Monday, November 7, 2011

The Unique Strength Of Configuring !

Often thought, a wish or an idea that 'scroll' again and again put into practice without much effort. The method of academician Sytin, in our view - a unique achievement and for good reason. First, no financial investment is not required. But most importantly, people take over control of the situation, may at any time to help themselves. Repeating the set up again and again, each time painting the words heightens the sense you are doing the creative energy of all the more apparent, all more active.

Words - This is the face, passing through which, the idea (it could be told in the language of physics!) Changes the frequency of vibration, and begins to exist on another level - at the level of matter. Today medicine is not for complete recovery of health for each disease. And the man does not seek such a task. So today we are witnessing today, as every person on the end of untreated impairments accumulate more and more new diseases, they are becoming more and more, they accelerate the aging process. In the struggle with the vital forces are spent, they become less and less. In the end, one prematurely dying. To change this image, and increase the human lifespan, it is necessary to achieve full restoration of health for each disease (for details on "the site is configured Sytin). If man puts such a goal, then, as experience shows, are included in the fight for health completely different neuro-cerebral and spiritual mechanisms that are able to fully restore your health. It is clear that this a person must engage in active work is to fully recover. Medicine must learn how to properly pose the problem of man for a full recovery, teach him tricks and work on a lead person to complete his recovery.

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