Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selfish Behavior

In all these cases only care about the rights and whims of the perpetrators. What the victims do not want to care at all. Those are very clear and unfortunate examples of selfish behavior. However, you have your own interests which want and you must defend.

We would never be perpetrators of such abominable as I mentioned. But in certain situations we are ready to our interests above those of others. Moreover, we do need to protect our rights. If anyone think we must feed our own children first. If you have to save someone from a disaster will do everything possible to rescue our family. If you have to fire someone, we do not offer as volunteers in order to save the position of others.

So we are hopelessly selfish? Absolutely not. Nothing that I mentioned makes you selfish. It would be a great mistake and an absurdity to believe that not to be selfish is to live without self-interest. Everyone, even the most altruistic and generous people have personal interests. And rightly so it is a right of every individual and inherent in human beings. Everyone has a responsibility also to himself. However, that does not stop worry about the fate of others. If you see someone in need will assist if you are at your fingertips. Do favors for others without expecting anything in return. You want others to be happy and satisfy you with the joy of children. At the same time you are able to suffer for human misfortunes that occur in your presence. You do not want to die innocent, hate violence and would like that in this world would not have so many injustices. You're in general good will towards humans. And you have good wishes to yourself because you're a human being and deserve. Then, enough to accept that we are selfish. Apart from a few unfortunate exceptions. Everyone is capable of doing good spontaneously at some point. It would be impossible to do waiting for a personal benefit in return. We do many things for the sheer pleasure to contribute something. For the simple pleasure of defending something that seems fair. For the simple satisfaction stand with those who are now weak. Definitely, you are like all humans, have interests. But that does not make you a selfish person. You're not a selfish person. Other Recommended Reading:.

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