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Healthy Colon

A healthy colon is easy for a long life without disease condition Berlin December 15, 2009 in particular the lifestyle-related diseases have their origins primarily in a disordered bowel function and intestinal flora. The author Sabine Beuke writes in her book, that a low-carbohydrate nutrition could help many intestinal diseases. This could also contribute to a reduction of the health funds. Whether it was but in the sense of the pharmaceutical industry, everyone must decide for themselves. In addition to genetic factors, the reasons are also a wrong diet, lack of exercise, and obesity.

The author is 44 years old, married and lives with her family in Bremen. She worked for many years in the food industry and also volunteer operates in a Catholic community and looked after elderly people.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Red Sea Relaxation

Due to the mild climate, the rest in Egypt seem like a fairy tale where you feel like a real emperor, and feel the charm of earthly life. Gorgeous Sphinx, the pyramids unique and superb coral reefs, fascinating with its mysteriousness, cause an increased interest in the history of the Arab world, its traditions and amazing sights. Comfortable hotels and exciting entertainment mass will not let you get bored, and night walks along the promenade to embellish an unforgettable vacation in Egypt. Supermodels opinions are not widely known. 2010 marked the opening of mass entertainment complexes, restaurants and nightclubs where you can have fun, socialize with friends and listen to music. If you get hungry, - order the traditional dishes of national cuisine, enjoy the legendary kebab, fulvic and baths which will give an exotic and a celebration for your stomach, because Egypt - rest for the elite! Family Holidays in Egypt Holidays in Egypt with the children you will find a pleasant, relaxing and truly memorable experience. The rich flora and fauna will in all its glory, ancient architectural monuments - will remind you of long-term events, and sightseeing tours in Marine Park of Ras Mohammed will provide plenty of positive emotions.

Family Vacation Egypt has a high level of service, entertainment program and the opportunity to dive all year round. Tired of everyday routine? Want some fun? Youth holiday in Egypt will relax, sunbathe, get healthier and make new friends. Turning to a travel agency, our consultants will help pick up the necessary things to do in Egypt, based on personal preferences and financial client capabilities. Settling in luxury hotels, professional service will take care of creating favorable conditions for a perfect pastime. How to make a memorable holiday in Egypt? Photo help you with this. Thousands of beautiful images will always remind you of the legendary visit to the Red Sea coast, where there is peace and quiet, and leisurely sway moderate pace of life of indigenous people, and the famous St. Catherine's Monastery and Moses Mountain legend opens up to a rest in a new light.

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Civilization Diseases

Professor Jutta Schutz with the theme: Bruchsal-31.10.2009 - many civilization diseases (diabetes, migraines, rheumatism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, overweight, etc.) known complaints due to diseases too many carbohydrates. This course explains how a nutrition positive can affect different diseases and how easy it is to integrate this diet in the General Schedule. For example migraine: many patients have cravings for certain foods. Very often, there is a connection between food and the migraine trigger! This frequency is possibly underestimated. About two-thirds of migraine patients can see a connection between the consumption of certain foods and triggering a seizure. If you are not convinced, visit Luhan. Migraine triggers (trigger) can be: glutamate, histamine, serotonin-containing foods, tyramine, red wine, chocolate, coffee and cheese, bread and too much carbohydrates. Our specialists assess this Complaints, often from the perspective of their field of activity and this then also often leads to misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Also the frequent consumption of sugar results in many people of low blood sugar.

This leads in turn to a stress reaction and thus the distribution of so-called Catecholamines: epinephrine and norepinephrine. This creates migraine and headache. This pain may arise but also by a poisoning from the colon (toxic waste by bacteria). So is a headache, not only due to the fluctuations in blood sugar levels, but also by an excessive acidity in the body. In many diseases, especially migraine, the Eskimo diet or a low-carb diet was recommended with success.

She help with severe migraine attacks or even epilepsy. The Viennese internist Dr. Ewald Riegler said: people get migraine attacks because their vascular muscles is undernourished. This would happen if the body to quickly absorb the carbohydrates. The pancreas must produce then insulin much to the Sugar to feed the cells. He described it as follows: through the cell door, only 10 insulin sugar particles fit per minute, but 10,000 insulin sugar particles want to at the same time in. You smash up each other. The result then is that the cell gets nothing and seized. Dr. Rieger recommends migraine patients initially flesh, fish, and raw food to eat. In addition, those affected should as long as eat apples until the attack is over. For more information about migraine, diabetes, and the low-carb diet books by Jutta Schutz.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dermatological Diseases

Dr. med. Peter Broichmann of the skin Center Wiesbaden informed diabetes mellitus in Western industrial Nations in the course of the last few decades to the widespread epidemic happened. To be able to diagnose it accurately and in a timely manner is therefore of great interest to the health care. The experienced dermatologist from Wiesbaden, Germany, Dr. Broichmann, explains what results he mellitus reached in this regard in the context of a longitudinal study about the connection of skin diseases and diabetes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit actress. Between a third and a half of all diabetes mellitus sufferer people afflicted with a skin disease at the same time. You either preceding the acute onset of diabetes or accompanied him in its active form as a serious complication.

