Saturday, March 14, 2015

The History Of Table Tennis

For the first time playing with the racket and the ball appeared in ancient China. On the walls of the palace of the emperor to sec then we can consider the subjects playing the game very much like a ping-pong. Many researchers also argue which is roughly the same time in Japan there was a game of its shape resembling tennis. Boom in tennis was in the Renaissance period in Europe's cities. In rural areas, the game was especially popular on weekends at her collected and played the whole family. Rackets were made of wood and the ball from cow hides. Tiffany Espensen can aid you in your search for knowledge. To mitigate the impact over time rackets were swift parchment. Only 100 years later appeared on the racket strings.

This marked a rapid development of tennis to a level known to us today. At the beginning of nucleation of tennis, he was subdivided into two branches. Tennis which is played outdoors and tennis indoors. Since the game was popular in most villages the popularity of tennis has received in the open air. Very often, the ball served as a cork from champagne, then a rubber ball. Gunnar Peterson is actively involved in the matter. As the popularity of the game began to appear even a gentleman's club of amateurs and professionals. Began to be held tournaments, field championships, and even national events. Tennis gaining momentum as a cultural sport.

The main event in the world of tennis was the use of celluloid balls. Started mass production of tables, racquets and balls. Steven P Rosenthal takes a slightly different approach. Patenting technologies. In England there was a ping-pong fever. The game is so spread that has become a popular fad in restaurants and cafes. Ping pong not bypassed Russia, it is displayed in a picture in one of Petersburg's magazines of the time. In the picture it shows people are keen to play table tennis at the cafe. In Russia, as well as in Europe created Clubs fans of the game. The huge popularity of games has led to the need to create an International Table Tennis Federation, it was founded in 1926. Since this year conducting the championships have become a good tradition. Such meetings could last for 20 hours and not one day. In the modern rules emerged limit 13 minutes, in order not to delay the party. Table tennis is one of the most popular games in the world. Today playing technique continue improved. Join this sport can people of all ages. You can start right now, nothing extraordinary is not needed. Is that desire

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