Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Health of Child Play

These games are a great many: and on websites, and just in the stores, and on the pages of various aids. And what happened? We are starting to show a child finger play, and the result - Nil. Why - is unclear, although this is quite a simple explanation - the child of these games just do not like. Maybe - it confused poems, perhaps - the movement itself is not difficult to understand and repeatable, and can - we could not fuel a child's interest in such igramDumaem you noticed such a thing: a child responds well to the fact that he was familiar with and like, and strongly opposes the fact that he was unfamiliar. Indeed, it is impossible to persuade the child in activities that he is not interested at this time.

It can even play with enthusiasm in any game, and then - to give up and switch to something else and not associated with the game, such as running a washing machine. And it turns out that guess with Bay-floundering, what game are finger like a child, it is sometimes difficult. Every mom is very much to do for child care and housework, so often the case that playing in one - two painfully familiar finger play - to for example, "Forty-Raven" or "Okay," Mom just leaves these games on then, until the baby gets older. And while she prefers to focus on the child's activities, which are more to your liking. All right, but let's give fingertip game one more chance to grab the attention, interest, and the time your baby! And you can immediately see the effectiveness of such classes! We want to share with you their experience, thanks to which we managed to find an easy way to entice a child fingertip games.

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