Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dominating the Mind

To dominate the mind is a difficult task and not because it is wanted to think about pessimistic form but because all the experts however personal will say it, also he has a logic from the point of view of the universal balance, if outside easy to accede to the power, then this could generate chaos. Why he is not simple to dominate our mind? Because the mind is become attached to the well-known and information that we ourself we have often programmed of unconscious way, we think how many years we were influenced by our family since we were born until past the adolescence, there we underwent things wonderful without doubt, but it is possible that also we have adopted a great amount of negative beliefs and obstacles according to form in which our family perceived the world, the problem is that much of that information is recorded in the deep thing of our being and looks for to stay anyway. Once an idea has been internalised with force, to remove it from our interior requires much tenacity, for example the people who are not convinced of abundance, in 1 minute will give 100 reasons him by which they consider that the world is cruel, but that is not thus, is the own state of these people, as Steve Alpizar says to us, every one speech than he is inner, of how it is his reality, our mission is to change ideas preconceived in our interior to observe a full world of love, peace, joy, health and prosperity. At this moment you can evaluate his life and think, well; in these areas I walk well, this is regulating and definitively this is bad, then I will set out to change it and immediately it persecutes a goal, in fact all objective implies a change and if now it does not have it is because that information is not recorded in its subconscious mind, has arrived the moment for inserting it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Beautiful Reality

For most people when talking about the word reality they associate it with things that can perceive their senses, such as nature, buildings, people, climate, events, etc. The reality is what each of us are experiencing, what feels like inside, so we see that the same event is perceived differently and brings different sensations, for example when a company launches a new line of products can be two people in the same post to perceive things differently, someone may see it as an opportunity, another as a problem. What reality do we want experience? That is a question which we must constantly make us and find the answer within ourselves. Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals takes us through a detailed process so that each of us can define what they want, the secret of happiness, Bliss, love and spirituality is to discover our emotion, what inspires us, the things that make us feel great, then we will be given the opportunity of bring something beautiful and valuable to this universe. Every time we observe something useful in our world consider the dedication that the people who did them in order to live in a world better, let's look at the phone, electricity, computer and its applications, how many lives have been saved by these contributions, how has improved the quality of life and our business? The answer is enormously, then these people found a passion, they had a dream and as a result of doing this themselves and humanity have in general. When you're on the wrong path the road is of pain, for example herbivores feed on grass and are developed beautifully, that's his nature, but if a human begins to feed on grass, as safe finish making you sick. Then the secret of happiness is to pursue what he loves, but as says Andrew Corentt define it accurately can be quite complex because we are subject to a lot of beliefs that limit us and are usually more concerned of meet our society, parents, partner, etc.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diet Tips

We also note that in cases of thinning with chilly, raw vegetables should not be ingested at the beginning of the meals, they may lead to shrinkage of the upper gastrointestinal tract and an inhibitory effect of secretions. THE FAILURE OF VEGETABLES failure of vegetables, by contrast, produces cellulose deficiency constipation. This shortage of vegetables (especially raw) is also responsible for certain deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, trace elements. EXCESS OF FRUIT Excess fruit (raw food, frutarismo, specific, Shelton) occurs in the normal life-and especially in the sub-vital chilly, fatigue, demineralization, and the decline. THE FAILURE OF FRUIT fruit failure (macrobiotic diet, grain) produces, especially in the hemogliasico, the linfogliaisco, the obese, congestion, an increase of viscosity humoral, vascular fragility, arterial, venous and capillary, as fruit, for its citric acid, malic, tartaric, sorbic, etc., are free-flowing humoral and for vitamins P and C protective glasses. EXCESS OF CEREAL Excess cereal, macrobiotics (mostly), vegetables (often) Vegetarianism (sometimes), leads to hyperviscosity humoral (lymphocytes and hemogliasis), the digestive fatigues, the dermatosis and colds.

