Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Mask

My goal - to understand how he feels in his inner world, to take him as what it is: create an atmosphere of freedom, in which it can move to want to, on the waves of your thoughts and states. How he uses that freedom? My experience is that it uses the freedom to more and more be yourself. He begins to break down the false front, drop the mask and the role in which he met the life. Continue to learn more with: Luhan. " Often the first consultation the client comes very excited, being in dire stress. Naturally, this mindset can not solve complex problems. The task of the psychologist in this case - to give people an opportunity to calm down, to respond to negative emotions, tune in to work to achieve their goals, instill in him the belief in success. Sometimes, going to the resource state, the client at the first stage of the interview he finds a solution to your problem.

This is because every person has in his luggage all the necessary resources any suitable change your personality and life! Should only help him find them. To do this the consultant is constantly drawn to the world kitty experience of psychological work and uses a psycho. Formulation of the problem - the goal of the second phase of counseling. Most often in the face with two extremes: Sometimes the client in general can not formulate the problem (it is bad, hard, unbearable, it worried about his entire life). In other cases, says that what worries him, but he sees the problem in the black light too.

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