Friday, September 5, 2014

The Stomach

Medicines that can quickly extinguish the fire in the stomach and the esophagus, called antacids. The most popular among these tools are almagel, Aluminium phosphate gel, Maalox, Rennie. Also, when a sour or bitter regurgitation in combination with heartburn can be taken antisecretory drugs - drugs that can quickly reduce the release of hydrochloric acid. Most popular of this group of drugs is zantak, for the invention of which was obtained prize. No matter how good the drugs were, on a regular basis to treat heartburn, they should not. Not because they have some side effects, but because it is regular heartburn, appearing without the use of sharp, pickled or fried foods should be an occasion to refer to a doctor.

The most frequent cause of regular heartburn is gastritis. Gastritis is not the norm, but a serious illness that without appropriate preventive measures can cause not only pain in the stomach, belching and heartburn, but also violations of digestion, abdominal pain, formation of too much gas and troubles with a chair. Chronic inflammation leads to the defeat not only the esophagus, but the valve, which by nature intended to do the movement of food solely one-sided. Constant casting of gastric contents, or reflux, is now an independent disease, which is called - reflux disease. Appearance it may be associated with gastritis and peptic ulcer, and cholelithiasis. If the heartburn with modern means possible to deal with, then defeat the reflux can not always.

Overcome this disease should be because its existence for many years may become cause cancer. A few practical tips: Regular heartburn should be a mandatory reason for clinic visits. It's not that heartburn - a dangerous disease, and that for this symptom may be serious illness. Do not abuse drugs and soda. Soda can first "extinguish the fire, but then it also can cause even greater heartburn. Better to replace soda with milk. For single-suppressing heartburn under conditions that can be used antacids and antisecretory drugs, but this does not mean that use them must constantly. Exclude from the diet of fried, marinated, pepper dishes. Not alcohol abuse. If it is indispensable, eat proven brands of alcoholic beverages, or run the risk of irreparable harm to your stomach. After dinner, do not go with the newspaper on the sofa. Act as did the German officers who, after dinner, 30 min. stood by the door jamb. This will help the food under the influence of gravity to move forward. After lunch, it is not necessary to engage and work, especially when it comes to labor associated with slope. Under the action of the same gravity of food may leak into the esophagus and cause heartburn. Avoid wearing tight clothing. Squeezing the stomach does not help the stomach to push food forward. If there is heartburn at night it makes sense to change its position in the bed. The upper torso should be raised to 10-15 cm to achieve this by using pillows. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Better late to start treatment of heartburn, than early in the curing cancer.

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