Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Imported Spare Parts

Today is rightfully called the king of cars kamaz Russian roads. kamaz - the largest and fastest growing company in the automotive industry in our country. Currently, the quantity and quality products company is in the top ten world's largest automakers. The main direction in which the company develops, - a release of products that meet high consumer quality and modern standards, as well as integration into the global automotive industry. In accordance with this direction of the company with the utmost attention to the selection of components for its vehicles.

Leadership enterprises have been concluded long-term agreement on cooperation with foreign suppliers of spare parts for production. For example, recently Kama Automobile Plant has developed and launched in production of four-wheel drive truck KAMAZ-6522. This car is very convenient for transportation of bulk cargo because of its capacity (20 tons) and large volume of the body. Besides having four-wheel drive truck with a can used successfully in difficult road conditions. To improve the technical qualities of truck KAMAZ-6522 equipped with such foreign components: transfer box zf stayer, shestnadtsatistupenchatoy gearbox Transmission zf, drive axles Madara, injection pump bosch. To date, these components have the highest quality. For example, the gearbox zf produces leading engineering - German Concern zf, specializing in the manufacture of transmissions. Bulgarian company "Madara" - a recognized supplier of spare parts for trucks, is a specialized production line for drive axles. For the car Kamaz-6522 Firm "Madara" delivers front axle with dual gear carrying capacity of 6500-7500 kg. Lighting equipment and high pressure fuel pump by bosch Germany are among the best in the world. For KamAZ bosch company supplies these parts Kamaz: High-pressure fuel pump with regulator, dispensers, fuel pumps, plunger, repair kits with regulators, bearings, springs, valves constant pressure and others.

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