Given these known data of determined in one on the years 1951 to 1985 extending Dr. Broichmann, long-term study, whether a significant, temporally stable consistent correlation between the presence of skin diseases and diabetes mellitus to prove is. Steven P Rosenthal insists that this is the case. A corresponding result of the study would allow an improvement in the diagnosis of diabetes. As already from other scientific surveys, a rising by the time general distribution of diabetes was also for the long-term study of Dr. Broichmanns first mellitus in the population. Still, Dr. Broichmann demonstrated that indeed a statistically significant relationship mellitus underlies the common occurrence of dermatological diseases and diabetes. Both fungal infections of the skin, benefit the skin due to diabetes increased sugar content, as well as the so-called Ulcus cruris varicosum, a form of the open leg caused by weakened veins", in patients who suffered from diabetes mellitus suffer, are significantly more common than in diabetes-free control groups.

The combined occurrence of this type of disease is able to improve the diagnosis of diabetes, by patients where there are corresponding skin diseases, are also examined for the presence of diabetes. To the study of the Wiesbaden skin doctor Dr. Broichmann provide further information its this article attached, study results available. Skin Center Wiesbaden press information contact: Dr. med. Peter Broichmann Kirchgasse 42-44 65183 Wiesbaden phone: (0611) 305110 website:


Young people master their lives successful Lucerne, 09.02.2010 severe pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea and new medicines, because the previous help that is the daily life of patients with Crohn's disease. This chronic intestinal disease is more widespread than many assume: in a town with 100,000 inhabitants, there are on average 150 patients. Crohn's disease is a taboo subject, and is therefore rarely in public. She breaks out especially in adolescents and young adults, who keep leaving shame in isolation. Also school and education must be often interrupted by hospitalizations, the entry into working life is difficult for many. The batch history of Crohn's disease is especially tricky.

Sometimes leave signs of the disease for months or even years, but then come back. The cause of the disease is not possible, a cure so far unclear. The typical inflammation, which spread primarily on the small and large intestine are thrown by a faulty control in the immune system. For the cause of Crohn's disease, there is up to now no conclusive knowledge, fact is that immune cells attack body, healthy tissue. This could on the one hand are caused by an autoimmune reaction or suspect as newer models through a barrier disorder, characterized by an increased permeability and impaired functionality of the normal intestinal wall. In both cases, the immune system reacts to excessive intrusion of intestinal bacteria in or under the intestinal mucosal layer, which has a chronic inflammation of the tissue to the result. The correct treatment is all the more important, finding the individually suitable therapy form lets you normalize again life. Just concerned with a heavy course of the disease get administered often repeatedly other and stronger drugs, which are however not suitable for long-term therapy and are associated with many side effects.

There is hope through so-called Biologics: these preparations are endogenous substances modeled after and can intervene in processes such as the immune system, specifically. They block the neurotransmitter TNF alpha, which signals the immune cells in Crohn's disease that they should attack the actually healthy intestinal mucosa. The drugs administered either as an infusion by the doctor, where an appointment meets every eight weeks in practice or in a hospital. Another possibility is the subcutaneous injection of the drug all 2-4 injected weeks under the skin of the patient himself. For many sufferers, the symptoms improve so far that you can lead a completely normal life again. Education and the profession in addition to also includes, to spend his free time according to your own requirements. For more information about the disease and treatment options, as well as practical tips for everyday life will find patients undergoing. Press contact: antwerpes ag Maria Dusing Valentina str. 66 D-50823 Koln Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 92053-349 fax: + 49 (0) 221 92053-133 e-Mail:

Thyroid Disease

Criticism of forced iodination is louder epidemic of thyroid disease and whether a Jodmagel or ubschuss on the thyroid dysfunction is to blame, is still fiercely discussed in circles. As the news portal news.de reported, triggered the recent study of the Robert Koch Institute renewed debate among the experts. While on the one complained, that the thyroid disease on an iodine deficiency is due, also the opposite opinion exists: just the iodized salt would cause thyroid dysfunction. Studies of the Robert-Koch Institute with 17,000 children and young people aged from 6 to 17 years were able to show that 33 percent of the subjects the thyroid had slight magnifications. The Institute still speaks of a success, since many more illnesses have been identified in recent years.

The positive results attributed to the researchers of the use of iodized table salt. Source: Luhan. As the health editor of news.de reported, critics, however, complain that iodized salt in Households, kitchens, bakeries and butchers uncontrollably is used. They point out that food should not be added to with iodine. The head of the European Institute of food and nutritional sciences, for example, Udo Pollmer traces the rise of Basedow disease, an overactive of thyroid gland diseases, on consumption of iodine foods. In the United States and the Netherlands people were suffering from increasingly this overactive, once there the table salt with iodine has been enriched. Steven P Rosenthal is likely to agree. Also in Germany seem increasingly to people suffer an iodine allergy. Self-help groups fighting against the forced iodination".

However, iodine for the human body is essential, since it will make thyroid hormones, which are for the overall metabolism of importance. The iodine excess is excreted again a functioning organism. More information: health /... Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig/Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Psychosomatic Medicine

Being sick is hard enough Berlin, 10; Open day at the 31.10.09, outer rotor lane 9-11. A serious operation, a lengthy therapy, a serious diagnosis or an accident, and nothing is like before. If daily life due to illness is difficult to cope with, who actually helps in such cases? Since 2008, the nonprofit association of BiNK, abbreviation for advice and support in disease and crisis in Nuremberg e.V., maintains a helpline, which is open every day from Monday to Friday. We're for the people, by disease changed has the 1st Chairman of the social institution, Mr Georg Rieger explains their life. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiffany Espensen. Networking with all health care facilities is very important.

