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For many people, the word training has the connotation of memorista or mechanical learning, but in this investigation it is used to allude to an approach systematically planned to increase the use of assertive conducts when communicating. According to Rimm D. and Masters, J. (2005). The assertive training is one of the methods of descondicionamiento of habits of inadaptativas answer of anxiety, that present/display like answer in the interpersonal relations some people. Sandal all therapeutic, tending procedure to increase the capacity to express in direct and honest form feelings and opinions without anxiety answer. It is based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition: If in the presence of anxiety stimuli evocative, it can secure an antagonistic answer that it suppresses total partially or anxiety answer, then will be debilitated the bonds of union between stimuli and the answers of anguish .

(Wolpe, 1958), which causes that this author assumes the following interpretation of the assertive conduct: Assertiveness and Anxiety are compatible in a considerable degree, since it considers that the assertive answer is very similar to deep the muscular relaxation, in whatever to its capacity to inhibit the anxiety reciprocally. The assertiveness increases, benefits the person in two significant forms. First of all, it is considered that to tolerate more assertive way soothes, will produce a greater feeling of well-being. Secondly, it is admitted that when behaving of more assertive way the person will be more able to obtain significant social rewards, obtaining without greater satisfaction of the life, of directed there to increase all the impulses that take to the provocation of the inhibited answers, awaiting which with each provocation it will have, reciprocally, an inhibition of the anxiety answer, which will give like result some degree of weakening of habit of the anxiety answer. Some authors show to certain coincidences when defining assertive training which are mentioned among others the following: Salter (in Bartholomew and another 1949), it is the first important work in which the meaning of the conduct stands out assertive type.

Outstanding Business Professors

Paula Bone is a marketing professor who teaches "Consumer Behavior" and "Marketing Strategy" in Full of many kinds of theory can be intimidating for students who are used to answers being "black" and "white" but the focus of Dr. Bone teaching allows students know what is right despite a lot of gray area. "When I teach a class, I am also learning from my students," said Bone. "New ideas are always around and see things through different sets of eyes is keeping my material to have hard, fast answers." Bone is one of the most decorated and honored teachers at the College of B & E. In its 18 years of teaching he has received two teaching Golden Apple Awards, given annually by WVU students. It has also been named as the outstanding teacher and outstanding researcher in the Faculty of B & E. In 2004, Bone won Outstanding Teacher WVU Foundation.

This is one of the highest honors for WVU professor, as only six are recognized each year. "A person in today's society must be able to find solutions," said Bone. "I teach people to think. The information is readily available. It's the way that information is combined to achieve a unique solution that should be taught." The experience and expertise of the bone brings to his classes goes beyond the notes on a projector. To broaden your perception, visit Gunnar Peterson. In September 2004, presented the findings on consumer use and interpretation of dietary supplement labels to Karen France to the Food and Drug Administration of USA. She is also managing a project with a marketing student at WVU who oversees economic development associated with the / Hatfield McCoy ATV Trail. "My classes give students many opportunities," said Bone.

"Teachers need to create a situation that allows students to shine. Feedback is important for students, for giving them the opportunity to improve and learn is the real objective. "Besides these projects, bone has consulted with the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust, co-chaired the 2000 marketing and Public Policy Conference, and that research accepted by more than eight peer-reviewed journals. She also serves on the board of Marketing and Society Special Interest Group and is on the editorial review board of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. These achievements have made her an open book reference for students and the role it plays in marketing the equation of business continues to grow. "Teachers must be a resource for their students. Helping students to think through situations and gives them a second chance to think things make the difference. Students need a person with ideas, with about bats, give them a chance to shine, "he said. Jonathan is a starving, fighting writer who aspires to work in public relations when he graduates from the University of West Virginia. a l has worked in marketing with Advanced Internet and is currently a PR / Communications intern with WVU College of Business and Economics.

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Parkinson Disease

On the difficult fate of many Parkinson's patients wanted to make Tom Isaacs 2002 with his one-year trek around the entire coast of Britain's attention. Darmstadt, 13 October 2009 on the difficult fate of many Parkinson's patients wanted to Tom Isaacs 2002 with his one-year trek around the entire coast of Britain's attention. He then wrote a book about his journey. More information is housed here: Gunnar Peterson. Shake well before use\"British reports about the handling of the disease outbreak of, the side effects of the drugs, and his experiences on the trip. Today he advocates along with many sufferers a cure of the disease and has become the Foundation of the cure Parkinson's trust\"founded to promote dialogue between patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Tom Isaacs was just 27 years old, when he received the shattering diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

A disease which usually only occurs at an advanced age. But when Isaac's body on a specific Parkinson's drug jumped on, the disturbing suspicion was to the Certainty. Since then the ambitious book author tries to deal aggressively with the heavy neurosis and not excessively limit by the tremors and the muscle stiffness that occur when decreasing effect of the drugs. On the swaying Millennium Bridge in London Tom Isaacs in April 2002 to the main tour his life went on: he circumnavigated the entire British Isles once and put back the enormous distance of 7,300 km in 365 days. When he reached the Millennium Bridge again after a year of wandering, Sir Richard Nichols, former Lord Mayor of London, to this legendary performance congratulated him. Nichols also suffering from Parkinson's disease was inspired by Isaac's iron will and his decisiveness. \"Tom Isaacs himself his annual migration meant not only many unforgettable moments, but also the beginning of his worn by patients and non-profit foundation of the cure Parkinson's trust\". The main objective of the Foundation is to dialogue between the pharmaceutical industry and Parkinson's patients promote to promote the development of drugs against these neurodegenerative disease.

Diseases Of The Smoker

It is known that tobacco causes disease in smokers, even so much not known which are these diseases or problems caused by tobacco, but that only they know the generic. I shall now explain some diseases caused by tobacco. Among the diseases that produces tobacco have: 1. hair loss Smoking weakens the immune system and makes the body more vulnerable to diseases such as lupus erythematosus, which can cause hair loss, as well as the appearance of sores and rashes on the face, scalp and hands. 2 Wrinkles tobacco causes premature aging of the skin due to wear that causes of lasproteinas they give it elasticity, as well as the depletion of vitamin A and the reduction of blood flow that suffers the tissue. Smokers have a skin dry, rough and furrowed by tiny wrinkles, especially around the lips and the No.3. Loss of Oidoel tobacco makes forming plaques on the walls of the blood vessels, with the consequent reduction in irrigation of the inner ear. Therefore, smokers may lose hearing to earlier than non-smokers ages and are more vulnerable to this complication in the case of infection of the ear or exposure to intense noise.

Also, smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to suffer middle ear infections that can lead to other complications, such as meningitis and paralysis facial.4. Tobacco skin cancer does not cause melanoma (a type of skin that can prove deadly cancer) but yes increases the chances of dying as a consequence of him. The risk of smokers suffer cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer that causes the appearance of flakes and reddish skin rash is doubled with respect to non-fumadores.5. Deterioration of the tobacco dentadurEl interferes with the chemical processes that occur in the mouth, causes an excess of tartar, stained yellow teeth and accelerates deterioration of denture. The risk of losing teeth is multiplied by 1.5 in the smokers.

