Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids-how To Cure Them Without Surgery

"Living with hemorrhoids was one of the hardest parts of my life. It was not pain that I came to me. They were the little things, like not being able to go to the movies without moving with pain and pay consequences later. I paid over $ 8,000 trying desperately to get rid of my hemorrhoids ... I've tried everything but nothing has worked (so far).

I recommend "The Miracle H" to anyone who is suffering from hemorrhoids. I was worked wonderfully, and has saved me from painful and unnecessary surgery. I wish you luck, and hope that your pain is over and you can reclaim your life "Sincerely, Andy Lewis Hemorrhoids, also known by the name of hemorrhoids are dilated or varicose veins located around the anus, and if you suffer from them know that they generate discomfort of any kind, because beyond the discomfort, burning, pain, itching, bleeding, swelling, embarrassment and found that not to say embarrassing. gotten bad food, obesity, pregnancy, childbirth, remain long sitting, sedentary lifestyle, constipation. They are among the factors that contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids. That's why s recommend diets that include a high intake of fruits, vegetables, cereals, yogurt, fish, and to initiate a fast effective treatment to help its total disappearance. People suffering from hemorrhoids should increase fish consumption, which exerts anticoagulant effects. The rich foods must contain antocianidias, a substance that acts to strengthen venous structures, such as blueberries, cranberries, cherries and in general all red fruits. It is advised to eat yogurt and cereal diets and its derivatives in a comprehensive manner, and also abundant fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Educational Values and Teaching

Some time ago I heard a message that opened my eyes to a subject that I was not dealing well in the education of my children. It was a very interesting conversation between two pastors on the education of children and how today is all about delivering an education in which nobody can feel undermined. Any instance that allows a child to stand in front of others is appeased or disguised in some way so that others do not feel inferior or repressed. While this attitude seems to be just and tolerant, does not have the desired effect of leaving everyone happy. Quite the contrary, it allows each individual to develop their talents and innate abilities, which all have-to reach their full potential. Without realizing it, I had acted wrong with our children. Every time there was a competition among them or played a game, I was very concerned that everyone was happy at the end. Les said: "The important thing is not to win, but enjoy the game." Similarly, when a received an award for her work, I tried to give you something as a parent of other children who had not received anything.

Without knowing it, was acting against the principles of healthy competition in education. It is important that our children know to live according to these principles, the sooner the better. Why? 1. First, because life is so. The one who strives, stands and earn rewards for your effort. As adults nobody will be concerned to give a prize of pity the one who made no effort. And if you instill that mindset in their children, is likely to be transformed into people who constantly demand their rights without moving any finger to get ahead! 2. Secondly, and more importantly, healthy competition is a powerful incentive for them to develop their skills and innate talents.

If you as a parent supports children in competitive activity, they can teach many valuable lessons from real life: A. Desarrollalos Discover your talents and the maximum. God gave you that strength to be able to get ahead in life! B. Discover your weak areas and do not afflict for not being good at something. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Do not try to be an apple when you're pear. C. Despite your efforts, you will make mistakes and that's not always going to be all right. Mistakes are not failures are stepping stones to success.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dealing with Disasters

Disasters can be divided into two broad categories - those triggered by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods. - Those caused by human intervention, war, violence, terrorism, massive accidents, chemical and nuclear accidents, etc. Complex emergencies usually involve situations in which people suffer accidents and loss of property, basic services and livelihoods as a result of war, civil strife or other political conflicts in alarming rise in the world. In many cases people are forced to leave their homes temporarily or permanently, others become refugees in other countries. In technological disasters, large numbers of people are directly affected by major industrial accidents, severe pollution incidents, nuclear downloads unplanned, large fires, explosions, hazardous substances, etc. There is a connection that should always be taken into account between natural disasters and those caused by man, that can trigger secondary disasters - a fire after an earthquake, environmental contamination after a flood - that explore individual and community vulnerability.

