Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ana Mansoa

AS TO REDUCE ERRORS IN the NURSING Antes to initiate its planto, makes a conjunct for God to help you, to guide its steps and to lead so that it does not cause no damage to the patients; Muita attention and concentration in each action, mainly when it will be to prepare medication, read and confer one, two, three, four and if still it will have doubts, it prepares everything again with calm and tranquillity; Conferir at least, three times, the name of the drug, the way, the stream bed, the name of the customer and preference to keep to all the bottles and used blisters stops after managing to disdain them; Silncio and to prevent to talk during the moment to prepare the drugs; Quando to approach the customer, it always tells the name of the medication to be managed; Paz to work; to Refletir and to think before making any procedure mainly when invasive to prevent errors; Conjunct of the Nursing GOD guides my steps on this day, holds my hand it leads and me in each situation. (Similarly see: supermodel).

Debtor. Amen POEM OF the NURSING ' ' In the blackout I see and you to you me v' '.

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