BiNK in Professor Dr. Wolfgang Sollner, the Chief doctor of the Psychosomatic Medicine at the clinic Nuremberg has an advocate. He certifies BiNK to fill a widening gap with his offer. For lack of orientation will help people in acute crises and Orientation gladly given. Help, done by many volunteers and committed Club members, Honorary powers and a part-time force, has its price.

For a good cause will help giver to seeking help and ask for support. Who would like to support the idea and the offer by BiNK, can be simply active: an SMS with keyword BINK on the speed dial of 8 11 90 sent brings 3 euro support. The amount will be plus the normal SMS transport fee with the next cell phone invoice and 2.87 go directly to the Club. This is a service of spendino GmbH. Spendino: The spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. This is spendino the only supplier in Germany, is the use of of mobile technologies for social purposes has specialized press contact: spendino GmbH Berlin contact: Mrs. Verena Bock telephone: 03045020522 fax: 03045025657 website: spendino.de

Borreliosis Lyme Disease Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

Tick bites can trigger not only a special form of encephalitis (TBE) and Lyme disease. The symptoms of a disease are very versatile. What is Lyme disease? Borreliosis (Lyme disease) is a chronic infectious disease that is caused by the microbes under the title of Borrelia burgdorferi, transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick. The doctors know the reason for a Lyme disease infection, they know the mechanism of formation and development. An agent of Lyme disease vectors of pathogens are the ticks.

These carry around her life with the pathogen and can pass it to his descendants. The sources of the infection the sources of infection are rodents (mouse, the little Hamster), the tick, the large ungulates (deer, elk, farm animals). The symptoms (the features) and the history of Lyme disease Lyme disease as a disease called Lajma. There are three stages of Lyme disease. The stage I lasts for up to 40 days and is used with the Characterized development at the point of introduction of the pathogen; the roundish red stain on the bite spot grown over the course of a few weeks to 20 cm in diameter. Treatment is usually effective, but over the course of several weeks or months although an improvement is not immediately, treatment with antibiotics in the early stage of Lyme disease. The most effective way to prevent the disease, is the avoidance of a tick bite. For more information: On walks in the places of the potential habitats of the tick, use a clothing with long sleeves and long pants.

Use effective means against insects, as are resources that contain up to 35% by 10, N-dietil-3-metilbensamid N. At a concentration of protection over the course of 5 hours is guaranteed 25%. The children are allowed to use not the medium with the concentration higher than 30%. The skin carefully investigate carefully you should examine the whole skin surface with respect to the presence of a tick when returning from the walk. After the walk You can take a shower. So, the undiscovered ticks are also removed. A quick removal of the tick is the fastest removal of the tick for the prevention of Lyme disease is very important. The likelihood of becoming ill if the tick on the body has spent less than 24 hours, is minimal. There were different types of distance is examined sucked tick, but the most effective way and safest is to use a pair of tweezers. Remove with tweezers before pulling the tick, it is necessary that the skin is disinfected. You must take the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull evenly, the movement is strictly vertical. Disinfect the skin again after pulling out. It is important to try not to crush the tick when pulling out. It could be that small fragments of the tick's mouth apparatus remain in the wound, but you need not to pull out, they pose no danger, it does not lead to the disease. If there is no tweezers at hand, as you can with the tick the protected fingers pull out: with the bandage, the rubber gloves. The tick is once the bandage is wrapped, close to the skin, and pulled up accurately. After removing the tick make sure the hands with SOAP wash or disinfect.

Extent Low-carbohydrate

For this reason, the author Jutta Schutz and Sabine Beuke have such great success with their self-help books. Although known for over 100 years, that too many carbohydrates disrupt our metabolism and this can also lead to cancer, the bakery industry for the people is becoming increasingly important. Some contend that Gunnar Peterson shows great expertise in this. There are more and more diabetics with type two, this is also a billion dollar business for the pharmaceutical industry and doctors. This involves long time already not only diabetes. Also, many other diseases could be cured by a low-carbohydrate diet (low carb).The principle of a low-carbohydrate diet dating back to the 19th century.

She was by the Englishman: William Banting (1797-1878) through his book: letter on Corpulence publicity. This diet was known at the end of the 19th century in Germany as a "Banting cure". The German physician: Wilhelm Ebstein recommended this meat-fat diet at that time. The French food Jean Anthelme brilliant Savarin preached the view that above all the starch in bread and flour is harmful for the body. A low-carbohydrate diet helps in diseases like: diabetes two, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, rheumatism and gout, migraine, constipation, flatulence, stomach and intestinal ulcers, heartburn, deposits of slag, heart attacks/strokes, cancer, epilepsy, thyroid disease, breast and prostate cancer, obesity and obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, chronic inflammatory process of the mucous membranes, skin rash/acne, and asthma. Sabine Beuke

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Early Menstruation

British researchers found that an early menarche (= the first menstrual period) the health risk in women increases, later to develop heart disease or to die from this. British researchers found that an early menarche (= the first menstrual period) the health risk in women increases, later to develop heart disease or to die from this. "With early" researchers believe an age under 12 years old. Endpoint and conditions aim of giving it, was secondary diseases (stroke, myocardial infarction) a relationship between age at first menstrual bleeding and cardiovascular (cardio) risk factors, and to establish an increased death rate. 15 807 women aged 40 to 79 years participated in the study, observed over 13 years. During this period, 3 888 women developed a cardiovascular disease, such as e.g. Heart disease or strokes, 1 903 women died.

