Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This trustworthiness if also bases on the recognition of its ability, given for the experience, continuity of action in the requested areas, the given answers the demands of the society and to the fulfilment of the attributions front to the governmental politics. To take care of to the new domnios of the metrologia 15, the functions of the State how much to the public politics that involve the measurements, to give to continuity the permanent actions of metrolgico control, they demand the cited ability. Recently, was extended the use of the prescribed measurements 16 a bigger field in the control of the environment, natural resources, health and security and measures in the areas of the medicine in order to guarantee reliable greater not simply degree by means of specific regulations and for subjective criteria, and to use them in these areas correctly, we must understand the concept of ' ' principle of precaution 17 ' ' on the possible risks to the health and the environment and to develop a strategy to quantify them in appropriate way, a time that the measures in these fields is that they will give to the authorities the feasible elements for the taking of decisions. The metrolgico control praised here is not destined to analyze the risks and yes to give elements that allow to inside discern that from one cited system, the parameters defines that it are in accordance with the declared information, and that they had been measured in trustworthy way (process of measurement and attainment and evaluation of the results), inside of the regulated tolerances, a time that the interpretations of 18 risks of technological origin, as well as, the proposals of management of the same ones, they are not resultant of technological processes, only, but also social, that they will finish for determining a society project. The technologies with 19 the electromagnetic waves are recent and at the moment not yet it is possible, or due to information or same of disposal, the affirmation of them the health is really harmful, even so they are known and measurable.

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