Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dealing with Death

Does anyone know for real, what is death? I am sure that, yes, that's just this "someone" never even tell you. As she looks outside, everyone knows - sometimes quietly, sometimes ugly, often horrific. But as she looks from the inside, the first person? I asked the question a long time. Why? Well, as far as I can judge from the outside, the phenomenon is inevitable. And people around me interested in this little suspicious. I would even said - avoid the topic.

In my opinion, in a strange way to avoid this, instead of closer look. When I sought a dense discussion of the topic of death, the caller will often upset. Fear, sadness, apathy or ostentatious "carelessness" - that's the whole spectrum of emotional conversation. The questions I put to a standstill, were as follows: "What would you do when you die? Well, here you are dead, a second ago. Your actions Next? ". The most common answers were: 1. Get to heaven (hell). 2.

I do not know. 3. I will not be so personal. 4. Are you crazy? 5. I will not discuss it! 6. I try not to think about. For me the most honest answer is number 2 (although Number 4 is also nothing). In general, the people or does not know "or running away from it. Naturally, my interest grew even stronger! Years later, I learned that as he remembered how it had happened before. Do not get me wrong: I learned it for themselves. For others will not speak. True, in my opinion, is that the man himself had seen and experienced on the experience rather than what he told others. But I can tell the direction, which personally helped me - I'm a bit to read the book "Once you to this life. " 6 years after that, I found the answer. Hell, even now, I'm sure that was dug with this for too long. More advice - be honest with yourself in this matter. And when you find the answer, do not dwell on that "now I know." Try to reach such a state in which you can control it within ourselves. And if you will say that "it's impossible!", Then rest assured - you are trying to breed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Help

The new litter of kittens or puppies has finally arrived, and not very time when they are hungry and looking around for your first meal. Breastfeeding is the way in which your pet will provide her litter all your nutritional needs during the next few weeks until they can move and eat solid food. The first meal this litter of newborns receive colostrum is that it is a special type of milk the mother produces especially for the early days of breastfeeding. Colostrum contains antibodies that help protect against disease and infection until their own immune systems begin to function. In approximately 48hrs, colostrum is replaced by breast milk that while no immune factors, contains all the nutrients and calories needed for proper growth and optimal development. Puppies and kittens have demanding nutritional needs to support their energy levels and rapid growth rates. He charged that for nursing mothers is that many do not only taking care of a descendant, but a whole litter often between 2 and 10 puppies or kittens. This means that breastfeeding can be quite taxing your pet and is quite common to lose weight during this time.

What problems can occur during breast feeding? There are many problems that can occur in milk production (lactation) and during the breastfeeding process. It is therefore important to closely monitor the litter and the mother so that you can catch any problems and take necessary action. * Breastfeeding problems - these include the lack of breastfeeding, which does not produce any milk, breastfeeding depression where inadequate amounts of milk produced, and milk is poor poor quality and lack of milk food.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cultivated Mushrooms

But in the future, because its use as a nutrient medium decomposed horse manure was a more appropriate substrate for the growth and development of Cultivated Mushrooms, gradually, this form of culture has become dominated and forced chetyrehsporovye formy.Takim, as a result of natural selection and directed, formal of the nutrient substrate in the culture was Cultivated Mushrooms. Currently Cultivated Mushrooms are a lot of strains (types) that differ in coloration of fruiting bodies, their structure, structure mycelium growth rate and other characteristics. For simplicity, we work with the mushrooms among the diverse strains of fungi there are three groups: white, cream and brown. That is, there are large groups of strains which are incorporated in Groups of coloration of fruiting bodies. It is natural at the same time that the fruiting bodies of these strains may have some differences in structure, weight and texture of fruit bodies and other indexes. (As opposed to Herbalife).

However, the fruiting bodies individual strains differ in nutritional and taste slightly. Depending on the historically established habits and traditions in different countries are spreading these or other strains, as determined consumer demand of the population of a country. What is so good cultivated mushrooms? In the past, before mankind was a problem of increase in natural and artificial sources of protein, deficiency of which becomes more tangible. In this connection there arose the need to introduce a culture of new protein-containing organisms, among which the most valuable are the edible fungi. Mushroom cultivation can prevent food poisoning caused by consumption of wild mushrooms. Cultivate edible mushrooms all year round, regardless of climatic and soil conditions on nutrient substrates, low productivity for other purposes, such as various non-food waste, while the substrate is usually used twice: after harvesting of mushrooms, it becomes a valuable organic fertilizer for horticulture. Increased demand for mushrooms in the world market contributes to the improvement of cultivation techniques on the basis of a profound study of biology, culture. To date, there are various options for fungal production, from small family farms to large industrial complexes. We can help you realize your ideas on the organization of the mushroom production at any scale. More information on the site