Friday, October 28, 2011

Russian Medicine

Russian doctors are among the "strengths" in the world. Meanwhile, in the world do not know that free medicine in Russia does not exist anymore, that the treatment of patients in our country is markedly different from European. Defenseless old "kick" from office to office, not to help, and such cases a thousand. Noticeable difference between a failure, what can be treated abroad and what it is in Russia. Going to the clinic, in addition we policy of compulsory medical insurance, should take a pass at 6 am and a great place to defend, or give money to "paw" doctor. Working for one of the most popular forums, I made the theme: "Doctors treat or maimed?". What and expected, the topic attracted over 100 responses, people told their real, horrific stories of the experience of communicating with doctors.

Certain MASHA M. wrote: "I came to the city dental clinic free of charge, to prof. examination. The highest category doctor examined (!!!) mouth said that "shesterochke" (native tooth) has a problem (which I do not remember exactly), or to pull to treat the cost of procedures - 2700 rubles. I chose the 'cure' and immediately pay 500 rubles. Later, for the sake of interest signed up for a free prof. inspection of a commercial dental clinic. Imagine my surprise when I was told to do only hygienically clean for 1,100 rubles.

Agree There is a difference in 2700 or 1100 rubles. And then they say that in public health centers more profitable to treat your teeth? ". Treatment abroad is just devoid of such shortcomings, because doctors do not have to chase after and fight for wages client. To understand this sad, but many are already familiar story, you can only do two things: 1 - Or, the doctor absolutely higher qualification does not understand and want to treat healthy tooth or two - I wanted to earn extra money on normal hygienic cleansing. Yet another story, I stumbled across on the Internet: "The whole Mytishchi district, Cardiac surgical ICU with 16 seats is the only regional hospital. And our 85-year-old grandmother, we have buried, because when brought more young patient, it disconnected from the apparatus, and transferred to an ordinary ward. SO FOR THREE TIMES A WEEK (!!!). In the wards, by the way, too, there is no space, my grandmother died in the hallway. Doctors sit separately from patients and relatives are worn by separation in their quest, if someone needs help. A 14 HOURS DOCTORS go home till morning in the office is only one nurse. Patients were no reports that it is bad move, and they will go to the toilet and injections. - Grekova O., Mytishchi, April 2007. "Such cases are VERY much, go to a local hospital and see for yourself! Almost everywhere violated medical ethics, delayed the provision of necessary medical assistance and so on. With respect to premises, anywhere violated sanitary epidemic rules and other rules. Before we go into the municipal clinic remember these two stories, and think, maybe it's worth overpaying in private, but to get help on a decent level?? Or, if there is room for, go, for example, for medical treatment in Germany.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Health of Rain

Morning. From an open window blowing cool. Get out of bed, turned out to be not so easy - more precisely, not at all easy. For the third day, without stopping for a moment, the rain. He fills the sidewalks, forming a deep muddy puddle. He was wet or One passerby accidentally jumped out of the house without an umbrella. He blotted out the classics, painted a few days ago the children from our entrance. Vaska the cat hid in the attic.

Huddled in a corner, he mysteriously mewed as if echoing rain, and thereby irritating the occupants two-story house on the outskirts of Moscow. In weather like this the most difficult to find things to do. But I leave. And why I stayed in Moscow? Now it is not important. I'm just sitting on the windowsill, looking in the box and try to find a cure for boredom.

All chores are already converted. Can watch tv? No, boring. And if you read the book? Opened the closet, looked around the neatly stacked piles of books. No, I do not want to read. Again go to sleep without reading and five pages. What to think? "Meow meow meow." - As a lot of fun mewed Cornflower in the attic. I wonder what he pleased? I will go - check it out. Attic. Always thought this place is incredibly scary. Looking around parties realized that was wrong. On the left side, near the small window was an old sofa, apparently, brought here by some of the tenants. Slightly right to have a small table, on top of which lay the damp newspaper. Under the table were neatly pushed two stools. Comfortably at home. I sat on the couch and looked out the window - is still going to rain. Through the large gap penetrates the cold air. I buttoned my jacket and put his hands in his pockets. Vaska sought not had - he found me. Lying on my lap, he warmed his warmth. We stared out the window, enjoying the sound of falling and hitting the roof of the raindrops. For the first time in the life of the rain did not cause any negative emotions. I was not sad. And did not want to cry. I was dreaming. Stroking Vaska, in dreams was transferred to another world - a world where the warmth and love lives, a world filled with children's laughter and vivid impressions. The door creaked. I shuddered and opened her eyes. Before me was a neighbor. - You know what time it is? - She asked. - No, - rubbing his eyes, "I replied. - For half of the sixth. Rain has long expired. And what are you doing here? - Almost shouted it. - I think I fell asleep. The rain, however, is over? - I asked, and opened the window to make itself. It was not raining. Children with happy faces running through puddles. Vaska watched it, sitting on the bench. I got up from the sofa, stretched, and we a neighbor went to tea at my house. Night was rain again. But I have not been this upset. And in my head spinning lines: "If the rain all day, it does not matter. Well, think of it - pouring water from the sky. Well, think of it, the sky a bit overcast. Well let it be tomorrow puddles on the street. "

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planet Mercury

Mercury - the closest planet to the Sun, is located at a distance of 57,900,000 miles. Watch it can rarely, only in the morning and evening. Orbit around the Sun in just eighty-eight Earth days. Therefore, the rate of Mercury in its motion in orbit more than Earth. Year of Mercury in more than four times shorter than the Earth.

