Monday, February 23, 2015

Government Headings

Thus being each time that a debtor does not fulfill to its obligation oufecha the doors for it, or one charges interests higher to also compensate the risk, demanding itself more guarantees. That is, if one may use the expression in that music if malandro it knew as it is good for being honest would be honest alone for malandragem. The governmental malandragem that constantly comes affirming in public that they do not pay this no way divides or as the Armnio Fraga would say that does not touch in these policies nor with bamboo pole, makes that each time that is relayed the unhappy affirmation, consequently increases the lack of credibility in the Government and the increase of> Brazil risk, raising the interests the impagveis levels. As result of this politics of disdain to the detainers of headings in Brazil, happened that in January of 2002 the government launched the sales of headings for physical people from R$200,00 (two hundred Reals) with 17,45% interests 22.47% to the year with prazosque varies of six months the 60 years, to the step that the saving is paying around 7% to the year. One asks because the people apply 7% to the year in the saving and they do not apply in public headings 17.45% to the year? The reply she is obvious the diverse governmental tricks had eliminated the credibility of the public headings, consequently in the Brazilian government that acquires pecha of swindler. If it had the payment of the headings that the government if denies to pay and that the headings of the Empire and the Republic add 35 billion in agreement affirmation of the proper Union including and that they only represent 2% of the emitted headings, therefore 98% remains, had been burnt, torn or played outside for the carriers, since capsized dust in result of the depreciation of the currency, the government would readquiria the credibility and could catch loan next to population paying interests above of the saving around 9% to the year saving around 4,5% to the year that on a current debt of one trillion and three hundred billion Reals, would matter in a economy of 58,5 billion Reals to the year what it would give to pay the 35 billion the headings and still would sobraria 23,5 billion to invest in the health, education, etc.

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