Among the causes of death were among other cardiovascular-related Deaths (640 women) and cancer (782 women). Results Dr. Rajalakshmi Lakshman and her colleagues found that women with an early menarche a 23 percent greater risk were to become ill, later of heart disease and even a 28 percent had higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The women also had a higher risk of death (22 percent). Their risk was also higher (25 percent), to die of cancer. Conclusions the results of the study allow the conclusion that women with an early menarche have an increased risk of serious health problems, but the risks are not every woman. Luhan wanted to know more. However, the women on the relationship between an early onset of menstruation and the possible health consequences should be made aware.

The early onset of menstruation and the health consequences seem to be partly with a greater amount of body fat at early menstruating women. Dr. Rajalakshmi Lakshman therefore recommends that the Women should develop a greater sensitivity for their health risks and pay attention to your body weight. Further research is however necessary to find out whether an early menarche in itself represents a risk factor for subsequent diseases or whether it is just a marker for other risk factors, such as strong overweight in childhood. Off more interesting context previous studies we know that there are other links between an early onset of menstruation and subsequent health risks. So, a Norwegian study showed that women with an early onset of first menstruation had a slightly increased risk of death compared to women, where the start of menstruation was 14 years. Another study linked an early menarche with an increased risk of developing diabetes in adulthood. One explanation for this seems to be that women with a higher body mass index (BMI) of a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus Type 2 is - also used to get their first menstruation. A number of studies have brought an early menarche also in associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This is probably because that the hormone estrogen by the early onset of menstruation a longer life time affects the female body. Dr. Lakshman sees also a connection with the higher cancer rate in their study. Also, the early onset of menstruation at risk to develop high blood pressure, or to get high cholesterol levels in context can be brought. However, the reasons for this are unknown. More health information: Dr. med. W. waiters Promeus AG Industriestrasse 44a 82194 Grobenzell phone: 08142 / 650450 fax: 08142 / 6504529

Monday, March 16, 2015

Federal Holidays Act

The labour questions around the topic of holiday and illness are not getting any easier - a brief statement against the backdrop of new judicial workers who cannot take paid annual leave due to illness within the period prescribed, do not lose their claim. He maintained them despite the contrary rule in the Federal Holidays Act is to pay in the event of termination of employment The employee dies, this claim is even hereditary. In a much-publicised decision, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that when workers who are due to illness, unable to take their leave, the leave entitlement persists and does not expire (cases C-350/06 and C-520/06). "Preservation" of entitlement through late March, this means that also was that not can take the holiday via the ubertragunsfristen provided in the Holidays Act, retain the entitlement to leave. Holiday entitlements can therefore ill both times the remuneration as also in times of sickness cover is not lost. This applies also after the date 31 March 7 para 3 Federal Holidays Act (BUrlG) and even for departing controlled more entitlement--so the legal holiday additional claims (see: BAG, judgment of the 04.05.2010, AZ.: 9 AZR 183/09).

Unless in the employment contract, something else is explicitly for this part of the leave entitlements determined the entitlement do not expire so, but from the employer later during reunion. The was again approached his work, he often has a mountain of old holiday ahead, which is added to the new vacation of the current vacation year. Special case of temporary disability benefits does this mean that even for employees who receive a temporary disability benefits after the end of the sickness benefit, vacation for the period of static employment claims? It is of the opinion that one from a dormant employment relationship basically no Acquires holiday entitlements, would you deny this, for the other point of view, but also good arguments can be found and so this question is answered differently by State Labor Court in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Baden-Wurttemberg (claims, no: Cologne by April 29, 2010, was AZ.: 6 103/10 SA, claims, Yes: was Baden - Wurttemberg by April 29, 2010, AZ.: 11 64/09 SA).

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Osteoarthritis Joint Diseases

only traces of (expensive as raw material) New Zealand green lip breeding shellfish contain most remedy for osteoarthritis in dogs. 30% breeding shellfish are, however, included in the Arthrogreen of cdVet, which is a very good for high effectiveness in dogs arthritis value. At the earlier stage, the farmed shellfish can be healing for arthritis, in the future no longer curable stage of osteoarthritis the farmed shellfish can at least alleviate and slow. Devil's claw the Devil's claw is the primary means for joint pain of dogs in addition to the New Zealand green-lip breeding shellfish. The Devil's claw has a pain-relieving and muscle relaxing end effect.

You raises tensions and break the vicious circle, in which a dog tense sore parts of the bone (and cartilage etc.) and thus encourages even the diseases that. Also at the Devil's claw, it's quality and purity and dosage of the natural raw material to achieve a good effectiveness in dogs. Nettle and Ginkgo nettle and Ginkgo work helping and healing on the muscles. You increase the stability and tensile strength of collagen muscle fiber. Collagen is a protein protein. In this way, the joints are supported. Horse-chestnut the horse chestnut has a decongestant, strengthens the vessels and inhibits inflammation. Arnica and willow bark for centuries of known natural means pain, especially in acute problems.

