Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dominating the Mind

To dominate the mind is a difficult task and not because it is wanted to think about pessimistic form but because all the experts however personal will say it, also he has a logic from the point of view of the universal balance, if outside easy to accede to the power, then this could generate chaos. Why he is not simple to dominate our mind? Because the mind is become attached to the well-known and information that we ourself we have often programmed of unconscious way, we think how many years we were influenced by our family since we were born until past the adolescence, there we underwent things wonderful without doubt, but it is possible that also we have adopted a great amount of negative beliefs and obstacles according to form in which our family perceived the world, the problem is that much of that information is recorded in the deep thing of our being and looks for to stay anyway. Once an idea has been internalised with force, to remove it from our interior requires much tenacity, for example the people who are not convinced of abundance, in 1 minute will give 100 reasons him by which they consider that the world is cruel, but that is not thus, is the own state of these people, as Steve Alpizar says to us, every one speech than he is inner, of how it is his reality, our mission is to change ideas preconceived in our interior to observe a full world of love, peace, joy, health and prosperity. At this moment you can evaluate his life and think, well; in these areas I walk well, this is regulating and definitively this is bad, then I will set out to change it and immediately it persecutes a goal, in fact all objective implies a change and if now it does not have it is because that information is not recorded in its subconscious mind, has arrived the moment for inserting it.

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