Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canon of Medicine

In his classic work "The Canon of Medicine" gives a description of academic balm: "Strong salve a headache if they are lubricated with whiskey, drops in the ears removes ringing and buzzing in the ears, soothes toothaches, sharpens vision, resolves the tumor and removes the tonsils pain. " Have survived describe some ways to make balms Avicenna, "we shall cut slices of onion and boil the sea water, giving a good rolling boil, Slay water, pour a new and boil until the onion until soft to the touch may seem, well cooked, then thou shalt diligently all the honey and make this gruel. " "Thou shalt spurge, there beside the water, drain, and kneaded with flour, prepare pie, honey and cooked next to come on a need in the intestinal eruptions and suffering from dropsy." In the form of fumigation for different diseases, in including gynecological, resin used, cumin, pine bark. Fresh pine balsam (oleoresin) is widely used in traditional herbal healing and Slavs as anti-inflammatory agent that improves the healing of tissue in fractures, pain medication, used externally for wounds and chronic venous ulcers, cracked lips, hands, legs, abrasions, weeping eczema, etc. For more information see this site: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Inside are soft resin with gastritis and gastric ulcer, with pulmonary tuberculosis, treatment of hernia and the flu. In folk medicine, believed that the balm helps to malignant tumors, while instillation of one drop daily into the eyes of much burning, but even resolves Entrenched walleye. Steamed corn drove by imposing on it turpentine. The wounds healed in the application of resin is much faster and without pain.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music Is The Best Medicine

If we think about a certain kind of music, a composer or a particular favorite song, we end our reflection on the mood that they produce. For example, when we were young, and we started to cry, our mother reassured us warm and tender song, and we sweetly sleep. This proves that music is capable to influence our moods in different situations, which are often ignored, as they should. In our daily lives we all time to turn the music to change our mood. When we are tired or when melancholy strikes suddenly, we make every effort to change this time. And then there is a need to listen to that special someone. Listening to the quiet songs, makes us feel more relaxed, less tired, or even happy.

We all turned to music therapy, at least once in their lives, knowing or not knowing what fact that it is - one of the oldest methods of improving your mood or other pains. Since ancient times, music was a means of stimulating the soldiers before a battle. We are currently doing the same thing, except for that the wars in which our ancestors used to take part, turned into the competition, we want to win. We get positive emotions, which we have to 'struggle', listening to the songs that bring peace of mind and make us feel more confident. Delving into the history of music therapy, I learned that she had used since the time of Plato and Pitegory - he laid his foundation. He cured the various diseases through the power of sound and music, setting the balance between man and the universe. In the XIX century, the positive effects of sound on the human body and mind began to be studied more.

Romanian scientist George Konstentinesku that studied the sound effect for a long time, was the inventor of a new science: sinology. It is - science, which tells us about the therapeutic effects of sound on people. Music has become increasingly used to to cure certain diseases, as it plays an important role in modern psychiatry. Rhythm, frequency and intensity of sounds regulate heart rate and blood pressure - so, our body relaxes, is a healthy rhythm and the body is filled with positive energy. Harmony of sounds often creates wonders with us, and this is demonstrated by some studies that were done in a long time. Music therapy used since ancient times, and this is evidenced in the books that tell of gods who treated the disease with the help of sounds and sacred songs. One of the most famous - is the god of Asklepayos - the god of medicine. He treating certain diseases with the help of music incredible way. There is a version that Herodotus also used music as a way of treating certain diseases, for balance between the world of the cosmos and the world of man. Even today, while playing the harp, we fully relax. In the literature we know about the case of King Saud, who was treated by David playing the harp. It is also said that Sparta was cured of the plague with the help of a musician named Teletas the island of Crete. Our ancestors also used the song, which strengthened the power of words and reinforce the idea. Today, it is practiced by some tribes in Africa, Asia and Australia, their rituals are based on dance and music, for treatment of various diseases.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Peoples Feeding Method

Usually, the first six months of life, the baby is fed breast milk or infant formula adapted. But with 6 months of breast milk is no longer transmit vitamin 'C' and other useful substances required for normal physical and mental development of children. There is a need to attach a baby to a normal diet. Therefore, we begin to introduce solid foods first. His goal is not to feed the child, and to train enzyme system for further nutrition. Usually begin with a vegetable puree, juice or clover. For the first time give crumbs 1 / 4 teaspoon dessert, with each day increasing the quantity.

Each new product is starting to introduce a difference of 2 weeks. But not always the first lure runs smoothly. it so happens that the digestive system is not ready to accept even a small amount of new product and then there is a backlash-diathesis diathesis (allergic rash) or dysbiosis (violation of the intestinal microflora, which is characterized by loose stools). And we must not only stop innovation, but also to fight the disease emerged. But hardly a loving and caring parent, wants to baby stuff pharmaceuticals, full of chemistry.

It's no wonder they say that they treated one and the other maimed. In this case, to help us come traditional medicine with its centuries-old experience of therapeutic agents. In Currently, a common habit evaluation of traditional medicine, as the ignorance of people, crashed. And more and more people are beginning to address their concerns to the treasure of experience gathered by our ancestors. author: Victoria Tsehmistrenkos

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Medicinal Plants And Human Health

In our age is considered to be that man - the king at birth. A related site: Herbalife mentions similar findings. Unfortunately, having learned this, he sometimes forgets that it is her son and therefore should, like any decent son, take care of his mother. Settling in urban areas, we rarely hear nightingale warbling a song lark. Moving away from wildlife, and close destroys its inhabitants, pollute the rivers. Speaking candidly Herbalife told us the story. Seriously injured and fauna of our country. Of the 20 thousand species of flora of the Russian Federation has 600 endangered species. They listed as endangered. The practical value of does not count, because their loss is irreversible loss of their once and for all.