Arnica and willow bark are traditionally used with strains and sprains. Birch relieves the Birch in particular irritation and inflammation of the skin, works also with joint problems in dogs. In addition to the listed natural ingredients, hip dysplasia, spondylosis and other joint problems in dogs, as well as to the support of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, disc etc. still positive impact in osteoarthritis, HD: Calendula, tea tree oil and peppermint oil (promote blood circulation), Brown algae, spirulina, horsetail and Sea buckthorn. The quality is important in all means. Although many dogs products contain above natural healing ingredients, quality and concentration is so often sadly deficient. In the online shop the natural products offered preferred cd vet, customers reported amazing advances in their product comments and many thank-you emails. Here is a compilation of various natural remedies for arthritis, spondylosis, HD hip joint dysplasia and other joint diseases: details of supplementary ..Arthrose Gelenke.html arthritis and joint problems are also available. Swarmed by offers, Steven P Rosenthal is currently assessing future choices. Finally some customers comments: Peter k. wrote: I was very skeptical about the means. (u0085) After feeding by Arthrogreen these symptoms were (Note: hobble the dog) after some four weeks away. It is recommended, I am happy to have discovered it." A guest wrote: my 12-year-old Labrador mix had problems getting up and running. Tablets have not helped. Since we put the Arthrogreen powder it's better obviously." Another guest wrote: after 2 days, ArthroGreen has helped in that regard, that our dog better stand up and it even again turns on its hind legs, if he wants to play or is excited." Many joint diseases such as arthritis and spondylosis in dogs are not curable, at least not in an advanced stage. But the pharmacy of the nature offers many means, as the joint diseases can be alleviated and slowed especially in the cold and wet season. S.S.. by dogs4friends.de

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Eye Diseases

The clinical picture of "Dry eye" is one of the most common eye diseases. The lacrimal fluid consists of three layers, a mucus-like, a watery and an oily layer. Lead one of the three components is no longer available in sufficient quantities, can a so-called dry eye". The dry eye"is the most common disease of the eyes. One speaks of this illness, if producing tears or tears distribution not enough work, because there is too little tears and the eye is irritated so permanently. Because it is a chronic condition, continuous treatment, for example with tears substitutes is required. Symptoms of dry eye may be increased sensitivity to light, burning and itching, but also watery eyes.

Symptoms of dry eye symptoms of dry eye are very similar to those of the irritated eye. However, unlike at the irritated eye, where the problems are most acute and occur in the short term, the complaints to the dry eye be chronic and drag over a longer period of time. "Symptoms of dry eye are include itching and burning of the eyes, foreign body sensation in the eye, a scratch" in the blink of the eyes with tears. Dry eyes can treat and prevent dry eyes can be treated with tears replacement fluid in the form of eye drops. You improve the wetting of the retina and compensate for a troubled production of tears. Is diagnosed, sufferers should try, environmental factors, which lead to the dry eye, to avoid. So to reduce smoking in the Office or in rooms, air conditioners use as little as possible or not at all, properly clean contact lenses and regularly replace and again with the eyes blink or close the eyes and occasionally for a few seconds. "The complete InfoBox dry eye" to do this, see

The History Of Table Tennis

For the first time playing with the racket and the ball appeared in ancient China. On the walls of the palace of the emperor to sec then we can consider the subjects playing the game very much like a ping-pong. Many researchers also argue which is roughly the same time in Japan there was a game of its shape resembling tennis. Boom in tennis was in the Renaissance period in Europe's cities. In rural areas, the game was especially popular on weekends at her collected and played the whole family. Rackets were made of wood and the ball from cow hides. Tiffany Espensen can aid you in your search for knowledge. To mitigate the impact over time rackets were swift parchment. Only 100 years later appeared on the racket strings.

This marked a rapid development of tennis to a level known to us today. At the beginning of nucleation of tennis, he was subdivided into two branches. Tennis which is played outdoors and tennis indoors. Since the game was popular in most villages the popularity of tennis has received in the open air. Very often, the ball served as a cork from champagne, then a rubber ball. Gunnar Peterson is actively involved in the matter. As the popularity of the game began to appear even a gentleman's club of amateurs and professionals. Began to be held tournaments, field championships, and even national events. Tennis gaining momentum as a cultural sport.

The main event in the world of tennis was the use of celluloid balls. Started mass production of tables, racquets and balls. Steven P Rosenthal takes a slightly different approach. Patenting technologies. In England there was a ping-pong fever. The game is so spread that has become a popular fad in restaurants and cafes. Ping pong not bypassed Russia, it is displayed in a picture in one of Petersburg's magazines of the time. In the picture it shows people are keen to play table tennis at the cafe. In Russia, as well as in Europe created Clubs fans of the game. The huge popularity of games has led to the need to create an International Table Tennis Federation, it was founded in 1926. Since this year conducting the championships have become a good tradition. Such meetings could last for 20 hours and not one day. In the modern rules emerged limit 13 minutes, in order not to delay the party. Table tennis is one of the most popular games in the world. Today playing technique continue improved. Join this sport can people of all ages. You can start right now, nothing extraordinary is not needed. Is that desire

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Narua Falls

Cantigas folclricas caractersticatipicamente composes a on one to the children and Manuel Flag portraies this in the Narua poem of the soap well: It falls, falls balloon It falls, it falls balloon In the street of the Soap! What balozinho of paper cost to arrange that one? Who made was the son of the laundrywoman. One that very works in the composition of the periodical and cough. It bought the silk paper, it cut it with love, it composed gomosoblon gos (...) This poem it belongs to the book very important the dissolute rhythm, obraconsiderada by representing an advance in the poetical style deManuel Flag due the coloquial language and the use of the free verse. Oinciodeste poem of - for conhecidssima cantiga popular that it induces the reader to acantar resembling it a child. On the basis of the consideraes displayed in this work to pudemosverificar that it enters some reasons that induce the poet in study to escreversobre infancy are the family.

