Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taking Control in Life

Under the concept of control life, it all starts with taking responsibility for their lives. In the sense - should happen reflection on the fact that you are responsible to themselves for their actions or omissions arising situations. Then follows the identification of desire, choice, the decision to act and the act itself. This actually implementing a working scheme of any desire, a sort algorithm. More as it looks like this - from a certain desire implies setting goals, short and long term, the design stages goals, a plan, work plan, its constant adjustments during implementation. Click Oxford to learn more. In the course of this work is the creation and refinement of mental images desired. Is also used visualization and approving installation as auxiliary equipment, activate and affect the will of maintaining the commitment to and confidence in the correctness of the chosen path.

Principal moments, I repeat, in this case, is the choice of desire, the decision to act and the act itself. Without compliance to this scheme, there will be no major changes in human life. At the same time as each step reinforces the belief in man attainability of the desired as a whole. This is something that is, so to speak, on the surface. I propose to dig even deeper.

Since the achievement of the implementation of most of the goals is in the process of interaction with others and through it is obtained a paradoxical at first glance, the situation - to achieve personal goals is directly dependent on the ability to find common ground and to organize the interaction with other people. This is the case with your goals and, just same with the purposes of any other person. In this case manifests the fact of interdependence of human interaction. And here we come very close to the heart desired - it's ability to achieve personal goals, using interdependent interaction with other people. In this case I mean that in order to effectively implement desired to bring your own plan to achieve goals in line with the wishes and plans of other people, with which have to interact. Only in this case, we can say with confidence to assure the desired reality. Ability to build relationships with other people in such a way - or more correctly will say "complex human abilities, leading to this result," - will join the general concept of "social intelligence personality." The presence of humans developed to the extent necessary social intelligence allows predict the success of its activities in almost all endeavors that require interaction with other people. Develop their skills of social intelligence at any age, but there is one feature of this development - is it only on personal experience in the application of these abilities and skills of their application. It should be clear about which of these abilities are, as a show and do not lose sight of the algorithm execution desired - your desire, your decision, your action. And if you do so, without a doubt, you are guaranteed success.

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