Even the pests and weeds have the right to life, as each one is unique and has its unique foundation of heredity. March 5, 1980 was proclaimed by the text of an unprecedented document in the history of mankind - the World Charter for Nature Conservation. It talks about preserving the genetic diversity of the planet - all species - as the crucial issue of our time. In nature there is nothing uniquely harmful. Even the worst weeds - the first assistant to rekultivatorov that return to the wasteland of life, ash, slag, pyrite dumps, poisoned, saline land. Many herbs, such as ergot is poisonous and harmful, but how many patients she has saved a life! Some fungi and bacteria have been used in medicine, food industry, for cleaning the environment from pollution, for biological pest control field, which replaces the chemistry. Our age, creating tremendous technique and speed development of natural resources, has given rise to new problems and needs, to meet the man who, as before, refers to the same natural treasury. Now go to the cause of such kinds and types of organisms that are not primarily interested in the man.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Unique Strength Of Configuring !

Often thought, a wish or an idea that 'scroll' again and again put into practice without much effort. The method of academician Sytin, in our view - a unique achievement and for good reason. First, no financial investment is not required. But most importantly, people take over control of the situation, may at any time to help themselves. Repeating the set up again and again, each time painting the words heightens the sense you are doing the creative energy of all the more apparent, all more active.

Words - This is the face, passing through which, the idea (it could be told in the language of physics!) Changes the frequency of vibration, and begins to exist on another level - at the level of matter. Today medicine is not for complete recovery of health for each disease. And the man does not seek such a task. So today we are witnessing today, as every person on the end of untreated impairments accumulate more and more new diseases, they are becoming more and more, they accelerate the aging process. In the struggle with the vital forces are spent, they become less and less. In the end, one prematurely dying. To change this image, and increase the human lifespan, it is necessary to achieve full restoration of health for each disease (for details on "the site is configured Sytin). If man puts such a goal, then, as experience shows, are included in the fight for health completely different neuro-cerebral and spiritual mechanisms that are able to fully restore your health. It is clear that this a person must engage in active work is to fully recover. Medicine must learn how to properly pose the problem of man for a full recovery, teach him tricks and work on a lead person to complete his recovery.

Friday, November 4, 2011


These pressure variations cause corresponding changes in permeability of cell membranes and, in the case of fat cells, lead to the release of complex molecules ie they contain fat, which fall into the circulatory system and are mostly processed lymphatic system and the small circle of blood circulation. Another no thermal effect called cavitation. Using Low frequency ultrasound has generated a complex phenomenon that underlies the new systems used in aesthetic medicine and surgery. The first study of cavitation. In some industrial applications of ultrasound Cavitation is an undesirable phenomenon and represents a source of various problems. This effect was observed due to the use of ultrasound in a liquid containing dissolved gas, because the decrease local pressure below the vapor pressure of the fluid itself provokes a change in the phase of gas and formation of numerous microscopic bubbles that contain vapor or gas. Cavitation of liquids can be a constant when the diameter microbubble exposed to cyclical fluctuations in relation to changes in pressure acoustic waves, but despite this, mikropuzyrek not explode, because the internal steam pressure equalizes pressure surrounding fluid. If we are talking about unstable cavitation bubble is not broken just as long as there is in the area of low hydrostatic pressure: as soon as the bubble back into the zone of fluid quiescent state, the vapor pressure becomes insufficient to counteract the pressures of the external fluid, and subsequent ultrasound waves cause a sudden contraction and rapid destruction of the bubble. A powerful release kinetic energy in the form of strong waves causes a change in mechanical pressure and heat transfer phenomena, which can erode any solid material with which touch each other, until the formation of holes.

Healing Ceramics

Close together to each other turmanievye drives form the basis of the thermal ceramic mat. Made from high-temperature alloy tourmaline, germanium, Elana and volcanic rocks, disks has healing effects on the body. Household appliances preventive medicine today is in almost every house - tonometers, inhalants, massage ... Effective means of home-reflex - heat mats Tourmanium - represents the readers of EK Sologubova, PhD, a physician-physiologist, the highest category. Question: - Elena Krasnomirovna, what are the healing properties of ceramics turmanievoy? Answer: - When heated from 40 to 70 degrees this fusion of natural minerals highlights useful heat - the long-wavelength infrared range of 6-14 microns. Our palms emit 9mkm, so that the infrared rays in contrast to the short and medium wave totally harmless. One of the useful effects device - deep heat the body. Filed under: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Our ancestors have for centuries used the heat to prevent and treat various ailments from colds to serious diseases of the joints: Bath, Russian stove ...

Question: - Speaking of cold. What gives turmanievy ceramic matrix? Answer: - Viral infection (colds at home) begins with a 3-day sickness, and not always in the early days have a fever. Such a state of habit we carry on its feet. At home doctor ourselves "folk remedies": Gray legs, making heat compresses ... Turmanievy mat lying on it a person has a much greater area of contact with body heat surface. Heat penetrates through the skin at 3-5 cm depth. In the heated tissues are killed viruses and microbes.