Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Use

In this case, smokers who drink alcohol by men and as men with other health problems that could affect sperm quality were excluded from the study group. Men participating in the study passed the sperm after five days of abstinence. As a result, they were divided into 4 groups according to the time of daily use of cellular phones. Group A: do not use (40 men) Group B: less than 2 hours per day (107 men) Group C: 2-4 hours per day (100 men) Group D: more than 4 hours per day (114 men) Analysts who study the sperm had no information on the use of men phones. Others including Kenneth R. Feinberg, offer their opinions as well. Result: The use of mobile phones is associated with abnormal semen parameters.

Based on the analysis of the results, a connection was established between the duration of mobile phone use and variations in spermogramme. In particular, the concentration, motility, viability and morphology was worse in groups where more use of cellular phones. However, no effect on ejaculate volume, time of thinning or viscosity of semen were found. Debate is hard to say for sure, how the use of mobile phones can be regarded as one of the causes of infertility. Primarily, the study has some limitations that do not give the opportunity to fully rely on its results. For example, scientists have not measured the exact amount of time the use of mobile phones. It is also important that they do not take into account the profession of these men, namely, whether they were subjected to the action of electromagnetic waves from sources such as radio towers, personal electronic secretaries, Bluetooth, or computers.

They also do not take into account how men talked on the phone: just keeping it in the ear or on your belt and talking through the headphones. Theoretically, due to the greater the proximity of the apparatus to the testicles, the mobile phone on your belt to be dangerous. In addition, although the use of cell phones could be detrimental influence on the deterioration of some semen parameters, it can not be directly linked to infertility. For example, the average concentration of spermatozoa in the group, not users of mobile phones - 85 million per ml. Concentration in the group who use mobile phones more than four hours a day - 50 million sperm per ml. All of these parameters in any case higher than the average rate of 20 million sperm per ml. Obviously, the need for new research in this area. Until we do not have enough Data can be recommended for men who want to have a baby, still reduce the use of a cell phone and keep it in a certain distance from the testes.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Northern Argentina

Yala, an enchanted corner in the heart of Northern Argentina The town of Yala surprises the visitor who travels to northern Argentina hoping to find a barren soil, with its perpetual green, its wonderful vegetation and its amazing wildlife, especially birds, some of which are only found in the Quebrada del Rio Yala, for surviving in zero pollution. Yala is located 14 kms north of the capital San Salvador de Jujuy Jujuy and is a must to Quebrada and Puna. Access is via National Route num 9 which then joins the main towns of Northern Argentina, according to Bolivia North and to Chile through the Paso de Jama to the West. It is 1400 kms above sea level. In the area the climate is temperate, with temperatures moderated by altitude and the terrain is mountainous. The , Lagunas de Yala and Termas de Reyes up one of the most popular tourist circuits of the province. Yala River is a river of crystal clear mountain water, encased in green upholstery coppice groves, with magnificent views of the Precordillera, which invites you to walk along its banks in winter and hear his roar at a safe distance in summer.

In the warm season heavy tropical rains, increasing its volume in minutes, violent rock avalanches and logs rampage with any obstacle. Going up the hills that form deep ravines come to the Lagunas de Yala Provincial Park belonging to the El Potrero de Yala and located 10 kms from the town of Yala, to 2306 meters above sea level . Very visited by the beauty of landscapes aua, are one of the main attractions of the area. In the place you can perform various activities like fishing, hiking, climbing, bird watching among others. The access road is winding and scenic and lush vegetation and variety of wild flowers make an attractive environment. In the lakes and trout are reared silversides and is a bird nesting why Intangible area was declared in 1995 a . The whole area is also part of the environment held by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Yungas in 2002. The fauna is composed of various types of blemishes, herons, ducks, coots and ambiguous.

In lowlands are parrots, magpies, saves roads, Wild Turkeys, hummingbirds and in the higher areas can be spotted owls, swallow-tailed kite, kingfishers, condors, and reptiles such as rattlesnake and coral, as well as Andean frogs. Yala near other tourist attractions are also very popular for its scenery as the Open de Lozano, Jairo circuit - Tiraxi and tourism circuit Etno The Chani. The area offered various proposals to sleep, eat, and the community offers horseback riding, hiking, crafts, local food. It should be noted the warmth of the people who provide for the visitors feel a member of the site during their stay. Owner of a Garden Inn in the North of Argentina, en route required to the Quebrada de Humahuaca, establishment committed to protecting the environment and the ecosystem of the Yungas .