Governmental Organizations

In such a way it establishes the Not Governmental Organizations? ONGs the possibility in acting in the guarantee to the attendance to the basic necessities, whose, its mounts of money are destined the vulnerable population and that they are not being taken care of for the public services, where the civil society assumes positioning of confrontation of social problems, in which the absence of the public power is supplied by such social organizations in function. In this aspect, it is observed relation between the State and the third sector articulated to give answers to the social demands, however, without commitment to decide such problematic ones in its totality, but of segmented form. The filantrpica institution without lucrative ends Legion of the Good will? LBV- is a civil association of private law that gives to assistance the population in social situation of vulnerabilities. The social vulnerability if characterizes for the condition of exclusion of the access the social wealth generated, characterized for the difficulty in the acquisition of goods and services and the incapacity to generate income enough to have sustainable access to the basic conditions of existence. The LBV is an institution that contributes permanently with its programs partner-educative, for the improvement of the quality of life of the people in situation of vulnerability and social risk. The SEMED for alfabetizao of aged adults has as partnership and. the voluntary works of academics of graduation and social nets (CRASS, Center of convivncia, CAIM, casinha of the health, police station, advice to tutor). The actions implemented for the LBV not only in Manaus, but in all the country they collaborate with the State and with the society, also it helps Brazil so that if it fulfills up to 2015 to the goals of development of the millenium established for the ONU, the example of the reduction of the indices of pertaining to school evasion and illiteracy, of the reduction of the taxes of infantile mortality and the combat the hunger in the country.


The social status is determinative and the knowledge on it also. It is not of if finding odd that Brazil possesss a so fertile field for these ideas ' ' transcendentalistas' '. That is, it does not import how many processes in judged it has its leader spiritual. The important one is that It is it its canal of favour. Some authors affirm that in the process of domination and collective control, the disqualification of the individual constitutes pioneering process. Hector H. Bruit (1995), important Chilean historian standes out that the Church had an essential paper in the success of the settling Iberian-Spaniard. more, ahead of the sacred one little if could question.

After all, exactly the ones that also do not believe fear the stranger. The free interpretation of had books as sacred opens space for so great aberrations. It is enough to say that we are living ' ' It was of Estrelas' Priests; ' that they walk surrounded of armed security in armored cars of luxury. Learn more about this with Singer. Without speaking in the conglomerates of media whose representative church catches resources and them it reinvests without responsibility some. ' ' Everything to the costs of the meat and the bones of its ovelhas' ' She is necessary to say that we are reinventando ' ' neo-simonia' ' , where prescriptions of ready success and salvation for the consumption are commercialized. paid for one highest price, by the way. Not in the act, harms in its purpose.

It does not fit here to argue the character the holy ghost of the thing. yes ' ' coisificao of f' ' in an alarming scale. The debate on faith and workmanship lost space of the nonsense ahead. Individual actions of solidarity and fraternity are being suffocated for ' ' enclausuramento' ' spontaneous of the individuals. They are current slogans of the type: It pays its tenth here, therefore we are more honest than that one another one. Harms after all, if exist As much who are most ethical? What it is worse. They are taking off even though the possibility of a healthful leisure on the part of the majority of the workers who perform with care 05 days, in the expectation of a calm end of week with the family. Harms are taken to camp in bubbles of happiness and salvation, the excessive prices. The consequence of everything this is sick people of the mind, the body and the soul. Without speaking in the religious radicalism or atesmo exacerbado. Valley to remember that, many of these processes if give of very subtle way, over all, on the part in that more they are accustomed to hear of what reasoning. Ahead of a scene so nonsense, reforms and ruptures are inevitable and essential. The proper Holy script of the Occidental people alert its fidiciary offices for the truth (Joo, 8,32). for common-sense of not only praying, as well as watching, and very, so that let us not be victims of these criminals.

Public Debt Fragilizam

Many times we ask in them what the government makes with as much money that collects by means of heavy the taxes that the companies and the people pay. The doubts if become more abundant in reason of them pssimos services that the public power offers the citizens, with prominence for the area most important and more sensible than they are the health services. It is truth that exists much inefficiency in the public administration, that the corruption and the aiding the particular ones lead to the wastefulness of a substantial part of the resources collected for the Brazilian State. However, an area exists that and champion in the expenses, where it leaves a continuous flow great money very that could be applied in the demands of the society: the financial expenses of the government. The financial expenses of the Brazilian public sector had in the last few decades taken the country to play except an amount of resources that would be enough to transform the life of each Brazilian and leave it in comfortable situation.

What if paid only of interests of the public debt on average in each year it is enough to construct and to equip 1,500 hospitals of excellent quality. Details can be found by clicking celebrity trainer or emailing the administrator. That is, with what if it spends of interests of the debt of the government in an only year it is only enough to leave the shortage with that the services of health offered by the public sector are passing have much time. The conditions, the magnitude, the taxes and the actions of the Brazilian government with regard to its debt had suffocated and are suffocating the Brazilian people. To if analyzing the financial situation of Brazil together with all the public beings verify themselves that the financial fragility is evident. In the last few decades the collection, although to be extremely high, is not enough to cover the current expenses, the interests and to amortize a little of the debt.

Climate Protection

Harvey Nash Chief Udo Nadolski doubt on the announcement of the Government of of Federal's policy Bonn/Dusseldorf - like it has on the labour market? The monster employment index recorded a slight growth for May 2008. The number of posts offered on the Internet had increased slightly, so the career portal. The top sectors were health care and social work, production, manufacturing, maintenance and repair, catering and tourism, transport, postal and logistics and marketing, PR and media in May. Baden-Wurttemberg, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia are the regions with the highest growth. It was, however, quite bad in the city-state of Bremen. Perhaps check out Singer for more information. There declined the offered online places already for the second time. German economic growth in the first quarter of 2008 is as strong as twelve years no longer. "The results of the monster employment index in may emphasise this and show that the demand for workers has remained stable", commented Marco Bertoli, Managing Director Central Europe at Monster worldwide.

Are we allowed us so completely relax in the Chair, lean back? ", asks Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash in his blog... / regierung_sieht_klimaschutz... His answer: No, this we may never. The economy will not more so to grow strongly foreseeable as before. And also Bundestag elections are approaching in the fall of 2009 again. It is to be feared that the Grand Coalition will continue falling until then and could enter into a downward competition in terms of alleged social benefits. The priceless social policy course of the left party creates an additional problem for those politicians who want to advertise at the citizens for the laws of the free market." The Federal Government hope to 2020 around 500,000 new jobs through its climate protection programme.

