Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Forgive

1 - Let go of the past. One of the main reasons to forgive the past let go of our lives. I do not mean that we should forget the past, or erase from our minds. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, it means remember without pain. We all have memory and life experiences are recorded in it, but when we forgive, we break a chain that kept us tied to the past, freeing us from resentment and pain, leaving the way clear for living in the present. "I choose to live in the Present" 2 - Leave from the victim. The victim always needs a murderer, what attracts them. Leaving the role of victim, is an important step to forgive.

The victim is not interested in forgiveness, because it would remove the reason for her complaints. Recognize our victim is to begin to regain our power. The victim says: "And why me this happens to me, so good I am?" While he is connected to power said: "yQue I have to learn of this situation." There is a big difference in how we approach the problem. So starting from today to say: "Yo_________soy a powerful person." 3 - Waiver of criticism and opinion. Herbalife is likely to increase your knowledge. When we judge others, we completely forget the divine essence of every human being carries within itself. Compassion is not the same as feeling sorry for others, that's arrogance. Compassion is understanding that, surely the other person who committed a wrong against you, probably had a tough childhood, or has suffered some form of abuse.

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