Friday, February 28, 2014

Do Pink

A good header brings sense of security. You should try to not sleep under the window, but if cannot be avoided, because it is important to cover the window with an opaque curtain. 4. Furniture and bedroom accessories. Bedroom furniture is preferable to having rounded edges, because sharp angles can provoke discussions and conflicts according to Feng-Shui.

Bed it is advisable to be wooden and unique base, to avoid excessive individualism and encourage the couple. The should headboard be solid and firm, to achieve a stable couple? 4 Colors and lighting in the bedroom. The walls should be colors soft pastels and carpets should be light-colored to be able to mix with other items from the bedroom. Sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pillows (which should be all natural fabrics and not synthetic) must also be of pastel colors. Blue tones, suitable for protection and pleasant dreams? Clear orange, bone or Brown of low intensity, which help to create a soft and relaxed atmosphere. Do Pink for love, and to soothe the spirit? Avoid strong as the red and yellow colours? Avoid the black, which can accentuate a tendency to depression and sleep badly.

5. Other recommendations. (a) use your bedroom only for sleeping and making love. Indeed, very often people among which you can include you uses the room to view TV, telephone, work or study, and even to exercise or eat. Something that does not correspond to anything with the function of the room. (b) clean your bedroom fracuentemente. The dust and dirt that accumulate have a very negative effect on the chi; they become a burden, heavy and stagnant, that leads to subtle locks of different types in your life. By what cleans, barre, pass the vacuum cleaner once a week and constataras change your general attitude to life. (c) keep your bedroom sorted. Room must be always orderly, well ventilated and neither too hot nor too cold. We must avoid having things on the ground clutter is totally against the principles of Feng Shui. More information on: the Blog of the rest original author and source of the article

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sandy Tudhope

It is evident that it is not science who is belies, but some of his devotees by best that they are considered. On one occasion, at a Conference, on 29 October 2005, commented that science is infallible, scientists, no. He was not crazy I give them, as an example, the revolutionary concept of the British scientist Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker * 17 (1868-1958), with its Oscilacao Sul or Gangorra intriguing. His discovery changed the understanding about the effects of El Nino, on planet Earth. Despite that, it was immediately rejected by his contemporaries. However, at present, in the opinion of Dr. Sandy Tudhope * 18, University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, the incredible thing about the work of Gilbert Walker is that he was one of the first people in the field of meteorology who thought big; that joined the patterns of time from different continents. () Their ideas were criticized at the time, because people * 19 did not understand that the weather and climate of area could be linked to another part of the globe, and really that harmed you.

* 20 were many ironies suffered by Gilbert by their colleagues. However, later confirmed that he was right. The climate of our ORB itself was unstable, as all conclude today. Walker had nothing to crazy; the others were those who were incompetent. Well, who determines that truth is true? The researchers, that tomorrow will be rectifying its concepts coming to consider clause petraea, or humility required by wisdom? Erudition, when really it is accompanied by extensive experience and modest spirit, never rushes to the truth, does not accept dogmatisms nor suggests that science reached the apex of its mission, including the fact that human beings did not still use significant part of their mental capacity. The island cannot evaluate, in its entirety, to the continent. Nobody is dictator of knowledge * 21 with regard to the spiritual life, in my book chronicles and interviews (Editora elevation, 8th Edition, p.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Metro Bridge

Often in conventional storage centers this figure is not the key. After some research we have been able to find office and warehouse complex in Nizhny Novgorod, which fulfill all the requirements of companies that previously focused on growth and development, about which we mentioned at the beginning. Complex that was building on the street. International 100a, consider it in detail. 1. Location of the object.

Located in the geographic center of the city, has a great message as a Zarechny, and with its mountainous part, due to close proximity to Metro Bridge and convenient access to all the nearby roads, to which no more than 200 meters. Only a few minutes drive from the Moscow highway - the main highway connecting our city with Moscow, the remoteness of this federal highway just 5.3 km. Proximity to public transport is also required - not all office staff have their own cars. Better than a Moscow train station and come up hard, and before him from the complex a stone's throw from the nearest Metro, for example, only 800 meters. 2.

Pavement. Headache many logistics companies. Our complex does not make increase the cost of depreciation of vehicles thanks to a decent standard of asphalt coverage. Pay attention to the list of heavy vehicles whose access is limited to the warehouse, even if at the moment is not very concerned about your company. Do we have chosen the complex there is no restrictions. 3. Parking. Every year, this criterion becomes more important.

Edson Silva

By being such well of goodness, judged and condemned for the hypocrisy it people, the young woman is ironizada and antagonized in the city. The situation prevails until the day that the city runs the danger to be verwhelmed by two a thousand cannons of the enormous one Zepelin that pairou between clouds, under the command of a showy one, feared and powerful commander. The seen inaquality motivates such warrior to opt to the destruction, explosion, to transform into ' ' gelia' ' all seen horror and iniquidade. As in the life everything it has however, would prevent the drama if he was compensated by the formosa lady of the place, in the case for it: Geni people had woman as vulgar and not it believed what it heard, was still more terrified when to know that Geni, that they had as the one whom any gave pra one, had as secret to be maiden. It had brio and whim and to lie down with somebody so noble and rich, it preferred until loving with animals. Ahead of what it considered heresy, the people makes pilgrimage and then cursed Geni he passes to be bajulada as bendita. Between the beggars so that it saves the city joins bishop, mayor and banker, this offering a million.