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Stomach

Medicines that can quickly extinguish the fire in the stomach and the esophagus, called antacids. The most popular among these tools are almagel, Aluminium phosphate gel, Maalox, Rennie. Also, when a sour or bitter regurgitation in combination with heartburn can be taken antisecretory drugs - drugs that can quickly reduce the release of hydrochloric acid. Most popular of this group of drugs is zantak, for the invention of which was obtained prize. No matter how good the drugs were, on a regular basis to treat heartburn, they should not. Not because they have some side effects, but because it is regular heartburn, appearing without the use of sharp, pickled or fried foods should be an occasion to refer to a doctor.

The most frequent cause of regular heartburn is gastritis. Gastritis is not the norm, but a serious illness that without appropriate preventive measures can cause not only pain in the stomach, belching and heartburn, but also violations of digestion, abdominal pain, formation of too much gas and troubles with a chair. Chronic inflammation leads to the defeat not only the esophagus, but the valve, which by nature intended to do the movement of food solely one-sided. Constant casting of gastric contents, or reflux, is now an independent disease, which is called - reflux disease. Appearance it may be associated with gastritis and peptic ulcer, and cholelithiasis. If the heartburn with modern means possible to deal with, then defeat the reflux can not always.

Overcome this disease should be because its existence for many years may become cause cancer. A few practical tips: Regular heartburn should be a mandatory reason for clinic visits. It's not that heartburn - a dangerous disease, and that for this symptom may be serious illness. Do not abuse drugs and soda. Soda can first "extinguish the fire, but then it also can cause even greater heartburn. Better to replace soda with milk. For single-suppressing heartburn under conditions that can be used antacids and antisecretory drugs, but this does not mean that use them must constantly. Exclude from the diet of fried, marinated, pepper dishes. Not alcohol abuse. If it is indispensable, eat proven brands of alcoholic beverages, or run the risk of irreparable harm to your stomach. After dinner, do not go with the newspaper on the sofa. Act as did the German officers who, after dinner, 30 min. stood by the door jamb. This will help the food under the influence of gravity to move forward. After lunch, it is not necessary to engage and work, especially when it comes to labor associated with slope. Under the action of the same gravity of food may leak into the esophagus and cause heartburn. Avoid wearing tight clothing. Squeezing the stomach does not help the stomach to push food forward. If there is heartburn at night it makes sense to change its position in the bed. The upper torso should be raised to 10-15 cm to achieve this by using pillows. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Better late to start treatment of heartburn, than early in the curing cancer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tips For Perfect Nails

Contrary to what many people think, nail care is essential for both men and women. Here I will give some tips to achieve and maintain perfect nails without leaving home. If you do a little effort, and gives you treat your nails every 15 days, these will look beautiful, giving it an advantage over others in that aspect because these days few people attend to their nails. 1.

Get a nail kit containing the tools but is not expensive, as "recognized brand" does not translate into perfect nails, nail kits can be found at any pharmacy, so you can find one that best suits you. 2. Wash your hands with warm water using a soap herbal and let dry on their own. When nails are soft are easier to cut and polish, however, be careful, because improperly filing can weaken the nails, use the file to the desired shape to do it with careful gentle strokes. Start a file from one side towards the middle for best results, do not put pressure on the top, this will cause the nail to crack and break. 3. If you apply nail polish, do not apply a thick layer at a time. For perfect nails are in need of 2-3 applications of glaze to give them that smooth and shiny finish.

4. Just as we do our hair and skin, nails also require care, a balanced diet and drink plenty of water keeps the nails smooth and shiny, while dehydrated nails are chipped and dry look at a time.

Taking Control in Life

Under the concept of control life, it all starts with taking responsibility for their lives. In the sense - should happen reflection on the fact that you are responsible to themselves for their actions or omissions arising situations. Then follows the identification of desire, choice, the decision to act and the act itself. This actually implementing a working scheme of any desire, a sort algorithm. More as it looks like this - from a certain desire implies setting goals, short and long term, the design stages goals, a plan, work plan, its constant adjustments during implementation. Click Oxford to learn more. In the course of this work is the creation and refinement of mental images desired. Is also used visualization and approving installation as auxiliary equipment, activate and affect the will of maintaining the commitment to and confidence in the correctness of the chosen path.

