Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hair Concepts

It is observed that amongst the forms fastest for promotion of the change in the individual physical appearance, the hair transformations involving or not chemical processes as: in the smoothing, change in the color of the hair and cuts, are for innovative standards or traditional, the hair are objects of fast transformation and with positive results for who it yearns for the search of such changes simply or the maintenance of the desired appearance. Steven P Rosenthal is full of insight into the issues. In this direction the hair colorations gotten by means of distinct systems of action and reaction, are the responsible greaters for such processes of change in the hair. In this perspective, amongst the classification of the colorations the semipermanent ones meet called or tonalizantes, which are vendidas to the final consumer - commercial line - appeal with it to be more natural and for not possessing ammonia - alcalinizante agent - praising to be less aggressive to the hair fiber. These products are found equally in the line professional, being only used and vendidos in establishments that carry through hair processes, such as halls of beauty and centers of aesthetic. Inside of such estimated the doubt exists on such type of coloration of the disponibilizada commercial line directly to the consumer, if really it does not possess in its formularization to ammonia, therefore some marks present as resulted final the same action of a permanent coloration, mainly in if treating to covering of white hair.

Thus, one searched analysis possibilities and dilution of the doubt when the objective of this research was defined, that is to compare the concept of some authors on the semipermanent coloration through the analysis of rotulagem made in some available marks in the cosmetic market, verifying if its components is in accordance with the classification of this type of coloration with the existing concepts. The study if it developed by means of bibliographical, descriptive research and documentary where the evaluation of the rotulagens and comparison of the concepts between the authors was a decisive landmark for the development of the same. One perceives that lack of materials with scientific endorsement exists published on the subject, and the concepts presented for some authors finish for confusing the reader how much of the real classification of this type of coloration used wide for the final consumers. This material will be able to serve of reference and/or consultation for other future works and sprouting of new practical theories based in responsible.

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