THE FAILURE OF CEREAL failure of cereals (raw food diet, frutarismo specify) leads to weight loss and failure and the decline in energy and non-assimilation of proteins. EXCESS OF EGGS AND CHEESE Excess eggs and cheese (supercharged) produces an increase of lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides in the blood, the atheroma and contributes to the hepatorenal failure and joint diseases. THE FAILURE OF EGGS AND CHEESE failure of eggs and cheese (vegan, macrobiotic, frutarismo, poorly balanced Vegetarianism) yields the general hypotonia, bone fragility, anemia trends, the chilly, fatigue, sexual difficulties and irritability of the cerebral system, due to shortcomings mistaken for lucidity of spirit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Feeling Special

Health Special-NESS you stop pulling the others to make you special only if you accept full responsibility to make you feel special. This means learning to give you everything that you may be trying to get others? treat yourself in the way of loving wishes of others. There are many ways to make us feel special. Instead of trying to get people to give you what you want, you can: TAKE EMOTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Attend to your feelings during the day and explore what can be doing is causing hurt feelings, rather than making others responsible for their feelings. Attend their own needs rather than expecting others to meet their needs. See more detailed opinions by reading what Healthy Living offers on the topic. Self-acceptance rather than judge yourself. Validating the same, do you approve it? say the things you want to hear from others. Value of their talents and gifts.

The value of its intrinsic value and not just its appearance or performance? kindness, compassion, creativity, care. They behave in ways that you value? be kind affectionate, understanding integreous, compassionate and kind. Continue the work you love, work that fulfills you, if possible. Learn more at this site: Herbalife. FA SICA TAKES RESPONSIBILITY: Eating well to maintain health and weight. Get enough rest and exercise. Create a balance between work and play and creativity.

Make sure you are physically safe, for example, when on a motorcycle. TAKE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Make sure you are financially independent and not dependent on another, if physically able. Spend within your means to avoid the fear and stress of debt. TAKE responsibility relationship: Stand up for yourself and speak your truth instead of complying, defending or resisting the demands of others or criticism. Do not be a victim. Refrain from blaming others, with anger and criticism, their feelings and behavior. Do not be a victim. TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ORGANIZATION "N: Do what you say you will do with respect to time and housework. Make sure your living space and work environment are clean and tidy and aesthetically pleasing. TAKE spiritual responsibility: Take the time to connect with the love and truth of God / Higher Power. Take time during the day to bring love to the level of their own sense? your inner child. Treat yourself this way will eventually feel love Special inmates instead of others who need to feel special. As Jennifer practiced with special, she discovered that her relationships with others are becoming stronger and more satisfying. People are not moved away from her, her resistance, or defend their demands for attention. His behavior gradually changed naturally and with others when she was treat herself as someone special.

Losing Weight Like I Did

I have five years to weigh 175 pounds (79.5 Kilos) and I feel great, but prior to that date, was having health problems, and then my problem was reflux was present for about three or four years, always attended and what the doctor prescribed me medication that was only calmed me the problem or symptoms, but once that had the prescribed treatment, the problem returned, and there was no solution, until my brother, with the help of a friend came to my home and told me about a natural product that is manufactured in the U.S., and has a medical support leading scientists in the field of nutrition, so was the insistence that knew the product I decided to try it, by the way the Herbalife product, not if to reassure my brother, because I really wanted to solve my situation, because in the end I took it, and something happened that really did not expect suddenly embarrassing episodes that happened at lunchtime not again appear, because it is known, each time it was lunch time especially, the food is stuck in my chest and caused me great pain, not soothed, nor drink water or anything else, at the end, All I could do was to go to the toilet and vomit the food ... Contact information is here: Healthy Living. Needless to say, trying to avoid eating with friends to avoid embarrassment, and to test the product I brought my brother, the symptoms began to disappear, but not only that, but I noticed that the clothes I was more loose, and started to feel a lot of energy, slept better, and at night and not my chest hurt, because I always had to sleep almost sitting by pain, I got excited and asked why I was losing weight, and they explained the product well provide all the nutrition the body needs, is low in calories and contains fiber, which helped me be more balanced diet with less fat and calories, and that brings isolated soy protein (soy) which is the best protein to the human body, and that if he could continue using the product now for the purpose of losing weight, and so it was for two consecutive months I was taking Herbalife now to improve my health, but with the weight loss plan making lose 17 pounds (8 kg approx) per month, at the end after weighing 210 pounds (95.5 kg) I was weighing 175 pounds (79.5 kg), and while in the process of losing weight, I learned the basics of nutrition , and how much is the amount of food that I eat each day, according to my height and muscle mass also understood the importance of nutritional supplements, as the traditional food and fast food contains too many excesses and deficiencies, which in the long illness caused by one side and the other overweight. Just as happened to me, anyone who has a strong desire to improve their lives and lose weight, you can learn a little more please visit Herbalife, and you can find information and how to buy Herbalife.