Environment Minister Gabriel promise active climate protection could reduce the number of unemployed to below three million. But these are all still unlaid eggs", Nadolski. Such could not be verified today still beautiful promises. One mass politics on their current actions, then the balance sheet look darker. For example the German automotive industry is worried. Ansgar Klein, Managing Director of the Association of free car dealer, warned in the Bild-Zeitung every twelfth job losses at auto dealers and mechanics. With their environmental Hick hack distress the Federal Government consumers and creates reluctance to buy. Also the market research firm pulse has found out that the ambiguity of the environmental legislation drives the buyer of the car dealerships. New jobs are not created with security", says Harvey-Nash - Managing Director, Miss the necessary stringency in climate policy. Ultimately, a well-managed state as well as a company is ticking: citizens as employees need reliability, resistance and a clear course. Unfortunately it is currently not to recognize." By Paul Humberg

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However, Bentes emphasizes that: The process of esvaziamento of the economy led to the concentration of a mass of unemployeds to the edges of igaraps that the port and the market tangenciam, areas that had been rejected for the inhabitants of high income. The saturation of the available areas to the residential nesting in the periphery of the urban nucleus led to the construction of houses-palafitas, next to the edges of courses d? water. Credit: celebrity trainer-2011. (BENTES apud PNUMA/MMA, 2002, p.28). Leaving of this estimated, which is noticed that the job lack generated a considerable number of individuals living in many cases below of the line of the poverty, is submitted to live in subumanas areas, creating an urban set of deficiencies and problems, the example of this we have the deficit collective transport, precarious education, lack in the area of the health, among others, therefore its housings are constructed in the edges of igaraps, places these that do not correspond the expectations of the citizen, while possessing of right, excluded of the social conviviality, where the lack of the right to the housing, also violates the right to the security, the privacy, the familiar conviviality and the physical and psychological integrity. Thus, Adas comes to point out that a formal city is endowed with all infrastructure (...), constituted of the quarters central offices and for the noble quarters and the informal city is those devoid of all infrastructure services, incapable, therefore, to take care of the minimum necessities of its inhabitants, that constitute the periphery, the slum quarters, where the majority of the population lives.

Government Headings

Thus being each time that a debtor does not fulfill to its obligation oufecha the doors for it, or one charges interests higher to also compensate the risk, demanding itself more guarantees. That is, if one may use the expression in that music if malandro it knew as it is good for being honest would be honest alone for malandragem. The governmental malandragem that constantly comes affirming in public that they do not pay this no way divides or as the Armnio Fraga would say that does not touch in these policies nor with bamboo pole, makes that each time that is relayed the unhappy affirmation, consequently increases the lack of credibility in the Government and the increase of> Brazil risk, raising the interests the impagveis levels. As result of this politics of disdain to the detainers of headings in Brazil, happened that in January of 2002 the government launched the sales of headings for physical people from R$200,00 (two hundred Reals) with 17,45% interests 22.47% to the year with prazosque varies of six months the 60 years, to the step that the saving is paying around 7% to the year. One asks because the people apply 7% to the year in the saving and they do not apply in public headings 17.45% to the year? The reply she is obvious the diverse governmental tricks had eliminated the credibility of the public headings, consequently in the Brazilian government that acquires pecha of swindler. If it had the payment of the headings that the government if denies to pay and that the headings of the Empire and the Republic add 35 billion in agreement affirmation of the proper Union including and that they only represent 2% of the emitted headings, therefore 98% remains, had been burnt, torn or played outside for the carriers, since capsized dust in result of the depreciation of the currency, the government would readquiria the credibility and could catch loan next to population paying interests above of the saving around 9% to the year saving around 4,5% to the year that on a current debt of one trillion and three hundred billion Reals, would matter in a economy of 58,5 billion Reals to the year what it would give to pay the 35 billion the headings and still would sobraria 23,5 billion to invest in the health, education, etc.

Vilma Alves

The contribution of this study constitutes in improving the given information the customers as source of research and consultations for the professionals and students of nursing to provide one better quality in the assistance for the carriers of hipertenso in the pregnancy. Analysis of Pontuar data the importance of the assistance of the nurse to the gestante in the prenatal one, of efficient form directed to get resulted positive and satisfactory, during these consultations. Consideraes final: it evidenced in this study that humanizao of the nurse in the attendance the gestante in the daily pay-natal. a primordial factor for the quality of the attendance the gestante hipertensa. Word keys: To take care of, Nursing, Prevention, gestacional hipertenso ABSTRAT CARDOSO, David; FRANC, Shirley Blacksmith of Purple Souza; CABRAL, Vilma Alves; the pregnant with hypertension: an approach in the humanization of the assistance of the nurse in the prenative one. Work attends a course coclusion. UNESA? RIO DE JANEIRO, 2009.

Page 54. Person who orientates: Professor Ms Nina Dawn Mello Savoldi. This study refers you the course conclusion work; and its theme is: The pregnant with hypertension: an approach in the humanization of the assistance of the nurse in the prenative one. This study is inserted in the line of research: The health-illness process ' ' and having predominant area, nursing health of the woman' '. In this context the problematization shows haw can the nurse humanizes the assistance in prenative you the hypertension pregnant. From there, we had the sight that the nurse has very important actuation, because this profession takes care of health programs in the prevention, orientation and education of this ill persons. Object of this study: Strategies of humanization in the assistance you the hypertension pregnant in the prenative one. Nurse-pregnant relation. Objective: you describe the assistance you the hypertension pregnant in prenative one. Methodology: it is descriptive research, with qualitative approach of bibliographic.

Pedagogical Experience

Measures of Control of Infeco and Biossegurana in the Pedagogical experience in Hospital environment. In if treating to the control of infection and biossegurana we must acquiring knowledge in them of the importance of the prevention through the hygienic cleaning as a whole. The hospital infections represent a serious doctor-social problem and its better knowledge, prevention and control constitute a challenge to be faced. The best way of protection is the adoption of the precautions standard (use of eyeglasses of acrylic, mask, gloves, apron, cap, pro-foot, etc). The importance of its use is unquestioned and has for objective to reduce to the maximum infections and exposition of the professional of the health area. Thus, the hygiene and cleanness are basic for reduction of the hospital infections. As educators we must have in mind that to take care of: ' ' it is to protect, to interact, to receive, to treat, to donate themselves, to listen, to watch over, taking in account the necessities, respecting the possibilities and limits of the other, without judgments, taking it to make responsible it for its vida' '. These are important slight knowledge to be nourished and internalizadas in the context of the adoecimento.