For rapidity, for the agility with which the planet is running across the sky, she was nicknamed the heavenly messenger. Mercury - the planet is small. The diameter of its 4,840 kilometers. By volume of Mercury is twenty times smaller than Earth. By the size of Mercury is a bit more of the moon. Until recently it was thought that Mercury always faces the sun on one side, as the Moon to the Earth. But in Actually this is not quite true. Recent observations showed that Mercury slowly rotates on its axis, making one revolution in fifty-nine Earth days.

Day and night on this planet lasts for a Earth's moon. Fever, which prevails on the day side of Mercury (the side facing the sun) reaches four degrees, and the unlit side of the permanent cold - about -50 . At this temperature, melt lead and tin. If Mercury were lead and tin mountain, over the long day they managed to turn into a sea of molten metal. And on the dark side of Mercury reigns intense cold. It is clear that under these conditions no life on the planet can not be. Mercury has no satellites. Watching him hard. The planet is too close to the Sun, and eclipse the sun's rays.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Health Benefits of Dogs

There are a lot of health benefits to having a pet, especially a dog. Bigley is a unique dog. Bright, emotional, and incredibly beautiful. Very energetic, playful, cocky, playful - they are very similar to children. They can not help liking. Amazing creatures. Bigley difficult to education and learning. They need to continually train and educate. Many give up, only establishments puppy.

After all, this little creature that looks seemingly innocuous, can for a few seconds to spread the entire apartment. They dragged into the mouth not only that is bad, but what is good stashed away! Especially when it's meal. Bigley, by their nature, very fast running. They are excellent hunters. Due to their mobility, shooting this species gives a great interest, but at the same time, and creates some difficulties. To create a successful training is often necessary to use faster shutter speeds. Slower shutter speeds are used when shooting static compositions. With portraiture dogs stronger slightly open aperture to blur the background art.

This allows the viewer to focus attention on the portrait, and distract his mind from unnecessary details. Bigley provide a good opportunity to create dynamic shots. Use this when shooting. Use af Tracking to always keep your model under the gun. Thanks to his playful character beagles often take funny poses, quite unexpectedly, so shooting must constantly observe them, otherwise you may miss something "tasty". To take a better use telezum lens. It is the most versatile and allow you not to waste time changing optics, will allow a best use of the entire range of focal lengths.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Health of Child Play

These games are a great many: and on websites, and just in the stores, and on the pages of various aids. And what happened? We are starting to show a child finger play, and the result - Nil. Why - is unclear, although this is quite a simple explanation - the child of these games just do not like. Maybe - it confused poems, perhaps - the movement itself is not difficult to understand and repeatable, and can - we could not fuel a child's interest in such igramDumaem you noticed such a thing: a child responds well to the fact that he was familiar with and like, and strongly opposes the fact that he was unfamiliar. Indeed, it is impossible to persuade the child in activities that he is not interested at this time.

It can even play with enthusiasm in any game, and then - to give up and switch to something else and not associated with the game, such as running a washing machine. And it turns out that guess with Bay-floundering, what game are finger like a child, it is sometimes difficult. Every mom is very much to do for child care and housework, so often the case that playing in one - two painfully familiar finger play - to for example, "Forty-Raven" or "Okay," Mom just leaves these games on then, until the baby gets older. And while she prefers to focus on the child's activities, which are more to your liking. All right, but let's give fingertip game one more chance to grab the attention, interest, and the time your baby! And you can immediately see the effectiveness of such classes! We want to share with you their experience, thanks to which we managed to find an easy way to entice a child fingertip games.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Healthy Ways to Transport Pets

Nowadays, almost every family has a four-legged friend. Someone one animal, someone has slightly different species. There are cases where we need to take a cat or a dog somewhere with them, for example, to give or veterinaries. But Not all animals are adequately and safely tolerate transportation, and be sure to take into account the weather! Before the trip in the car is better not to feed an animal for a few hours that there was no vomiting, give water possible. Cats and small dogs are best transported in a carry.

Animals need to pre-train to the car, take it seriously. First, you need to get used to the animal in the car with the engine shut off, let your cat or dog how to explore a new place. It is important at this time does not frighten your pet. When the first stage is passed, introduce your pet with a running but not moving vehicle. If the animal is accustomed and no fear, You can also try to brief trip. The travel time is better to increase gradually. If this method does not lead to a positive result, the animal will be prepared in advance for the trip, giving him a veterinary drug ("cat Bayun>> apply for instructions). For large and medium-sized dogs can use a specially designed hammocks (they are sold in major pet stores). Do not let a trip to freely move around inside the vehicle animals, as well as put out head through the open windows.