In developing countries there are factors contributing to the occurrence and severity of disasters and their consequences: poverty and social inequity. Unequal access to basic services and health services. Environmental degradation due to misuse of land. Rapid population growth without family planning measures or adequate urban. Health hazards and currently have enough information about the causes and nature of disasters, and populations at risk. This knowledge allows us to anticipate some of the effects of disasters on the health of affected communities from the health perspective, disasters are defined by their impact on welfare biopsychosocial people The health consequences of disasters go far beyond what conventional indicators reveal about deaths and injuries and their impact is not only considered initially.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Health Disasters and Development

CONSIDERATIONS ON DISASTER Ms. Claudia Gomez Prieto 2002 natural disasters-earthquakes, cyclones, floods, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, etc .- have blinded millions of lives. In the last twenty years have also produced some kind of impact about 800 million people, and caused losses of more than 50,000 million dollars only in property damage. As Eric Noji said in his report "The Nature of Disasters. Characteristics and effects on public health, "a major disaster occurs almost daily in the world, and natural one, which requires international support for affected populations is presented weekly. Moreover, based on threats of disasters, are likely to be worse in the future.

The increased population density in flooded land in vulnerable coastal areas and near fault lines, the development and transport of many toxic and hazardous materials, and the rapid industrialization of countries development, have drawn attention from experts on the future occurrence of disasters, with the potential of millions of victims. In fact our planet will continue over the coming decades exposed to countless storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, droughts, volcanic eruptions, which unfortunately must be added the related urban violence, terrorism, and emergency complex, with large numbers of displaced populations. The consequences of disasters are current economic turmoil, collapse of political structures, violence, social conflict, famine, disease and mass displacement of populations. Much of the damage caused by natural and man made disasters could be avoided with the basic implementation of prevention and preparedness measures. Definition of disaster disasters are sudden events or unstoppable, causing damage and human and material losses of such magnitude or severity exceeding the response capacity of conventional systems, justifying the mobilization of extra resources.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter Care For Your Health And Beauty

Summer is over now. Our skin must move now and make friends again with the cold. Pimples and blackheads that were dried by the sun's rays in summer who come back to light. The skin irritation response. By heating the air is dry or it is slightly red. Our skin has to cope with large temperature fluctuations.

Now it is time to prepare the skin for the winter and switch to nursing. Here one should proceed step by step, because a sudden change of care range can also cause skin irritation on the proper care it is important to start in the reorganization of care with the cleaning products. Our skin needs more moisture in the winter as protection against the cold. Upgrade to the smoother the skin type appropriate level of cleaning products. Thus, the skin will not stronger. Be economical with water alcoholized face, because that only dries out the skin even further.

Use it only for very oily skin and even in the forehead, nose and chin? FIELD! Use Then one day cream richer than the ones you use in summer. If the skin stretch, enter quietly on something more cream. The skin needs fat and moisture and will absorb. Peels should be applied throughout the year. Right now it is very important for our skin, for removing the peeling away excess skin cells and pore-deep face. Thus, the skin absorb the new nursing well. One should perform once a week to exfoliate. For very oily skin or even twice a week. With regular use, you can prevent over-care the skin. the skin that is too much moisture and cream is added, it reacts with impurities. If it's freezing cold outside and you have to turn up the heat properly, you should give his face a mask in the evening. Since heated air can dry out our skin extreme, it is advisable to apply in the winter once a week a cream facial mask. Make this a habit. Your skin will thank you! If you want to shine at night may, in the Going out a quick-drying mask apply. This can be after the contact time simply pull off - and you can see from fresh. Are the temperatures dropped to about five degrees plus, it's time to switch entirely to the winter maintenance. In the light summer maintenance, you should now your skin's sake. Look in the winter always land on their skin. Extends it, the alarm signal Pamper them with good care is rich. To get even in winter a radiant appearance and a beautiful face. Remember in the care but do not change the body lotion or body milk. Not only our face but the whole body should be treated to a moisturizing lotion. Creams you regularly after showering or bathing. A good time for the morning. Since the body has all day moisture and draws nothing and itches. In addition, body lotion spreads usually a pleasant fragrance. Who does not like to smell good, and even the whole day! Pamper your skin, then You will shine not only in winter, but next spring with a radiant complexion.