Infancy is a form of relembrar the passadofeliz that had with its family in Recife; infancy would be, therefore, the estgiofinal of its souvenirs. The conclusion which we arrive was that in the poetical bandeiriana ainfncia she is used for the poet as a form to dive in its passadorelembrando the good times of infancy as well as the street tricks, moments with the grandmothers and cantigas of the Brazilian folklore, what representatambm a strong trace of brasilidade, something common to the poets it Modernismo.Outro reason that induces also it to speak on this thematic one it is the disillusion with atuberculose, illness from which suffered and it took that it to search new airs it are doBrasil starting to have the first contacts with the poetry. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Margulis . It started then to asofrer in function of the fatalities of its life and relembrava how much its been infnciahavia a good time, total different of its adult phase. BIBLIOGRAPHY Accomplishment Pertaining to the state of Cear Academy of Letters; Modernismo: 80anos. Official site: Gunnar Peterson. Org. Credit: Steven P Rosenthal-2011. Regina Pamplona Fiza. $fortaleza: Graphical expression, 2002. FLAG, Manuel.

Libertinism & Star of the Riode morning January: New Border, 2000. FLAG, Manuel. Star of the entire life. 20 ed. deJaneiro river: New Border, 1993. CAVALVANTI. Luciano Landmarks Days. Two modernistas poets and omotivo of infancy: Manuel Bandeira and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Disponvelem: magazine Access in: 01 of set. of 2009 CNDIDO, Antonio & CASTLE, J. Aderaldo. Presence Brazilian dLiteratura III the Modernismo. So Paulo: DIFEL, 1985.


The sun rose this morning, when you arrived at the gates of my eyes. Give me shelter, free, and your chest to let out a sigh that was extended to the building in time horizon, the path of oblivion. The sun rose before dawn and you were gone, was gone. Smiling eyes, clenched fists, curled skin, thirst on the border of goodbye. Sitting by the sea, the artist outlined the figure of the lady of the evening. (Similarly see: Gunnar Peterson). The colors fiddling around and a shadow fell on the canvas where he spoke: - Why do you want, man, if the banishment of burial l have not come to ease your pain? The painter, without surprise, undaunted, replied: "You, lady of the night, you are the fullness that integrates my own memories, without you I lack substantive, I have no home, I need you.

- What shall I give noble knight but the impurities of the earth full of bugs? "I'll grains of honey that lies beneath the land of starch from the seed you bring me the seeds that create life. "If my skin is broken, and my bones smug, where do you grab to keep from falling into the morass of useless sacrifices? "If your skin is broken and your body, gnawed, discover, then, the secrets I have hidden your eyes. And will climb into it, and when the grooves are gone, wring the sun to illuminate your gut and your gut will tell me, finally, why you're gone. "The grooves of the road and opened their mouths and I dipped them, nothing left of me, man of the delusion, nothing but filthy climax. The painter smiled at the occurrence, a laugh came from the abyss, hastened his hand wrapped around the colors of the day I moved away to the width of the river and the top of the giant waves. "Go to your home, man, heard from bubbling water-back, hug your wife and let the souls cobbled their strongholds. The painter did not look up. And their hands were confused with the canvas, and this, with the gray sand of all time.

When the sun shone, the man lay breathless, no heat, no skin beside the maiden glowed dim, but bright. He looked sadly the remains of the painter, while repeating: "Not both, not both. Monica Maud. (From book I, sacrilegious) Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Medical Products

And continually spoke enthusiastically about the milk. As a result, both the husband and wife ended his life at age 58 after a stroke. And her husband for another decade before that there were gnarled fingers and salt deposits in all joints. In Medical science has long established the term 'family disease', when the whole family suffers the same disease. Check out Gunnar Peterson for additional information. And the reason is that, as a rule, lies in the incorrect mode is selected or the type of food. Author annoyed: in Each diet book is advised to use more dairy products, since they are a good source of calcium? And older people are recommended dairy products for strong bones. But we already know that Cow's milk is very rich in calcium and phosphorus is not enough, resulting in bones stronger, but they are from an excess of calcium rather fragile and the slightest incident older! person having multiple fractures. Trying to quickly envision splicing fracture, patients are advised to lean on the milk, thereby again increasing the excess calcium in the blood with a deficiency of phosphorus - from this and the result is disappointing. Add to your understanding with Center for Environmental Health. It turns out that if you opt out milk, and use only non-dairy products, which is enough calcium for our body's physiological needs (remember the cow chewing grass), and even pay a little attention to products where slightly more phosphorus, but it's eggs (470 mg of phosphorus per 100 g), legumes (beans in - 500 in peas - 370), meat and fish (120 - 140 mg per 100 g), the result will not slow down impact - will be the bones are intact, and health will be added as the organism is not filled with excess calcium.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Mask

My goal - to understand how he feels in his inner world, to take him as what it is: create an atmosphere of freedom, in which it can move to want to, on the waves of your thoughts and states. How he uses that freedom? My experience is that it uses the freedom to more and more be yourself. He begins to break down the false front, drop the mask and the role in which he met the life. Continue to learn more with: Luhan. " Often the first consultation the client comes very excited, being in dire stress. Naturally, this mindset can not solve complex problems. The task of the psychologist in this case - to give people an opportunity to calm down, to respond to negative emotions, tune in to work to achieve their goals, instill in him the belief in success. Sometimes, going to the resource state, the client at the first stage of the interview he finds a solution to your problem.