With focus in the humanizao and education, objectives to reach in the performance of pedagogo hospital, the lessons (theoretician-existential) suggest points of reflection of the participant in the understanding of this context they enable and it to improve the conditions of life and confrontation of adoecer. The Pedagogia counts on these areas in the construction of its specialization as certification of this to walk to interdisciplinar. The hospital performance demands a permanent learning: of the action and reflection of the daily one; of the responsibility with the other; of the search of activities that bring direction, meaning and possibilities of ressignificaes; of thinking alternatives for a new model of performance. ' ' What he means that each educator learns for itself and of itself, as to be educador' '. This attention and sensitivity, to give account of filigramas of the net that follow the hospital life, will go to retroalimentar the practical contents and of the formation, and will demand the exercise of the exchange and allotment of this to know. But this will only be possible mainly from the quality of presence of the professor who acts as support and model for parents and children in the confrontation of the difficult situations of the internment, such as the oscillations of mood, pain and death. The quality of presence includes the characteristic resiliente that all of the team must develop ahead ahead of the daily one of the internment and of the life. Pedagogo hospital, needs a formation more specific than that one already introduced in the graduation course. With focus in the humanizao and education, objectives to reach in the performance of pedagogo hospital, the lessons (theoretician - existential) suggest points of reflection of the participant in the understanding of this context they enable and it to improve the conditions of life and confrontation of adoecer.

Climatic Changes

Its consequences had been glaciations, intermediated for hotter interglaciais periods, as what we are living now. During the glaciations, the Europe of the North and great areas of the North America were covered by thick continental glaciers. In this direction, the Quaternary glaciations had been bonanza, therefore in the past continental glaciers in the continents of the south hemisphere had only occurred. Traditionally one admits that it had four successive glaciations, or periods of cold climate, but more recent studies had shown to have had other great glaciations during the final part of the tertiary one, as well as in other geologic periods. The evolution of the man occurred during these climatic changes and the distribution of the species strong was influenced by these.

Thus, the man is a being only plus a geologic agent amongst many others, is the species, that for first time in the history of the Land, can have the power to contribute to a global change. Luhan may find this interesting as well. However, in the lack of enough tests, it is difficult to say if we will have a global heating provoked by the man or not. Ahead of a subject of this importance, they are important terms humildade and to recognize our ignorance the respect. In any way, he is sufficiently risky to continue in the same way as if it has made so far, that is, emitting effect gases greenhouse without concerns. Table of the geologic periods. Source: Book of the J. The Ayoade 1.2Possveis Impacts of the Climatic Changes in the Amaznia the recent climatic variability, especially the increase of the temperature, already is affecting the physical systems globally (hdricos climate, resources, level of the sea), biological (natural ecosystems, distribution of species), as well as the society (health human being, availability hdricas, fluvial transport, disaster natural). The biological systems are vulnerable climatic changes, and some will be wronged irreversible.

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Dog Toys

How to choose a toy for dog? It is very important that we consider that all the toys for dogs are not adapted for all the ages. As it happens to our small ones we must value the specific characteristics of our dog so that we pruned ourselves to choose the accessories for suitable dogs Since we have commented the age is a crucial factor but they exist another type of aspects to consider like the race, the personality, the mental age and form to behave of our dog. To value all these aspects is the unique form to have the judgment necessary to choose the toy or suitable accessory for our mascot, which does not suppose any threat for its health and is able to satisfy its needs. For example the dog puppy toys destined usually are designed to stimulate to the animal being had an important paper in like support of the development of the puppy. For that reason it is normal that many toys for puppies have a soft consistency that allows that the dog learns to bite correctly helping to that the set of teeth is developed correctly In the case of the adult dogs the fundamental function that fulfill the toys varies. About the majority of the cases the toys for dogs of this age are thought to fortify the social relations and that the dog does not have solitude sensation becoming fundamental tools for the development of a good relation love-mascot. The variety between the toys for adult dogs is greater and exist from toys with prize, frisbies and other elements to stimulate the movement to the classic mordedores. Of general form and we distinguished 4 great types of toys for dog: In the first place we have those make in soft materials like peluche and that are destined to the puppies like stimulus for their development without they can become damage of fortuitous form.

Secondly we have the toys that done of materials of more consistency than peluche but still soft and that also are apt for puppies. For example in this group they are the toys done of latex Thirdly we have the toys done of rubber which are very resistant and with a great consistency. This type of toys is thought for adult dogs since they adapt better to his bony and muscular structures and is hardly deformable Last we have the toys done with vinyl that are those of greater resistance and weight and that is destined for dogs of races with a considerable size. And they do not forget, to analyze this type of aspects is much more important for toys of dog that stops toys for cats, due to the great present variety. It analyzes the needs of its dog well before choosing the accessory for him. For more information: store online mascots Source: Note of Press sent by mimopets.

Prevention Leprosy

Bones of women costumam to be lesser and lighter of what of the men. The muscles and the skeleton make the body if to move. The movement occurs because the muscles are imprisoned more than a bone, and while they contract themselves, they finish approaching or moving away the regions where the points are imprisoned where a muscle if arrests to the bone calls tendo. Nor all are imprisoned to the bones or obey the command of the will. Luhan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Some function of independent form, as for example, the muscle of the heart. Some of the bones most important of the human body are: CABEATRONCOMEMBROS vertebral CrnioColuna 34 vrtebrasSuperiores FrontalTraxmero ParietaisEsternoUlna TemporaisClavculasRdio, eight bones of the body (fist), five to metacar Pianos and phalanxes OccipitalOmoplatas and Costelas (12 pairs) Inferior Etmide and EsfenideBaciFmur Face: palatal lacrimaisIlacosTbia (sky of the mouth) Fbula Cornetos (inferior of the nose) Seven bones of the Tarso (ankle) Nasal, Malares (apples of the face), Maxilares Superior, Vmer (between fossas nasal) and MandbulCirico metatarsianos and phalanxes Illnesses In the muscles: Cimbra - a pain that of the one in the muscles Leprosy - the muscle apodrece and has that to amputate (to cut) Example: a person has leprosy in the arm - the arm apodrece and falls. In the bones: Osteoporose - She is an illness that a gradual loss of calcium of the bones provokes, becoming them each time more fragile e, in more advanced phases, citizens and breakings, exactly in habitual movements of the day-day, as to go down stairs, for example. - Osteoporose reaches the women mainly after the menopause, in function of hormonais alterations. Luhan can provide more clarity in the matter.

Prevention Leprosy: - It has that to take care of since the beginning, if not to take care of the body apodrece and the person dies. Osteoporose: - Adequate calcium Consumption - physical Exercises - not to exaggerate in the physical exercises Muscles Motor of the system Types of muscles - Estriado or esqueltico (voluntary) - physical Activity - static Works or dinmicosCardaco (involuntary) - Set in motion the bomb of the blood that is the heart - Smooth (involuntary) - sanguineous Vases of the intestines and the hollow agencies Healthful Feeding rich Foods in calcium: milk and all the products made with milk (yoghurt, cheese, butter, requeijo), fish (whenever possible eaten with the spines) and other fruits of the sea, dark leaf vegetables, peanut, seeds of sunflower. Rich foods in match: fish and other fruits of the sea, meats, eggs, nuts and milk. Curiosidades You wise person. - What fmur is the biggest bone of the human body? - What the bone esterno is the last a if to calcificar? - What the bones of maxilar and the dental arches are different of person for person, and are used for the policemen for the corpse recognition? - What the bones of the basin of the woman if open during the childbirth, for the ticket of the baby?