It tends to dry out itself with the simple effect of the air and in some cases it gets to cuartear itself. How to take care of a dry skin? This type of skins requires more cares than the greasy or normal skin, because it tends to age prematurely. We must daily apply to a rich nutritious cream in vegetal oils (almonds, avocado, trim off lower branches of ) and vitamins, especially vitamins and A (Retinol), that fights the effects of the free radicals and the premature aging. We cannot either neglect the hydration, to maintain the skin hydrated is precise to apply a humectante cream, preferably after the shower and with the skin still wet. Complementing all this precaution: to avoid the exhibition prolonged to the sun. Normal or mixed skin Certainly you have heard speak of the famous T.

The normal or mixed skin characterizes by an excess of fat in the T (in front, nose and chin) and dryness in pmulos and cheeks. It is the type of skin that easier to take care of, because the greasy zone as much as the drought is less extreme. How to take care of a mixed skin? In the first place (this bond for all the types of skins) to try not to punish too much exposing it of form prolonged to the sun or situations of contamination, excess of smoke, etc. Normally a good cleaning and a hidratante usually is sufficient, in the T an aloe gel goes well to reduce the fat, and in pmulos and cheeks a hidronutritiva. Sensible skin As we said any type of skin at the outset (greasy, dry or normal), in addition it can be sensible. These skins react with spots, sarpullidos, dermatitis or rednesses before emotional changes, of temperature, situations of stress, etc. usually are fleeting buds that disappear immediately, sometimes also associate to some type of cream, because they are inclined skins to the allergies.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Healthy Sleep Approach

1. Proper sleep - Healthy Sleep Approach to the competent organization of sleep. Bottom line - not only sleep but also improve your health! 75% of adults are often faced with the problem of sleep. Standard situation: after the next stressful situation (and even worse, without a special occasion) - always wake up in the middle of the night, and morning wake up feeling tired, "bruises" and without any enthusiasm. Such a condition is characterized by only one term - it is necessary minerals. Confusion is the phrase 'nothing serious, less sleep - to do more. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Herbalife. " We hasten to disappoint all. Often we are both enemies of his own body, and the wrong approach to Sleep can be very destructive effect on your health.

Secret Formula miners for healthy sleep. On the issue of healthy sleep and sleep therapy worked best minds of our time, and found the solution in the past. The secret was given centenarians in Asia, which for the recovery of the body sleeping on the warm mineral volcanic rocks of parody. And now we can say - "The problem of healthy sleep" - no problem. Surprisingly, only 40 minutes of sleep on mineral materials not only give strength and vigor, and health. When heated, these minerals give you the healing infrared rays. We shall not enumerate all the problems that can be eliminated thanks to sleep on mineral materials, We invite you to enjoy your holiday and make sure that the treatment of sleep - it's not a fairy tale - it is a reality for every customer Sangor. Before heading out for the regular portion of sweet dreams - do not forget to look into Sangor!