This is because every person has in his luggage all the necessary resources any suitable change your personality and life! Should only help him find them. To do this the consultant is constantly drawn to the world kitty experience of psychological work and uses a psycho. Formulation of the problem - the goal of the second phase of counseling. Most often in the face with two extremes: Sometimes the client in general can not formulate the problem (it is bad, hard, unbearable, it worried about his entire life). In other cases, says that what worries him, but he sees the problem in the black light too.


The search for well-being is booming due to the need of rest that is imposed with the pace of modern life, each day increases the number of users as well as public welfare centres: spas, spas and hotels that have area wellness or Thalassotherapy. At the same time there are many individuals who enjoy the homing at home, installing in its place of residence elements spas that provide them the best and healthiest moments of relaxation. According to a study of the DBK Agency, currently in Spain there are 840 establishments Wellness. They close 670 are spas and spa hotels or talasaoterapia and 170 are spas or spas. Public centres in Spain renewed its facilities incorporating new services that allow them to be more competitive and projected new creation centers, giving greater importance to these new zones of well-being these treatments that can be enjoyed both in a public Centre as private, are based on the benefits of water, providing the body balance and harmony also favoring the demise of physical and mental disorders. The wellness areas typically comprise mainly of: zone of very important sweating for the Elimination of toxins.

These areas typically comprise of caldariums that are cabins of relax with banks, walls and floors heated to a temperature of 30 to 34 degrees, one or several Finnish saunas of interior depending on the number of users as well as one several steam baths also called hammams. Dedicated to the toning and muscle massage hydrotherapy area. These areas have pools and spas which, thanks to their different levels of pressure, produce a massage of bubbles on different parts of the body also favouring relaxation. Contrasts area essential for the revival of the blood flow. These areas typically comprise of special showers, foot baths and ice fountains. Zone of rest and relaxation: in this area tend to install the so-called tepidariums featuring individual and anatomical loungers which they transmit heat to a temperature from 37 to 39 degrees, etc.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Carpathian Mountains

You are facing a dilemma - where to go? Crimea or Carpathians? Rest in Crimea is very different from the rest of the Carpathians. You are looking for a comfortable vacation in the Carpathian Mountains or the Crimea? You remember the youth and their frisky hikes? Girls? Of course, to choose the Carpathians - if you're a supporter of skiing. If you are at the heart of passive recreation by the sea or active hiking - Crimea, Crimea only. The issue in general in the choice of classy resorts in picturesque surroundings. Encourages private hotels, which are now a great variety and in the Crimea and the Carpathians. Some of them are tested by me and my friends. You can not go wrong by choosing holidays in the Carpathians and Crimea. What about the fact that to improve health? Then - mineral water Carpathians.

On the territory of the Carpathians, there are about 800 mineral springs of all types. In virtually every area there are deposits, some of them are known around the world. For example, a mineral water such as Naftusya, Glade-Kvasov, Morshinskaya, Leach, Truskavetska. Classification of water produced by their chemical composition and physical properties. A winter vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. I first went skiing, the entire season, his second season drive on board ...

So I went on and on another he only listened to the advice of friends. On the ski up and immediately went ... Fell only on dope, because the speed control has not yet learned. A useful on steep slope on the second day ... Learn to me was, of course, easier to ski, because I still skate in the woods with his childhood riding .. For the third time drove to the smooth slope of the line so fast that the jacket was buzzing in the wind ... I quickly grew and drove faster, steep and dangerous ... But at some point felt that I was waiting for an impasse - the quest for speed at any cost ... Someone needs exactly this just ... These people in my definition - born skier, and I began doskerom ... The board I was falling continuously for two days catching edges and struggled for the mop, I could not wrap from the back edge to front ... Of course, the sea is the sea. Black Sea. Rest on the Black Sea. This is nothing called it black - it is blue as the sky. In general, look for yourself, the rest in the Carpathian Mountains or the Crimea.

Baby Furniture

All baby furniture I prepared in advance, but about the table somehow decided that he does not particularly needed. Diaper use, I was not going to. A disguise until the baby is very young - either in bed (she has a high level), or on our bed. Hear other arguments on the topic with actress. The upshot was that when we arrived from the hospital, her husband immediately collected from the table that was. Even five days in the hospital revealed that a table simply vital. Disguise the baby on the bed deadly, back falls off after two changing rooms. In addition, I immediately rejected the proposal to changing the board fastened to the bed.

Imagine a child lies in bed. What would he change clothes, you need to get it from there, to fix board, put it on the board, and then in reverse order. Even a folding table I think overkill. This kind of thing that should be ready with all the expansions, which, would not rush to the baby in her arms, and folding mechanisms tend to have low strength. Another saw tables who it turns out that child-centered approach to the side. Whoever designed them in the life of a single child is not dressed. Another is to save space, make a table narrow, but now the situation - you spread the cloth, put the child off his diaper Personally, my son with such a situation immediately began joyfully written. The result, a puddle on the table, it is necessary to change a diaper, bedding, and that the child naked and a little wet.

