Monday, March 9, 2015

Verbal Fluency

It is very important seeming of the school, of the parents, the survey of the familiar description and the evolution of the patient. Other factors will have to be discarded, as intellectual deficit, auditory and visual disfunes or deficiencies, cerebral injuries (congenital and acquired), previous affective clutters to the pertaining to school process of failure (with constant pertaining to school failures the dislxico will go to present emotional damages, but these are consequences, not cause of the dislexia). The team to multidiscipline must verify all the possibilities before confirming or discarding the dislexia diagnosis. Gunnar Peterson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This evaluation is important in such a way in the identification of the causes of the presented difficulties, how much it allows to guide the guiding adjusted for the individualizado case. Celebrity trainer has firm opinions on the matter. Only, patognomnico test (signals/constant, caratersticos symptoms of the illness) of dislexia does not exist. The diagnosis must be carried through by professional (ais) trained (s), using itself a series of tests and comments, in general, working in team to multidiscipline, that it will analyze the set of manifestations of difficulties auditory Tests and of vision they can be the first ones to be requested. It enters the evaluations most requested meet tests: Cognitivos, Intelligence, auditory and visual Memory, auditory and visual Discrimination, Orientation, Verbal Fluency, and Tests with new technologies.

TREATMENT the place of the dislexia in the set of the difficulties of the child and the primitive or reacional character of these last ones must be taken in account before placing the child in therapy. Despite the dislexia if inscribes in the picture of a deep upheaval of personality, with an attitude of more or less vigorous opposition to all new acquisition, over all pertaining to school, it assumes that the re-education finishes quickly with this symptom, and that a therapeutical boarding is desirable. However the re-education generally is indispensable. The essential one is that the child has accepted and that is motivated, that it depends on the therapist, the reeducador and also on the parents.

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