Before upon request so ' ' sinceros' ' , so ' ' sentidos' ' seeing that the city that did not receive it well, but that it in such a way loved, ran serious danger, Geni dominated the loathing and delivered the warrior to it, as of - to carrasco of the death. Fulfilled the treatment, the commander leaves with the silver-plated Zepelin and its cannons. The alliviated laugh of Geni and the attempt at last to rest with sensation of having fulfilled, after so ungrateful task, is interrupted by new pilgrimage of the citizens, not in gratefulness, but to antagonize the young woman, after all the danger had past, in clearly a gesture of ungratefulness. Leaving of Chico Buarque, the art imitates the life and vice versa. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Not for the front, where the shoot out occurred, but for the wall of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, who gave for a bilge in the deep ones of the Palace. Subjected the blow attempt, in following days, some rumors gave account of that, for security guard question, the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro would have to change itself for the Red Beach (in the place where later if she installed the Reitoria of the University of Brazil), and its headquarters would have to be changedded into square of sports of the Armed Forces. One day, an interlocutor of the President pointed the wall of the tricolor as a perfect place snipers will dominate a section entire of the Palace. With a serious and serious air, Getlio locked up the question with the following words: - Not, from there never it will come me any threat. The Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro is my good neighbor and our relations had been always many cordials. We are friends and the great club will continue where it is, while I will be the Head of the Government.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Treating Angina

The most tangible advantage of Czech spas is the highest level of specialization. Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, angina, coronary heart disease - that's what fame three resorts Czech Republic - Podebrady, Teplice nad Becvou and Frantiskovy Lazne. Located in the picturesque Lowlands Polabian, Czech town of Podebrady, already attracts more than a century of patients with heart disease 'from all over world. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Gerard Addonizio not as a source, but as a related topic. Impression that the doctor here by nature. Mineral water is called 'Podebradkoy', widely known as a means of prevention and treatment of most disorders of the heart: post-infarction states and all types of coronary heart disease.

Staying at the resort shows and directly to the period after heart surgery, inflammation of the cardiovascular system, heart diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system in cores, as well as the complex treatment of chronic leg edema. Perhaps even more famous 'cordial' resort town known for Frantsensbad. His glory resort Frantsensbad acquired thanks to the unique composition sulfur-iron peat and mineral springs, which are effectively used for heart disease, and treatment of most cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular therapy and prevention here is rich tradition. Also Frantiskovy Lazne helps patients get rid of gynecological diseases and disorders of the locomotor apparatus. Now come to the surface twenty-four source high content of carbon dioxide in the abundance of saturated treating minerals. The third is probably the least known, 'heart' is a Moravian spa resort Teplice nad Becvou.

The main advantage of is the highest level of specialization. Treatment of cardiovascular disease - this is what is available Teplice Mr. Becvou. You need to add that, with success here, and treat problems such as high blood pressure, thrombosis, varicose veins. Offered and other programs for patients with elevated cholesterol. Thanks to modern diagnostic and treatment methods in accordance with the international classification, the resort included in the international list of cities-resorts especially 'suitable for health. " And, of course, guests of the resort Czech Republic will not be bored in their free time. Biking, horseback riding, big and small tennis, petanque, fitness, many favorite golf course, charming dancing, classical music concerts, informative tours and excursions in the surroundings - no doubt everyone will find this fun for everyone.

Imported Spare Parts

Today is rightfully called the king of cars kamaz Russian roads. kamaz - the largest and fastest growing company in the automotive industry in our country. Currently, the quantity and quality products company is in the top ten world's largest automakers. The main direction in which the company develops, - a release of products that meet high consumer quality and modern standards, as well as integration into the global automotive industry. In accordance with this direction of the company with the utmost attention to the selection of components for its vehicles.

Leadership enterprises have been concluded long-term agreement on cooperation with foreign suppliers of spare parts for production. For example, recently Kama Automobile Plant has developed and launched in production of four-wheel drive truck KAMAZ-6522. This car is very convenient for transportation of bulk cargo because of its capacity (20 tons) and large volume of the body. Besides having four-wheel drive truck with a can used successfully in difficult road conditions. To improve the technical qualities of truck KAMAZ-6522 equipped with such foreign components: transfer box zf stayer, shestnadtsatistupenchatoy gearbox Transmission zf, drive axles Madara, injection pump bosch. To date, these components have the highest quality. For example, the gearbox zf produces leading engineering - German Concern zf, specializing in the manufacture of transmissions. Bulgarian company "Madara" - a recognized supplier of spare parts for trucks, is a specialized production line for drive axles. For the car Kamaz-6522 Firm "Madara" delivers front axle with dual gear carrying capacity of 6500-7500 kg. Lighting equipment and high pressure fuel pump by bosch Germany are among the best in the world. For KamAZ bosch company supplies these parts Kamaz: High-pressure fuel pump with regulator, dispensers, fuel pumps, plunger, repair kits with regulators, bearings, springs, valves constant pressure and others.