Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Muscular Relaxants

The antidepressive medication use, then, would be the basic treatment of the fibromialgia. However, it is not this that happens. The simple antidepressant use not ' ' cura' ' the fibromialgia, therefore today knows that the fibromialgia is not simply a depression that if manifest with pain, but a chronic painful syndrome. (29-30) This medicine classroom raises the chemical substance level certain in the brain, as the serotonina and the noradrenalina. Low levels of these substances this associate not only with depression, but also with fatigue and pain. Therefore, to raise the concentration of these substances can reduce pain in the people who suffer from fibromialgia.

Moreover, the antidepressants already had demonstrated to restore the sleep of such patients, as well as promote a relaxation of the tense musculatura. For the treatment of the fibromialgia usually a dose lower of what is prescribed that one used to treat the depression. (29-30) The tricclicos antidepressants possess indirect analgsica action, they do not cause dependence and they do not possess narcotic effect. They promote increase of serotonina, dopamina and norepinefrina the amount of neurotransmitters as. This results in increase in the amount of deep sleep, aiding of the neuronal transmission mediated by serotonina, potencializao of the analgsica action of the endorfinas and muscular relaxation. (29-30) Relaxantes Muscular sufficiently is used in the treatment of the fibromialgia.

They relax the musculatura and help in reorganize of sleep. (29-30) As the fibromialgia is characterized for a chronic painful syndrome that does not present tecidual inflammation, antiinflammatory medicines extremely present an limited action. (29-30) The antiinflammatory ones block the action of prostaglandins, that are substances that propagate pain and the inflammation. (29-30) In the fibromialgia the antiinflammatory ones are not very efficient, however they assist in the control of pain when in association with other medicines. Associates to the fibromialgia also act in symptoms as the daily pay-menstrual tension, chronic headache and pain to articulate.

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