Jens Bonnen

Which customers is the Leadpitcher for? "The LEADPITCHER is aimed at all distributors with 5 and more employees and partners who have more extensive requirements, as only" to buy high-quality leads. What requirements are in detail? The issue is very complex. Many of our partners centrally control the purchasing of leads and would then forward to your employees and partners them. You want to subsidize I.e. lead purchases"or even free of charge to provide. They have different data rate suppliers and can only with much manpower and costs these requirements are, since they often email, Excel lists or offline software work. Or they lose even the overview. Until now, there was everything to bring no way, but now there is the LEADPITCHER Yes.

How can the LEADPITCHER remedy there? The LEADPITCHER is a Online-based tool, which is accessible from all over the world at any time from anywhere. Charles Margulis is actively involved in the matter. Leads can be adjusted by different suppliers. Following the leads can manually or automated distributed. You can set up the Division, number, delivery interval, and the zip code area. Everything is centrally archived and open. Statistical evaluations, you get an overview about the quality of the data suppliers of of set of, quickly because the complaint rates are displayed accurately.

These are just a few advantages of the LEADPITCHERs. The LEADPITCHER offers to check incoming leads on plausibility? We have equipped the LEADPITCHER with two particularly interesting features. Just for distributors who work with leads, it is to avoid very beneficial manual searches. On one there to check leads incoming the possibility on completeness or plausibility of the address and the telephone numbers and may automatically correct the address as well as different phone numbers and/or supplement to. To the Leads can be checked manually or automatically others for creditworthiness, which is essential for health insurance specialists. What exactly promise you is this software? We want to make the data set market more transparent and give a tool at hand in particular the lead buyers use the faster, fairer and more transparent to help their brokers. Our focus is targeted on the practicality and the ability to save time and money. Where can people learn more about the LEADPITCHER? On the Internet page, there is detailed information and also a demo account, which allows you to a practical test of the software. Contact: Jens Bonnen pivasoft by verfin Bamberger str. 20 95488 Eckersdorf-Bayreuth phone: + 49 (0) 1805-52910310 Internet: EMail:


During the entire month Spurlock ate three meals a day in the 'M & Donalds' and documented the results: he scored 12 kg, his cholesterol soared to the heavens, he began to ache liver, there were headaches, depression, sexual desire has disappeared you are still dreaming of dinner in the 'M & Donalds'? Today we live in a paradoxical situation where the full table people suffer from diseases associated with poor diet and lack of nutrients. Lifestyle of many people today lead a sedentary lifestyle, filled with stress and richly flavored with addictions. If you are not convinced, visit Luo Zilin. With a few facts to understand how critical the situation: - 40% of men and 24% of women aged over 18 have steady habit of smoking. Tobacco use is 5 times increased risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease. - According to international statistics is considered to be: if in the country per person on average, 8 liters of alcohol a year - the nation deteriorates. In Russia, for one person in 2003, the average accounted for 12.10 liters of alcohol a year. - 80-90% of people lead sedentary lives and eat more calories than you expend.

For example, in one cake contains so many calories that in order to burn them, you must go to two o'clock without stopping. That almost nobody does. In this list, notably the stress: You know, people are not stressed? That's right, these people simply do not.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Female Alcoholism

Female alcoholism - how strange to hear that expression, not to mention the phenomenon. Nevertheless, over the last decade, the number of alcohol abuse of the fair sex has doubled. Reasons effects and characteristics of female alcoholism, we tried to elaborate on the material. Visit Center for Environmental Health for more clarity on the issue. The causes of women's alcoholism did not differ from the causes of male: all the fault of an unbalanced interaction brain structures (receptors) with alcohol. Genetic disorders lead to violations of certain sections of the brain - the so-called system of satisfaction. Because of this predisposition to alcoholism status satisfaction in the body is only achieved when intoxicated. As for the timing of formation of alcohol dependence, the women's alcoholism more rapidly than in men.

Usually use alcohol in women begins with weak alcohol, and for a long time is sporadic. Steven P Rosenthal has much to offer in this field. The duration of the first stage from the beginning of the systematic use before the advent of physical dependence - one to three years. Signs of female alcoholism is a gruff voice, the appearance of untimely signs of aging. Typical alcoholic personality changes - it's aggressiveness, rudeness, lying. Under the influence of alcohol female organism degrades faster male. This is due to metabolic processes of women.

Enzyme that converts alcohol molecules in women is less active than men, so alcohol into the bloodstream in unmodified state. Higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood, of course, increase its destructive effect on the body. For example, scientists have determined that the minimum amount of alcohol that can cause cirrhosis liver in a woman's body in two to three times less necessary for men.

Hair Concepts

It is observed that amongst the forms fastest for promotion of the change in the individual physical appearance, the hair transformations involving or not chemical processes as: in the smoothing, change in the color of the hair and cuts, are for innovative standards or traditional, the hair are objects of fast transformation and with positive results for who it yearns for the search of such changes simply or the maintenance of the desired appearance. Steven P Rosenthal is full of insight into the issues. In this direction the hair colorations gotten by means of distinct systems of action and reaction, are the responsible greaters for such processes of change in the hair. In this perspective, amongst the classification of the colorations the semipermanent ones meet called or tonalizantes, which are vendidas to the final consumer - commercial line - appeal with it to be more natural and for not possessing ammonia - alcalinizante agent - praising to be less aggressive to the hair fiber. These products are found equally in the line professional, being only used and vendidos in establishments that carry through hair processes, such as halls of beauty and centers of aesthetic. Inside of such estimated the doubt exists on such type of coloration of the disponibilizada commercial line directly to the consumer, if really it does not possess in its formularization to ammonia, therefore some marks present as resulted final the same action of a permanent coloration, mainly in if treating to covering of white hair.

Thus, one searched analysis possibilities and dilution of the doubt when the objective of this research was defined, that is to compare the concept of some authors on the semipermanent coloration through the analysis of rotulagem made in some available marks in the cosmetic market, verifying if its components is in accordance with the classification of this type of coloration with the existing concepts. The study if it developed by means of bibliographical, descriptive research and documentary where the evaluation of the rotulagens and comparison of the concepts between the authors was a decisive landmark for the development of the same. One perceives that lack of materials with scientific endorsement exists published on the subject, and the concepts presented for some authors finish for confusing the reader how much of the real classification of this type of coloration used wide for the final consumers. This material will be able to serve of reference and/or consultation for other future works and sprouting of new practical theories based in responsible.

