Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pregnancy Tests

Many women know the feeling. And although its range extends from variations in light of this concern to panic, depending on the circumstances, the reason for him alone at all - the absence of regular menses. Most a simple way to restore peace of mind in this case - a home test beremennost.Chtoby to choose a home pregnancy test, you must know what he like is all. To read more click here: Steven P Rosenthal. To date, There are three types of tests. The most common and easy to use test is a piece of cardboard on which the stripes inflicted sensitive dye. Even after brief (20-30 seconds) contact excretion women it manifests itself by painting a number of strips, depending on the pregnant woman or net.Plyusom this option you can consider it a small cost. However, the reliability of the results of this test line depends on the accuracy of compliance with the rules of use. After all, if you enlarge or reduce the contact time of the dye in the urine, the result can be oshibochnym.

kind of home tests - tests the "two windows, "or Tablet. The principle of this test is the same - contact the reagent with urine. A drop of urine in the first "window" - and a few minutes in another "window" will answer the question of whether you are pregnant. The results of these tests, more precisely, than test strips, respectively, and the price vyshe.I Finally, the third type of pregnancy tests - Ink Test. Celebrity trainer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This is a very reliable test, because it is based on the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin-specific hormone, which is defined in the urine of women only in the presence of pregnancy. So, if you are pregnant, the reagent is contacted with a hormone test and stain blue.

There is such a test would be much more expensive than the previous ones, but result is almost . ganadotropin appears in the blood in about a week after conception. At this time the embryo implantation in the uterine wall and actually begins to develop pregnancy. Hormonal alteration of the body of pregnant women rather lengthy process. Number of specific hormones in the blood, and even more so in the urine is low. Therefore, early pregnancy tests determine the presence of hcg in urine is little information, and are unlikely to give accurate rezultat.Konechno, it is best to buy an expensive and high-quality pregnancy test. But there are some mandatory rules. Reliable test should be kept strictly defined time and under certain conditions. Using a test, try to follow the instructions. Use the test only when clearly there is no monthly, otherwise the answer may not be important tochnym.Ochen control the menstrual cycle. Even practicing safe sex, you can always get pregnant, get a genital infection or nonspecific inflammation, which can cause delays in .Test pregnancy would eliminate one of the possible reasons for the delay. But remember that even though the mechanism of action similar tests, they are designed for specific conditions of use. So sometimes slight differences in the way application can be very important for the reliability of a particular testa.No whatever showed a pregnancy test, the optimal solution will appeal to a gynecologist. Only a physician can confirm or refute the results test, to advise about a pregnancy or prescribe treatment, if the delay is caused by other reasons.

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