Principal moments, I repeat, in this case, is the choice of desire, the decision to act and the act itself. Without compliance to this scheme, there will be no major changes in human life. At the same time as each step reinforces the belief in man attainability of the desired as a whole. This is something that is, so to speak, on the surface. I propose to dig even deeper.

Since the achievement of the implementation of most of the goals is in the process of interaction with others and through it is obtained a paradoxical at first glance, the situation - to achieve personal goals is directly dependent on the ability to find common ground and to organize the interaction with other people. This is the case with your goals and, just same with the purposes of any other person. In this case manifests the fact of interdependence of human interaction. And here we come very close to the heart desired - it's ability to achieve personal goals, using interdependent interaction with other people. In this case I mean that in order to effectively implement desired to bring your own plan to achieve goals in line with the wishes and plans of other people, with which have to interact. Only in this case, we can say with confidence to assure the desired reality. Ability to build relationships with other people in such a way - or more correctly will say "complex human abilities, leading to this result," - will join the general concept of "social intelligence personality." The presence of humans developed to the extent necessary social intelligence allows predict the success of its activities in almost all endeavors that require interaction with other people. Develop their skills of social intelligence at any age, but there is one feature of this development - is it only on personal experience in the application of these abilities and skills of their application. It should be clear about which of these abilities are, as a show and do not lose sight of the algorithm execution desired - your desire, your decision, your action. And if you do so, without a doubt, you are guaranteed success.

Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a natural alternative to acne causing and pore clogging oil based makeups that dominate the market. Cosmetics are big business, but just because something costs more does not mean that is best for your skin. All liquids that you put on your skin is absorbed through the skin and goes directly into the bloodstream. Think about that next time you pull out your liquid foundation and apply it to the skin. The process by which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin is called transdermal delivery. It is one of the fastest ways to get something in the blood in a concentrated form. Many drugs are delivered by applying a skin cream or skin patch containing the drug to areas of the skin absorb it easily. The face is one of those places.

Transdermal delivery is so effective that many pharmaceutical companies offer their drugs at some kind of cream or patch for an effective means of drug dispensing blood without receiving an injection or taking a pill. It actually has the body longer to absorb something through the digestive system and make the substance in the blood than it does to apply directly to the skin. Peter Wayne Ph.D. has many thoughts on the issue. This is something to consider when buying makeup. Read labels carefully, and if you are not interested in making dies, chemicals and preservatives in the blood may want to consider an alternative form of makeup. Oil and other chemicals, dies and preservatives not only to absorb into your skin, but also clog the pores, which then accumulate in the fat and obstruction cause acne.

Oil-based makeups are just not good for your skin anyway. NaturAll many people have turned to mineral makeup as a natural and safe alternative to commercial makeup. Why? First of all mineral makeup is made from all natural minerals from the earth. Most of them are a combination of the mineral mica, titanium dioxide titanium and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sun blocking agents, and are used in almost all over the counter buy sunscreen block. They are also waterproof for the staying power of mineral makeup is usually all day with little or no contact until needed. The minerals used to make the makeup are very finely ground into a powder that is so thin it blends well into the skin and looks very natural. The wide range of colors available in the minerals that make it possible for mineral makeup manufacturers to offer many different colors. Each color has been concieved of blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and based on hundreds of nuances. It is easy to buy two or three different foundation shades and combine them with a custom color. The mineral mix very easily together. Minerals are also milled so fine that does not clog pores, and if some of them manage to enter the bloodstream, remember that they are all natural and are minerals. They are completely safe for body. Many doctors and dermatologists have proclaimed mineral makeup makeup skincare because it is very healthy for your skin and acne, and covers aggrivate spots, acne, large pores, and scars very effectively. If you are interested in a natural and safe alternative to chemicals, oil and makeup loaded conservation, minerals may be something for you to do so. See more information at Get the facts, ingredients and benefits as well as tips on which brands are best.