologically active calcium ion has been entrusted to a better businessman country. Since the corporation was formed , which in Chinese means the Flying Lion.

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