Friday, November 4, 2011

Healing Ceramics

Close together to each other turmanievye drives form the basis of the thermal ceramic mat. Made from high-temperature alloy tourmaline, germanium, Elana and volcanic rocks, disks has healing effects on the body. Household appliances preventive medicine today is in almost every house - tonometers, inhalants, massage ... Effective means of home-reflex - heat mats Tourmanium - represents the readers of EK Sologubova, PhD, a physician-physiologist, the highest category. Question: - Elena Krasnomirovna, what are the healing properties of ceramics turmanievoy? Answer: - When heated from 40 to 70 degrees this fusion of natural minerals highlights useful heat - the long-wavelength infrared range of 6-14 microns. Our palms emit 9mkm, so that the infrared rays in contrast to the short and medium wave totally harmless. One of the useful effects device - deep heat the body. Filed under: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Our ancestors have for centuries used the heat to prevent and treat various ailments from colds to serious diseases of the joints: Bath, Russian stove ...

Question: - Speaking of cold. What gives turmanievy ceramic matrix? Answer: - Viral infection (colds at home) begins with a 3-day sickness, and not always in the early days have a fever. Such a state of habit we carry on its feet. At home doctor ourselves "folk remedies": Gray legs, making heat compresses ... Turmanievy mat lying on it a person has a much greater area of contact with body heat surface. Heat penetrates through the skin at 3-5 cm depth. In the heated tissues are killed viruses and microbes.

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