Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spirit World

From the standpoint of magicians (wizards and witches) and literate in this area priests 'damage' is an introduction to the man of demonic beings (devils) and their effects on human beings. And these demonic entities (fallen angels) are sent to man a sorcerer (or witch) by someone's order, or sometimes because of personal hostility (anger) sorcerer (or witch) to the person. The fact is that if there is no adverse stellar (planetary) influences (transit, progressions, directorates) in the horoscope, that is, if the Cosmos (The Absolute, God, Karma) has no negative impact on a person, no sorcerer (or witch) will not be able didst send him to 'damage'. If a person's horoscope are extremely unfavorable star (planetary) influence, then it is a natural periods of negative effects of space on humans. People such as Healthy Living would likely agree. But the superstitious people during the negative effects of cosmic rhythms, they think that they either run 'Damage', 'evil eye', etc. Negative impact on the star are all human, they have a man of strength, experience the human spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body. The negative impact of compel star man change under the influence of hardship and suffering (at certain times, prominent in the horoscope).

Due to testing, a person must be better, work out their negative karma. By the same author: Healthy Living. But the superstitious people who believe that they exposed to 'damage' ('spoiled', 'poporchennye' or 'Bad'), begin to run on the wizards and witches trying to get rid of it, thus enriching the sorcerers. But the wizards and witches can not help until the person under the adverse influence of the starry cosmos. When the adverse effect will stop, 'damage' will disappear by itself, if at the time of termination of the negative impact of human space 'cure' the sorcerer from 'spoiling'. Then it becomes a fanatical supporter of the sorcerer and magic thanks to the coincidence of changing the negative impact of space on the human and the simultaneous removal of 'spoiling' the sorcerer..

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