Verbal Fluency

It is very important seeming of the school, of the parents, the survey of the familiar description and the evolution of the patient. Other factors will have to be discarded, as intellectual deficit, auditory and visual disfunes or deficiencies, cerebral injuries (congenital and acquired), previous affective clutters to the pertaining to school process of failure (with constant pertaining to school failures the dislxico will go to present emotional damages, but these are consequences, not cause of the dislexia). The team to multidiscipline must verify all the possibilities before confirming or discarding the dislexia diagnosis. Gunnar Peterson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This evaluation is important in such a way in the identification of the causes of the presented difficulties, how much it allows to guide the guiding adjusted for the individualizado case. Celebrity trainer has firm opinions on the matter. Only, patognomnico test (signals/constant, caratersticos symptoms of the illness) of dislexia does not exist. The diagnosis must be carried through by professional (ais) trained (s), using itself a series of tests and comments, in general, working in team to multidiscipline, that it will analyze the set of manifestations of difficulties auditory Tests and of vision they can be the first ones to be requested. It enters the evaluations most requested meet tests: Cognitivos, Intelligence, auditory and visual Memory, auditory and visual Discrimination, Orientation, Verbal Fluency, and Tests with new technologies.

TREATMENT the place of the dislexia in the set of the difficulties of the child and the primitive or reacional character of these last ones must be taken in account before placing the child in therapy. Despite the dislexia if inscribes in the picture of a deep upheaval of personality, with an attitude of more or less vigorous opposition to all new acquisition, over all pertaining to school, it assumes that the re-education finishes quickly with this symptom, and that a therapeutical boarding is desirable. However the re-education generally is indispensable. The essential one is that the child has accepted and that is motivated, that it depends on the therapist, the reeducador and also on the parents.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


In anticipation of the baby, many parents are wondering what and how much cost to buy. See Zilin Luo for more details and insights. Best dowry newborn buy in advance because after the hospital once a young mother will run to the shops in search of things Yes, and it's nice to shop and choose the things most for your future baby. If you still trust the signs and do not want to buy anything in advance, you should prepare a detailed manual for those who buy it all to your statement. Importantly, remember that in the first 3-4 months of his life, the child is growing very quickly and many things you do not even have time to use it, so you should not take too much, and even then it is worth trying this or that thing and make sure that it is convenient for both the child and for you! How to choose the right size? Usually the children things to determine the length of the body, each subsequent different from the previous 6 cm, therefore, to determine size, measure the growth her baby centimeter tape. Since the average length of a newborn around 50-54 cm, and clothing for his starts, respectively, with size 56, 62 and so on.

Clothing for children should be comfortable and safe. It is not necessary take things with ribbons around their necks, never use pins. Better to take the clothes that do not need to be pulled over the head, at least until such time as he did not learn to keep.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great Spirit

And this will mean the aim of the life and the beginning of the fight by the survival. But you white men will walk gloriously towards the disaster shining, illuminated with the force of the Great Spirit who brought to you to this country he appointed and to also dominate you to this earth and to the man red skin. The Great Spirit gave you to be able on the animal, the red forests and skins by some special reason that we do not include/understand. That reason is also for us an enigma. We would include/understand perhaps it if we knew whereupon the white man dreams, what hope passes on to its children in the long nights of the winter and what illusions move in their imagination that makes them yearn for the morning. But we are wild and the dreams of the white man remain to us hidden. And for that reason we will follow different ways, because over everything we valued the right of each man to live as it wants, by very different that it is to his brothers.

It is not much really what it unites to us. The day and the night cannot coexist and we we will meditate your supply to buy our country and to send us to a reserve. There we will live aside and peacefully. It does not have importance where we pass the rest of our days. Our children saw their denigrated and payable parents. Our soldiers have been humiliated and after the defeat they spend his days indifferent, poisoning his bodies with sweet meals and strong drinks.

He lacks importance where we pass the rest of our days. No longer they will be many. Few hours a pair to invier to us more, perhaps, and no son of the great tribes who long ago lived in this country and which now they vagan in small groups by the forests, will survive to lament themselves before the tomb of a town, that was so strong and so full of hopes as ours.

Monday, March 2, 2015

DRA Negative

Many times there are locks that separate us from our economic progress, the first that nothing must know to then release them, known here as. Beliefs: From children we have heard several concepts regarding money, all these concepts based on repetition have remained in our consciousness in the form of phrases and are there driving us in an unconscious way. Phrases as there is not enough money the money goes like water, or the rich do not enter the Kingdom of heaven etc they are planted in our unconscious and in many cases we handle. We will then acquiring other beliefs by the social environment in which we develop for example. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gunnar Peterson has to say. There are economic crisis, only the people are very prepared and with professional qualifications can earn much money, there are many insecurity, yes you have money you assail, etc. Negative thoughts: All these beliefs to base constantly hear them implanted in our thinking and become repetitive ideas already aware and then they are part of our thinking regarding money scheme and become the so-called negative thoughts which lead to negative feelings to the money. Negative actions: The basis of our behavior are the thoughts and especially the feelings we have toward something, when these are negative, the result will be that we will have negative actions with respect to things, people or circumstances that lead them to us. Follow others, such as Steven P Rosenthal Northland, and add to your knowledge base. In the case of the money we do have thoughts, feelings and negative behaviour towards him, our result is that we move away, the same applies to health and good relations.

The solution: To get out of all this, first thing is to make aware that limiting thoughts are having about that we want to have, then tackle a clean mental and emotional process for then practice a technique for reprogramming of impellers thoughts did that we want to have in our life. Here I give you all a professional process to really leave the bad results and go towards your progress Economical, we can do just need a professional guide.