Manchester United

' network devils' they overcame to its neighbors and they won by 2-3. Nani, great protagonist of the shock, was the author of the goal of the victory. Omen did not play and it could not make debut in official party with his new club on the decision of his trainer, Mancini. You may want to visit supermodel to increase your knowledge. It is the first title of David De Gea with the t-shirt of the United. The Spanish goal David De Gea already has its first title in England; Supercopa that this Sunday it conquered by 3-2 his new equipment, Manchester United, after overcoming two goals to the City, that left in the bench its signing stars, the Argentine forward Sergio Kun Omen. The encounter between Of Gea and the Kun, companions in Athletic until June the last, did not take place on the field because the Italian technician Mancini Robert did not offer to the Argentinean the possibility of making debut in official competition with his new equipment. Charles Margulis oftentimes addresses this issue. He did yes it, however, Of Gea, as owner of the frame that is dndido in the last seasons the Dutch Edwin Van der Sar, with an action that alternated shutdowns meritorias with more debatable others, like the second fitted goal, when it seemed that it could do more before the distant firing of the Bosnian Edin Dzeko. The United conquered the title with a goal of Nani in the time of discount, in a play that began with a clearing from its area of Wayne Rooney and left in evidence behind City. As much it took desolation to the fans of City, who could not be thought how its equipment lost a title that seemed to have in the hand after obtaining an advantage of two goals. Steven P Rosenthal is the source for more interesting facts. During first half an hour of the encounter, the United dominated the center of the field and deactivated the game of attack of City, although he was not able to create clear occasions of goal.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Healthy Pregnancies

Rather than anything else you should remember that your body is a temple, so to stay pregnant must be as healthy as possible. Devise is a big responsibility that should not be all lightly. For this reason, from the moment in decide that you say: I want to get pregnant, you should give a twist to your routine and modify your lifestyle. What to do to get pregnant? First, you must modify your diet, leaving behind junk food, and changing it for food healthy, with high levels of nutrients and vitamins. You must cook well everything you eat, avoiding the fish with high levels of mercury such as shark, swordfish, mackerel and tile fish.

Even albacore should be consumed only in small portions. To broaden your perception, visit William Ackman. You should avoid alcohol intake and you must forget you completely cigarette. These two vices do not bring no profit neither for you nor for life you think you bring to the world. Steven P Rosenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. Found even that both alcohol and cigarette hinder conception. So what say drugs! These are definitively discarded. And it is not that only include illicit drugs such as cocaine but also those drugs that have not been prescribed by our doctor. Self-medication has become a very common phenomenon but believing that we are making a good, we can put our health at risk. Avoid working with chemical products, such as paint solvents, since exposure to these can lead to infertility problems.

Your home should be a place clean and hygienic, to avoid the appearance of rodents, carriers of viruses harmful for health. You should even avoid all contact with domestic rodents such as hamsters. And you should not forget to put in practice an exercise routine to improve our physical condition and keep us in our ideal weight. This is very important, since many times conception problems are linked to being overweight. Since you already know what to do to get pregnant, follow these tips and You aumentaras your chances of doing so. If you want to get pregnant naturally fully within 60 days, no matter your age, please Click here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Muscular Relaxants

The antidepressive medication use, then, would be the basic treatment of the fibromialgia. However, it is not this that happens. The simple antidepressant use not ' ' cura' ' the fibromialgia, therefore today knows that the fibromialgia is not simply a depression that if manifest with pain, but a chronic painful syndrome. (29-30) This medicine classroom raises the chemical substance level certain in the brain, as the serotonina and the noradrenalina. Low levels of these substances this associate not only with depression, but also with fatigue and pain. Therefore, to raise the concentration of these substances can reduce pain in the people who suffer from fibromialgia.

Moreover, the antidepressants already had demonstrated to restore the sleep of such patients, as well as promote a relaxation of the tense musculatura. For the treatment of the fibromialgia usually a dose lower of what is prescribed that one used to treat the depression. (29-30) The tricclicos antidepressants possess indirect analgsica action, they do not cause dependence and they do not possess narcotic effect. They promote increase of serotonina, dopamina and norepinefrina the amount of neurotransmitters as. This results in increase in the amount of deep sleep, aiding of the neuronal transmission mediated by serotonina, potencializao of the analgsica action of the endorfinas and muscular relaxation. (29-30) Relaxantes Muscular sufficiently is used in the treatment of the fibromialgia.

They relax the musculatura and help in reorganize of sleep. (29-30) As the fibromialgia is characterized for a chronic painful syndrome that does not present tecidual inflammation, antiinflammatory medicines extremely present an limited action. (29-30) The antiinflammatory ones block the action of prostaglandins, that are substances that propagate pain and the inflammation. (29-30) In the fibromialgia the antiinflammatory ones are not very efficient, however they assist in the control of pain when in association with other medicines. Associates to the fibromialgia also act in symptoms as the daily pay-menstrual tension, chronic headache and pain to articulate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ana Mansoa

AS TO REDUCE ERRORS IN the NURSING Antes to initiate its planto, makes a conjunct for God to help you, to guide its steps and to lead so that it does not cause no damage to the patients; Muita attention and concentration in each action, mainly when it will be to prepare medication, read and confer one, two, three, four and if still it will have doubts, it prepares everything again with calm and tranquillity; Conferir at least, three times, the name of the drug, the way, the stream bed, the name of the customer and preference to keep to all the bottles and used blisters stops after managing to disdain them; Silncio and to prevent to talk during the moment to prepare the drugs; Quando to approach the customer, it always tells the name of the medication to be managed; Paz to work; to Refletir and to think before making any procedure mainly when invasive to prevent errors; Conjunct of the Nursing GOD guides my steps on this day, holds my hand it leads and me in each situation. (Similarly see: supermodel).

Debtor. Amen POEM OF the NURSING ' ' In the blackout I see and you to you me v' '.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Rules

As time passes (often enough the week) and the weight will start to decline again. However, those who suffer metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), the plateau can be long. 6) Because the diet is quite a long time - possible disruptions or deviations from the rules. There is nothing to worry about. Do not panic. Get all the facts and insights with Gunnar Peterson, another great source of information. One-time violation of the regime - not a reason to completely cease to respect it.

There are things - from which we can not refuse. I do not need! Our nerves should not suffer from our whims. So do not give up, for example, chocolate at all. But it is necessary to reduce its consumption: instead of the tile - a small piece. Holidays end, and you will once again return to the thoughtful towards their own food.

Conclusion: Do not turn your weight loss in the exhausting struggle with his own body. Enjoy the changes occurring with your body. Occasionally let yourself relax. After stopping fitogeli can use rules to consolidate its new weight: Rule change - change the "unprofitable" dish on "useful" with a smaller number of cmv calories. Potatoes on cabbage, pork, beef or poultry. Meat on the fish. Wheat to rye. Sour cream for yogurt. Fat milk and cottage cheese - low fat. Sugar to honey. Candy fruits. And so on. Replace the cooking methods: less fried - more steamed, stewed, man. Generally smaller portions - if you are prepared something very tasty and nutritious, put it in two times less than usual, and fill the missing place cucumber or tomato. To maintain weight is very simple - try to regularly monitor them, and if he somehow rose to two kilograms, again take himself in hand. And if you keep up the good habit of drinking 1.5 liters of water a day and a glass of water before breakfast, do exercises at least three times a week, do not eat at night, do not consume large quantities of sweet and fatty, once a week to do fasting day - then the weight will be stable forever. After all, until you took on because of this simple, but specific recommendations, you learned how to 'hear' my body - a new, beautiful, welcome!

