Sunday, February 16, 2014

Metro Bridge

Often in conventional storage centers this figure is not the key. After some research we have been able to find office and warehouse complex in Nizhny Novgorod, which fulfill all the requirements of companies that previously focused on growth and development, about which we mentioned at the beginning. Complex that was building on the street. International 100a, consider it in detail. 1. Location of the object.

Located in the geographic center of the city, has a great message as a Zarechny, and with its mountainous part, due to close proximity to Metro Bridge and convenient access to all the nearby roads, to which no more than 200 meters. Only a few minutes drive from the Moscow highway - the main highway connecting our city with Moscow, the remoteness of this federal highway just 5.3 km. Proximity to public transport is also required - not all office staff have their own cars. Better than a Moscow train station and come up hard, and before him from the complex a stone's throw from the nearest Metro, for example, only 800 meters. 2.

Pavement. Headache many logistics companies. Our complex does not make increase the cost of depreciation of vehicles thanks to a decent standard of asphalt coverage. Pay attention to the list of heavy vehicles whose access is limited to the warehouse, even if at the moment is not very concerned about your company. Do we have chosen the complex there is no restrictions. 3. Parking. Every year, this criterion becomes more important.

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