Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby Furniture

All baby furniture I prepared in advance, but about the table somehow decided that he does not particularly needed. Diaper use, I was not going to. A disguise until the baby is very young - either in bed (she has a high level), or on our bed. Hear other arguments on the topic with actress. The upshot was that when we arrived from the hospital, her husband immediately collected from the table that was. Even five days in the hospital revealed that a table simply vital. Disguise the baby on the bed deadly, back falls off after two changing rooms. In addition, I immediately rejected the proposal to changing the board fastened to the bed.

Imagine a child lies in bed. What would he change clothes, you need to get it from there, to fix board, put it on the board, and then in reverse order. Even a folding table I think overkill. This kind of thing that should be ready with all the expansions, which, would not rush to the baby in her arms, and folding mechanisms tend to have low strength. Another saw tables who it turns out that child-centered approach to the side. Whoever designed them in the life of a single child is not dressed. Another is to save space, make a table narrow, but now the situation - you spread the cloth, put the child off his diaper Personally, my son with such a situation immediately began joyfully written. The result, a puddle on the table, it is necessary to change a diaper, bedding, and that the child naked and a little wet.

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