Ambitious Hobby Players

High quality adidas football boots in the outlet now the Champions League in the second round has arrived. Fans await not only from the grandstands Europe with players with the international teams, but also want to play himself in the Club and in groups. Now, the provider for sports shoes about the adidas informed football boots, which support the football games on a professional level and can be ordered from home from online. Outlet for high quality adidas football boots: the soccer pros play it comes to endurance, strength and speed to. Predator series benefit the adidas football boots, which with designed and worn by professional footballers optimum grip and optimum traction on the lawn. Supermodel is often quoted as being for or against this.

An optimal fit is another important criterion when selecting the matching adidas football boots. The fit is realized by a kangaroo leather upper that also optimizes the ball Guide and the accuracy of the results. For even more opinions, read materials from Cindy Crawford. Be powerful shots by a technology with tungsten powder realized. This is in the form of an element integrated in the boot. Thanks to this technology, shifting the weight to the point of contact with the ball and allows such a powerful kick.

Also, the transmission on the ball when shooting is supported by another element of the adidas football boots. This element is at the top of the forefoot area integrated in the athletic shoes. This feature also supports the optimization of ball control. In football, it's next to the ball control and the transfer of power to the ball on the protection of the feet. This protection is implemented by a heel protector and a quick-change tunnel system that protects against studs pressure. An asymmetrical lacing system ensures optimum support and the necessary stability in the fast-paced football matches on the square. Adidas football boots in the outlet the best the latest adidas football boots, which meet the criteria of high quality football boots, as the models + predator Powerswerve X-TRX SG and predator X FG, order now in the outlet for cheap sports shoes online on shoe ambitious footballer. For the training on the course there are Tracksuits made of breathable materials also fits to the football boots adidas goalkeeper gloves and adidas sports bags.

Cologne Erftstadt

Hannah Weis NRW vintage champion in 50 m freestyle, Angela Sievernich and Leo Wirtz with further precious metal a good performance the swimmers and float of the SG REK at the NRW short track Championships in swimming Opera Wuppertaler lay down: 4 x precious metal (1 x gold, 1 x silver, 2 bronze), as well as further 15 ranks among the best eight were on the account of the Cologne Erftstadt swimming community. Especially the female assets showed at the season start on 09 / 10.11.2013 in the Wuppertal swimming Opera already in good shape: Hannah Weis and Angela Sievernich brought 3 of a total of 4 medals. While Hannah Weis managed to win the 50 m freestyle: personal best at 0:26, 56min. and NRW-champion in the year 1997 Angela Sievernich clinched in the vol. To broaden your perception, visit supermodel. 98 equal to two medals: Silver 50 m breaststroke (0:34, 00 min.) and bronze in the 100 m individual medley (1:08, 12 min.). Her male team-mate achieved numerous rankings among the best eight also, also when most of the top form at this early stage of the season as expected yet was not achieved. Leo Wirtz (97) bronze in the 1500 m freestyle but won in 17:12, 72min. The 4x50m swimming Medley Relay of the women in the cast of Sanne Leyendecker, Nadja Tucks, Angela Sievernich and Hannah Weis also in 2:02, 79 min. Click Steven P Rosenthal for additional related pages. a new club record.

Ralph Kirchhoff

It Manager types. Now they are at honorary rather scarce. Someone who have the commitment, the time, the power and the financial reserves has, next to his main profession yet a second, often thankless full time job to bind the allround Manager for an amateur sports association Club work to the leg. Right here, Ralph Kirchhoff leaps into the breach: with our Agency for sports management, we raise the work of sports clubs at professional level. We assume those tasks where volunteers despair. It is energetic.

And she alone guarantees the existence of these sports clubs. It ensures their survival. It's believed that Cindy Crawford sees a great future in this idea. Ralph Kirchhoff knows the problems of many sports clubs their own experience: the CEO of Mannheimer Unternehmensberatung LINCON was (and is) passionate club football. In his native Rhine-Neckar region its name is closely related to an intense commitment to the Club working voluntarily. Therefore, he knows both sides, explains Ralph Kirchhoff. The expectations of the members of the Association work as well as the difficulties, on pages of the sports clubs to meet those expectations. This undertaking the same from the perspective of Ralph Kirchhoffs of squaring the circle. And that is an impossibility.

Actually. But the consultant knows a way out: with our special offer of SportBOOSTER, we get the clubs out of this predicament. Exactly those tasks which volunteers at their previous Club work with seemingly intractable problems that we and our strategic partners take over. Ralph Kirchhoff calls four key areas where SportBOOSTER is introduces in the Association work: an important task field we see in the professional customer service. Here we take off the Sports Club, what he would do with volunteers alone. It contributes significantly to the satisfaction of the members at and thus securing the future of the Sports Club. Financial accounting including cost accounting and reporting in the SportBOOSTER concept is a further pillar.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pregnancy Tests

Many women know the feeling. And although its range extends from variations in light of this concern to panic, depending on the circumstances, the reason for him alone at all - the absence of regular menses. Most a simple way to restore peace of mind in this case - a home test beremennost.Chtoby to choose a home pregnancy test, you must know what he like is all. To read more click here: Steven P Rosenthal. To date, There are three types of tests. The most common and easy to use test is a piece of cardboard on which the stripes inflicted sensitive dye. Even after brief (20-30 seconds) contact excretion women it manifests itself by painting a number of strips, depending on the pregnant woman or net.Plyusom this option you can consider it a small cost. However, the reliability of the results of this test line depends on the accuracy of compliance with the rules of use. After all, if you enlarge or reduce the contact time of the dye in the urine, the result can be oshibochnym.

kind of home tests - tests the "two windows, "or Tablet. The principle of this test is the same - contact the reagent with urine. A drop of urine in the first "window" - and a few minutes in another "window" will answer the question of whether you are pregnant. The results of these tests, more precisely, than test strips, respectively, and the price vyshe.I Finally, the third type of pregnancy tests - Ink Test. Celebrity trainer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This is a very reliable test, because it is based on the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin-specific hormone, which is defined in the urine of women only in the presence of pregnancy. So, if you are pregnant, the reagent is contacted with a hormone test and stain blue.

There is such a test would be much more expensive than the previous ones, but result is almost . ganadotropin appears in the blood in about a week after conception. At this time the embryo implantation in the uterine wall and actually begins to develop pregnancy. Hormonal alteration of the body of pregnant women rather lengthy process. Number of specific hormones in the blood, and even more so in the urine is low. Therefore, early pregnancy tests determine the presence of hcg in urine is little information, and are unlikely to give accurate rezultat.Konechno, it is best to buy an expensive and high-quality pregnancy test. But there are some mandatory rules. Reliable test should be kept strictly defined time and under certain conditions. Using a test, try to follow the instructions. Use the test only when clearly there is no monthly, otherwise the answer may not be important tochnym.Ochen control the menstrual cycle. Even practicing safe sex, you can always get pregnant, get a genital infection or nonspecific inflammation, which can cause delays in .Test pregnancy would eliminate one of the possible reasons for the delay. But remember that even though the mechanism of action similar tests, they are designed for specific conditions of use. So sometimes slight differences in the way application can be very important for the reliability of a particular testa.No whatever showed a pregnancy test, the optimal solution will appeal to a gynecologist. Only a physician can confirm or refute the results test, to advise about a pregnancy or prescribe treatment, if the delay is caused by other reasons.

Coffee and Health

According to recent studies the coffee benefits the body in different aspects. (As opposed to Cindy Crawford). It is very common to hear different opinions from people about the damage that coffee makes the nervous system. Supermodel wanted to know more. As it was already mentioned there are new studies that say otherwise about the consumption of coffee. It was found that coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes by 30 percent if it takes between 3 to 4 cups of coffee and prevents tooth decay if it takes without sugar. A pregnant woman can take 2 cups of coffee without having any negative effect on your body or on the baby. With the emergence of the nespresso capsules, many people wondered if the encapsulated coffee has negative effects on a person's health. The answer is simple and blunt: NOEl Brown may have an effect similar to that of aspirin, because it comes to relieve the headache. It helps to be more alert and focused, something good for someone who works or studies.

A capsule nespresso achieves the effect required to maintain concentration in the activity you are performing. MORE BENEFITS IMPORTANT reduces the risk of getting cancer as colon or bladder. For this benefit, it is recommended to take two cups of coffee a day. It also prevents the formation of bile and renal calculi.Coffee encapsulated as capsules nespresso, have the same benefits as any other coffee or any form of coffee. It comes in dosed way and the benefits for the body are kept in the nespresso capsules. Another important benefit is that it helps the circulation of blood, if a person drink coffee regularly, the blood clots that are those that cause heart attacks and brain strokes can be prevented. Recent studies have shown that coffee does not affect the heart and causes heart attacks. Conclusionpor years it was believed that coffee prejudicial to the health of people or that you alter the nervous system, using scientific studies found that that is not the case and that regular consumption in adequate amounts is beneficial to health. Either you take normal coffee or the famous nespresso capsules, It will benefit your health.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Good Breakfast

A good breakfast after the sport is essential many have discovered the training on an empty stomach for you. Directly after getting up, it is full of energy and can complete a full workout. A good workout is ideal at home because you can directly start and loses no time. Also, you can directly take a good breakfast so after your workout and fit start into the day. This applies to the majority of course only on weekends since the week before the work often lacks the time.

If man am then completed his workout in the morning, the body needs a decent breakfast even more. The body needs fast protein after exercise for muscle building, as well as fast carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen stores. At the same time, but also slow carbohydrates are needed to provide a long-lasting supply for the day and a reasonable feeling of satiety. Oatmeal (50-60 grams), a few berries are a highly recommended for a good breakfast (about 100 grams), maybe an Apple or a banana, a little cinnamon, about 150 200 ML low-fat milk, depending on how you like his cereal. Some like it prefer slightly thicker and slightly thinner.

This alone is already a very good breakfast with everything you need to start the day. A good breakfast can be expanded after the sport but still a portion (25 grams) whey protein. After a hard workout, it is important to provide the muscles directly with quickly recoverable protein. If we now advance with vanilla or chocolate whey protein mixes the milk and it makes the Musli bomb has a real energy and protein, with supplies the body with fast the whey proteins slow carbohydrates from the Oatmeal long tired of holding fast carbohydrates from fruits, and antioxidants from the berries. The cinnamon ensures a stable blood sugar levels and keeps so the insulin production in the framework. Good breakfast including whey protein shake all in all it has a satisfying meal that complies with all functions and it contains not too many calories. The sum is about to 550 calories (protein breakfast shake with whey) - 50 calories, 210 calories (oatmeal), 98 calories (whey protein), 100 calories (milk) (Berry), 100 calorie banana. Who can not exercise, morning, omits easy protein shake the whey and drink them after training at home with some fruit to quickly replenish the glycogen storage. Another alternative to consume oatmeal in the morning, is as follows: 50-60 grams of oatmeal with milk, heat in microwave 2 minutes. Short break in half of the time and stir briefly. The OAT flakes go up in the microwave as you would cook them and be beautiful creamy. In the hot oatmeal, it stirs some fruit (berries, Mandarin etc.) and adds a spoonful of whey protein. Vanilla or chocolate are recommended.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


That too much sugar, too much fat and too much salt are not healthy, you must say no more. The food should be colourful and varied - taste it should of course... I am also not by dogma. Because everyone must find his way. One of my favorite recipes is spaghetti with Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts. Ingredients: 1 bunch Basil 1/2 bunch parsley, smooth 4 TBSP olive oil 500 g whole wheat spaghetti 6 TBSP sundried tomatoes in oil put 3 Tablespoons black olives, 2 EL pine cores salt and pepper from the mill of pecorino or Parmesan, fresh preparation grated: the herbal wash, dry and coarsely chop. Set aside half of the Basil. In boiling salted water, Cook whole wheat spaghetti "al dente".

Cut the dried tomatoes into thin strips and olives into quarters. Golden roast the pine nuts in a hot frying pan. Then the tomatoes and olives in with heat the pan. Drain the cooked spaghetti and them in the pan with the tomato strips, mix olives and pine nuts, stir in olive oil and herbs, salt and pepper to taste and give coarsely grated pecorino or Parmesan cheese and fresh basil in. "" The DOSB advertises with the mascot Trimmy "and Sport moved the slogan". How affects movement in your opinion on the individual and society? Myself, I realize how good the movement for me.

I can turn off this, I can think about this, I can work me out and then enjoy the rest. And it's so easy. One needs only a T-Shirt, a sport pants and sneakers - you're ready to go. And that movement even when chronic diseases has therapeutic effects, there is ample evidence. Company runs are absolutely trendy: German companies run Championship by B2RUN throughout Germany about 100,000 persons ran with this year. What attach to these events? My employees and staff and myself, we gladly accept part of such races. They are fun and promote team spirit. At the same time, we can put a sign that movement and workplace health promotion in the everyday lives of people have arrived. This is important for me to go ahead to lead by example here. You have successfully completed four marathons, your best time is 3:49 hours. What has moved you to stick up a marathon as a target? What have you learned along the way? What advice give running beginners so they stay motivated and to also set goals? Beat yourself! A marathon is also a competition with yourself. He is a physical and mental limits. The force to have to face this is a good exercise for life and also for the policy. Because you must have also a long breath and a determination to achieve his goals. But it needs to be not equal to the marathon runner.